Stackable Bookcases

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You start off with some books and you need a bookcase but not one too big. But now you have more books and no more room. What do you do? Why you stack a bookcase on top. And that is where stackable bookcases come in. These are an interesting idea that has a versatility you can appreciate as your library continues to grow. See collection for details.

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Updated 24/01/2023
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Solid Wood Stackable Bookcase

Solid Wood Stackable Bookcase

John Louis Home

What we like: Durable material 

What we don’t like: Cubby size a bit small

Not so good for: Large items

Perfect for: Modern farmhouse interiors

Available in a few choice colors, this stackable bookcase makes a statement wherever it is placed. Fill it up to 20 lbs. of books and knickknacks in its open back cube compartments. Having the option to use it on its own or pair it with smaller bins or baskets showcases the item’s versatility. 

It brings modern styling to a room with its clean lines all over. An additional feature is the wainscot panels on each side for added decorative appeal. Made from 100% solid wood, this product is built for durability which makes stacking and combining this bookcase easy and safe. Place this product in a child’s playroom, library, storage or even living room and office. 

$172.34 $253.99

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Rectilinear Cubes

Rectilinear Cubes

Ebern Designs

What we like: Versatile applications, made of recycled materials

What we don’t like: A bit lightweight, will need pegs for multiple stacking

Not so good for: Heavy items

Perfect for: Creating different compositions

Keep your house neat and tidy by keeping your precious books in one place. These stacking bookshelves come in neutral shades that blend well to any interior. Crafted from recycled paperboards finished in paper veneer for an aesthetic appeal. These materials are eco-friendly, chemical-free and require no assembly. Cleaning up is easy as well with a simple wipe of dry cloth. 

Using these shelves is as easy as stacking them together and making sure they are aligned. The piece can hold up to 30 lbs of books or media items. This product comes in a variety of ways depending on how you choose to configure it– stacked on top of each other or stacked next to each other.

$26.58 $32.45

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Stackable bookshelves

Stackable bookshelves

Latitude Run®

What we like: Cute cabinet door, better shelf weight capacity

What we don’t like: Above average price point

Not so good for: Tall books

Perfect for: Small books

Keep your books in order with these stackable bookshelves with doors. At 50lbs weight capacity, it can accommodate heavy books. It features a chic door with a cutout design which serves as a finger slot for easy opening. Made from recycled paperboard, so it’s sustainable and environment friendly. Comes in a variety of neutral solid and wood finishes.

With its look, you can create a variety of configurations. We recommend pairing it up with an open cube shelf, in the same dimensions, to produce an interesting close and open ensemble of displays. Its versatile look makes it perfect for different types of interior styles and color schemes.


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Mesh Bookcase

Mesh Bookcase


What we like: Industrial style aesthetics

What we don’t like: Probably need zip ties for added stability

Not so good for: Items that don’t stand well on mesh

Perfect for: Modern urban interiors

Let your imagination take over when setting up this stacking bookcase. Its open design concept and easy configuration keeps the space tidy and organized. The product is made of black iron wire frames that can be conveniently assembled into cubes of any structure of your liking. Easily adjust the bookcase to the amount of space you have available while keeping your books and items in one place. 

Piece the iron wires together with plastic connectors that add stability to the composition. This product can make up to 12 cubbies where you can safely store your book collections and other paraphernalia. For smaller items or things that wobble on mesh, we recommend adding a board to balance them off.

$69.99 $76.99

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Asymmetrical Shelf

Asymmetrical Shelf

Ebern Designs

What we like: Low price point, can be positioned horizontally and vertically

What we don’t like: Sticker screw cover

Not so good for: Heavy items

Perfect for: Combining short and tall displays

This stacking bookshelf works well in spaces that are light and airy. Its selection of dainty colors makes it easy to pair and style with other modern accessories. The shelf keeps a narrow silhouette that is perfect for tight spaces while still having generous capacity to store a mini collection of books. Clean lines run across the composition with five irregular shelves that continue its modern aesthetic.

Its closed back panel keeps your things in place, and it offers an option to tilt the orientation vertically or horizontally. The piece can stand on its own without need for any mounting materials. This product is a sturdy choice to house a child’s growing library or as a display for decorative pieces.

$48.99 $79.99

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Stackable Bookcases

Buying Guide

Stylish and space-saving, stackable bookcases are an excellent option for displaying your ever-growing book collection. As your home library expands, your bookcases grow in height, so anchoring your bookshelf to the wall is vital to keep you, your family, and your books safe.

To anchor a piece of furniture, locate the studs in the wall. If your bookcase comes with an anchor piece, screw one end of the anchor into the stud and the other end to the bookcase. If your bookcase does not come with an anchor, use velcro strips, an L-bracket, or purchase wall anchors at a hardware store. Attach one end of the anchor to the wall and the other to the bookcase with appropriately sized screws. Anchoring your bookcase to the wall is a simple safety step that takes minimal time.

If you have the room to style your stackable bookcases in an off-set, angled, or artistic way, go for it! Our favorite way to style cube bookcases would have to be at a 45-degree angle from a wall, stacked high, for a rippled, geometric vibe.

Of course, if you need to conserve every square inch of space, you can simply stack your bookcases on top of each other and fill with books as necessary.

Best Ideas

Stackable bookcase cubes

Never underestimate the power of the cube. These stackable bookcases are perfect for the book collector who might have to move frequently. They can easily be configured to any room shape or size. They can also serve as packing crates.

Stackable bookcases 3

A gorgeous set of stackable bookcases, made from smooth, solid wood with glass doors, so you can show your book collection to your guests. Perfect for a study room or a library, and bound to give it a unique look.

Way Basics Eco Stackable Arlington 28" Bookcase

Way Basics Eco Stackable Arlington 28" Bookcase

Wide bookcase with 6 shelves in various shapes. It is made of eco-friendly, non-toxic materials. Neutral form for any interior. It has positive recommendations from customers.

Casual Home 3-Shelf Folding Stackable Bookcase, 14-Inch Wide, Honey Oak

A stackable, humble yet spacious bookcase that is crafted of 100-percent solid wood. It is foldable for storage and transport. No assembly required. Its design allows it to match any kind of interiors.

Folding stackable bookcase

Minimalist stackable bookcase designed to deliver non-fussy storage. The piece leverages the vertical space and should therefore be placed alongside a wall for the best results. It’s made from durable manufactured wood and offers dozens of open storage shelves for you to use.

Belham living hampton console table stackable bookcase white oak bookcases

Belham Living Hampton Console Table Stackable Bookcase - White/Oak - Bookcases at Hayneedle

Glass bookcases with doors


3-Tier Folding Bookcase - Black - Improvements

This is a simple, functional yet stylish, 3 - tier folding bookcase that will work perfectly as an additional storage space. It is made of solid wood in black finish. This bookcase is easy to keep clean.

Cheyenne Stackable Etagere Bookcase

Cheyenne Stackable Etagere Bookcase

High bookcase made in the form of a tower. Wooden construction has 6 open shelves in various sizes. Intended to contain books, display decorations and more according to personal taste and needs.

Folding stacking bookcase

Get more living room or home office storage with this open stackable bookcase design. The piece is constructed from wood and comes in a minimalist appeal, featuring a glossy sealant, a slat design on the sides, and up to three extra large wooden shelves.

Way Basics zBoard Eco Storage Cube Plus 3-Shelf Storage Unit, Espresso Wood Grain

Cabinet should combine two essential functions. It should look good and serve well. This, which is presented, perfectly satisfies both. The cabinet is very simple, minimalistic and so elegant. At the same time it is very practical and useful.

Scandinavian bookcases 1

This stackable bookshelves set creates a bookcase that takes its visual inspiration from a Scandinavian design. Finished white, it exudes neat minimalist feel. Space-saving feature is welcome in smaller interiors.

Stackable/Folding Shelf 3-Tier

If flexibility of the furniture is what you need, try a shelf that is stackable - this allows for much more options of arrangement than in case of a typical fixed shelf. This brown shelf is not only stackable, but also foldable.

Columbia Colorful Stackable Etagere Bookcase

Columbia Colorful Stackable Etagere Bookcase

Colorful bookcase with 6 shelves in various shapes arranged vertically. Freestanding construction is made of wood. Suitable for the storage of books, display decorations and more.

Casual Home 3-Shelf Folding Stackable Bookcase

It is a 3-shelf folding stackable bookcase that has got a simple, contemporary design and solid wood construction. You can choose one of six colors: espresso, honey oak, mahogany, natural, walnut and white.

Yu Shan Co USA Ltd 3-Shelf Folding Stackable Bookcase, Walnut, Solid Wood

A pretty and simple bookcase in a mission style. It's made of solid, walnut wood and it features three open shelves with four open sides, which makes the unit a perfect solution for displaying your precious objects.

26.8" Bookcase

26.8" Bookcase

Way Basics Way Basics Triple Cube Tall, Reclaimed/Recycled

A small and humble bookshelf crafted of recycled paperboard material with stackable shelving for versatile storage. Its weight and size make it very convenient to set in any interior (perfectly matches modern ones due to its design). It also provides no-tool assembly.

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