Media Storage Cabinet With Doors

Buy the best media storage cabinet with doors selected and recommended by interior designers. By Chloe Hughes.

When it comes to organizing your media collection, a media storage cabinet with doors is an essential piece of furniture to keep your living space clutter-free. Whether you have a large collection of books, movies, video games, or other multimedia items, a cabinet can provide a safe and organized space to store them. From floor-to-ceiling units to compact retro-style cabinets, discover some of the best media storage cabinets with doors for a range of home decor styles.

Modern Multimedia Cabinet With Doors

Modern Multimedia Cabinet With Doors

$226.99 $386.99

Modern Multimedia Cabinet With Doors

Ivy Bronx

$226.99 $386.99


What We Like: Easy assembly

What We Don’t Like: Fingerprints and smudges are easily visible

Not So Good For: Extensive CD or DVD collections

Perfect For: Contemporary homes

Crafted from manufactured wood with four tempered glass doors, this modern multimedia cabinet offers plenty of adjustable shelving to accommodate various sized items, from vinyl to DVDs. Its thick panel construction on top and bottom surfaces give it strength and durability for a long-lasting addition to a music room or man cave.

This cabinet also features a convenient cable management system that helps keep cords out of sight and your space clutter-free. Style with a high-pile white rug and place a modern art print and a red or black abstract decorative vase on top to create a chic focal piece for your living space.  

Antique Style Media Storage Cabinet

Antique Style Media Storage Cabinet

$123.99 $309.99

Antique Style Media Storage Cabinet

Astoria Grand

$123.99 $309.99


What We Like: Strong doors for secure storage

What We Don’t Like: Assembly instructions are challenging

Not So Good For: Man cave or home bar

Perfect For: Coastal or Scandi-style home decor

Add some vintage flair to your home and get organized with an antique-style media storage cabinet. Crafted with refined windowpane latticework and adjustable shelves, this multifunctional cabinet is a stunning addition to a French country or coastal home.

Whether in your family room to store DVDs and video games or in your kitchen as an attractive display for your cookbook collection, this storage cabinet will make your space organized and tidy. The four fixed shelves and two adjustable ones provide plenty of space to customize your media storage needs. To show off two collections at once, style your books in a rainbow order alongside glassware in the same color.  

Retro Multimedia Cabinet

Retro Multimedia Cabinet

$139.99 $319.99

Retro Multimedia Cabinet

Lark Manor™

$139.99 $319.99


What We Like: Shelf dividers

What We Don’t Like: Limited storage capacity

Not So Good For: CD or DVD collections

Perfect For: Storing vinyl collections and record players

Give your room a classic look and add some fun, functional style with this retro multimedia cabinet. This mid-century style record storage media console features a sleek profile and a slatted cabinet door. Inside, you'll find a small cubby for books or small CD collections, and a large compartment with shelf dividers, perfect for storing your favorite records.

The top provides ample space for components like the turntable, so you can create a chic vintage-inspired entertainment space. Pair with a gold rolling bar cart and an Eames-inspired chair with ottoman for the perfect place to relax after a long day at work.  

Media Cabinet With Storage Doors

Media Cabinet With Storage Doors

Media Cabinet With Storage Doors

Red Barrel Studio®


What We Like: Solid construction

What We Don’t Like: Complicated assembly instructions

Not So Good For: Family homes; no tip-over restraint included

Perfect For: Compact storage of large media collections

If you’re looking to upgrade your entertainment room setup, this double-door multimedia media cabinet is an ideal option. Create a sleek cinema-inspired ambiance with this highly functional piece of furniture constructed with a durable, walnut-finished wood to add an element of sophistication to any room.

With adjustable shelves and 180° opening doors, this cabinet provides easy access to your CD/DVD collection without taking up too much space. It can accommodate up to 624 CDs, 260 DVDs, or 128 VHS tapes—great for organizing extensive collections. Style with indoor olive trees on either side of the unit, a Greek bust on top, and a mid-century modern chaise lounge for kicking back with your favorite tunes or movies.  

Media Storage Cabinet With Sliding Doors

Media Storage Cabinet With Sliding Doors

Media Storage Cabinet With Sliding Doors

Darby Home Co


What We Like: Sliding doors

What We Don’t Like: Limited weight capacity per shelf

Not So Good For: Storing tall or heavy items

Perfect For: Compact spaces

Get organized while adding style to your entertainment space with this media storage cabinet with sliding doors. With its glass-panel doors and espresso finish, it is ideal for any classically-styled room. It has seven adjustable interior shelves that can hold all your CDs and DVDs, allowing you maximum storage potential.

To ensure your safety, this piece includes anti-tipping hardware restraints that must be installed correctly and secured to the wall, making it an excellent choice for homes with pets or small children. Style with an oversized metal clock, Oriental floor vases, and an Areca palm to create a stunning transitional-style entertainment area.  

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Media Storage Cabinet With Doors

Buying Guide

A DVD cabinet with glass doors presents a bit of a styling challenge, as the busy-ness of multi-colored DVDs and transparent glass doors don’t offer much room to hide. Try organizing your DVDs by color to reduce eyestrain when you’re looking at your DVDs. Another option might be to remove the colored inserts from your DVDs and add a more neutral DIY label to your DVD covers instead.

You’ll also want to consider leaving room for some empty space when you’re styling your DVD cabinet. This is helpful if you’re planning on growing your collection - and it also allows your eyes a bit of space to relax when you’re looking at your DVD cabinet.

The best way to organize DVDs in a DVD cabinet with glass doors is to do so in alphabetical order starting from the top shelf: that way, it’ll be easier to find the movie you’re looking for, especially if you’re also planning on following the stylistic tips that we’ve provided in the previous question.

If you do that, be sure to leave 3 or 4 inches in between each DVD row and the side of your DVD cabinet with glass doors, so that you won’t need to reorganize them every time you buy a new one.

Another effective way to store them is to divide them by genre: action movies, horrors, musicals, and so on.

  • Entertainment Unit

An entertainment unit combines your multimedia storage needs with your TV, sound system, digital players and gaming consoles to keep all your multimedia items in a single, convenient location.

Many units feature both open and closed shelving to keep your DVD and CD collection dust-free, and a cable management system to hide unsightly cords and keep your den, living room, basement or bedroom clutter-free.

  • Wall Mounted Storage

For homes that are short on space, a wall-mounted unit offers the ideal versatile space-saving solution by maximizing the vertical space in your homeWall-mounted units can be placed alongside your current home media unit or attached along hallways or in the corner of the room.

  • Open Shelving

Open shelving units offer the largest storage capacity of any multimedia organizational solution to accommodate your entire collection while allowing for easy accessibility. This type of shelving enables you to display your collection and integrate it into your home décor.

These units are available in a range of styles including minimal modern designs to suit industrial, and Scandi styled homes to ornate designs with wainscotting and scrollwork that complement transitional and traditional homes.

Open shelving comes with a serious drawback though - the need to dust your collection often.

  • Cabinets

If you are looking for a storage solution that organizes your collection while protecting it from dust and damage, then a cabinet is the right choice for you. Cabinets typically feature adjustable internal shelves that allow you to customize the space to fit your collection as well as sliding or hinged doors to protect your multimedia items.

Cabinets are also an excellent option for homes with a sleek aesthetic such as minimal or mid-century modern homes where a visible multimedia collection would disrupt the flow of the design elements.

  • Racks

The most basic form of multimedia storage is the racking system. Available in a variety of styles and sizes including small wall-mounted wire racks that can hold up to 30 CDs or DVDs as well as large free-standing units to accommodate hundreds of multimedia discs.

These units often feature angled racks that provide added security for your collectionRacking systems may also offer discrete slots for individual CDs and DVDs. Racking is typically designed with a contemporary aesthetic and is ideally suited to urban modern, contemporary or industrial style homes.

  • Drawers

Media storage drawer units evoke the classic appeal of an apothecary cabinet and make a stylish addition to bohemian, Scandi or eclectic styled homes. These units appear similar to an entertainment unit or buffet but feature an increased number of drawers perfectly designed to fit CDs and DVDs.

The drawers keep multimedia items neatly organized and protected. They also help to conceal CD and DVD cases which may disrupt the aesthetic of your entertainment room.

What are the most desirable features of a media storage unit?

When shopping for a media storage unit, there are some essential features to consider:

  • Large Capacity

Whether you have a small selection of favorites or a huge collection you want to display, buying a media storage unit with a large capacity ensures that you will always have room for every item and space for expansion as your collection grows. Most medium to large units can hold more than a hundred CDs, DVDs or gaming discs, however, if you have limited space in your home, try buying multiple small wall-mounted units to create a modular style storage system.

  • Durable Materials

While a single CD weighs less than your cell phone, large multimedia collections can put a strain on the structural integrity of your storage unit over time. Look for units constructed from durable materials such as powder-coated metal, solid wood or strong plastic with quality craftsmanship that is built to last.

  • Quality Finish

The finish defines how the media storage unit will fit into your home decor, so you need to select a unit with a high-quality finish that blends with your style.

Natural wood grains add warmth and texture to a living space, while high-gloss finishes give the room a modern, minimalist appearance.

You can also use the finish of the unit to create a dramatic statement which is ideal for entertainment units where the TV is the focal point of the room.

A striking distressed wood finish with exposed hardware for French countryshabby chic or farmhouse-style homes. Or opt for a matte wood finish for urban modern and transitional decor styles.

  • Adjustable Storage Space

Ideally, you will want a unit that grows along with your multimedia collection. Adjustable shelves allow you to customize the storage space for improved organization that is more aesthetically pleasing. It also allows you to display other home decor accessories in addition to your multimedia items to elevate the style of your room.

  • Easy Accessibility

Many styles of multimedia storage racks feature a rotating carousel that allows you to store CDs and DVDs on all sides of the unit and still be able to access them quickly.

Other units use a combination of open shelves to allow you to display your frequently used items, and cabinets to protect rare or less used items.

Positioning your multimedia storage close to your entertainment system keeps all your media in a single area and improves accessibility.

The size of your media storage unit depends on the proportions of other furniture and the size of your collection. Before buying a media storage unit, you should:

  • Assess Your Collection

Go through your multimedia collection and take an inventory. Count the number of CDs, DVDs and gaming discs you currently have and make a vague estimate as to how much your collection may grow in the future.

Add 30% to the total number of multimedia items in your collection, and that should give you a rough idea on the capacity you need.

  • Measure the Room

Match the unit to the proportions of the furniture and the overall size of the room. Take exact measurements of the location, allowing for 2-3 inches clearance on each side.

  • Consider Additional Functions

If you plan on using your multimedia storage unit for more than just displaying your collection of DVDs and CDs, you need to choose a unit with additional surface and storage space. For multifunctional pieces, an entertainment unit is the best option as it offers a wide variety of storage areas including shelves, cabinets and horizontal surfaces for displaying accessories and digital players.

The material you choose for your media storage unit will depend on your current décor and the type of finish you desire. Different options include:

  • Solid Wood

One of the most durable options for media storage is solid wood. Ideally suited to large entertainment units, cabinets and shelving solid wood often come with a natural wood grain finish to add depth and interest to your entertainment area. Hardwoods like oak or maple are denser than softwoods like pine and offer greater stability and longevity.

Choosing media storage constructed from hardwood may mean a bigger initial investment but can save you money long-term as you are less likely to need to replace or repair the unit.

  • MDF

Manufactured wood offers an affordable alternative to solid wood and allows for easy installationshould you need to asseble the unit yourself. It also comes in a variety of colors and finishes to suit your decor.

  • Metal

Some media storage unit comes with a metal frame that can be a great addition to a modern or industrial styled home. Check that the metal used is corrosion-resistant or powder-coated to preserve the structural integrity and prolong the life of the piece.

One of the benefits of using metal as a designer is that it is malleable and can be bent into a range of interesting shapes. A geometric or novelty style multimedia unit can be an eye-catching statement piece as well as functional storage.

  • Glass

Glass offers a unique option for organizing your collection. Tempered glass shelves can help a small space appear larger due to the transparency and open structure of the shelves. Glass can add texture to a room and complements coastal, modern and contemporary style rooms. Hoever, if your collection is huge, this kind of transparency may cause unattractive visual clutter.

  • Begin by taking stock of your multimedia collection and deciding whether you need space-saving storage or a combined multimedia and entertainment unit.
  • When selecting a size, keep your storage unit to scale with the rest of the furniture in the room for a balanced design.
  • Choose a material and finish that complements your décor and adds textural interest to the space.
  • Look for features that enhance the accessibility of your media items while protecting them from damage.

Best Ideas

Leslie Dame MS-1050ES Mission Style Multimedia Storage Cabinet with Sliding Glass Doors, Espresso

This sleek multimedia storage cabinet with sliding glass doors provides perfect amount of storage and style. It is crafted of solid oak veneers with brushed metal door pulls and tempered Glass doors. Holds up to 1050 CD's or 504 DVD'S.

Glass Door Multimedia Cabinet

Glass Door Multimedia Cabinet

This beautiful Multimedia cabinet can hold up 1400 CDs, 672 DVDs or 392 VHS tapes. It features four sliding glass doors which are equipped in decorative handles. There are 36 adjustable shelves. It was constructed of veneers and MDF.

Dvd storage cabinet with sliding doors

No more place to organize CDs and DVDs? Maximize the storage capacity of your interior by adding a media storage cabinet with sliding frosted glass door and many tiers inside, incorporated into a bright wooden frame.

Sliding Door Inlaid Glass Mission Style Multimedia Cabinet (MS-1050 Series) Oak

Tall and elegant, this Sliding Door Multimedia Cabinet in Light Oak Finish provides a sturdy wood construction. The cabinet features tempered glass doors with brushed metal door handles. The inside is consisted of adjustable shelves able to store up to 1050 CDs, 504 DVDs, or 294 VHS tapes.

Leslie Dame MS-525 Wall Mounted Sliding Door Mission Style Media Storage Cabinet, Oak

When you lack on floor space, you don't need to worry - wall mounted media cabinets with sliding doors, like this one, are just perfect for you and they are able to solve much of your storing prolems.

Leslie Dame MS-700B Sliding Glass Mission Style Door CD Storage Cabinet, Black

In this sliding glass door storage cabinet elegance meets function to create beautiful and convenient way to store books or CDs. Made of solid wood veneers with walnut finish and brushed metal door pulls, it features 18 fully adjustable shelves.

Mission oak cd dvd cabinet

Mission Oak CD/ DVD Cabinet

Leslie Dame GL06-0518-78  Glass Door Solid Oak Multimedia Storage Cabinet, Espresso

This file media cabinet in an espresso finish is crafted from solid oak wood for good durability. The cabinet includes 12 storage drawers, and fully adjustable shelves secured by the glass panel door. Accommodates up to 393 CDs or 184 DVDs.

Dvd cabinet with glass doors 1

This DVD cabinet sports the glass doors design that makes it more convenient for you to store your collection and keep it safe, while the four adjustable shelves prove immensely spacious and provide more than enough needed room.

Winsome Wood CD/DVD Cabinet with Glass Doors, Antique Walnut

Elegant and full of grace, the Wood Cabinet with Glass Doors offers capacious storage space along with vintage design. Glass double doors reveal five adjustable shelves made for holding DVDs, Blu-ray, and music records.

Leslie Dame M-371 High-Capacity Inlaid Glass Mission Style Multimedia Storage Cabinet, Oak

This elegant piece offers you capacity of five fully adjustable shelves. Whole cabinet is made from wood with elegant oak finishing. Two side opening doors with inlaid glass are giving you easy approach to whatever you want from it. Whole piece look stylish and chic.Great addition to your living room or home office.

Windowpane Multimedia Cabinet

Windowpane Multimedia Cabinet

Glass dvd storage units

I would love a bookcase like this with glass doors to store media, dvds, games, etc.

Dvd unit with doors

Oak Veneer Double Multimedia Case with Glass Doors

Dvd storage cabinet doors

BILLY/BILLY VALBO Bookcase with glass doors - medium brown - IKEA {I'm not sure where I would put this, but I love this}

Cd cabinet with glass doors

... windowpane cd and dvd storage cabinets with sliding glass doors

Dvd cabinet with doors

Crafted with Kokor wood and finished in rich, dark mahogany, this Dorian cabinet adds graceful rustic style to any space. Four fixed shelves behind two glass doors offer organized storage.

Simpli Home AXWSH005 Warm Shaker Collection Medium Storage Cabinet, Honey Brown, 1-Pack

This Elegant Medium Storage Cabinet in Honey Brown Finish is characterized by a solid wood construction. The cabinet features 2 open storage compartments, and 2 doors with tempered glass panels that conceal a spacious storage area divided by two adjustable shelves.

Sliding glass door 1400 cd 672 dvd storage cabinet ebay

Sliding Glass Door 1400 CD 672 DVD Storage Cabinet | eBay

Leslie dame 4 glass door cd dvd wooden wall media

Leslie Dame 4 Glass Door CD DVD Wooden Wall Media Storage ...

Leslie dame glass 4 door multimedia storage cabinet 1

Leslie Dame Glass 4-Door Multimedia Storage Cabinet

Dvd storage cabinet with doors really elegant look high

DVD Storage Cabinet With Doors. Really elegant look, high ...

Glass door 1050 cd 504 dvd storage cabinet rack new

Glass Door 1050 CD 504 DVD Storage Cabinet Rack NEW | eBay

Atlantic inc 72 windowpane media cabinet in espresso

Atlantic Inc 72" Windowpane Media Cabinet in Espresso ...

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