Table Top Book Shelf

The solutions that you are about to see in this collection, are actually very functional and look well, don’t they? These are book shelves with table tops and they are available in different styles, shapes and sizes so that everyone could easily find the right one for themselves. How about you?

Table top book shelf

Functional and stylish, this bookshelf is designed for placing it on tabletops, thus also getting a practical and beautiful decoration. Crafted of oak-finished wood, the bookshelf stores everything from small paperbacks to large art books.

Table top book shelf 10

Wooden Floor Bookshelves (great for kids room)

Entique premium wood table top book shelf

Entique Premium Wood Table Top Book Shelf

38" Bookcase

38" Bookcase
These stylish and very practical bookshelf is a solid wood construction. Three shelves allow you to store your favorite reading, and at the same universal design fits into any type of interior.

Table top book shelf

Unique and very stylish made book shelf in the table on wheels is a great solution ideal for small interiors. Beautiful white design and solid wood finish impress are exceptionally functional and stylish.

Tabletop shelf

Sturdy and stylish, this beautiful bookshelf is stabile, portable, and relatively lightweight. It offers a fashionably tilted open shelf for storing books and flat legs, allowing you to plae it on your desk or table.

Unique book shelves

If you are looking for bookshelf inspirations, this unique Mandala one shall appeal to you. With the shape of a flower, this DIY project is surprisingly functional. White finishing makes a timeless creation, that will fit into any kind of space.

Tabletop bookshelves

Make Your Own DIY Pallet. This but less depth. Tall pallet wall that can stand alone (not leave up against wall) to sit on table at craft fairs/barn sales!

Table top book shelf

Martha Stewart Living™ Craft Space Corner Cubby Storage and Space-Saving Organization in a Corner Cubby Item # 07953

Industrial wood and pipe end tablerustic

Industrial Wood And Pipe End Tablerustic
Imagine a situation in which tribal techniques of wood harvesting meet with industrial pipes from already closed factories. Then an end table shelf is made of two square wood tops based on metal pipes.

Tabletop shelves

Have you been searching for a table that just does not look like the typical piece of furniture? This modern and functional table is actually a construction of three wooden stools. Now, you've got the contemporary bookshelf.

Tabletop bookshelf

Spending long afternoons on the couch, it is nice to have all your favorite magazines and books, surrounded by the aura of burning candles. This will help metal black console table with book shelf.Three storey rack,contains two shelves and a metal basket.

Table top shelf

Interestingly made of wood table bookshelves is attractive and very handy item interior design. The whole is presented functional and very impressive, and by the way, it is an interesting accent to the decor.

Table top shelf from el dot designs

Table Top Shelf from El Dot Designs

Table top bookcase

Could use a tall bookcase, use bottom half for storage for baby stuff, and top half would normally be closed, and flipped down to a desk when school time.

Tabletop book holder

Splash your home decor with simple elegance and practical solutions by choosing this minimalistic shelf unit. Crafted of white-finished wood, the piece offers a smooth top and 2 open cubic compartments.

Indoor plant stands

The simple and subtle design of this indoor plant stand is a perfect combination of attractive style and functionality. Combined with vanity with a high shelf for books, benches and other enchanting and introduces a uniquely cozy atmosphere.

Table top book shelf 6

Top 10 Best DIY Bookshef Ideas - Love this clever ladder for shelves. All of these Top 10 are DIY clever.

Table top book shelf

Estanteria con cajas de fruta y listones de palets. Pintura acrílica + betún de judea

Table top book rack

I am so wanting to do this I was wondering what to do with my old ugly tables that I have...cut in half tile the tops and stack and VOILA i will have a MASTERPIECE!!!! not to mention i needed book shelves!!! So loving this!!!

Table top book shelf

Delightful Order: My Snow Village Christmas Decor Gets a New Home

Table top book shelf

Book case in vintage style. It is made of wood with antique finish. Perfect as nightstand or end table. Application in the living room, bedroom and others interiors according to taste and need.

Evalyn 56" Bookcase

Evalyn 56" Bookcase
Are you a real fan of original, modern and intriguing design? Then, check out this amazing and practical bookcase! It's gonna bring you not only an extraordinary look, but also the highest functionality.

Sofa bed with storage drawer

This table has gained this form thanks to its owners.Converted from a standard table - in white,neat and perfectly fitted to the edge of the couch end table with shelf.Table with little bookshelf has a space for everything and doesn't still it from your room.

Tabletop bookcase

A chic antique style cabinet with an open front hutch finished in beautiful cream and made of ... old pieces of furniture (a.o. a table, a drawer chest). It has a moulding crown top, curved legs, a dashy apron, fluted corner posts, 3 various shelves.

Table top shelves

Now that’s an interesting idea for creating a table top book shelf! Do you have any other? It’s hard to tell which books are real, and which are a part of the shelf.

Tabletop book shelf

Balanced and sturdy, this eye-catching book shelf unit allows you to display your knick-knack in style. Made of hardwood and spalshed in white, the unit includes 5 open shelves - reinforced with X-shaped sides and straight legs.

Table top shelving

2 tier shelf for storing books, display decorations and more. It is completely made of wood. Designed for mounting on the wall. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Simple form and neutral design.

Unique book shelves 19

Very original and unique book shelves. These wall-mounted elements are simple and practical. Their L-shaped design includes a supportive base and side wall. Neutral white color looks good on different walls.

Unique book shelves 6

"He is a Batman, known for the need to hunt for evil." Just as bats hunt to survive "- and a unique black&yellow bookshelf in the shape of a Batman comic book symbol - is needed for the child's brain to grow. Hunting for books - started!

Unique book shelves 10

Modern take on a contemporary, unique bookshelf idea made with a set of curved wooden pieces, made out of light oak. The arched bookshelf provides not only storage and display room, but also doubles as a classy wall art.

Unique book shelves 9

A simple but pretty rectangular open shelf crafted of white finished wooden materials. It's fixed with 2 screws to a wall and also hangs on 2 robust golden finished metal chains fixed to a ceiling.

Table top book shelf

Pallet desk DIY tutorial I would put legs at the bottom and a henged top to fold out to make it twice as wide if wanted

Unique book shelves 28

Bookcase for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need. It is completely made of wood. It can be used as indoor bench. Functional accent for each home.

Table top book shelf 5

Hostess with the Mostess® - Good Books Good Wine Good Friends Good Times

Display book shelf

What can one do out of reporposed old wooden pallets? Well, tons of practical and pretty things, including a display book shelf - just as pictured. But, best of all, it's just one of the numerous possibilities. Check them all out.

Table tiki torches

Evening at the beach, wedding party over the ocean - will beutify and illuminate these polynesian tabletop tiki troches. They are made of bamboo, trimmed and decorated with natural shells and raffia bow. Their wicks light up easily and last long.

Tiki tabletop torch

Decorative torch for table top placement. It features a terra cotta pot and river pebbles. The whole construction creates a cheap and pretty table torch that provides small amount of light and decorates outdoor dining areas.

Oak freestanding bookshelf desk table top retro ercol era 50s

... OAK Freestanding BOOKSHELF Desk / Table Top Retro Ercol era 50s 60s

Table top book shelf 7

Linen closet organization. Love the idea of towel bars on the door to keep table cloths from getting wrinkled.

Display book shelf

Made entirely out of pallets, this DIY bookshelf shall enchant all, who love handmade projects or rustic decors. It will bring in definitely a strong rustic vibe into the space, fitting well into traditional or vintage decors.

Table top torches 32

A wonderful table top torch which is a real piece of art. It's made of top quality ceramics that was skilfully hand painted in beautiful blue patterns. The top of the piece features a wick which will look amazing when lighted.

Display book shelf 1

In fact, there is always space for the display bookshelf - they are decorative, fill the empty space and fulfill a functional solution. These are made of pine wooden boards and are adapted to space under the stairs.

STEELMASTER Steel Desk Organizer with 4 Movable Shelves, 58.25 x 18.38 x 9.5 Inches, Black (2062DOBK)

Hera 72" Bookcase

Hera 72" Bookcase

Display 60" Bookcase

Display 60" Bookcase
This modern and very practical bookcase is unusual combination of solid wood construction and wide functionality. Lovingly done ideally suited to the living room, office or other room.

Table top torches 15

Outdoor table centerpiece. Metal stand for glass torches. Wrought iron holder in black holds four glass torches. Due to light weight, the piece happens to be fully movable, luckily. It's well-balanced as well, won't wobble.

Table top book shelf 8

Book sling tutorial. I'm thinking of putting one of these up for each of the girls, by their beds (top and bottom bunk).

Classroom Keepers Book Shelf

My favorite deal for that price! The classroom keepers book shelf, looks like from the shop. The solid construction can keeps very heavy books.