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Wood bookcases always look quite fetching in the home but wood eventually rots and can fall apart. Stone bookcases, on the other hand, are built to last forever. And that is why we wish to offer you our collection of stone bookcases that are not only attractive but incredibly sturdy. They have an intensity about them that says they are here to stay. Take a look at our extensive collection and choose your stone bookcase.

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Updated 17/05/2023
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Egyptian Luxor Column Glass Shelf

Egyptian Luxor Column Glass Shelf

Fleur De Lis Living

Perfect For: Showcasing collectibles and artifacts in a statement piece

What We Like: Intricate carvings and weathered faux stone finish

This seven-foot-tall Luxor column-inspired glass shelf brings the majesty and history of Egyptian craftsmanship into your home. The piece features intricate carvings, rich hieroglyphics, and detailed figures of antiquity, topped with lotus leaf capitols. A weathered faux stone finish with genuine gold leaf accents elevates its unique design. The three over six-foot-wide tempered glass shelves are perfect for displaying your curated collectibles and treasured artifacts confidently and securely.

$4099.99 $4399.99

Designer Advice:

Create a focal point in your living room or hallway with the Egyptian Luxor Column Glass Shelf, and surround it with complementary artwork or statues that showcase your passion for ancient history.

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Corinthian Column Display Shelf

Corinthian Column Display Shelf

Fleur De Lis Living

Perfect For: Showcasing collectibles and artifacts with elegance

What We Like: Intricate Corinthian column design and tempered glass shelves

Add a touch of classical grace to your home with this Corinthian column display shelf. The exquisitely hand-cast and hand-finished design features acanthus leaf capitols and a weathered faux stone finish. The three spacious tempered glass shelves provide ample room to highlight your treasured collectibles and artifacts. Motivated by the slender beauty described by Roman author Vitruvius, this standout piece is a Fleur De Lis Living exclusive that brings timeless charm to any interior.

Designer Advice:

Complement the shelf with antique or vintage decorations like small sculptures, vases, or photo frames to accentuate its rich design and make a striking statement.

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Suspended Glass and Faux Stone Bookshelf

Suspended Glass and Faux Stone Bookshelf

Orren Ellis

Perfect For: Adding a stylish and contemporary touch to your living space

What We Like: The unique suspended design and the combination of faux concrete and clear glass

This striking bookshelf boasts a suspended design with six surfaces made from glass and faux stone shelves, providing ample storage space for books, collectibles, or décor items. The top offers additional surface for displaying your favorite pieces. The combination of faux concrete, glass, and composite wood not only makes it a functional piece but also an eye-catching work of art. Don't settle for an ordinary bookcase; bring this Kimani masterpiece into your home.

$899.99 $1399.99

Designer Advice:

Place this bookshelf in your living room or home office and complement it with minimalist furniture and neutral colors to create a clean and open space that emphasizes the bookshelf's unique design.

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White Marble and Brushed Brass Shelving Unit

White Marble and Brushed Brass Shelving Unit

Everly Quinn

Perfect For: Elevating the interior of both commercial and residential spaces

What We Like: The elegant combination of white marble and brushed brass

This sleek and stylish shelving unit features four luxurious white marble shelves beautifully offset by curvy metal accents in a brushed brass finish. The tastefully designed iron and stone frame boasts both durability and visual appeal. Suitable for commercial and residential use, the unit has a max capacity of 44 lbs on each shelf and comes with four sturdy legs. Easy to maintain, simply clean with a soft, dry cloth.

$1299.99 $1399.99

Designer Advice:

To accentuate the simple elegance of this shelving unit, consider placing it against a contrasting dark-colored wall and adorning it with stylish decor pieces that complement the brushed brass frame.

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Hand-Hammered Metal & Marble Etagere

Hand-Hammered Metal & Marble Etagere

Hooker Furniture

Perfect For: Showcasing decor and storing books in a stylish and sophisticated display

What We Like: The combination of antique brass and honed marble shelves

Timeless yet modern, this etagere features a hand-hammered metal frame in an antique brass finish and honed marble stone shelves, offering a sophisticated way to display your favorite books, decor, and more. With a classic x-motif on the sides and back, this piece includes four fixed shelves and one stone top, providing ample storage space. Its elegant design is sure to elevate the aesthetics of your living room, home office, or any space you choose to place it in.

Designer Advice:

To make the etagere a focal point in your room, consider adding a mix of decorative items, such as plants, sculptures, and art, along with your most cherished books. This will create an eye-catching and personalized display.

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Commerce & Market Bookcase

Commerce & Market Bookcase

Hooker Furniture

Perfect For: Creating a serene and sophisticated look in any living area

What We Like: Its symmetrical design and versatile functionality

The Commerce & Market bookcase showcases a symmetrical and stylish design, perfect for enhancing the serene silhouette of any space. Ideal for displaying your favorite books, decor, and collectibles, it seamlessly blends with various interior styles. The bookcase's finish may have slight variations in color due to the lighting and differing resolution quality on computer devices. Its adaptable design makes it an essential addition to your home, offering elegant organization solutions.

$2298 $3340

Designer Advice:

To protect the stone surface of the bookcase, use felt tabs and coasters, and ensure that the stone top is sealed or polished before use and on a regular basis. This will prevent staining and discoloration from water, soap, wine, and other liquids.

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Rustic Metal and Stone Decorative Pieces

Rustic Metal and Stone Decorative Pieces


Perfect For: Enhancing a cozy and earthy atmosphere in your living space

What We Like: Unique variances in tone and texture

These rustic metal and stone decorative pieces bring a warm, natural touch to your interior design. Each metal item showcases intentional spotting and variances in tone and luster, while the shipped stones boast a diverse range of colors, patterns, textures, and veining. This ensures that every piece is wonderfully unique, reflecting the beauty of nature within your home. Use these accents to elevate any room's aesthetic and create a conversation-worthy experience for your visitors.

$3275 $3587

Designer Advice:

To further embrace the organic charm, pair these pieces with other earth-inspired elements, like reclaimed wood furniture, greenery, and soft neutral tones throughout your space.

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Faux Marble Bookcase with Metal Frame

Faux Marble Bookcase with Metal Frame

Orren Ellis

Perfect For: Artistic and modern home or office interiors

What We Like: Sophisticated design and ample storage space

This stylish and creative faux marble bookcase offers a sophisticated touch to any living space while providing ample room to showcase books, files, and decorative items. The rectangular shelves are constructed from faux marble, and the metal frame side panels ensure support and stability. Floor protectors are included to help prevent abrasions and scratches on your flooring.

Designer Advice:

Place this bookcase in a well-lit area to highlight the unique design, and pair it with other marble or metallic accents for a cohesive and luxurious aesthetic.

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Concrete Cube Shelf

Concrete Cube Shelf

Williston Forge

Perfect For: Creating a sleek and functional storage solution

What We Like: True cubic shape and modularity

This Concrete Cube Shelf boasts a true cubic shape, a medium gray concrete color, and radiused corners; giving it a versatile and modern appearance. Its modular design not only allows you to stack multiple cubes together but also lets you create a custom storage solution for any space. Ideal for displaying books, collectibles, or even gifting it a touch of green with a small plant, this cube shelf adds a contemporary touch to any room.

Designer Advice:

Arrange a set of these concrete cube shelves at various heights or alternate orientations for an eye-catching and dynamic display while maximizing your storage potential.

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Nature-Inspired Brass Etagere with Marble Shelves

Nature-Inspired Brass Etagere with Marble Shelves

Global Views

Perfect For: Elegant and sophisticated living spaces or home offices

What We Like: Twig-textured brass frame and honed marble shelves

Infused with the allure of the natural world, this exquisite etagere showcases a striking twig-textured brass frame, accompanied by six stationary honed marble shelves, each weighing nearly 12 pounds. The simple yet stunning design encapsulates the beauty of its materials, elevating any space it adorns. Suitable for displaying books, art pieces, or cherished mementos, this etagere seamlessly blends style and function, making it an essential addition to your home.


Designer Advice:

Enhance the etagere's charm by adorning it with nature-inspired accents, such as potted plants or decorative stones, and harmonize it with warm-toned furniture for a truly inviting ambiance.

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Stone Bookcases

Buying Guide

Stone bookcases are a bit unusual. Wood is a more common material, but stone can be attractive and interesting. It can also come in many different sorts of materials and formats. From blocks with wooden boards placed across them to carved marble, stone can be rustic, fascinating or elegant.

Egyptian Standard Bookcases

An Egyptian standard is a carved stone column painted with hieroglyphs and perhaps even a pictorial scene or two. The shelves between these standards are made of glass. The combination is exceptionally attractive and is perfect in an Egyptian or exploration themed room.

Greek Column Bookcase

Fluted Greek columns make up the uprights in this bookcase. Perfect for translations of those Greek tragedies so loved by theatre history fanatics. Their simplicity makes them a good choice for ornamental displays, as well. The white columns will fit in with Victorian, shabby chic or even some styles of country décor.

Marble Dividers and Wood

This is a remarkably elegant variation on the old concrete block and board bookcases that some people might remember from their days in college dorm rooms or rundown first apartments. There is nothing about this bookcase, however, to remind one of olive colored refrigerators or carpets that ravel at the edges. The marble pieces are turned at angles to each other, providing beautiful supports for the dark colored wood.

Wood and Crazy Marble Angle Shelves

A variation on the marble and wood shelving unit is a set of shelves in white, where the shelves are at odd angles, creating crazy geometric patterns. The puzzle-piece shelves are enclosed in a dark colored wooden frame. The shelves cradle items placed on them, rather than supporting them, and could easily be used to support scrolls.

Marble Coffee Table Shelf Units

Carved pieces of marble are used to make small coffee table shapes. They can be displayed side by side, end to end or stacked. The smooth marble surfaces are perfect for your best display books or even for a bust or two. It could be possible to even use them in the time-honored fashion of brick and board bookcase by placing a board on top of two units or through the looped openings.

Metal and Stone Circular Bookcase

Showcase your best books, your favorite small knickknacks or a collection of small potted plants on a lovely metal circle bookcase with stone shelves. It is especially nice for potted plants because you know that if there is a spill or an accident, it will do no more than perhaps discolor the stone, unlike wooden shelves that can be seriously damaged by damp.

HEART Bookcase

Create unique wall art with a bookcase with shelves designed to imitate the patterns created by an electroencephalograph as it records heart activity. The unit can be used to display examples of those things that are dearest to your heart. Combine pictures, favorite books, dried floral arrangements, small statuary and more to show your heart’s focus.

Best Ideas

Stone fireplace with shelves

An attractive large fireplace with a built-in TV niche above a mantel. It's built of stone blocks in creamy, beige and grey hues. It looks great between 2 vintage wooden standing units with open hutches and moulding tops with a worn dark blue finish.

Stone area rug

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A set of 2 elegant contemporary bookcases crafted of wood with a mid-brown finish. They outflank a large fireplace and TV wall of stone tiles and are joined by a long mantelpiece. Bookcases have full and crinkle glass door cabinets with shelves.

Stone bookcases 37

Fireplace Remodel with black bookcases @Tracy DeLeon is this what you were looking for only with tile instead of stone?

Stacked stone fireplace with built ins

Made of the stone bookcase with built-in fireplace and beautiful finish impresses and brings to the decor a charming and very cozy atmosphere. The whole, made in bright colors, delights and works great with white furniture.

Stone bookcases 10

Love the niches instead of bookcases on either side of fireplace!

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Cozy greatroom traditional family room portland

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Original living room design with sofas, chairs and cupboards in simple shapes finished with neutral colors. A central wall includes a decorative fireplace and a wall mounted shelf with a flat panel TV.

Living Room

Living Room

Elegant arrangement for a cozy living room, furnished with two sofas on each side of a large ottoman, which acts as a coffee table, all placed in front of a spacious entertainment unit with a fireplace situated in the middle.

Stone bookcases 25

Traditional Living Room Built In Bookcase

Built in bookcase and fireplace mantle in living room designed

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