Asian End Tables


Asian influence furniture is a wonderful way to decorate your home, even if you only add a couple of accent pieces. They are lovely, made by master furniture artisans, and are the perfect tip of the hat to the styles of the East. If you are looking for new end tables for your couch, or maybe a nightstand option, take a look at this extensive collection of Asian end tables. They are magnificent.

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Asian end tables

This nightstand, doubling as an end table, takes its design inspiration from Asian furniture. Dark frame is combined with cherry red painted panels and some decorous brass hardware. Red and black are classic Japanese furniture coloring scheme.

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Asian end table or night stand

Asian end table or night stand

This stylish, Asian-style end table or night table is the perfect solution for the climate of the interior. Beautiful decorative details and solid wood construction create an incredibly effective whole. Ideal for oriental interior design.

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Antique Asian End Table

Antique Asian End Table

It is ancient, Asian end table. Its doors are beautifully decorated with motif of birds and plants. Decoration has a golden color. Doors have a special lock, which protects the contents from prying eyes. It is delicate and captivating.

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White Nightstand End Table Chinese Ming Style Cabinet Asian Side Tables And End Tables

White Nightstand End Table Chinese Ming Style Cabinet Asian Side Tables And End Tables

If you love East Asia design, this cabinet inspired of Chinese style is dedicated special for you. It is made of blanched wood and decorated of metal handles. This cabinet has closet, four drawers and long desktop in fancy shape.

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Oriental Furniture Authentic Asian Accent, 32-Inch Fine Chinese Rosewood Altar Table, Walnut Finish

Inspired by oriental style, this altar table is crafted from fine Chinese rosewood, and finished in walnut. The table includes a classic ming design, 1 open shelf, upturned edges, and shou symbol drawer pulls.

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Asian end tables 1

Simple but adorable red wooden end table in Asian style that will convert your lounge into a space in which one can feel the Asian spirit in the air. It is an ideal addition to a comfortable sofa and TV.

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Asian style end table or stool

Asian Style End Table or Stool

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Sculptural pair of asian end tables

Sculptural pair of asian end tables

This sculptural pair of Asian end tables constitutes enchants with its ornamental character. Silver framing combines the legs at the bottom as well as the top of the construction. Finished with bright tops from sanded wood.

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Asian End Table

Asian End Table

This is a very elegant and very ornate end table, which refers to Japanese themes. Its walls are decorated in floral motifs placed on a maroon background. While the front part has a golden background and richer decorations. Among the flowers there is also a bird.

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Oriental Furniture Asian Furniture and Decor 22-Inch Chinese Birds and Flowers Black Lacquer End Table with Mother of Pearl

It is an end table that has got an oriental design, bird and flowers theme, lacquer finish and beautiful decorations. It is a great addition to your living room, bedroom, family room and other.

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Asian End Tables

Buying Guide

This beautiful and oriental style of table will certainly catch the eye of many buyers, but if you've never seen them before, let alone bought one, how do you know what you're looking for? We'll consider some of the factors that you should think about before investing any money into an Asian end table. Having some guidance before buying furniture can certainly help you to make the right decisions and buy furniture which you and your family will love for decades.

Asian end tables are available in a wide range of patterns, so you should think about what effect you're trying to achieve with this furniture. Are you hoping for something which is bold and makes a statement in your home? Or are you looking for something which is practical, but doesn't take attention away from the rest of your furniture and other ornaments?

This is an important factor to consider before you start thinking about other things. Once you know what effect you want to achieve, you can then start to think about the shape, colors, and patterns.

There is not a vast range of shapes to choose from, but you should explore the most common ones which are:

  • Round tables: Round tables are popular in many different circumstances and in many different styles. From dinner tables to small coffee tables, the round shape has been popular for centuries. Round Asian end tables are perhaps a little less common than square tables but provide a soft and elegant look.
  • Square tables: You will see many Asian end tables in a square shape. Many of them will have a square table top and then a square shelf mid way down the table legs for extra storage. The square tables have a modern look, and can easily be slotted into corners of the room without wasting any space at all.
  • Oval tables: The oval shape is a very popular one for Asian end tables. It is the perfect combination of both the shapes discussed above, with rounded ends but straight and defined lengths. An oval table is often a good choice to be positioned at the end of your sofa or next to an armchair or loveseat.

Reds, purples, oranges, blues and blacks and among the many popular colors used to decorate Asian end tables. The traditional and authentic tables will often have several of these colors incorporated into the table top, table legs and the rest of the frame.

The modern styles of Asian end tables can often be seen in natural distressed wood, painted lightly with white or black wood paint, and rarely including any other colors. Others are made from varnished brown or teak wood, while some have glass or marble table tops for an elegant effect. White Asian end tables are popular too, with many of them boasting a figurine along the table legs or supported by a ceramic animal feature.

Best Ideas

Oriental furniture lcq 212 claw foot end table 1

Oriental Furniture LCQ-212 Claw Foot End Table

Oriental Furniture Asian Furniture and Decor 24-Inch Japanese Lacquered Oriental End Table/Nightstand, Black Matte

Oriental Furniture Asian Decor 29-Inch Ming Oriental Plant Stand with Drawer, Black Lacquer with Mother of Pearl Birds and Flowers

This is an element that plays a decorative and functional role in the house. It is a stand that is ideal for different decorations and small items. It has got a lower shelf and a small storage drawer.

Oriental Furniture Asian Furniture and Decor 26-Inch Ming Design Chinese Lacquer Oriental End Table Nightstand HA2011

This astonishing, oriental styled small cabinet will work great as a nightstand or end table. It has an authentic ming style finish in black lacquer and gold hand painting bamboo flowers and wood pattern.

Black Lacquer Hallway Cabinet

It is an oriental cabinet that has got a black lacquer finish, gold details and solid construction. Everyone will be impressed how beautiful and fantastic this cabinet is.

Asian style end table

asian style end table

Oriental furniture asian 2 door end table cabinet in antique

Oriental Furniture Asian 2 Door End Table Cabinet in Antique Black Lacquer

Oriental Furniture Discontinued feb 2011, 26-Inch Ming Chinese Flying Emperor Oriental End Table Nightstand

Designed in Oriental style, this beautiful end table is crafted from solid wood, and finished in distressed orange and black. The table also includes 2 small storage drawers and 1 two-door cabinet, and stands on 4 thick wooden legs.

Wood flower carving side cabinet asian side tables and end

... Wood Flower Carving Side Cabinet asian-side-tables-and-end-tables

Oriental Furniture Asian Furniture and Decor 29.5-Inch Chinese Bamboo Design Cabinet End Table/Nightstand

This practical and beautiful cabinet features three small drawers and flat top so can be use as a end table or nightstand. It has a solid wooden construction and decorative painting of bamboo on a front.

Wuchow three drawer end table a modern end table with

This 3 drawer end table constitutes a masterpiece of the Asian design. Dark wood perfectly corresponds to the antique brass handles. A timeless example of the Oriental art.

Asian end table

Asian End Table

Asian indian southeast asian table end table rosewood 1

Asian Indian Southeast Asian table end table rosewood

Exclusive asian inspired furniture

Exclusive Asian Inspired Furniture