Scandinavian Bookcases

Bookcases, especially when they are like those presented below, can be useful and nice looking. Thanks to this collection, you might find yourself impressed by the fact that there are so many different sizes, shapes and designs of bookcases. Many customers have been inspired by these offers and what will be your reaction?

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Scandinavian bookcases 16

Made from solid, teak wood, this retro looking Scandinavian bookcase constitutes a perfect way to create charming vintage vibe in your living room or office. Densely grained, bright wood emphasizes the natural character of the item.

Scandinavian bookcases 4

This low bookcase behind the sofa embodies well the Scandinavian way of design. Simple, yet very clever and practical. The whole interior delights with its cool and clean appeal.

Scandinavian bookcases

This Scandinavian-style home library is a beautiful combination of wooden shelves. Capacious partitions, warm wood details, and attractive geometric design create a modern and very contemporary set to living room.

Scandinavian shelving

A simple modern wall-mounted bookcase. It's built of 5 long thin vertical mounts of black-coated metal. Mounts have brackets of thin curved metal rods. Brackets hold rectangular shelves and 2 cabinets with sliding doors of brown wooden materials.

Scandinavian bookcases 1

This stackable bookshelves set creates a bookcase that takes its visual inspiration from a Scandinavian design. Finished white, it exudes neat minimalist feel. Space-saving feature is welcome in smaller interiors.

Bookcases shelves sedona bookcase

Bookcases/Shelves - Sedona Bookcase

Scandinavian style bookcase 3

Scandinavian Style Bookcase
Embodying well the smooth Scandinavian mid-century design, this stylish bookcase enchants with its teak wood finish. A great proposition for all, who like to add a cool retro vibe into their office or bedroom.

Scandinavian bookcases 24

If you enjoy a Scandinavian styled decor then these bookcases are simply perfect for you. It comes with uneven spacing and will make for a nice option either for your kitchen or even for the living room to organize your book collection.

Scandinavian shelves

Tall bookcase for saving space in the living room, bedroom, teenager's room and more. It is completely made of wood and fitted with a lot of square shelves. Suitable for storing books or display decoration.

Scandinavian bookcases 9

Add this utterly amazing bookshelf to your interior and enjoy the five levels of shelves it has to offer, divided by three to make up for even more space for you to organize your books or simply display your decorative objects.

Scandinavian bookshelves

Add comfort, style, elegance and beauty into your home with this Scandinavian bookcase. Some of these shelves are finished by the leather, which makes this product more interesting. All construction is simple and brings the modern touch to any interior.

Scandinavian bookcases 6

built-in bookcase

Skagerak do oak bookcase 6 shelves

Skagerak DO Oak Bookcase - 6 Shelves

Scandinavian bookcases 28

Original and attractive bookcases with solid wooden frames in Scandinavian style. Their long size and low profile looks very original in different indoors. These low bookcases provide plenty of space for books.

Scandinavian bookcases 4

The Scandinavian bookcase is very popular. Impresses with its simple design and unusual functionality. Made of ash wood, it floats above the ground, despite the fact that it has the size of a free-standing rack. Connects with side cabinets.

Scandinavian bookcases 5

Why not choose a bookcase that will surely elevate the look and feel of your interior with this sublime piece? It offers ample amounts of space for your household and comes with plenty of shelves all in different shape and size.

Scandinavian bookshelf

An itricate design of this stackable bookcase can be a nice way to improve your modern home decor. Crafted of wood and covered in a two-toned finish, the bookcase includes 7 various compartments you can set as you please.

Low wooden bookcase in contemporary scandinavian style

Low wooden bookcase in contemporary Scandinavian style

My scandinavian home graceful finnish apartment with pretty ideas

my scandinavian home: Graceful Finnish apartment with pretty ideas

Bess white scandinavian style bookcase

BESS, white scandinavian style bookcase

Behind the couch bookshelf

A vintage (1950's) open-top bookcase of warm brown finished wood. It has 3 thin A-shaped legs. Three drawers with long cutout pulls and a cabinet with sliding doors are at the bottom. Three long shelves are fixed to 3 tall upturned U-like supports.

Billy bookcase combination scandinavian bookcases

BILLY Bookcase combination scandinavian-bookcases

Scandinavian bookcase 2

Straight from the vault of stylish Scandinavian furniture, this bookcase is wall-mounted, giving you an illusion of floating shelves. Crafted of wood and bathed in a white finish, the bookcase offers 9 tiers for storing books, collectibles, pictures, etc.

Scandinavian bookcases 26

The living room is anchored by a sofa and lounge chair, both by Børge Mogensen, as well as a Conoid bench by George Nakashima. An Isamu Noguchi pendant lamp casts a warm glow onto the Brasilia coffee table, designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune for Swedese

Scandinavian bookcases 14

Not everyone is lucky enough to live in an old tenement house with high ceilings, carved - which finished with white paint together with white Scandinavian bookcases form an integral whole. Instead of empty walls, the whole is lined on white shelves - books.

Danish retro teak bookcase by svend aage rasmussen vintage 1960s

Danish Retro Teak Bookcase by Svend Aage Rasmussen Vintage 1960's

Scandinavian bookcases 15

Relaxed & cozy Scandinavian home. Though white dominates here, the interior doesn't fall on the icy side thanks to numerous colourful accents, such as bright striped floor runner, flower vases and orange bench.

Bookcases shelves magnolia bookshelf

Bookcases/Shelves - Magnolia Bookshelf

Scandinavian bookcases 8

There is a specific phenomenon in Scandinavian furniture design: the simplier it is, the better it looks. Ascetic black frame with the ordinary wooden book case with three drawers. The delicate wood has been covered with the transparent lacquer.

Scandinavian bookcases 3

Classic, traditional bookcase. This one here is just as well for traditional houses, as it is for modern, minimalistic interiors. Wooden construction ensures stability and durability, so don’t worry – it’s a lasting investment.

Scandinavian bookcases 29

Antique Scandanavian Interior Design by Hus and Hem

Bookcase multi tier white a modern and stylish design

bookcase multi tier white a modern and stylish design

Bookcases shelves network plus bookcase wide ch

Bookcases/Shelves - Network Plus Bookcase Wide-CH

Lexington vintage bookcase display shelves

Lexington Vintage Bookcase/Display Shelves

Scandinavian bookcases 21

Mid century Scandinavian bookcase: an original modern bookcase designed by Josef Frank. Can probably double as a headboard. Medium brown walnut wood construction offers two tiers for books, with dividers in the middle.

Behind sofa bookcase

Scandinavian interior design is functionality, lightness, and coziness, and this low-cut bookshelf makes it all enchanting. The combination of a little table and comfortable chairs creates a perfect and very practical all day routine.

Scandinavian bookcases 2

If you're looking for a modern interior design that oozes class and charm then this Scandinavian setting will work to your favor with its light finished furniture and plenty of space for books and comfortable seating.

Bolia new scandinavian design shelves bookcases and storage 2

Bolia New Scandinavian Design – Shelves, Bookcases and Storage

Scandinavian bookcases 17


Scandinavian bookcases 20

Designed by JDS Architects, this stylish bookcase constitutes a fantastic example of the Scandinavian design. Cool and clean, simplistic design, based on a stacked shelf system. The whole construction is finished in snowy white.

Scandinavian bookcases 3

Simple Scandinavian style bookcase constructed out of thin engineered wood pieces. Square form with regular cubic shaped shelving units, no backing - a basic choice for a contemporary family room. Great to display small collectibles.

Bookshelves scandinavian design scandinavian furniture shelf system

bookshelves scandinavian design scandinavian furniture shelf system ...

Scandinavian bookcases 1

The most ordinary Scandinavian bookcase in the world - and yet the shade of its wood and finish in the cherry coloring, fills us with Asian inspiration. The five shelves are outdated, and its narrow size will allow a lot of setting options.

Scandinavian bookcases 2

Scandinavian Secretary Bookcase

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Guidecraft G97015 Book Tower Kids Bookcase

Playful design and light finish comprise the valuable advantages of this tower style bookcase for kids room. It features 16 shelves and ergonomic, space-saving design, so lots of stuff can be kept here!

Danish bookshelves 1

Bookcase made of wood and fitted with glass doors. It has 3 shelves for storing books, display decorations and more. Neutral design for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Danish bookcases 1

Minimalistic, wooden bookshelf. It’s perfect for the Scandinavian style, but not only – it’s going to do similarly well in any other modern or contemporary interior. If you want to guide the eyes of your guests towards your books, it’s best not to distract them!

Scandinavia king size solid wood platform bed with headboard bookcase

Scandinavia King-size Solid Wood Platform Bed with Headboard Bookcase

Bookcases shelves royal bookcase cherry

Bookcases/Shelves - Royal Bookcase-Cherry