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Neutral Yet Eclectic - 30 Minimalist Bohemian Living Rooms That Won’t Overwhelm The Senses

A minimalist bohemian living room is a trendy hybrid of a design aesthetic that doesn't feel overwhelming or cluttered, but still brings a sense of personality with various textures and colors.

Minimalist bohemian living rooms are ideal for those that appreciate a contemporary design that isn't overly fussy and keeps things neutral but also isn't afraid to play with various textures, patterns, and colors.

You will find with a lot of minimalist bohemian home styles that the focus is on utilizing the room's natural features and really letting those shine with a cleaner color palette. But you can still add character to a space by incorporating things like cool vintage furniture, a textured rug or using accents like throw pillows to bring a relaxed and eclectic vibe to the space.

1. Play with texture and symmetry in a minimalist bohemian space

Minimalist bohemian living room with natural features
Emily Henderson

This minimalist bohemian living room allows for a creamy and natural color palette to be the jumping-off point.

For instance, you can keep your walls painted a neutral color and bring in a plethora of natural features, like this wood base sofa and jute rug. It works to create a harmonious yet eclectic vibe.

You can create a sense of symmetry with items like the two comfy casual wood armchairs or by showcasing a piece of artwork on a wall opposite a window.

2. Allow your space to feel clean and fresh with bare walls

Bright white living room with comfortable couches
Amber Lewis, Amber Interior Design

This bohemian living room really allows for an understated and subdued look to shine, especially when it comes to the walls, as everything is a bright white with natural sunlight cascading in.

You can easily create texture by showcasing a variety of throw pillows in various fabrics and prints on your sofas as well as opting for a rug that breaks up those neutral tones.

3. Don’t be afraid of adding a piece of interest to a minimalist bohemian space

Small minimalist bohemian living room in apartment
Alvin Wayne

Eclectic and soft, this minimalist bohemian living room establishes that you can utilize a diverse collection of furniture and accessories in a space and still have it feel uncluttered.

For instance, if you put up just one or two pieces of artwork up on your walls, it gives a focus to the space without feeling like too much.

To create those bohemian vibes, play with texture and incorporate interesting items you find at thrift shops to bring a personality to the space.

4. A textured and white-washed comfortable living space

Modern living space with white-washed wood walls and ceiling
Leanne Ford Interiors

Simple and rustic, this minimalist bohemian living room allows for the naturalistic design features to take centre stage.

For instance, a white-washed wood-panelled ceiling and wall feature, as well as the expansive stone fireplace, create a design aesthetic that’s both organic and neutral but not overdone.

A bohemian aesthetic can be brought into the space by incorporating a fuzzy shag carpet or utilizing blankets of various materials over your eclectic furniture.

5. Allow your minimalist bohemian living room to have a focal point

Small minimalist living space with creamy white fireplace
Corinne Mathern

This minimalist bohemian living room showcases how a smaller space can come together if you use a focal point that’s unfussy and understated.

For instance, the creamy-white fireplace featuring an abstract golden art piece draws the eye in, but it also doesn’t overwhelm the room.

If you enjoy adding a pop of color to a room, you can always go for a muted pastel, like the comfortable light pink armchair, that incorporates seamlessly with other furniture pieces.

6. A creamy and neutral palette can still feel bohemian

Cream-colored minimalist living room with large windows
Mackenzie Collier Interiors

Serene and completely relaxing, this minimalist bohemian living room takes a creamy neutral palette and just runs with it.

If you want to keep your space feeling modest and uncluttered, allow natural light to come in unadorned windows and opt for easy seating options that feel comfortable.

You can always add a bohemian twist by playing with textures, like incorporating a natural rug, a cool light fixture, or even a raw wood coffee table.

7. You can add texture with your accessories and rugs

Neutral living space with patterned carpet and white couch
Piper Interior Design

A key feature to obtaining a minimalist bohemian living room is to keep a neutral palette with your walls and some of your larger furniture pieces, like a sofa. For instance, this soft white couch is covered in a linen slipcover, which allows it to feel streamlined and clean.

Then there are those unexpected elements you can add into a space, like a funky patterned carpet in neutral tones as well as the mismatched side tables or rustic wood coffee table.

8. Showcase those natural elements in a minimalist bohemian space

White living space with hardwood floor and wicker chairs
Piper Interior Design

A minimalist’s dream is to embrace the parts of their living space that help to make the space unique and in this space that includes the honey-colored hardwood flooring.

That sense of naturalness can be expanded upon further by incorporating seating such as these wicker chairs. You can throw on your own cushions to add character.

A slight eclectic feel can be incorporated by going more stylish with your side tables or using a hanging art piece on the wall for a point of focus.

9. Make your minimalist bohemian living room a space for family

Minimalist bohemian living room with large TV and couch
Curated Nest Interiors

You can create an entertainment hub for your family that feels cosy and inviting in a minimalist bohemian fashion in a few easy steps.

First, choose your paint colors wisely and either go for something creamy or a muted pastel like this super light blue, to keep the color palette neutral and clean.

Then you can incorporate larger pieces of furniture that feel comfortable yet diverse, like this soft couch filled with a plethora of throw pillows accompanied by a brown leather-topped ottoman.

10. A minimalist bohemian living room that feels slightly beachy

Open concept modern living room with high ceiling
Design Shop Interiors

Even in a larger open-concept space, a minimalist bohemian living room design scheme can work beautifully.

For instance, painting all of the walls a bright white can really work to tie together the different sections of the space, like the living room and the kitchen.

Then you can play with various textures and a broad sense of style, such as different side tables from your wood coffee table or a vintage chair paired with a cushiony soft sofa.

11. Feel free to build your design scheme around artwork

Modern living room with abstract art pieces on wall
JDP Interiors

If you’re someone that is constantly inspired by artwork, this minimalist bohemian living room is for you.

You can keep things feeling minimalist by sticking with a neutral color scheme for your paint colors and furniture and allowing the artwork featured on the walls to guide things.

For instance, you can incorporate throw pillows or blankets with colors from your art pieces and then pull off more bohemian vibes by incorporating more organic textures, like a rustic coffee table or rattan seating.

12. Don’t be afraid to bring in those unique pieces

Contemporary living room with white walls and windows
Luxe Studio Design

Light and airy, this minimalist bohemian living room look can easily be achieved if you keep things simple and unadorned on the walls and jazz things up with your furniture and accessories.

For instance, even if you get a neutral-toned sofa, like this soft beige one, you can stack it with assorted throw pillows of various materials.

And don’t be afraid to showcase some bohemian accents, like a uniquely designed coffee table or a distinct lamp.

13. A minimalist bohemian living room with Scandi vibes

Minimalist bohemian living room with Scandi influences
Anthology Creative Studio

For those that appreciate an eclectic design scheme, this minimalist living room is not overdone or super fussy, but it also works to incorporate Scandinavian influences.

For instance, you can opt to bring in a sense of naturalness to the space with wicker or rattan furniture and then also utilize more classic furniture options, like a big sofa or older china hutch for storage.

You can also incorporate texture by featuring a unique light source or some fuzzy carpeting that feels nice underfoot.

14. A piece of artwork works to tie the space together

Modern living room with L-shaped sofa and white panelled walls
The Munro Project

You can keep your living space feeling stripped-down yet cool by opting for a panelled wall and painting it in a creamy white.

If you have a piece of artwork that you want to showcase, incorporate any colors used in it with the rest of your design scheme, like with your coffee table.

Use a plethora of couch cushions and abstractly designed carpeting to complete the bohemian twist of the room.

15. Minimalist bohemian meets natural and rustic

Oz architects mediterranean living room phoenix
Don Ziebell, Oz Architects, Inc.

Rustic with a pastoral feel, this minimalist bohemian living room look can be achieved for those that aren’t afraid to celebrate the elements, like these raw wood ceiling beams.

The space can be kept minimalist by simply playing up those wood features, like incorporating built-in wood storage or a great rustic coffee table.

Opt for a bohemian flair by layering patterned cushions on your seating area or incorporating a cool textured light fixture.

16. You can still achieve a more streamlined look with minimalist bohemian

Large condo living space with stone fireplace wall
De Mattei Construction

This minimalist bohemian living room can be easily replicated if you appreciate a clean and streamlined space with a hint of flair.

For example, you can focus on texture in larger design pieces, like with the stone fireplace wall that allows the space to feel cosy and warm.

Keep the rest of your walls bare and opt for two-toned furniture options, like a creamy white sofa and sleek black chairs, to give the space that slightly buttoned-up bohemian design aesthetic.

17. You can create a minimalist bohemian design scheme in smaller spaces

Minimalist bohemian living room with cut-out walls and wood beams
Nimú Interior Architects

If you live in a converted loft space or someplace that features unique space constraints, you can still achieve a minimalist bohemian living room.

Painting the entire space a bright white, from the floor to ceiling, allows for everything to appear cohesive and streamlined and slightly opened up.

To insert a bohemian flair, you can add a sense of naturalness with something like the raw wood ceiling beams or play with your furniture options by incorporating a pop of color and texture.

18. Play with shapes and different eye levels to create a fun look

Contemporary minimalist living room with pastel accents
Kuarki Lifestyle Solutions

Allow your space to feel completely distinct yet minimalist by incorporating something like this bear wall decal that effortlessly takes centre stage on a crisp white wall.

Bring in a more bohemian feel by mixing metals and textures with your accessories and light fixtures.

You can keep the space feeling soft and inviting with a plush patterned rug and pastel furniture.

19. A minimalist bohemian space can still showcase classic features

Contemporary living room with wainscotted wall
Christopher Magidson, Defining Home

For those that appreciate a minimalist bohemian living room with a classic touch, you can seamlessly blend those design schemes by incorporating traditional wainscotting on one of your walls as a feature and painting it in a soft white.

You can showcase a favorite piece of artwork on it and allow the colors to guide the rest of your design, like with this beige couch and dark top coffee table with a raw wood base.

20. Allow a love of nature to be your room inspiration

Modern living room with raw wood coffee table
Katie Malik Studio

Featuring a collection of varied furniture in rich colors and textures, this minimalist bohemian living room space is inspired by nature.

You can achieve a similar look by choosing a sofa and seating options in vivid hues of various materials.

Opt for incorporating a sense of naturalness through a variety of wood accents, like a cool wooden ladder-style desk in the corner or rustic log side tables.

21. A minimalist bohemian converted sunroom that’s stylish and welcoming

Modern converted sunroom painted white with bohemian furniture

Sometimes we need to squeeze in additional living space in parts of the home that need some updating.

This minimalist bohemian living space is completely doable if you opt for a bright white paint color from floor to ceiling to open up the room.

Feel free to have a little fun with your furniture and accessories, like utilizing vintage chairs or a sofa or even layering your throw rugs to give a cool textured look.

22. Use pattern and a single splash of color to bring a space together

Bright and neutral modern living room
Anastasia Faiella Interior Design

Elegant and refined, this minimalist bohemian living room showcases how you can maintain a living space that’s polished and clean and incorporate just a hint of whimsy that makes the space feel special.

For example, by keeping your walls white and furniture options neutral, you can always play with the use of various patterns in your curtain or pillow options and bring in a pop of color to break things up.

23. Use your favorite items to add personality to the space

Minimalist bohemian living room with guitars on wall
Mackenzie Collier Interiors

This minimalist bohemian living room showcases how you can utilize your wall space without overwhelming things.

For instance, if you have a favorite hobby or collection that you want to display, keep the walls a neutral tone and the furniture not overly cluttered or bulky, and use the real estate on the walls to bring a sense of whimsy to your living room.

You can keep those bohemian vibes by opting for vintage pieces, like a cool retro-style ottoman or wicker chairs.

24. Lots of windows and a cohesive color scheme make this space

Contemporary living room with an array of windows
BK Interior Design

This minimalist bohemian living room is the ideal example of how you can take a single design piece like a great rug and completely build your aesthetic around it.

The space is kept feeling clean and minimalist by painting the walls a creamy off-white and utilizing all of the windows to bring in oodles of natural light.

And choosing the right rug that features a few vibrant hues allows for a great jumping-off point to get diverse with your furniture and accessories while not overwhelming the space.

25. Make your living room feel comfortable and inviting with different textures

Modern living room with concrete ceiling and bohemian furniture
Postbox Designs

Showcasing a contemporary minimalist design aesthetic with clean creamy white walls and a cool concrete ceiling, this living room still feels eclectic and lived in with the use of various textures.

For instance, you can bring a dining table or desk into your space and have it be more open concept, especially if you keep your living area super comfy.

You can use items like a vibrant velvety couch and mix that with a patterned textured rug and vintage leather chair to create a diverse and relaxed feel.

26. Bring that minimalist bohemian style to an apartment or condo space

Minimalist bohemian living room in an apartment
Weespaces Interior Designers & Decorators

This minimalist bohemian living room showcases the small ways you can bring a sense of distinction in a manner that feels easy and comfortable.

If you’re someone that loves to show off their photos or artwork, it doesn’t have to completely take over the space as you can hang a single shelf on a crisp white wall and arrange them in a pleasing manner.

Also, you can allow items like a velvety couch or textured carpet to be nicely offset by organic accents, like wood tables.

27. A sense of symmetry allows this modern space to remain minimalist

Modern living room with blue couch and double mirrors
Joselyn Rendon Interiors

A minimalist bohemian living room can still appear streamlined and minimalist with a certain twist of uniqueness if you play with creating a sense of symmetry in creative ways.

For example, this space features a royal blue cushiony sofa featuring fun throw pillows, but on either side sits a side table with a mirror behind it.

Opposite the couch is two intricately patterned modern chairs underneath a textured rug, which again, helps to create a cohesive aesthetic for the room that feels eclectic yet polished.

28. Ultimate boho vibes with a print collage on the wall

Modern boho living room with print collage on wall
Kimberley Kay Interiors

In this minimalist bohemian living room, your eyes are immediately drawn to the print collage featured on the back wall that’s otherwise unadorned.

If you have artwork or prints you want to display, you can really build your living space around them without going overboard.

For instance, take the colors in the prints and incorporate those same hues in your furniture options, like with this chair and distressed vintage rug. Bring something organic into the space, like this bamboo-style pouf.

29. Don’t be shy about bringing in retro accents or furniture for flair

Minimalist bohemian living room with retro brass table
Kaitlyn Wolfe Iconic Design+Build

One thing that can be really fun while trying to shop and style a minimalist bohemian living space is that you can easily head to vintage or secondhand shops to look for those retro or antique finds.

This space remains its minimalist nature with a clean and neutral aesthetic as far as paint color and seating are concerned, but when you incorporate something like this circular brass retro coffee table, it can bring a sense of history to the space.

30. A neutral palette and a variety of textures blend these aesthetics seamlessly

Modern living room with raw wood glass-topped coffee table
Desiree Burns Interiors

This minimalist bohemian living room allows the neutral palette of off-white paint on the walls to complement a relaxed softness brought into the space with velvety seating in various colors.

Further texture can be added to a contemporary living space by incorporating a woven rug or a raw wood-based coffee table with a glass top.

To keep things feeling casual, you can always opt for setting your artwork up against the wall rather than hanging it.

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