Novelty End Tables

Your end table doesn't have to be the same old, same old. It can be a whacky, interesting, even eclectic way to accent the room. Maybe you want some oversized books as your end table, maybe a scene with dolphins cresting a wave that hold up the glass top. Or maybe you want an aquarium. So many fun and crazy options. See them all, right here.

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Twist End Table

Twist End Table
This is a very interesting and attractive end table. He has twisted legs, which are indeed his only decoration, but very original. The table is ideal for rustic interior. Especcially it is perfect for a livingroom.

The Lord Byron Wooden End Table

The Lord Byron Wooden End Table
For all book lovers and bookworms - with fondness for classic interiors and medieval styling. The book novelty end table consists of vertically arranged and horizontally old stylized books. In addition, it is supported on wooden, round legs

Dog End Table

Dog End Table
Cheerful end table. This unique end table has been made to look like a dog butler. It will be a cheerful addition to your decor and attract the attention of all your guests. The furniture may simply serve as an end table.

Braunsen End Table

Braunsen End Table
Add style, elegance and beauty to your living room with this amazing end table. It has got a black finish and it fits to any style and décor. You will be impressed how great this end table is.

Castle Hill End Table

Castle Hill End Table
It is an end table that has got a one drawer for storing your favorite items. It has got a mission oak finish and wood with metal construction. It is a very good choice for your bedroom and living room.

Frog End Table

Frog End Table

Novelty end tables

Inventive coffee table in a naval style. Kickstand is made of wood but it simulate white collaroid. There is little figurine of turtle, which looks as if it bobs up. Desktop is made of glass and has shape of curved triangle.

Our advice Buying Guide

How expensive can novelty end tables be?

Novelty end tables can be more or less expensive depending on which model, style and material you choose. In fact, their average price is around $100-200, but you’re guaranteed to find both cheaper and more expensive alternatives.

For example, solid wood or carved models that are made to look like a specific animal, character or object (e.g. octopus-shaped tables, a horse holding a glass table-top, a stack of books, etc.) will usually be more expensive. On the other hand, more minimalist options and those made of laminate or plastic tend to be cheaper.

Are novelty end tables hit or miss?

Novelty end tables: Yea or nay? The answer will depend on the look and feel that you’re going for in your home.

If you’re trying for a more traditional aesthetic, then a novelty end table may in fact not be for you. However, if you’re open to a more vintage vibe or you’re hoping to achieve a modern eclectic look, the artsy, sculptural angles and looks of most novelty end tables may be perfect for you and your home.

What are the most popular types of novelty end tables?

Novelty end tables come in every shape, size, and color—but we tend to see two distinct types of novelty tables: artsy, or upscaled.

Upscaled end tables in the novelty vein tend to feature smooth, polished wood carved in interesting shapes, or geometric, angled white fiberboard or melamine that looks like an art installation.

Artsy tables can feature statues of animals, legs that look like trees, small statues of humans holding up your end table or any of a wide variety of other looks! Which type you pick will depend largely on the type of vibe or aesthetic you’re going for in your room.


Novelty coffee tables

Very original solution for book lovers. The bookmakers will find their style in this novelty end table, which is made up of an imitation of old books, in classic leather arrangements, stacked on top of each other.

Novelty table

Beautiful novelty end table designed to look like a keyboard. The piece also features an array of incredible color tones, including a stunning combination of white and black, touched up with accents of yellow. You also get a large countertop for excellent functionality.

Novelty tables

Just take a look at this wonderful, a unique accent table with a gorgeous sculpture of a white tiger acting as a stand for an oval glass top. Perfect if you’re looking for something unusual to spice up your living room with!

Unique small end tables white 11 remarkable small white end

unique small end tables white : 11 Remarkable Small White End Table ...

Larger view 221

Larger View

Novelty end tables 6

Creative novelty end table designed to deliver both function and impeccable décor elements. Featuring an array of different colors and a unique geometrical shape, the table is ideal for modern living rooms, especially those with plenty of free floor space.

Novelty end tables 8

Genius novelty end table designed to look like a Japanese sumo wrestler. The piece offers incredible craftsmanship and comes with tempered glass top. It’s a great piece of statement furniture and should grab the attention of anyone who sees it.

Novelty end tables 35

Creatively designed novelty end table with a rounded tempered glass top and a base sculptured to look like a tiger. The table also stands on a thick wooden base and features beautiful white and black tones for that exotic and elegant look.

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Novelty end tables 25

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  • Aquarium End Table displays a sense of style--and coolness--that will impress your friends
  • Unique furniture piece comes with just about everything you need to get started
  • Novelty table makes a terrific gift
  • Unique rustic end table

    Unique Rustic End Table

    Novelty end tables 5

    Ocean Inspired: Octopus Table |

    The Muses Glass Topped Sculptural End Table

    The Muses Glass Topped Sculptural End Table

    Novelty end tables 36

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    Novelty end tables 22

    Quatrefoil side tables

    Design Toscano NG33646 Arc De Triomphe Sculptural End Table

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