Dark Wood Square Coffee Table

If you love dark wood and hard corners, then look no further than these dark wood square coffee tables. Easily pairable with other dark furniture, and made very well, these sturdy and gorgeous coffee tables are the real deal, and you will definitely love having one of these in your living room if for nothing more than to enhance the aesthetics.

Best Products

Glass Dark Coffee Wood 40 Inch Coffee Table

Glass Dark Coffee Wood 40 Inch Coffee Table
An amazing, dark wood coffee table with a glass top surface. Very modern design, perfect for a mid-century living room. Goes perfectly with other furniture of similar style, but is sure to look great on its own.

Nile Motion Coffee Table

Nile Motion Coffee Table
Featuring unique contemporary design, this compact coffee table will suit all your needs. It features angular lines and has top and base created from MDF and wood veneer on medium density fiberboard. Hides a functional drawer under the tabletop.

Rustic refinery rustic coffee tables other metro

Rustic refinery rustic coffee tables other metro
A simple rustic coffee table having a sturdy rectilinear frame of solid wood. Thick straight square section legs and simple aprons are finished in black. Both a bottom shelf and a top are of planks in warm brown shades.

Warren Square Coffee Table

Warren Square Coffee Table
A wooden coffee table with tempered glass inlay on the table top. One shelf at the bottom and metal decorative feet. Dark oak/espresso finish. Contemporary style, heavy and sturdy piece of furniture.

Jesper office square modern 1 shelf coffee table

Jesper office square modern 1 shelf coffee table
Coffee table is a center of the drawing room. It have to be large, square and contemporary. And this is how can we describe this product! Accomplished and suitable with any style.

Invisible Table

Invisible Table
Simple aesthetic novelty table with a rectilineal body entirely made of 1-piece moulded transparent plastic. It has angle sides and recessed inside surfaces. Its rectangular top is of clear tempered glass.

Rustic Storage Coffee Table

Rustic Storage Coffee Table
A rustic element of living room furniture. This coffee table is based on steel legs. Its solid wooden top area includes a wax finish and it hides a special storage compartment that is very easy in opening and closing.

Our advice Buying Guide

How big should a square coffee table be?

A dark wood square coffee table is a modern, attractive centerpiece for your living room that should be as big as your designated space allows, but with scaling to avoid becoming an obstacle. Generally, a coffee table should be about two-thirds the length of your couch or sofa. With a square coffee table, you also have to measure the area available to prevent it from jutting out into a walkway or impeding additional seating.

Start by measuring the length of the sofa, chairs, or other seating arrangements in your living room. You want the coffee table to be two-thirds of this length. For example, if your sofa is about 96” in length, your table should be 64” long.

Next, consider the placement of your square coffee table. The standard distance to situate the table from your sofa or chairs is 12” - 18”. Once placed, examine how much space you have before the table interferes with a walkway or other seating in the room.

The height of the table is another factor to consider. Choose one that falls only 2” below the top of your sofa or chair cushions. This will most likely be between 14” and 20” in height.

Which is the best wood for a dark wood square coffee table?

The best wood for a dark wood, square coffee table is water-repellant, relatively impervious to dings and scratches, and glossy, like mahogany, walnut, or ebony.

For a high-traffic piece of furniture like a coffee table, you need durable wood. Guests may place glasses on its surface without coasters, so you want a table that looks new even after many years. And, of course, you want it to look lovely too.

Mahogany has a reddish color that darkens over time, and it is durable and heavy. Artisans can cut walnut, which has a gray-brown hue, in different ways to make the grain appear in specific patterns. Ebony is the darkest of the three and is also solid and weighty, crucial for a piece that gets as much use as a coffee table.


Dark wood square coffee table

A beautiful square coffee table, made from dark wood, will enhance every living room with its traditional class and elegance. Two subtle drawers provide practical storage spaces for your bits and pieces.

Large square dark wood coffee table

Lounge A?: Cordoba Dark Wood Square Coffee Table (Coffee table) - £339+2.95

Restoration hardware balustrade coffee table

Coffee table mounted on pedestal base and reinforced with solid supports. Construction is made of wood with antique finish. Square top has large usable surface. Includes open shelf for storing needed stuff.

Dark wood square coffee table

Coffee table with square top. It is made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. It has additional shelf for storing books, magazines and more. Traditional form and modern design for each home.

Dark wood square coffee table

A cozy arrangement of a living room with a comfy, beige sofa and a stunning fireplace with a mantel. A classic, black coffee table makes a nice contrast with the light surrounding. Green plants add even more warmth to the room.

Dark wood square coffee table 9

A luxurious option for modern studio apartment: exqusitely large square coffee table crafted from dark elm brown wood. It sports minimalist modern design utilizing two tiers. Looks high end in trendy interior.

Furniture georgeous square coffe table wood design ideas with stylish

Furniture,Georgeous Square Coffe Table Wood Design Ideas With Stylish Rustic Wooden And Beautiful Natural Color For Vintage Concept,Trendy Square Coffe Table Wood

Dark brown wood coffee table

With its brilliant modern chic design, this black coffee table ottoman constitutes an alluring and functional addition to any living room space. Circular openwork construction and the use of dark wood makes it a refined proposition.

Reclaimed wood side table restoration hardware

Rustic design for a square coffee table with a distressed, whitewashed finish which accents the earthy grain of the wood. The table itself is made out of rough, unpainted pine wood which provides a primitive look.

Dark wood square coffee table 10

A triumph of modern design based in classical principles, the Abaci Series Coffee Table is made in accordance with the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Sequence. Handcrafted using solid walnut and enhanced with bright and dark wood coating, this low profile cof

Chunky rustic oak furniture

Beautiful oak coffee table. The thick, stable oak planks not only provide stability but also ensure rich, luxurious character of this coffee table. If you want to go for a natural look in your living room, this coffee table will be great.

Large square coffee table 18

Sit on your knees, or be in the position of yogis - and enjoy sake, or a cup of tea. Enjot it on the big square coffee table. It has the form of a great, huge wooden deed which is based directly on the ground, made of dark wood.

Square coffee table dark wood

square coffee table dark wood

Product info

Product Info

Coffee table square wood 14

A sublime square coffee table that sports the structure crafted out of reclaimed wood and the natural look that will astonish all. It will work in any antiquely styled interior or a rustic one, adding plenty of appeal to it.

Dark wood square coffee table 2

Square Coffee Table with Shelf Tile Mosaic by natureinspiredcrafts, $825.00

Top table granit

Two-tiered ottoman multitasks as footrest, coffee table and magazine or bookshelf, working the room with its refined mix of leather and wood. Supple top-grain leather in gorgeous dark granite grey adds polish, its saturated color and soft patina highligh