Triangle Corner Table

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Fill in your corner area with a triangle corner table, and decorate that unused space. Anything designed for a corner is terrific, not just in practicality but in craftsmanship. The way the whole piece has to be constructed to support the unit on three points of contact, versus four, makes it a model of engineering, and that will be the focal point of why these pieces are so interesting.

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Leick Furniture Favorite Finds Shield Tiered End Table In Glazed Auburn

Leick Furniture Favorite Finds Shield Tiered End Table In Glazed Auburn

This neatly designed triangle end table can be a great compliment to your bedroom or living room, smoothly filling some niche in the corner. Featuring two shelves, it offers a considerable space to store your bits and pieces.

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Sobuy 3 Tiers Wooden Triangle Corner Shelf Low Shelf Side Table Frg19 W Uk

Sobuy 3 Tiers Wooden Triangle Corner Shelf Low Shelf Side Table Frg19 W Uk

Small triangle corner table with 3 tiers. Compact sized wooden table. Doubles as corner shelving or plant stand. Finished white. Saves floor space. Easy to move around thanks to lightweight construction.

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Gomez Corner Table

Gomez Corner Table

White corner table. This convenient corner table will allow you to use your previously useless corner space. The table offers some additional functionality to your decor. The top may be used to display a vase, wheres the cabinet offers extra storage.

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Modern refinished wood triangle corner

Modern refinished wood triangle corner

History knows the triangular Hungarian table. But also at this wooden triangle corner table, you can debate with friends on your patio. Very delicate legs, and slate countertops - have been refreshed in modern style.

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Triangle corner table

A cool contemporary corner drawer chest and table in one featuring a triangularish gently rounded frame of wooden materials finished in browns, yellows, reds. A chest has 3 low angular tapered legs. Each o 4 drawers has a round knob.

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Triangle corner table

A wooden table in the shape of a triangle, perfect for an unused corner. You can place it behind your sofa and get a functional end table, which doesn't take much of the room. It features a universal look suitable for any decor.

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Triangle corner table 2

Crafted from solid and stylish windsor oak, this beautiful triangle corner table will be a perfect spot for your bits and pieces. Its 3-tiered construction offer the ideal size to keep there your favourite book or photo.

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Triangle corner table 3

With its triangular shape, this small accent table with drawer seems to be a natural display proposition for some corner. Its small storage drawer can be a good place to keep one's odds and sods.

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Triangular corner tables

A wonderful, brown wood triangular corner table with a little drawer to store your keys and a shelf underneath. Beautiful, traditional look, bound to look great in the entryway of your house.

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Shaker inspired end tables and night stands

Shaker Inspired End Tables and Night Stands

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Triangle Corner Table

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A triangular corner table is the perfect way to use that impossibly small space in a hallway or the niche between a couch and an overstuffed chair. Anywhere a furniture arrangement creates a space that doesn’t lend itself to a rectangular or square table unit, and triangular shaped table can do the job. These tables come in all sorts of colors, styles and material types so you have plenty of choices for working them into your décor.

What are the most elegant designs of triangle corner tables?

One of the most common designs is a tall corner table in teak or mahogany wood. These often include a small drawer beneath the top surface and a stabilizing shelf near the bottom. The legs might be tapered, but are more likely to be slender spindles that have been turned on a lathe. If your budget doesn’t run to teak or mahogany, you can substitute a table of unfinished wood and stain it to suit your décor.

An even more useful design in the corner cabinet table. The top is similar to the more common tall corner table, but below the top unit is a door that conceals a set of shelves. The door might be a rounded one that slides back into the side of the unit, or it could be a simple cabinet door that closes over the front of the shelves just like one for a kitchen cabinet.

What type of triangular corner table will fit a modern interior?

If you want a more modern look for your corner table, you might try a table constructed of aluminum. With three sturdy legs, a white upper surface and shiny, chrome leg ends, this is the perfect set-up for a stand for a three-dimensional piece of art or even one of those spiky desert plants that can endure almost any environment.

How to use a nested set of tables?

The only thing better than a single corner table is a nested set of corner tables. Bring them out to hold a saucer and cup for an afternoon tea party, or distribute them to online gaming enthusiasts who have gathered for a face-to-face LAN (Local Area Network) party. They are the perfect size to act as a mouse table for people who don’t deal well with having their computer and their mouse at the same level.

What type of corner table is a good choice for a kids' room?

Tiered shelving units make a cozy place for bits of bric-a-brac, or even for a favorite set of toys. By placing favorite items on an accessible shelf, it becomes easy to help your child learn the art of putting away personal belongings at an early age.

Regardless of how you purpose them, triangular corner tables can solve space and storage problems. They can be used in odd places where nothing else will fit, and they can store those bits and pieces that just do not work in a rectangular or square unit. There are so many different styles, designs and colors of these useful units, that it is easy to match them to your décor, no matter what it might be.

Best Ideas

Triangular corner table

Triangle table made of wood. It is fitted with additional shelf for storing books, magazines and more. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Triangle end tables

Boasting of geometric design and hardwood craftsmanship, this triangle corner table comes with 4 functional pieces that can be set according to your needs. Each piece is made of Pine wood, and can also be used as a plant stand, an end table, or an extra seat.

Vintage mid century modern triangle sofa corner table ebay

Vintage Mid Century Modern Triangle Sofa Corner Table | eBay

International Concepts OT-95 Corner Accent Table, Unfinished

It is a corner accent table that has got a classic design, one drawer and is unfinished. It is a great addition to any room in your home and any style and décor. It is a high quality product.

Triangle end table

Triangle End Table

Corner end tables

Corner End Tables

Mission Style Corner Table (Brown) (30"H x 28"W x 8"D)

Corner Reception Table

Corner Reception Table

Triangular side tables

Triangle corner end or side tables made from by WoodArtWorld

Triangle corner table

A handmade corner shelf with drawer makes good use of limited space. The decision where to install it determinates the possible way of use. Could be use as a sitting in lobby, could be a small desk or also the shelf.

Wooden top corner telephone hall console plant stand table unit

Wooden Top Corner Telephone Hall Console Plant Stand Table Unit

Triangle table 2

Triangle Table

Triangle corner table 5

A simple yet elegant, French-style corner table made in an unusual, triangular shape. The corner table is made out of oak wood with a white coat of paint and has a small drawer on the front, giving it a little storage compartment.

Triangle corner table 1

Home Stainless Steel Triangle Corner Storage Shelf kitchen Side Table Dining End