Bookcases With Sliding Glass Doors

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The bookcase with a sliding door is an attractive way to accent an office or study, especially if that sliding door is glass. Sliding glass bookcases allow you to see all of your books without worrying about dust or contaminants ruining them. It is also a great feature if you have curious pets.

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Updated 30/08/2022
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Bookcase With Sliding Glass Doors

Bookcase With Sliding Glass Doors

Crafted with manufactured Durian wood, mindi wood veneers, iron, and glass, this sliding glass door bookcase organizes any space. It stands 67.50 tall and is 45.25” wide by 18.5” deep. Overall, this bookcase weighs 106 lbs and comes fully assembled, ready to be set in place.

Designer Advice:

Complete a rustic living space with this beautiful wooden bookcase with sliding glass doors. Its industrial design shows up with the iron-framed glass doors. We love the four built-in drawers that sit on the lower part of the bookcase and add a unique touch to your decor. The golden honey wood tone can be repeated in other wood furniture along with the burnished iron detailing. 

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Country Bookcase With Sliding Glass Doors

Country Bookcase With Sliding Glass Doors

Perfect for a comfortable and casual decor style, this country-style bookshelf with glass sliding doors is easy to assemble. It comes with two adjustable shelves that let you choose where you want to position them. The four round feet and single floor post all come with floor glides to protect your floor from any damage. 

Designer Advice:

The painted gray finish on this bookshelf with glass sliding doors has a distinct French blue undertone. This will cause it to look more blue than gray once it’s set up. Paint your walls a pretty pale blue-gray color like Behr Paint’s Light French Gray or Benjamin Moore’s Silver Gray or Smoke. This will make the bookcase look like a custom piece of furniture. To customize it, even more, buy a roll of French toile wallpaper and apply it to the inside of the back of the bookshelf before assembly.

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Solid Wood Bookcase With Sliding Glass Doors

Solid Wood Bookcase With Sliding Glass Doors

Two mullioned wood doors bypass each other on this bookcase with sliding doors. The bookcase is 40.2” tall and 39” wide. The shelves measure 35.4” wide and are each 8.6” deep. Each shelf can support up to 15 lbs. All the tools you need to assemble this piece comes with the bookcase.

Designer Advice:

Crafted from solid elmwood, this bookcase with glass doors comes in either an oak or French gray finish. Each of the three wood shelves has a different height capacity: the top fits 9” items, the middle shelf fits 11.5” items and the bottom shelf can handle anything that is 13.25” tall. Most paperback books are 6” tall and will easily fit on the top shelf.  

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Manufactured Wood Bookshelf With Sliding Glass Doors

Manufactured Wood Bookshelf With Sliding Glass Doors

Andover Mills™

Three adjustable shelves on this bookcase sit behind two sliding glass doors. Its compact design fits into small spaces at just 31.75” wide by 13” deep and 51” tall. The bookshelf ships flat to your door and is easy to put together with a hammer, a Phillip's head and a flat head screwdriver. 

$369.99 $549.99

Designer Advice:

Unlike most bookshelves, this sliding glass door bookcase comes in seven beautiful colors. Choose a standard white, mid-tone gray or black option for a neutral color that’s not a wood tone. Or splash out and choose from a vibrant light blue, fire engine red, pineapple yellow or royal blue. Then cover your book spines with white craft paper for a collection that stands out against the cabinet color.

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Brown Bookcase With Sliding Glass Doors

Brown Bookcase With Sliding Glass Doors

The frame of this bookcase with sliding glass doors is made of solid wood while the rest is made of manufactured wood and veneers. Its barrister bookcase design consists of three horizontal bookcases that are stacked on top of each other. Each section is fronted by two mullioned sliding glass doors.

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Luxury Bookcase With Sliding Glass Doors

Luxury Bookcase With Sliding Glass Doors

At 74” high and 85” wide, this beautiful bookshelf with sliding doors is a generous 18” deep. Comes with a total of 11 shelves and eight glass doors. Made from solid reclaimed pine. This bookcase requires partial assembly and weighs a total of 385 lbs once it’s assembled.

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Bookcases With Sliding Glass Doors

Buying Guide

If your sliding glass bookcase features fairly wide glass panels or a mainly glass-based design, it’s worth investing in tempered glass: this is the strongest type of glass used in furniture, so you won’t have to worry too much about accidental breakages.

However, if the glass panels are smaller and mainly decorative, most types of glass will do, although it’s always safer to go for thicker models.

For a sliding glass bookcase, you’re going to want a dense hardwood to provide structure for your heavy books (and that heavy glass). We’d recommend an oak or a maple for this reason; or, if you’re looking for a more cost-efficient, smaller bookcase, select a birch or a walnut.

You can paint any of these to match the colors you want in your home, or stain them darker or lighter as you wish.

Best Ideas

Buyers' Picks Marshall Bookcase

Buyers' Picks Marshall Bookcase

Crafted of sturdy Elm wood and covered in an oak finish; this gorgeous bookcase is functional and decorative. The front is equipped with 2 sliding doors with clear glass panels, while the inside features 2 adjustable, wood shelves.

Atlantic 94835721 Glass Door Cab Espresso

Capacious multimedia cabinet in espresso brown finish, with two-way sliding doors featuring square tempered glass panels. Allows for smart organization of your media collection. Perfect both for modern and traditional living spaces.

Sliding glass bookcase

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Discover this intresting piece of sliding glass bookcase. To create this simply but still unique piece - was used a walnut wood, in very dark finish. The bookcase is divided into 12 equal parts on the glass-wooden front.

Bristol Court Bookcase

Doors that look like bookshelves

Natural wood bookshelf with glass doors, five shelves and two drawers at bottom. Seems usable in kitchen, too - maybe as a floor standing cabinet for jars and dinnerware? Classic design should be particularly easy to match.

Glass covered bookshelves

Love it...the display cabinet and it's contents, the paddles, the picture on top the cabinet...

Midnight Rose Bookcase Console Masterpiece - 3043250

This is a very elegant and extremely impressive cabinet for books, which is obscured with the glass door. Cabinet ideally suited as a practical piece of equipment, but also as a decorative element. It will fit in many different places.

Sliding glass bookcase

wonderful bookcase with sliding glass doors

Ameriwood cabinets 2

A piece of furniture that has got a functional character in the house. It is a bookcase with durable wooden frame in a white color. It features sliding glass doors and its white color looks very nice in any decor.

Enclosed bookcase 1

This bookcase will be more than enough when you want to organize your books and keep them at perfect display at all times. It sports the sliding doors of the design and a stunning, light finish of the wood.

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