Chinese Nesting Tables


A standard nesting table is fun, but a Chinese nesting table is not only interesting in concept but beautiful in design. They have the elegance of Oriental styling you have come to expect from Chinese furniture, along with the craftsmanship that is very distinct too many of the Chinese furniture artisans you have come to know and appreciate. Take a look at our extensive collection of Chinese nesting tables and see what we mean.

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Our Picks

Chinese Nesting Tables

Chinese Nesting Tables

Stunning nest of four Chinese solid oak wood finely hand carved with floral detailing nest of tables. It was waxed and hand polished from top to bottom, by all heart with tradition of Hongkong designers. Chinese nesting table contains also glass tops.

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Fine Set Of Four Chinese Nesting Tables

Fine Set Of Four Chinese Nesting Tables

Add this fine set of four sublime Chinese nesting tables that offer a very detailed and finely painted design in gold finish on black lacquer. It is sure to elevate the feel and look of any possible setting.

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Quartetto set of chinese hardwood tables

Quartetto set of chinese hardwood tables

Turn your home into the stylish space with the 'Quartetto' Set of Chinese Hardwood Tables. They will help you to add some Asian look.

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Set of chinese rosewood stacking tables

Set of chinese rosewood stacking tables

The set of Chinese stacking tables, made of rosewood with different sizes. You can hide them anywhere you want. They will be perfect as a gift for new home.

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19th century chinese carved nesting tables

19th century chinese carved nesting tables

What's the most interesting in nesting table set? Different sizes! They are suitable with any space from indoor and outdoor area.

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Late 19th century chinese export lacquered nest quartetto tables

Late 19th century chinese export lacquered nest quartetto tables

Do you need to refresh your drawing room? you will do that with the nesting tables set. It includes four lacquered tables with Chinese oriental theme.

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Chinese nesting tables 3

Chic traditional Chinese wooden nesting tables finished in browns. They have straight angular legs and stretchers. Legs and rectangular tops are covered with detailed carvings (with golden undertones) showing everyday life scenes and floral motifs.

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Chinese nesting tables 7

Chinese Carved Nesting Tables, S/4 on

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Chinese nesting tables 2

A wonderful set of nesting tables in a Chinese design. They feature glass tops and ornamental carvings created with great precision. You can keep them separately or together if you don't want to waste the floor space.

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Blacl lacquer asian nesting table chinese carved lacquer wood nesting

blacl lacquer asian nesting table | Chinese Carved Lacquer & Wood Nesting Tables

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Chinese Nesting Tables

Buying Guide

Nesting tables with an oriental style can add a lovely touch to your home, even if you have no other furniture which is Chinese. The detail of the tables accompanied by the durability of the wood is a recipe for practical and attractive furniture. Before you buy these items, here are some of the things you should think about.

A nest of tables normally consists of three tables, varying in size from larger to smaller. However, some Chinese nesting tables consist of more than three, and some may only have two. Depending on the size of your home, three tables might be considered too many for your living room. If this is the case, you can either buy a nest of tables with just two tables, or move the third table to a different room. Chinese nesting tables very often have four tables in total, making them ideal for larger homes or social gatherings.

In order to decide what shape of table you want, take a look at your living room (or other room of the home which your tables will go in) and consider the furniture you already have. If most of your furniture is square, rectangular and with straight edges, continue this trend when looking at Chinese nesting tables. If, on the other hand, most of your furniture is rounded, you can check out circular Chinese nesting tables, although these are less common.

Most of the Chinese nesting tables are plain and wooden all the way through, with detail around the edges of the table top or along the legs. However, not everybody is content to buy tables that have no extra pattern or detail. You may come across tables with a decorative pattern on the table top. The pattern is normally painted on rather than engraved, allowing for extra color and detail to be added. It could be a nature scene or a story which is told through the tables, starting with the largest one and ending with the smallest.

It's important that you don't use any perfumed liquids or detergents on your Chinese nesting tables, particularly if they are antique items. Dust the tables with a damp cloth, but take steps to finding out which type of wood you have purchased and which wood cleaners are available. You can minimize damage to your new tables by using coasters for any hot and cold drinks, and place mats for any food. Wipe any spillages immediately to prevent further damage.

Best Ideas

Chinese stacking tables

Set of 4 tables in oriental style. It is made of wood and finished with openwork pattern. Base is reinforced with solid supports. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Chinese nesting tables 9

Chinese Painted Nest of Tables

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Chinese nest of tables

Very handy set of small tables. With each one being smaller than the previous, they are extremely easy to store as they easily fit under each other. Beautiful, traditional design with a very rustic vibe.

Oriental nesting tables

Chinese Lacquer Nesting Tables, S/3

Chinese nest of tables 1

Set of 3 Stunning Chinese Carved Wood Nesting Tables

Chinese nesting tables 4

Set of nesting tables in Chinese style. Due to different height and width you can put tables into tables and economize storrge area. These sculptural wooden tables are intended to cramped, but elegant flat.

Chinese nesting tables 6

Chinese Nesting Tables ...

Chinese nesting tables 10


Asian nesting tables 1

These are the best nesting tables I've ever seen in person. Gorgeous Chinese hand carved nesting tables!

Chinese nesting tables 24

Chinese Export Persimmon Lacquered Quartetto Tables

Chinese nesting tables 19

Set of Chinese export gilt lacquer nesting tables c1820

Chinese nesting tables 12

1920′s Chinese Nesting Tables (2) - SOLD!

Group of george zee teakwood nesting tables chinese

Group of George Zee Teakwood Nesting Tables, Chinese