Large Square Wood Coffee Table


For a large living room one needs to to find ways to keep it from looking too sparse and also keep your coffee, tea, books or board games within reach of everyone. These large square wooden coffee table will fill the space in a natural way that keeps it from being over crowded, all while giving just a touch of that quaint country cottage feel.

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Rustic reclaimed wood large square

Rustic reclaimed wood large square

This large square coffee table embodies rustic charm and coziness. All thanks to its reclaimed wood as a base. Eco-friendly, made from barn wood, shall appeal to all, who look for solid, sustainable constructions.

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Large quare wood coffee table with

Large quare wood coffee table with

Large, square, reclaimed wood coffee table with square steel legs. 17'' tall, 48'' long, 48'' wide. Ideal for big families or as super contrast furniture for minimalistic interiors. It has a lot of storage room right underneath.

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Solid wood square coffee table

Rustic wood coffee table idea. This large turned leg coffee table with built in reclaimed wood, squared shape could be either your new coffee table or become a part of your new garden furniture set. Very stable.

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Large square rustic coffee table

Reserved Order for Megan. Large Square Rustic Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table with Shelf 35" x 35" x 17" high

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Large square wood coffee table

A simple and minimalist coffee table that looks like an old, wooden pallete. It's made of top quality wood with smooth finish. It will suit rustic interiors or it can also serve as a patio or garden table.

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Large Square Coffee Table With

Large Square Coffee Table With

This large, square coffee table will enchant all industrial design enthusiast. Rustic wood, combined with thin metal legs, give the project a universal character, making it suitable both for modern and classic design.

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Metal square coffee table

Square coffee table mounted on metal base and reinforced with solid supports. Top is made of wood. Neutral design for each home. Received very good recommendations from customers.

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Large square coffee table 18

Sit on your knees, or be in the position of yogis - and enjoy sake, or a cup of tea. Enjot it on the big square coffee table. It has the form of a great, huge wooden deed which is based directly on the ground, made of dark wood.

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Large square wood coffee table

Large square shape coffee table made from dark wood. Ideal for small spaces, where you can add a set of small chairs or ottomans to make the room seem bigger. Its top is super large, as for the family of 8.

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Coffee table built from old pine our customer wanted a

... coffee table built from old pine our customer wanted a more coffee

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Large Square Wood Coffee Table

Buying Guide

Although it isn't the norm, you may use a round rug under a square coffee table. A square coffee table and a square rug go harmoniously together, but a square coffee table on a round rug also works and brings the look together in a playful way. Just ensure that the rug size is significantly bigger than the coffee table, so the shapes don't compete.

Water or liquid damage has the potential to ruin a wooden coffee table. When a spillage occurs and water is left on the wood for a long time, the table absorbs it, causing the wood to swell. If your large square wood coffee table becomes water damaged, there are ways you can treat it.

Start by sanding the affected area until it becomes smooth and looks even. You’ll then need to sand the rest of the table to even it out. If the water damage still hasn’t disappeared and the table isn’t entirely even, mix water and bleach and scrub the table, making sure you attend to the affected area most.

Allow the table to dry and sand again to achieve a smooth finish. For extra protection, apply furniture oil onto the table using a rag. Let it dry before you place anything on the table.

Best Ideas

Reclaimed wood square coffee table

Coffee table in rustic style. It is completely made of wood. Base is fitted with capacious compartment for storing needed stuff. Square top has large usable surface. Elegant addition to each living room.

Grey coffee tables 4

Coffee table fitted with rectangular top. Construction is made of wood with antique finish. Neutral and functional addition for the living room and others interiors according to taste and need.

Metal square coffee table 2

An elegant and classy arrangement of a living room with an eccentric accent in the centre in form of a unique coffee table made of old wooden balks supported on original, old railroad ties. Gives the room a really cool look.

Large reclaimed wood coffee table

This large coffee table is a great proposition for all, who like to gather company. A minimalistic combination of rustic iron and smooth mango wood will enhance your living space, regardless if you prefer classic or more modern decor.

Metal square coffee table 6

A long, handcrafted wooden coffee table with a welded metal frame, perfect for anyone looking for a gorgeous, industrial addition to their living room. A piece of furniture that will surely astonish your guests!

Metal square coffee table

Solid wood and metal square coffee table, fanstastically finished with precision and good taste. Lower part of it can be also used as some extra space to keep your newspapers or books. You can even keep there a small basket underneath.

Dimensions 50 sq x 17 h made of iron and

Dimensions: 50"sq. x 17"h Made of iron and mango wood Lovely parquet top Large scaleThe grandeur of this coffee table is what really stuck out to us at first. But once we really started looking at the detail of the parquet top, we immediately knew th

Large square dark wood coffee table

A distinctive coffee table in a rectangular shape made from reclaimed floorboards in a Victorian style. The wood features all the natural imperfections and original signs, which makes it look really rustic and unique.

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