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Wood bookcases always look quite fetching in the home but wood eventually rots and can fall apart. Stone bookcases, on the other hand, are built to last forever. And that is why we wish to offer you our collection of stone bookcases that are not only attractive but incredibly sturdy. They have an intensity about them that says they are here to stay. Take a look at our extensive collection and choose your stone bookcase.

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Used to hold one's literary collection, bookcases are also useful storages and a display solution. That is why it is tempting to have a distinguishable, well-designed one. This stone bookcase defines elegance in the classic, traditional way.

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Stone fireplace with shelves

An attractive large fireplace with a built-in TV niche above a mantel. It's built of stone blocks in creamy, beige and grey hues. It looks great between 2 vintage wooden standing units with open hutches and moulding tops with a worn dark blue finish.

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Stone bookcases 16

This smooth white bookcase constitutes an elegant living room accent. It corresponds perfectly well to the stone wall background. White colour embodies charm and warmth, being also associated with the shabby chic decor.

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Stone bookcases 9

This cosy and elegant living proposition orbits around the beautifully finished fireplace, located on a brick-imitating wall. It is surrounded by white cottage-style bookshelves on each of the sides.

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Stacked stone fireplace surround

Stacked stone fireplace surround

A lot of book sounds not safe when you pair it with the word "fireplace". But when the fireplace is secured with the stone layer, it creates a great composition with the wooden shelves. Add the LED-lights to reach a climatic effect.

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Family Room

Family Room

A perfect embellishment for a cozy room with stone fireplace; this floating shelf / mantel offers a sturdy surface for displaying your knick-knacks. The whole is crafted of durable hardwood in walnut finish.

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Stone area rug

46 Stunning Rustic Living Room Design Ideas

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Cozy greatroom traditional family room portland

Cozy greatroom traditional family room portland

Original living room design with sofas, chairs and cupboards in simple shapes finished with neutral colors. A central wall includes a decorative fireplace and a wall mounted shelf with a flat panel TV.

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Living Room

Living Room

Elegant arrangement for a cozy living room, furnished with two sofas on each side of a large ottoman, which acts as a coffee table, all placed in front of a spacious entertainment unit with a fireplace situated in the middle.

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Stone fireplace with bookshelves

A lovely set of 2 bookcases that can be a stylish decoration for enhancing your fireplace area. Each bookcase is wood-made and splashed with a stone finish, featuring 4 open shelves and 1 two-door cabinet.

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Stone Bookcases

Buying Guide

Stone bookcases are a bit unusual. Wood is a more common material, but stone can be attractive and interesting. It can also come in many different sorts of materials and formats. From blocks with wooden boards placed across them to carved marble, stone can be rustic, fascinating or elegant.

Egyptian Standard Bookcases

An Egyptian standard is a carved stone column painted with hieroglyphs and perhaps even a pictorial scene or two. The shelves between these standards are made of glass. The combination is exceptionally attractive and is perfect in an Egyptian or exploration themed room.

Greek Column Bookcase

Fluted Greek columns make up the uprights in this bookcase. Perfect for translations of those Greek tragedies so loved by theatre history fanatics. Their simplicity makes them a good choice for ornamental displays, as well. The white columns will fit in with Victorian, shabby chic or even some styles of country décor.

Marble Dividers and Wood

This is a remarkably elegant variation on the old concrete block and board bookcases that some people might remember from their days in college dorm rooms or rundown first apartments. There is nothing about this bookcase, however, to remind one of olive colored refrigerators or carpets that ravel at the edges. The marble pieces are turned at angles to each other, providing beautiful supports for the dark colored wood.

Wood and Crazy Marble Angle Shelves

A variation on the marble and wood shelving unit is a set of shelves in white, where the shelves are at odd angles, creating crazy geometric patterns. The puzzle-piece shelves are enclosed in a dark colored wooden frame. The shelves cradle items placed on them, rather than supporting them, and could easily be used to support scrolls.

Marble Coffee Table Shelf Units

Carved pieces of marble are used to make small coffee table shapes. They can be displayed side by side, end to end or stacked. The smooth marble surfaces are perfect for your best display books or even for a bust or two. It could be possible to even use them in the time-honored fashion of brick and board bookcase by placing a board on top of two units or through the looped openings.

Metal and Stone Circular Bookcase

Showcase your best books, your favorite small knickknacks or a collection of small potted plants on a lovely metal circle bookcase with stone shelves. It is especially nice for potted plants because you know that if there is a spill or an accident, it will do no more than perhaps discolor the stone, unlike wooden shelves that can be seriously damaged by damp.

HEART Bookcase

Create unique wall art with a bookcase with shelves designed to imitate the patterns created by an electroencephalograph as it records heart activity. The unit can be used to display examples of those things that are dearest to your heart. Combine pictures, favorite books, dried floral arrangements, small statuary and more to show your heart’s focus.

Best Ideas

Stone bookcases 1

Lovely combination of the unique composition of stone and white furniture makes the interior of the living room becomes a unique atmosphere. Practical shelves, cabinet and tasteful fireplace with stone bench delight.

White transitional kitchen contemporary family room put narrow bookcases either

White Transitional Kitchen contemporary family room PUT NARROW BOOKCASES EITHER SIDE OF THE FIREPLACE WITH TV ON LEFT SIDE.

Stone bookcases 12

Get these durable stone bookcases and transform your living room with a touch of natural elegance. Featuring two closed door cabinets at the bottom, and up to eight different storage shelves, the case should be ideal for your collectibles, books, and other living room essentials.

Stone bookcases 6

A set of 2 elegant contemporary bookcases crafted of wood with a mid-brown finish. They outflank a large fireplace and TV wall of stone tiles and are joined by a long mantelpiece. Bookcases have full and crinkle glass door cabinets with shelves.

Stone bookcases 23

built in bookshelves around fireplace

Stone bookcases 11

Fireplace With Bookcases Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel, and Decor - page 3 - For Den Remodel

Stacked stone fireplace with built ins

Made of the stone bookcase with built-in fireplace and beautiful finish impresses and brings to the decor a charming and very cozy atmosphere. The whole, made in bright colors, delights and works great with white furniture.

Stone bookcases 35

Beautiful built-ins, stone wall...

Stone bookcases 21

This large wall-to-wall bookcase sports a classic clean white look, but it's not dull by any means - beautiful detail, namely a stone fireplace built into it, surrounded by a carved mantel, makes it beam with style.

Stone bookcases 37

Fireplace Remodel with black bookcases @Tracy DeLeon is this what you were looking for only with tile instead of stone?

Stone bookcases 5

A great living room stylization in colours of nature. A cream sofa and the cappucino rug are fully tailored to the brick-made fireplace. I would like to change the green pillows for something more discreet, but the other part of this interior are perfect.

15 updated craftsman house plan interiors the halstad house plan

15 Updated Craftsman House Plan Interiors The Halstad House Plan 22156 | The Halstad House Plan 22156: A media center and bookcase flank the rustic fireplace of this Craftsman house plan. Natural wood trim and hardwood floors are right at home with a bui

Stone bookcases 19

fireplace with built in bookcases. like the color stone

Stone bookcases 10

Love the niches instead of bookcases on either side of fireplace!