Book End Tables

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Stacking books and objects on top of each other is a great way to create height and dimension in a room. Have you ever seen novelty book end tables that look like stacked books but are actually functional pieces of furniture? These tables are a great way to wow your guests and create interest, especially if you're the bibliophile in your friend circle. Bookworms and literature lovers will love this selection of unusual, unique end tables 

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Updated 25/01/2023
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Vintage solid wood end table made of books

Vintage solid wood end table made of books

Design Toscano

What We Like: Lightweight and easy to put together

What We Don't Like: The drawer is difficult to open

Not so good for: An ultra-modern office

Perfect for: A book corner or study

This eclectic vintage end table is so unique you'll want to design your whole living room or study around it. You'll be forgiven for thinking this table is a stack of books at first glance, as it's designed after The Bard's first editions and hand-crafted from solid wood.

Its height is perfect next to a sofa or reading nook, and you can place a chess table next to it for that dark academia feel.

$568.86 $855

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Solid wood book end table

Solid wood book end table

Astoria Grand

What We Like: It comes fully assembled

What We Don't Like: There's nothing to dislike

Not so good for: A large space

Perfect for: A reading room or library room

Made from solid wood with a rich tan finish and warm leather embossing, this 24" tall end table is a great example of impeccable craftsmanship. It's an ideal statement piece for a family den or a home library, and it comes with a small drawer with a brass pull. The tray top is the perfect size to set a coffee mug, and it's a great piece for a narrow area.

$401 $930

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Tempered glass and resin stacked books end table

Tempered glass and resin stacked books end table

Design Toscano

What We Like: Super simple to put together

What We Don't Like: It could be a little taller

Not so good for: Stacking lots of items

Perfect for: A library-themed living room

Designed to look like a tower of artistically stacked books, this end table is the perfect accent piece for a library-themed living room. It's made from a resin base with an easy screw-on round glass top. 

It would look right at home wedged between a loveseat and recliner in your living room, or you can place it next to a chaise lounger in your home office. It takes up very little space and has a small surface top, so try not to overcrowd it with too many accessories either than a couple of novelty coasters and your latest read.

$192.83 $261.06

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Vintage stacked book table 

Vintage stacked book table 

Design Toscano

What We Like: It's easy to assemble

What We Don't Like: The glass top scratches easily

Not so good for: A modern space

Perfect for: An eclectic living room

If you're going for a rustic farmhouse feel, then this table is a great way to add personality to your space. It's well crafted from hand-cast stone, which is then bonded with resin and a realistic leather finish. It's beautifully painted to look like a stack of classic books with a pencil-edged glass top.

This table would work really well in a Harry Potter-themed bedroom, and you can also place it next to a brown leather recliner. Decorate the top with a tall lamp and include fresh greenery to make the space feel alive.

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Wood and leather stack of books side table 

Wood and leather stack of books side table 

Design Toscano

What We Like: It comes fully assembled

What We Don't Like: The plain, unfinished back

Not so good for: An open-plan space

Perfect for: A Dark Academia-theme space

If you want to get compliments, enhance your living room decor with this vintage-style end table. It's made from a hand-painted leather frame to look like leather-bound books with a faux gold gilding. There's a hidden drawer at the bottom, and a door that opens at the front with sculptural metal pulls to reveal a small cupboard inside.

It's a great conversational piece for a Victorian bedroom with warm colors, and it would also make a fantastic gift for the voracious reader in your life.

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Book End Tables

Buying Guide

It is always an excellent idea to add at least one piece of furniture that’s a “showstopper” in a room. Centuries ago, this showstopper piece used to be a grand piano or an expensive work of art. However, the world today has become more practical.

There's no longer a need for us to give up some of our valuable space for something that’s rarely used. But, we can still give our homes character through the addition of book end tables.

Measure the length and width of the available space, and take into account the traffic patterns in your home. Will people be passing by the table? If so, then there should be enough room for people to pass. Your piece must not block the pathway.

It's best if you leave at least 3 feet for a walkway so people can move around a room without feeling cramped or bumping into your book end table.

As you deserve the piece that’s perfect for your home, you should also measure the height of the furniture that will be right next to your book end table. Maybe it’s a sofa. Get the height of the sofa’s arm. Your table can be 3 inches shorter than your sofa’s arm. It can also be of the same height. However, the table should NEVER be taller than your sofa’s arm as its height can make placing a drink or anything on the table incredibly awkward or even impossible.

Some of the most popular styles of end tables include:

  • Industrial: distressed wood, natural stains, exposed steel, and eye-catching designs.
  • Mid-Century Modern: natural, clean lines, beautiful materials, versatility, and iconic designs such as the Tulip Table.
  • Shabby Chic: interesting imperfections, shades of ecru, pastel, and white, old-world charm, and heaps of vintage appeal.
  • Scandinavian: clean lines, minimalism, light colors and simple elegance.

Another aspect you need to consider when buying a book end table is the function of the piece as you want your table to address your needs. If you’ll only be using the book end table to display decorative items, then any size would suffice. However, if you plan on placing a lamp on top of the table, then it should have a large surface for the mounting of your lighting source. Consider as well the functional features that you need. You may require storage to hide remote controls, coasters, pens, and gadgets.

Best Ideas

The Lord Byron Wooden End Table

The Lord Byron Wooden End Table

For all book lovers and bookworms - with fondness for classic interiors and medieval styling. The book novelty end table consists of vertically arranged and horizontally old stylized books. In addition, it is supported on wooden, round legs

Stacked book end table

Create a really fun and original end table for your household with this piece that sports the book base on top of which a round, glass top is situated, making for a nice addition for any living room.

Brownlow End Table

Brownlow End Table

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Leather Books End Table

Leather Books End Table

Ingenious modern end table looking like a pile of thick black leather-bound books. It has a wooden frame, low black legs, brown sides, leather-covered front panels and a rectangular top. It has 4 back-like drawers opened by side edges pulling-out.

Details about stack of books side end lamp table 4

Details about Stack of Books Side End Lamp TABLE 4 Drawers 15.5" Tall

Carved painted book stack theme end table

Carved & Painted Book Stack Theme End Table

Coffee table that looks like a stack of books

You can find old file cabinets at second hand shops for dirt cheap; makes a cute book holder, no?

Book end tables

Unique and very practical end table made of old books. It provides space for some decorations, flowers or other items. It features books of the same size for good level of stability. These books are available in different colors.

Book end table 1

Book end (table)

End tables with glass tops 4

The base of this fantastic table is made from stacked old encyclopedias, while the top is a 20"dia. piece of glass. This small roundtable shows how ingeuine contemporary design can be.

Stacked Volumes Sculptural End Table

This beautiful end table will prove both functional and extremely original with a design of the base that features a faux set of old books, giving your room an instant old-fashioned look and providing a welcoming addition to your household.

Power of Books Sculptural Glass-Topped Small

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