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From across the ocean, Scandinavian furniture has taken the country by storm, and one piece many homes have added already to their decorative design is their line of bookcases. These are lovely and very well-made. They have a fetching style that is perfect for many homes and can hold plenty of books. If you are looking for the final piece for your Scandinavian home décor, see this collection.

Modern Bookcase

Modern Bookcase

$219.99 $267.99

Modern Bookcase

George Oliver

$219.99 $267.99


This 36-inch modern Scandinavian bookcase is the perfect solution for small spaces. The bookcase has ample storage to hold books, plants, and baskets in four spacious cubbies and a top shelf. It comes in a lovely white and brown color.

Minimalist Bookcase

Minimalist Bookcase

Minimalist Bookcase


This accommodating Nordic bookshelf is perfect for those with lots of books and nowhere to put them. It has a wooden build that gives a welcoming vibe to the space. The shelf has multiple open shelving solutions and a single closed cabinet.

Designer Advice

Put this ladder-style bookshelf in your living room, study, bedroom, or loft. It comes in various oil color finishes that pair wonderfully with Scandinavian decor. The open shelving design gives the bookshelf and your space a relaxed and airy vibe. It is an excellent option for small spaces but will also work fine in a large room.

Retro Style Scandi Bookcase

Retro Style Scandi Bookcase

Retro Style Scandi Bookcase


Give your mid-century style decor a retro twist with this Scandinavian bookcase. Its five-tiered open shelf design is airy, spacious and provides easy access to all displayed objects. This bamboo bookcase comes in two finishes, perfect for dividing open-concept floor plans.

Folding Scandi Bookcase

Folding Scandi Bookcase

Folding Scandi Bookcase


This Scandinavian bookshelf is a wonderful addition to your evolving decor style. Its white steel frame folds to adapt to different spaces and layouts. It is perfect for a sophisticated yet industrial loft decor style. The Nordic bookcase has five spacious shelves. 

Artisanal Scandi Bookcase

Artisanal Scandi Bookcase

Artisanal Scandi Bookcase


This Scandi bookshelf in black and beige is perfect when you want to store your books discreetly yet in style. The bookcase has an asymmetric design and features caned panels on its doors. The eight shelving tiers are all adjustable.

Designer Advice

We love this compact Scandi bookshelf, and its hide-and-seek caned panel doors. Its black and beige finish gives the bookshelf an elegant and natural look that goes well in a contemporary Scandinavian-style home. The tapered legs clear floor space, making your room appear bigger. You can position the shelf in a corner, against a central wall, or as a divider.

Decorative Scandi Bookcase

Decorative Scandi Bookcase

Decorative Scandi Bookcase


Add dimension and decorative appeal to a plain wall with this Scandinavian bookshelf. It features an open-back design and is available in white. Its multiple shelf options allow you to arrange and store various objects in different styles.

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Scandinavian Bookcases

Buying Guide

The trendiest colors and patterns for Scandinavian bookcases tend to be based on monochromatic or tonal colors, as well as geometric shapes and angles for recurring patterns. Shades of grey, white, and neutral woods feature prominently in Scandinavian-themed decor; while pastels (such as blush or light blue) can often be seen as well. Diamonds, triangles, and recurring circles tend to form the basis of trendy Scandi bookcases.

Determining the right size for Scandinavian bookcases can be tricky because it depends on several factors such as the amount of space you have in the room. If you have lots of space, then opt for a bookcase that is several feet across.

If you are limited with space, then choose a bookshelf that is taller and slimmer, so you are going up and not out. If you only plan on keeping a few books in the case, then opt for one or two small bookcases instead.

Additionally, if you have kids at home then a shorter bookcase would be suitable for them to reach books they want to read independently. An important note is that if you have a curious climber in the house, it's a good idea to mount your bookcase to the wall to avoid accidents.

Books aren’t only the things that belong on a Scandinavian bookcase. The best part about owning a bookcase is that you have plenty of storage space to play around with.

For example, this piece of furniture can be a classy feature in the dining room for storing your fancy tableware. When in the living room or entryway, it can become a tasteful focal point for flaunting precious souvenirs and picture frames of your family, friends, pets, and favorite places. Other items that you can display on a Scandinavian book include candles, plants, vases, bowls, small mirrors, decorative baskets, and mini sculptures.

If you really want to personalize your bookcase, consider adding decor pieces that are meaningful to you, whether it’s a vintage camera, a stuffed animal, or your initials in 3D. Doing this will definitely add a dose of personality to the room! You might even want to throw in a couple of your favorite fashion pieces, such as a handbag or pair of shoes!

Even though there are loads of objects that you can show off on a bookcase, don’t forget that less is more. An overcrowded arrangement can make your space look cluttered and disorganized.

Best Ideas

Scandinavian shelving

A simple modern wall-mounted bookcase. It's built of 5 long thin vertical mounts of black-coated metal. Mounts have brackets of thin curved metal rods. Brackets hold rectangular shelves and 2 cabinets with sliding doors of brown wooden materials.

Scandinavian bookcases 1

This stackable bookshelves set creates a bookcase that takes its visual inspiration from a Scandinavian design. Finished white, it exudes neat minimalist feel. Space-saving feature is welcome in smaller interiors.

My scandinavian home graceful finnish apartment with pretty ideas

my scandinavian home: Graceful Finnish apartment with pretty ideas

Danish retro teak bookcase by svend aage rasmussen vintage 1960s

Danish Retro Teak Bookcase by Svend Aage Rasmussen Vintage 1960's

Skagerak do oak bookcase 6 shelves

Skagerak DO Oak Bookcase - 6 Shelves

Scandinavian bookcases 21

Mid century Scandinavian bookcase: an original modern bookcase designed by Josef Frank. Can probably double as a headboard. Medium brown walnut wood construction offers two tiers for books, with dividers in the middle.

Scandinavian bookcases 9

Add this utterly amazing bookshelf to your interior and enjoy the five levels of shelves it has to offer, divided by three to make up for even more space for you to organize your books or simply display your decorative objects.

Behind the couch bookshelf

A vintage (1950's) open-top bookcase of warm brown finished wood. It has 3 thin A-shaped legs. Three drawers with long cutout pulls and a cabinet with sliding doors are at the bottom. Three long shelves are fixed to 3 tall upturned U-like supports.

Bess white scandinavian style bookcase

BESS, white scandinavian style bookcase

Scandinavian bookcases 20

Designed by JDS Architects, this stylish bookcase constitutes a fantastic example of the Scandinavian design. Cool and clean, simplistic design, based on a stacked shelf system. The whole construction is finished in snowy white.

Scandinavian bookcases 2

Scandinavian Secretary Bookcase

Bolia new scandinavian design shelves bookcases and storage 2

Bolia New Scandinavian Design – Shelves, Bookcases and Storage

Scandinavian bookshelf

An itricate design of this stackable bookcase can be a nice way to improve your modern home decor. Crafted of wood and covered in a two-toned finish, the bookcase includes 7 various compartments you can set as you please.

Scandinavian bookcases 8

There is a specific phenomenon in Scandinavian furniture design: the simplier it is, the better it looks. Ascetic black frame with the ordinary wooden book case with three drawers. The delicate wood has been covered with the transparent lacquer.

Ingrid scandinavian wooden bookcase the design edit

Ingrid Scandinavian Wooden Bookcase - The Design Edit

Vintage scandinavian teak bookcase in teak 1960 design 1

Vintage Scandinavian teak bookcase in teak,1960 - Design ...

Scandinavian style bookcase at 1stdibs 1

Scandinavian Style Bookcase at 1stdibs

Vintage scandinavian bookcase in teak 1960 design market

Vintage Scandinavian Bookcase in teak, 1960 - Design Market

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Large bookcase scandinavian oak living collection

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Scandinavian bookcase in patinated oak by mogens koch 1

Scandinavian Bookcase in Patinated Oak by Mogens Koch ...

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Erika Scandinavian Wooden Bookcase - The Design Edit

Danish modern teak bookcases adjustable shelving pair

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