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Buy the best sliding bookcase door selected and recommended by interior designers. By Chloe Hughes.

A sliding bookcase door is one of the more stylish ways to store books in living rooms and office spaces. The sliding feature needs less space in front compared to bookcases with cabinet doors, preventing you from having to deal with door hinges. Choose solid sliding doors to hide your books or put them on full display with full glass or glass pane sliding doors. 

Sliding Bookcase Door With a Metal Frame

Sliding Bookcase Door With a Metal Frame

$849.99 $1079.99

Sliding Bookcase Door With a Metal Frame

17 Stories

$849.99 $1079.99


What We Like: Unique industrial style 

What We Don't Like: The wood is on the softer side

Not So Good For: Modern and Farmhouse styles

Perfect For: Shelving heavy and thick books

Industrial in style, this bookshelf with sliding doors is made of solid wood with a thin metal frame accented with ball tips. It has three sliding glass doors to display your best titles and has a shelf capacity of 50 pounds, more than the average bookshelf. The tip-over restraint keeps it from falling over and hurting children and pets.

If you have a large book collection, bookends can be used on top of the second box and at the top of the bookshelf. To bring warmth to this bookshelf, set family picture frames and floral arrangements on the open shelves.

Sliding Bookcase With A Windowpane Style

Sliding Bookcase With A Windowpane Style

$229.99 $471

Sliding Bookcase With A Windowpane Style

Andover Mills™

$229.99 $471


What We Like: The stylish bun feet

What We Don't Like: The first three shelves have a lighter-weight capacity

Not So Good For: Small book collections you don't care to display

Perfect For: Storing books and hiding book accessories 

Eclectic styles and those searching for an antique flair love this sliding bookshelf door because of its bun feet and crown molding top. Take your pick between seven colors: black, pale yellow, pale blue, gray, red, white, and blue.

The pale yellow sliding bookcase with doors is a great choice to enhance a shabby chic style. The shelves are adjustable to fit a variety of book heights and are open to view on the top three shelves. the bottom shelf hides behind a solid panel and can be used for other book items, like bookmarks and book lights.

Semi open Semi closed Sliding Bookshelf

Semi open Semi closed Sliding Bookshelf

$279.99 $334.99

Semi open Semi closed Sliding Bookshelf

Mercury Row®

$279.99 $334.99


What We Like: Old-fashioned appeal

What We Don't Like: Takes up a lot of space

Not So Good For: Keeping dust off all your books

Perfect For: Organizing to-be-read and read books

This bookshelf with a sliding door on the bottom has a wavy body with two fixed and open shelves. Its walnut color and the fact it sits on top of four tapered legs make it look great in mid-century modern home styles.

There are only sliding doors on the bottom section of this bookcase which may be a turn-off for someone looking for more doors. Some people prefer a mix of open and closed shelves like this one to better organize books they haven't read to books they have read.

Tall and Single Sliding Bookshelf Door 

Tall and Single Sliding Bookshelf Door 

Tall and Single Sliding Bookshelf Door 

Gracie Oaks


What We Like: Stores a massive book collection

What We Don't Like: The shelves are not adjustable

Not So Good For: Small and short books

Perfect For: Tall and odd-shaped books

Resistant to scratches, this sliding bookcase comes with a barn wood door that blends seamlessly with Farmhouse décor. There are eight open shelves, and the door covers half the shelves simultaneously. This can be a problem for people who don't like unbalanced furniture.

It features a bar handle for an easy grip and a metal track system for a smooth glide and comes in vintage gray and white. If your books don't fill all eight shelves, use the open half to decorate with vases, bowls, pictures, candles, and more. 

Sideboard style Bookshelf With Sliding Doors

Sideboard style Bookshelf With Sliding Doors

Sideboard style Bookshelf With Sliding Doors



What We Like: Classical full pane glass doors

What We Don't Like: Shows fingerprints more easily

Not So Good For: Storing a lot of books

Perfect For: Exhibiting a small worthy book collection

This sideboard buffet cabinet can easily be used as a sliding bookcase to hold and display loads of books. It has a blocky charm with square feet and rounded top corners that appeal to traditional and transitional homes.

Coffee, black, gray, and white tones help you match it to the color scheme of your room. The shelf inside is adjustable, and the four glass panel doors are made out of tempered glass to prevent cracks and breakage. Set this lovely sliding door bookshelf in your front entrance or in an office, and use the top to hold printers, lamps, and paperwork.

Short Single Sliding Door Bookcase

Short Single Sliding Door Bookcase

Short Single Sliding Door Bookcase

Walker Edison


What We Like: Two-tone color options

What We Don't Like: Shelves are split in half limiting book sizes

Not So Good For: Holding a ton of books

Perfect For: Hallways and small areas

This small sliding bookshelf with a door is great for the seasonal reader with only a handful of books to store. It comes in a few color combo options: white and gray, black and rustic oak, white and rustic oak, and white with black hardware.

Its small stature can be easily placed in small spots, like at the end of a hallway, an entrance, or a closet. The shelves are adjustable and can hold 30 pounds each, and its x design on the door makes it perfect for a rustic farmhouse style.

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Sliding Bookcase Door

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Bookcase sliding doors

With this 2-piece sliding bookcase, you can cover the secret door to your hidden room. The sliding mechanism works very smoothly, while each of the bookcase features 7 open shelves for storing books and displaying decorations.

Bookcase sliding doors 1

This space-saving bookcase uses a sliding door solution, allowing you to draw back both parts to reveal enough space for installing a secret door to your hidden room. The whole construction is quality wood, so it's going to last you for many years.

Bookcase with sliding doors

A functional element of furniture with solid shelves that allow for organization of books, decorations and other items. This durable wooden construction looks very attractive, so it also decorates indoors.

Sliding door bookshelf

Useful and attractive sliding doors. These doors include simple, but practical shelves, so they play the role of bookcases. Durable wooden construction is finished in universal white color that looks good in any decor.

Sliding bookshelf door

Bookcase in the form of sliding doors. Construction is made of wood. Includes 5 open shelves arranged vertically. Suitable for storing books, display decorations and more. Functional accent for each home.

Diy sliding bookcase

These elements are solid book shelves with special rails for convenient slidint. These functional shelves provide plenty of space for books and other items. They also play roles of doors for hidden rooms.

Sliding bookcase open

Sliding Bookcase Open

Sliding bookshelf

This bookcase is an original and solid element of home furniture. It includes a special floor rail, so it can play the role of doors. Its durable shelves provide plenty of space for many items and its brown color matches any interior stylization.

Bookshelf sliding door

I always dreamed about my own unique home library. This bookcase sliding doors create the inviting and restful atmosphere. there's a lot of spaces for storing books and display accent pieces.

Bookshelf sliding doors

Everyone want to have the sliding secret bookcase!These door conceals the laundry room, which is the great solution! It features the skateboard wheels.

Sliding bookshelves

This large stacked sliding bookcase is the perfect solution for people who love literature. The beautiful and massive structure of the whole guarantees durability and yet presents itself very well.

Sliding bookcase door

This element is a very nice idea for a hidden room or closet. A white wooden element of furniture with shelves plays the role of doors. It provides space for toys, books and other useful or decorative items.

Bookcase sliding door

This original idea features two interesting function. One of them is the role of a bookcase with many shelves and the second one is the role of sliding doors. This wooden construction is finished in white color.

Bookcase sliding doors 1

This unique bookcase will provide a warm, retro accent to most of the contemporary living rooms. Bright wood, sliding doors allow creating a smooth coverage, helping you protect the space from dust.

Sliding hidden bookcase door

This sliding bookcase can play the role of doors for a hidden room or compartment. It slides on a special rail for a problem-free use. This bookcase features a durable wooden construction in a white finish and it provides some space on its shelves.

Sliding bookcase hidden door

Creative Home Engineering: Hidden Passageways! | Apartment Therapy

Hidden door maybe a way to put sliding bookcase door

Hidden door - maybe a way to put sliding bookcase door in tiny house?

Bookcase sliding doors 2

Add something interesting to your drawing room and create two different spaces with sliding bookcase door. They are made of light colored wood and they are contemporary.

Bookcase sliding doors

An elegant large contemporary wall-mounted floating bookcase of wood finished in mid browns. It has a rectilinear narrow frame. Three open front niches are in the centre. Shelved cabinets with sliding full panel doors are above and below niches.

Bookcase design with new glass sliding doors

bookcase design with new glass sliding doors

Sliding bookcase door hardware

Contemporary setup for a spacious living room with a unique solution for a bookcase. The bookcase, made out of different shades of wood, has wheels on the bottom which allow it to move across a rail, providing additional space.

Movable bookshelves

Sliding and pivoting bookshelves - flexible open room divider or wall of books made of blanched wood. It will be really nice option for a divided office or spacious studio flat - it can give your more privacy!

Bookshelf with sliding doors

Trying to find the excellent, nicely finished and high quality TV cabinet or bookcase? We suggest you to choose this great piece of furniture. It is made solid wood, which provides the classic style.

Sliding bookcases

This Atlanta Guest House, shared on one of those idea-packed homes tour, is chuckled full of ideas for you. Barbara Wirth Art says to check out the sitting area with its interesting AND useful bookcase wall. Then the brilliant, trending sliding barn doo

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