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Love to read on the couch? Then you need an end table bookshelf. Sure, they don't hold a whole library of books, but they hold enough to keep your reading and engaged for hours and hours on your big, comfy couch. Dive into your favorite literary genres, and them shelve it, all while using these handsome and well-constructed end table bookshelves.

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End Table

End Table

It is a very practical and extremely handy end table. The table is matched to many different interiors. It is ideally suited for the light and handheld items. This is a very nice and practical solution.

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End Table

End Table

This end table follows the lines of a traditional furniture. Its simple, classic form easily blends with any decor. It doubles as a nighstand and it has a storage cabinet. It has a nice warm brown finish.

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Ariel Wood End Table

Ariel Wood End Table

This unique table would totally amaze every fan or ethnicity and original solutions! Check it out and enjoy the innovative and natural design brought straightly to your place. Energizing colours will only improve the whole impression.

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Portland End Table

Portland End Table

A solid, space-saving and attractive end table that features a durable wooden frame in a white color. It includes some leg decorations and a solid round top. Its lower part includes a round storage or display shelf.

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End Table

End Table

Functional and easy to fit in any possible corner of your interior, this beautifully crafted end table easily compliments the decor and lets you add some more style. It offers one, spacious drawer and the unique round design.

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End table bookshelf 1

Practical and sturdy, this elegant bookshelf can also be used as a useful side table. Made of espresso-finished wood, it features a rounded edge top, 6 open shelves for books and magazines, and a flat square base for balance.

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End table bookshelf 5

Beautiful, double-sided bookcase combined smartly with an end table (or the other way around!). The design incorporates solid hardwood core, decorous column carvings in black, and decorative square top with veneer inlays.

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Bookshelf end table

Excellent for enchanting contemporary rooms, this fashionable end table is space-saving, sturdy and elegant. Crafted of espresso-finished wood, the table comes with a narrow top, 5 open compartments, and a flat base for stability.

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End table bookshelf

Impressive form once the functionality makes this stylish end table from the bookshelf create a very functional design element of the living room. Beautiful craft and interesting details make it perfect for the living room, adding to its functional storage space.

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Bookcase with table

Classic style end tables are subtle interior decorations. In the first variant, just like this table is made of fir wood with a honey shade. In addition, it is connected to a bookshelf. Together with your favorite readings, it will create a wood-book whole.

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End Table Bookshelf

Buying Guide

An end table bookshelf is a lovely addition to any living room or bedroom, particularly for book lovers. Whether you have a lot of books and you don't know where to put them, or you've been hidden away all your favorite classic and want to show them off instead, this style of bookshelf is a great way to solve your problem. Since there are so many styles available, it can be tough knowing which one is right for you, so let's have a look at the most popular designs you may come across.

There are different shapes, styles, and designs of end table bookshelves to choose from, each having a set of characteristics that complement different decorating styles.

Square bookshelf

A medium height bookshelf which is square in size will fit well in a contemporary home but can adapt to many different surroundings. A square bookshelf can easily fit in a corner too, so you can choose whether you want it nicely tucked away in some free space or you want it to be next to your sofa or alongside another table or piece of furniture. This style may have 6-8 thin shelves or 3-4 deeper shelves which allow you to store larger books.

Rotating end table bookshelf

An interesting way to keep all your books in the right place, a rotating bookshelf adds a lot of character to the room while making it easy for you to access your favorite novels whenever you like. Some bookshelves in this style have a mechanism which allows you to sit back and let the shelf rotate for you. Others can be turned manually, which is often more suitable and convenient for homeowners.

Cube shelves

If you're looking for something modern and up to date, cubes are a great design to look at. They are available as a one-piece bookshelf which fits together in a rectangular or square overall shape to fit comfortably in many different areas of the home. Alternatively, you can opt for the 3-2-1 style which has three cubes on the floor, two cubes on top of that and then finally one at the very top. This is a modern style but can take up unnecessary space if you have a small or compact home.

Diagonal bookshelf

An end table bookshelf in a contemporary style isn't difficult to find, but there can sometimes be so many available that it's tough to make a choice. Arguably one of the most attractive contemporary styles of a bookshelf is the diagonal style, which has a sloping piece and 2-3 small shelves to allow you to store your books. This style of bookshelf isn't the most suitable if you have a lot of books to store, but is convenient for a few books, some magazines and paperwork, and there is even a small coffee table which you can pull out to rest your drinks or plate.

A natural look can be quite easily achieved by getting creative with DIY and industrial styles. Barrels, for example, can be upcycled and either painted or sanded for a more natural look. This can then form the base of a bookshelf since you can shape it however you like and affix shelves which are a size of your choice.

Best Ideas

Ikea end table

Books bring the power of knowledge, it is worth to find them a beautiful storage place. Like the end table with bookshelf. White, made of wood, has a round form like the infinity of books. It's portable because of little wheels. Great design!

Wooden swivel end table w bookcase walnut finish

Wooden swivel end table w/bookcase walnut finish

End table bookshelf 1

Ideal for a bedside table, this end table bookshelf shall delight all, who love reading before falling asleep. Stylish walnut construction, which offers a creatively organized storage space.

Bookcase end table

There are people who buy a ton of books and read a lot at once. For them it would be ideal to use such a metal end table bookshelf - to have them all side by side.Best thing about this table, is the combination of coffe space and bookshelf together!

Bookshelf bedside table

Portable end table bookshelf. This nicely crafted shelf + table is a nice addition to your living space. The flat-top can support a couple of simple items, while the double shelving unit beneath can be used to keep books and other small household items. It’s made of polished wood.

Nautical end tables 1

A cool contemporary side table crafted of driftwood with a beautiful finish in mid browns. It features a semi-round frame with a thick semi-column in the middle, has a top, 2 shelves under it and a bit recessed toe-kick.

Bookcase table

Simple, functional end table is an excellent way to set up an office or bedroom, as it can be used as a bookshelf or night table. The whole finished in white is versatile and stylish. The shelves will accommodate many books and more.

Amish mission bookcase end table with 2 adjustable shelves

Amish Mission Bookcase/End Table with 2 Adjustable Shelves

Bookshelf table

The elegant end table that comes with additional underneath storage for books. Minimalistic design and classic elegance make this table perfect for modern, minimalistic interiors.

Table with bookshelf

Mid Century Danish Modern Style End Side Table in Walnut #livingroom $415

End table bookshelf 3

Bookshelf side tables

Bamboo perfection at 20 square x 27 h


Custom end table bookshelf great idea i have 2 of

Custom end table & bookshelf...great idea, I have 2 of the lower ...

Regency style revolving bookcase table sloans kenyon chevy chase