Media Cabinets With Glass Doors

Put your media components in a cabinet with doors, and feel like your expensive electronics are properly protected. With our collection of media components with glass doors, we will give you a medium to keep your components secure, safe, and out of the sticky hands of curious children. Take a look in this collection for more details.

Best Products

Holland Multimedia Cabinet

Holland Multimedia Cabinet
Extremely functional multimedia cabinet constructed from wood. The cabinet also comes with a compact raised design, utilizing the vertical space in your home and saving you loads of floor space. It also offers several tiers of storage and a tinted glass door for impeccable style.

Sliding Door Multimedia Storage Cabinet

Sliding Door Multimedia Storage Cabinet
Aesthetic traditional media unit with a sleek rectilineal frame of particleboard finished in dark brown. It features 3 glazed sliding doors with recessed metal pulls. It can accommodate about 1000 CDs or 500 DVDs on a dozen or so adjustable shelves.

Pecke Multimedia Storage Cabinet

Pecke Multimedia Storage Cabinet
This refined multimedia storage cabinet is made of MDF wood and has a rustic finesse with tempered glass door panels, decorative handles and six adjustable shelves that have a capacity of 371 CD’s or 185 DVD’s.

Chesterfield Floor Cabinet with 1 Glass Door

Chesterfield Floor Cabinet with 1 Glass Door
It is a floor cabinet with one glass door that is a fantastic addition to any office, laundry, bedroom, kitchen, garage or any other room. You will be impressed how great this product is.

Parker house furniture hartford entertainment center har100 set

Parker house furniture hartford entertainment center har100 set
A sophisticated piece of white-finished wood that will bring elegance to any decor. The media stand offers 2 glass door cabinets with 2 wood shelves, 2 side door cabinets, 2 clear glass paneled center cabinets with 1 shelf, 3 open shelves, and a nook for your flat screen.

Glass Door Multimedia Cabinet

Glass Door Multimedia Cabinet
This amazing and stylish multimedia cabinet is gonna bring a huge dose of design and functionality to every kind of living room. Don't hesitate, check it out and enjoy an extraordinary look in your house!

Calvin Display Unit 34.3'' Bookcase

Calvin Display Unit 34.3'' Bookcase
Cool contemporary open front bookcase (but suitable for display other things, too) crafted of wood hand-painted in 2 tones. It consists of 3 rectangular brown shelves with straight full-depth white supports.

Our advice Buying Guide

Why choose a media cabinet with glass doors?

Choosing a media cabinet with glass doors is a fantastic idea because it will help you showcase your entire collection but also make it super easy to find the specific DVD or Blu-ray that you were looking for without opening every single cupboard.

Plus, they’ll give you the opportunity to display a few decorative items or movie-related figures next to your impressive collection, should you wish to.

Should I use decorative window film on glass cabinet doors?

Decorative window film can turn media cabinets with glass doors into striking design elements and also hide what lies behind those doors. It isn’t affected by moisture, steam, or heat, making it a durable addition to any room without the worry of high-maintenance.

Decorative window film is essentially a thin layer or coating that you apply to your glass cabinet door’s inside surface. Many options are available today, including film designs that create frosted glass or colorful stained glass appearance.

Using window film allows you to get creative, adding a pop of color or texture to a room. A decorative window film layer can add elegance, thematic prints, or a touch of modernism to even plain cabinets.

It also creates privacy for what lies behind those glass cabinet doors. This can be kitchen supplies, mismatched dishes, toiletries and medicines, wires and electronics, or anything else you prefer hidden from view.

If your cabinet is in direct sunlight from windows or doors, the decorative window film can also protect the interior items from excessive UV rays.

Where to put a media cabinet with glass doors?

It’s no doubt that a media cabinet with glass doors makes a functional addition to any living room. After all, having your DVDs, CDs, and electronics next to your TV is much more convenient than if you were to keep it elsewhere. That being said, this type of furniture can serve many purposes when placed in different rooms.

If you’re looking for an easy way to organize your books, situating a storage unit with glass doors beside your armchair in your home library or reading nook will do the trick.

Alternatively, a media cabinet in the dining room or kitchen can be converted into a display cabinet for storing dishes, glasses, and other tableware while keeping them dust-free.

Thanks to its versatility and storage capacity, this piece of furniture can also be used in the bathroom to hold towels and products and even in the garage if you need a home for your equipment and gardening tools.


Family Room

Family Room
The media cabinet with numerous cabinets and media space is a perfect combination of functionality and style. Adorably decorated with fireplace, furniture with glass cabinets create an excellent composition in the living room.

Printers long low media suite

Printers long low media suite
This piece of furniture is suitable for supporting a TV and other types of media devices. It has got many storage shelves that provide some space for different items used at house. The whole construction is very durable.

Sumter Double Freestanding Floor Cabinet

Sumter Double Freestanding Floor Cabinet
This piece of furniture is a floor cabinet that assures storage and display space for different items. Its frame is made of wood in a neutral white color. It includes double doors with solid double glass windows.

Small media cabinet with glass doors

Small size of this wooden media cabinet with glass doors allows for organization of CDs, DVDs and VHS in small spaces. Tempered glass doors are stylish and durable. These cabinets also include vintage-style hardware.

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Gorgeous media cabinet with rectangular prism shape. The structure sits on a solid base with a black color that rhymes with the rest of the cabinet's Woodwork. There are four distinct cabinets with glass doors and silver-coated doorknobs. The doors have a center bar design.

Small media cabinet with glass doors

A small but very charming media cabinet with glass doors is a great way to get a cozy interior. Bright finish colors and higher legs make it all the more attractive to the interior and add lightness. Ideal for living room or bedroom.

Winslow long media stand 3

Long credenza styled wooden media stand with glass-fronted doors will support your monitor or television while keeping your media collection protected, yet visible. Perfect for keeping all your games, remotes, and other items contained yet accessible for daily use.

Media cabinet glass doors 2

Just look at this gorgeous setup for a living room, great if you have some spare space on the side to utilize. A beautiful, two door storage cabinet with glass doors to display all your curios and souvenirs.

Multimedia cabinet with glass doors

Cabinet for multimedia storage. This piece of furniture features a solid wooden frame in dark cherry finish. Its doors are based on glass constructions, so they are not only durable, but also very attractive.

Media cabinets with glass doors 3

Organize your DVDs with ease thanks to this large floor to ceiling cabinet. Constructed from wood and finished in a glossed walnut, the cabinet also comes with sliding glass doors and stunning crown moldings. You also get three storage compartments that should be enough for your collection.

Glass door sideboard

The lovely colors, functionality and beautifully glazed doors of this antique sideboard buffet are a great choice for any contemporary interior. The whole will be checked as a tv stand or a dining room cabinet.

Multimedia cabinet with glass doors

Spacious and sizable approach to a large multimedia cabinet with glass doors and a plenty of shelves inside which provide a lot of storage and display capabilities, perfect for a traditional living room or a home library.

Triple Glass Door Multimedia Wall Mounted Cabinet

Triple Glass Door Multimedia Wall Mounted Cabinet

Media cabinets with glass doors

This neat looking white made of wood media cabinet with glass door is perfect for the cozy design. Especially recommended if you have only modest space in your house. Different size lockers and shelves provide some extra storage for your stuff.

Sauder Kendall Square Display Cabinet

Media cabinet doors

Corner media cabinet with glass doors to conceal components.

Glass cabinet doors glass cabinet doors seattle glass cabinet doors

... glass cabinet doors. glass cabinet doors seattle. glass cabinet doors

Glass buffet table

This classic gray sideboard cabinet is a perfect combination of storage space and beautiful style. Large glazed cabinets, shelves, and large table top are neatly practical. Subtle details create a beautiful whole.

Antique bookcase with glass doors

Bring vintage accents to your home decor by using this fine bookcase with 2 pairs of clear glass panel doors. It's crafted of durable wood in an oak finish, offering 4 adjustable shelves for books and decorations.

Leslie Dame M-1431 High-Capacity Inlaid Glass Mission Style Multimedia Storage Cabinet, Oak

This type of cabinet on a variety of boards is the perfect solution for a variety of occasions and circumstances. The cabinet can expose plates, as well as organize and arrange them. It's the perfect place for any fan of various boards.

White media cabinet with doors

media cabinet with glass doors | Door Designs Plans

Media cabinet glass doors

The Palencia Media Cabinet is handcrafted with a gorgeous parquet top and paned glass doors. It is the handiwork of Indian artisans using reclaimed N

Media storage center cabinet tv stand in white wood finish

Media-Storage-Center-Cabinet-TV-Stand-in-White-Wood-Finish-with-Glass ...

Media cabinet with glass doors

Media cabinet with glass doors

Pivoting bookcase

This is an interesting bookcase that has got a white, neutral colour that fits well to any decor. It has got convenient sliding glass doors that look stylish and are very solid. This piece of furniture is 48 inches high x 30 inches wide x 13 inches long.

Deluxe Multimedia Storage Cabinet

Deluxe Multimedia Storage Cabinet

Liatorp tv storage combination ikea cornice and plinth rail help

LIATORP TV storage combination IKEA Cornice and plinth rail help create a uniform expression when two or more units are connected together.

Living room cabinets with glass doors

Sorry, no glass doors with young children!

Media cabinet glass doors 6

Wooden media cabinet in stylish espresso finish. It features sliding tempered glass doors and spacious adjustable shelves that are able to hold up to 720 CDs or a combination of CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs.

VHZ Entertainment Top Load Multimedia Cabinet

VHZ Entertainment Top Load Multimedia Cabinet

Cupboards with glass doors

If you have spacious kitchen, this solution is perfect for you. You can buy this original kitchen island - it is made of grey wood and has marble desktop. You can use this decor's element as a table, bar or place to cooking.

Bookcase cabinets with doors

Creative and efficient way to design your kitchen pantry storage and hide away a little secret room behind it – instead of using a dedicated set of shelves, put the shelving on a door, creating a unique storage solution.

Tall corner tv cabinet with doors beautiful antique corner media

Tall Corner Tv Cabinet With Doors Beautiful antique corner media

Bookcase cabinets with doors 14

If you have some extra space in your study or living room and would love to have your collection of books beautifully organized then this bookcase cabinet with the white, neutral finish and traditional look is exactly what you should opt for.

Bookcase cabinets with doors 1

Beautiful and practical organization of doorway area. It features practical shelves on sides and above doorway area. Neutral color and practical space for storage or display are the most important features of this idea.

Multimedia Storage Cabinet with Inlaid Glass Door in Oak Finish

A comprehensive showcase on CD, DVD, VHS. Adjustable shelves adapt to the needs of the owner. Good idea for the development of the wall. The site has 3 glass doors securing content.

White cabinets with glass doors

A good example of contemporary design in everyday use. This living room represents what's best in modern style - all cool and clean, giving the impression of lightness and freshness. The glazed cabinet with glass doors compliments greatly the whole composition.

Bookcase cabinets with doors 15

Stylish bookcase with glass doors. It consists of 2 cabinets in various sizes. Great for storing books or display decorations. Elegant design for the living room and others interiors according to taste.

Geneva Espresso Media Tower Storage Cabinet Cd Dvd Glass Door

Media cabinet with glass doors

A whole wall was dedicated here for storage, accommodating an entertainment center and tall glass door cabinets with eclipse mullions. The room is not fully furnished yet, but a modern chandelier with glass globes already makes for a centerpiece.

Leslie Dame MS-700ES Mission Multimedia DVD/CD Storage Cabinet with Sliding Glass Doors, Espresso

This contemporary cabinet in an espresso finish is crafted from solid wood veneer. The cabinet includes sliding glass doors with tempered glass panels and brushed metal door pulls. Accommodates up to 700 CDs or 336 DVDs.

White media cabinet with glass doors

This 2-door cabinet provides a large storage area for different items used in the house. It is also equipped with center shelves so the whole product does not take to much space in the room although it is very spacious.

UCOOL DIY Plastic 9 Cube Organizer Bookcase Storage Cabinet Shelf Closet With Clear Door (Black)

A cool modern storage unit composed of 9 cube cabinets in 3 tiers. Cabinets are manufactured of semi-sheer opal plastic with non-transparent scroll and swirl designs. Square doors have small round hole pulls.