Wooden Cube Bookcase

Wooden bookcases are great, but they are pretty much all the same. Many are made with different woods, and some with different inlays or moldings, but in the end, they are just shelves. How about instead you do something different, like a wooden cube bookcase. Now you can show your library in a more modern and clever shelving medium. See collection for details.

Best Ideas

Set Of Stylish Easily Assembled Wooden Cube Bookcase Shelves Ideal For Storage

Set Of Stylish Easily Assembled Wooden Cube Bookcase Shelves Ideal For Storage
Ternary bookcase in four color version. Every shelf has shape of cube. First part of bookcase is composed of two cubes, second - three and third - four. This simple piece of furniture will fit perfectly to your living room.

Premium Adjustable 9 Cube Organizer

Premium Adjustable 9 Cube Organizer
Cube organizer featuring strong, durable and long lasting construction made from wood grain laminate with texture emboss. Additionally, it fits any needs, as middle shelves of the organizer are adjustable.

Element 80" Tall Bookcase

Element 80" Tall Bookcase
This simple bookcase is not only very functional, but also super stylish! Its unique design will totally refresh the look of every kind of space. Check it out and enjoy the modernity brought to your house!

Oblique 59" Bookcase

Oblique 59" Bookcase
Uniquely designed bookcase made of alder wood in durable white finish, Features functional design, sturdy frame with stable base reinforced with polished stainless steel, and ample storage space for your favorite books.

Craft Storage Unit Floating Wall Cube Storage Display Cubes Wood Wooden Shelf

Craft Storage Unit Floating Wall Cube Storage Display Cubes Wood Wooden Shelf
Bookcase consisting of 7 shelves in various sizes. It is completely made of wood. Perfect for display decorations, storing books and others needed stuff. Provides space saving in all kinds of interiors.

Zac 71" Bookcase

Zac 71" Bookcase
High bookcase with 11 shelves in various sizes. Suitable for any interior to exposition decoration, books and other items according to need.

Giorgio 47.2" Bookcase in Walnut

Giorgio 47.2" Bookcase in Walnut
Wide, square bookcase equipped with 12 open shelves in various shapes. Durable construction is made of wood. It can be placed to the wall or used as a division of the room. Contemporary solution for any interior.

35" Cube Storage Bookcase

35" Cube Storage Bookcase
This piece of furniture is a high quality bookcase that offer six storage shelves that feature cubic shapes. They are perfect for books and other items or decorations. Frame of this bookcase is solid and stable.

Selina 64" Open Bookcase

Selina 64" Open Bookcase
Open book case in contemporary form. It is made of durable MDF and finished gloss effect. It offers 4 shelves for storing books, decorations and other necessities.

Cube shelving units solid sheesham wood

Cube Shelving Units, solid sheesham wood.

Wooden cube bookcase

This beautiful cubic bookcase is a real bargain for all fans of upcycling. Made from Indonesian reclaimed teak wood, constitutes a high-quality product, which would serve its role for years.

Open cube bookcase

Bookcase in modern form. It is made completely of metal. Perfect for storing books, display decorations and more. It can be used as room divider. Simple form and functional design.

Wooden cube bookcase 21

Modular bookcases by Marc Sadler:

Dark wooden cube slim jim bookcase c9n 2

Dark Wooden Cube Slim Jim Bookcase (C9N)

Cube bookcase wood

console cubby shelves for playroom + tree wall art

Tall cube bookcase

A simple DIY bookcase that is divided into six cubes. Made of light wood and with no back, it features timeless and universal design that will suit any decor. If you want the piece to be more unique, paint it in a vivid color.

Modern wood bookcase

Modern Wood Bookcase

Wooden cube bookcase 14

bookcase | ... Storage, Display Bookcase Manufacturer | Acecraftique | TradersCity

I like this idea i would probably oil the wood

I like this idea... I would probably oil the wood or paint it and line with wallpaper. The finish is basic, but the idea has so much flexibility If you are renting and moving a lot this is great! It can be such a waste of resources and money to constant

Stackable bookcase cubes

Never underestimate the power of the cube. These stackable bookcases are perfect for the book collector who might have to move frequently. They can easily be configured to any room shape or size. They can also serve as packing crates.

Cube bookcase wood 24

A huge shelving unit that measures from the floor to ceiling. The piece is divided into plenty of small cubes, which will let you keep all your things well-organized. It's a perfect solution for a basement.

Kids cube bookcase

Wooden display shelf: an assymetrical assembly of cube elements creates a contemporary bookcase that can be either wall mounted or set on floor level, you choose. It's medium brown, with wood grain exposed.

Floor storage beech melamine wooden cube bookcase with cec fsc

Floor Storage Beech Melamine Wooden Cube Bookcase With CEC , FSC , SGS ...

Unfinished cube storage

This wooden cube bookcase, available in two different positions, enchants with its cool and clean, minimalistic design, which will fit into modern interiors. A great example of contemporary design - stylish and very practical.

Wooden cube bookcase 18

With this amazing wooden bookcase you will have more than plenty of space for your books and various knick-knacks, while the piece itself will easily accomodate great and heavy weight and will make for a fine addition to your decor as well.

Wooden furniture cubes

Cabin cubes--Cube bookcase and bench storage by The Wooden Duck keep linens, clothing, and supplies organized in Sunset's Summer Retreat Home. |

Wooden cube bookcase 1

Wine crate shelves, but not hung over a seating arrangement more like built-in bookcases in a Restoration Hardware inspired space.

Cube bookcase wood 1

Now that’s a wonderful DIY project for your kids’ bedroom. A sideways bookcase with a wooden trim, great for storing all the stuff your child might require on a daily basis and acts as a handy changing station.

Wooden cube bookcase 22

Wooden Wood Storage Cube Unit Bookcase Shelf Cupboard Cabinet Stackable Shelving in Home, Furniture & DIY, Storage Solutions, Storage Units | eBay

Expando Storage Bookcase 130 (Set of 2)

Expando Storage Bookcase 130 (Set of 2)

Wooden cube bookcase 3

Fold by Nendo for Conde House

Wooden showcase size 135 x 30 x 100 wood sheesham

... wooden showcase size 135 x 30 x 100 wood sheesham wood mango wood

Wood cubes furniture

take advantage of vertical space. like the brightness of room & wooden cottagey finish. white crown moldings <3

Better Homes and Gardens 4-Cube Organizer Storage Bookcase Bookshelf Espresso

A decent, four-level and contemporary bookcase that creates multiple storage solutions. Easy to assemble with required hardware included. It Can be used as a display shelf for pictures, books and mementos.

Open cube bookcase 1

Gradual construction, covered in dark cappuccino, constituting an ideal storage space for your books or decoration elements. This cubic bookcase enchants with its original silhouette, being a good proposition for both traditional and modern decors.

Wooden cubes furniture

Kids' Bookcases: Kids 5-Cube White Wooden Bookcase in Bookcases

Unfinished wooden storage cubes

Made from unfinished wooden cube screwed together and painted, this DIY bookcase project brings in a warm, postiive energy to the space. Being a great addition to children's bedroom, it will smoothly organize the space, creating a storage space for toys and books.

Wooden wall cubes

Kids' Bookcases: Kids 8-Cube Honey Wooden Bookcase in Bookcases - loving the colored storage bins where you can see toys inside!!

Unfinished wood cube

5-Cube Bookcase (White) - i would love to see a wall of bookcases, starts low and ends on this bookcase.

King's Brand Espresso Finish Wood Cube Bookcase Display Cabinet

It is a contemporary cube bookcase display cabinet that has got an espresso finish and solid wood construction. It fits perfectly to modern office space, living room, bedroom, family room and other.

Cubic bookcase

Lots of rectangles,asymmetric pyramid, are the perfect office cube bookcase. At any height you,will find the books or documents you need.You can even establish their hierarchy-thanks to the stepped construction,made of wood and finished in dark drapped veneer.

Wooden cube bookcase 2

5-Cube Bookcase (Espresso) in Bookcases

Wooden cube bookcase 2

Mixing high and low-end: Gorgeous vintage porter's chair; Cowhide rug and organic wooden side-table and ikea bookshelf.

Wooden cube bookcase 20

Espresso 8-Cube Bookcase (or in midnight blue) // pair flanking desk

Wooden cube bookcase 12

beautiful wooden bookcase #decor

Unfinished wood storage cubes

Wooden cube bookcase! Customized 16-by-17-by-10-foot wooden box that accommodates a bookcase on the outside, a bedroom on the inside, and a dressing-room mezzanine above. You can create your won library :)

Torval 70" Bookcase

Torval 70" Bookcase

Kids bookcases kids white cube collection in bookcases

Kids' Bookcases: Kids White Cube Collection in Bookcases

Natural solid wood cube bookcase c30n 1

Natural Solid Wood Cube Bookcase (C30N)

Wooden cube bookcase 11