Extra Large Square Coffee Tables


Such a handsome addition to the living room, a large, square coffee table is definitely a conversation starter. In many colors of wood stains, as well as table top options, there is the perfect large square coffee table for you in this extensive collection. All you have to do is pick one. It might be the most difficult choice in your entire living room furniture scheme.

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Our Picks

Large Square Coffee Table with Storage

Large Square Coffee Table with Storage

This large coffee table takes storage seriously. Underneath the dual-lid tabletop, there is ample inner storage space for blankets, toys or books. The weathered farmhouse-grey finish has a traditional feel that will look great in a room with a large hearth or on top of a colorful rug.

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Unique Pagoda Coffee Table

Unique Pagoda Coffee Table

Let’s face it, with busy lives, practical and functional considerations have to be considered alongside design and beauty. With this serene Oriental style, you get the best of both worlds. Choose from a range of finishes including oak and cappuccino. The spacious top is raised over a platform that includes hidden storage space and a 360-degree storage shelf that can be used to display books or ornaments.

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Solid Wood Oversized Coffee Table

Solid Wood Oversized Coffee Table

If you’re looking for a statement look for your next coffee table, this style is hard not to admire. Inspired by the design trends of Scandinavia, this trapezoidal shape is sure to attract admiring comments from friends and family. Made from solid, reclaimed wood, it is also an environmentally conscious choice that will work equally well in modern farmhouse, contemporary, or even industrial-style interiors.

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Grey Giant Coffee Table

Grey Giant Coffee Table

Finally found the perfect comfortable sofa with a sophisticated design? Get your living room to the next level with this industrially inspired piece that epitomizes the modernist aesthetic. Manufactured from concrete and paraffin wax, the finish is distressed for a reclaimed look that can be easily paired with monochrome or bright colors.

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White Brushed and Clear Glass Oversized Coffee Table

White Brushed and Clear Glass Oversized Coffee Table

Glass coffee tables are always a great option for anyone looking for a sleek design that is easy to wipe clean. The frame features brushed white decoration and gold-colored corner pieces. Both modern and classic, this table will look stunning with a wide range of interior styles. Complete the look with an elegant vase and some stylish ornaments and magazines.

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Weathered Extra Large Square Coffee Table

Weathered Extra Large Square Coffee Table

This antique-style coffee table will create a beautiful gothic ambiance in your home and looks particularly striking when paired with mood lighting and candles. Antique-style coffee tables are perfect for adding character and charm to your living area, and this statement piece really is one of a kind. A unique table like this will work well in modern farmhouse and transitional interiors and can be styled simply with some statement coffee table books and a designer candle or minimal ornament.

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Modern Giant Coffee Table

Modern Giant Coffee Table

Sometimes simplicity really works best. That’s certainly the case with this magnificent coffee table that combines clean lines with solid mango wood and steel base craftsmanship. This can be used as a coffee or cocktail table, and the lower shelf provides a space for magazines or drinks as you sit back and relax in your living room or den. This style of coffee table will work well with most modern interior styles.

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Vintage Large Square Coffee Table

Vintage Large Square Coffee Table

If your living room has a rustic look, we think you will love these oversized coffee tables that have been designed in the style of converted rural wagons. The pine top is offset by the weathered patina which creates a post-industrial finish.

Rustic wooden coffee tables are a great choice for families with young children, as they are almost indestructible, and any damage such as knocks or dents will simply add to the character of the table!

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Woven Extra Large Coffee Table

Woven Extra Large Coffee Table

This is a truly unique coffee table. The top of the table is completely covered in textured woven abaca fibers, giving it a wonderfully tactile finish. The contrast between the dark solid mango wood legs and base and the sandy woven wicker top section is truly eye-catching. Large coffee tables made of natural materials like this will work well in both traditional and modern interiors, thanks to their timeless style and naturally neutral color palette.

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Genuine Marble Big Square Coffee Table

Genuine Marble Big Square Coffee Table

Accent your room with a coffee table that combines a futuristic design with classic materials. The metal base is available in a range of different finishes, including silver and bronze which all match beautifully with the unique tabletop which is a simple slab of natural marble. A statement piece that is built to last.

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Extra Large Square Coffee Tables

Buying Guide

One day I’ll do a study on why coffee tables are called coffee tables because rarely are they made home to a cup of coffee! They are often the catwalk for your daughter's dolls, the race track for your son's cars, or the storage rack for newspapers and magazines. The only time they get a break is when you’ve got guests, and everything gets stashed elsewhere. Regardless of what you use your large square coffee table for, if you are buying a new one, here are a few pointers before you part with your hard earned cash.

Large square coffee table features

There is more to a large square coffee table than meets the eye. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they also provide discreet storage solutions. Here’s a sneak peek into some of the additional features available.

  • Adjustable height: Coffee table by day and dinner table by night. If you want to eat dinner while you watch your favorite TV show a coffee table with an adjustable height will allow you to do so.
  • Storage solutions: Instead of having magazines and newspapers slung across the table, you can store them away neatly in draws and shelves that have been cleverly attached to the coffee table.
  • Seating: A large coffee table will typically have two to four stools underneath that look like they are a part of the design. They are ideal for additional guests, and you can neatly tuck them away when you are done.

Coffee table materials

Coffee tables come in a unique array of materials to match the design in your home; here are some of them:

  • Walnut: A warm, rich chocolate brown color that’s often complemented with purple or dark red streaks.
  • Pine: A pale color with a distinctive grain and coupled with durability and strength. Pine is a good choice for contemporary interiors.
  • Sheeshum: No it's not a relative of the sheesh kebab! But it has grown in popularity due to Indian inspired furniture. It is made with a rich golden to dark brown hue, a great match for any living room style.

Coffee table bases

There are as many bases for a coffee table as there are styles and this is something you would want to consider when making your purchase. The classic four leg style is no longer the only option, and designers are creating bases that will match the décor in your home.

  • Trestle and trunk: If you want to make a unique statement, trestle and trunk bases will speak for you.
  • Trestle and pedestal: For those wanting to rest their feet under a coffee table, trestle and pedestal bases provide plenty of room, they will also fit in perfectly with your trendy décor.
  • Casters: Caster bases allow you to move your coffee table around the room easily. This is the perfect base because they are functional but discreet at the same time.

That’s all folks

Now that you’ve got a fair idea of what you’re looking for, you will know exactly what you want when you go out shopping for your large square coffee table.

Best Ideas

Extra large square coffee table

Square coffee table with a very large size. Its wooden construction is durable and finished in neutral black color. Simple design and straight lines of this table look very good in any living room decor.

Large square coffee table 19

Large square coffee table. This table is made of undressed dark wooden planks. This piece of furniture is very low - it looks like Japanese tea table, at this type of table people sitting on the floor. This table make interior more oriental.

Large square coffee table 2

An extremely large coffee table in the shape of a square box. Its simple beauty and functionality are really captivating. It is made of high quality deep brown wood that will last for long years. Display it in the centre of the room.

Extra large square coffee table 1

Square coffee table with wood top. Base is made of metal and reinforced with solid supports. Neutral and functional design for each place according to taste and need.

Large coffee tables

This large square wooden table constitutes a solid, sustainable construction, that will accommodate many enjoyable gatherings. Its simple, Scandinavian-style combines here with rusticness, which will for sure please vintage enthusiasts.

Large square coffee tables 1

Large Square Coffee Tables

Large square coffee table in dark elm modern designer 397e

Large Square Coffee Table in Dark Elm Modern Designer 397E 90 x 90cm

Mid century large square coffee table

Mid century large square coffee table

Beautiful and gorgeous square coffee table. It is made out of marble and its wooden legs make it look stylish. A typical Scandinavian style large table that will be an ideal addition to a comfortable leather sofa.

Reclaimed Wood Table

Reclaimed Wood Table

A cool though simple contemporary coffee table featuring a square top with a simple apron crafted of planks of reclaimed wood with a natural finish. It has 4 V-shaped legs of round section metal rods.

Large square coffee table with storage 3

large square coffee table with storage

Extra large cocktail tables

What would a sofa without the company of a coffee table be? In this case, it is large square coffee table who defines this sofa with its square shape, a wooden top made of solid wood and a minimalistic base of metal with an open space.

Gray wash coffee table

This is one of the most beautiful coffee tables you can see. It is solidly constructed of recycled fir wood. It is a rare specimen, with imperfections of wood - which make up its unique character, of this large square coffee table.

Square wooden coffee table

A cool though simple modern coffee table crafted of wooden materials. It's built of 2 full rectangular crossed supports with dark brown veneers and 4 rectangular pieces of reclaimed wood in natural tones fixed to their sides.

Square contemporary coffee table 2

A great example of contemporary design. Its minimalistic design shall fit well into modern apartments. Each cross-cut piece of wood in this puzzle-like table is selected to show details of the rich wood grains. Wood options include vinhático, teak, and mango.

Large square coffee table with storage 4

Apperley Large Square Coffee Table

Big square coffee tables 1

This elegant living room embodies sophistication and class. 2 rectangular tables pushed together to make one, big square coffee table create a smooth solution, especially with their marble finishing.

Large square coffee tables wood

large square coffee table - Hammary - Spaces Square Cocktail - 196-912 $630 Furniture Pick

Lots to like about this living space from the blues

Lots to like about this living space from the blues/accessories used, the huge square coffee table, the beach/coastal feel to this space, and of course the large (ocean-themed) photograph used. Jennifer Squires Productions.

Amazonica 6 beam large square oak coffee table in a

Amazonica 6 Beam Large Square Oak Coffee Table in a Low 260mm Height ...

699 large square coffee table 2013

$699 Large Square Coffee Table 2013

Big square coffee table 1

Add a big and actually practical coffee table to your living room and opt for versatility, coming from the beautiful blend of the wood structure that provides a touch of natural appeal and the light finish.

Square contemporary coffee table

A truly enchanting square wooden coffee table. It constitutes a great proposition for all, who would like to distinguish their living room a bit. Cozy and modern at the same time!

Leather Ottoman With 4 Tray Tops Storage Bench Coffee Table Black Leather New

This very practical ottoman features four tray tops so can be use as a coffee table, extra seat space and storage area. This ottoman is covered with black faux leather, and versatile trays have seat cushions.

Rustic reclaimed wood large square coffee table natural finish made

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Large Square Coffee Table - Natural Finish - Made From Upcycled Pallet Wood - Sofa Table