Cd Storage Cabinets With Drawers

For a different way to organize and store your CDs, have you considered a storage cabinet with drawers. Small CD drawers allow you to organize your CDs in a way that makes it more efficient to select just the one you need without hunting. And as furniture goes, these are quite attractive. Take a look and see if your CD collection could be better stored in drawers.

Best Products


Stylish and elegant, this white linen cabinet offers a lot of functionality and space. Placement of various kinds of drawers creates space for your utilities. It is located cleverly at the end of the bathroom floor, therefore saving space for other furniture.

Andover media console weathered walnut

Andover media console weathered walnut
A very useful element that contains many small drawers for different types of items. It is supported on a solid frame made of hardwood. It is not only a functional element. It also make the interior design very stylish.

Willow 5 Drawer Storage Cabinet

Willow 5 Drawer Storage Cabinet
In the era of Spotify and Tidal - hardly anyone can hear the music from CDs but there are still some and it is dedicated to them is this medium-high tall narrow wooden piece of cherry wood cd storage cabinet with drawers and woven fronts of CD drawers.

Useful Metal & Wood Storage Cabinet

Useful Metal & Wood Storage Cabinet
This amazing storage cabinet offers a structure made from both metal and wood to ensure a boost of industrial charm and a look of vintage appeal to your space, while the caster wheels allow for more functionality and easier mobility.

Expertly organized derrick multimedia cabinet in walnut

Expertly organized derrick multimedia cabinet in walnut
I have in my memory the vision of the cabinet of that kind. It brings me back to the childhood, to the old library, where all the book labels was hidden there. Now I don't find any serious apply for that kind of furniture.

Leslie dame apothecary style storage cabinet in distinctive cherry

Leslie dame apothecary style storage cabinet in distinctive cherry
An elegant chest of drawers, inspired by vintage design and beautiful oak finish. Crafted of durable hardwood, the chest offer 6 small-, 4 medium- and 2 large storage drawers - each equipped with a stylish metal pull-knob.

Cape May 2 Drawer 1 Door Storage Cabinet

Cape May 2 Drawer 1 Door Storage Cabinet
Attractive traditional cabinet of poplar wood with a natural finish. It has a rectangular moulding both a top and a base, turned bun feet. It features a cabinet with a louvered door and 2 adjustable shelves. Both it and 2 drawers have round knobs.

Our advice Buying Guide

CD storage cabinets with drawers are incredible home additions if you have a lot of DVDs, CDs, and other optical storage devices. Not only are these cabinets great for neatly organizing your CD's, but the addition of drawers means that they can also be used for storing other items.

There are plenty of CD storage cabinets with drawers to choose from. In fact, things can get tricky because of the number of choices available. To help clear some of the confusion, this article is going to be a CD storage cabinet with drawers buying guide.

How to select the right size CD storage cabinet?

You can save yourself from a lot of problems by doing some simple measurements. First, you'd want to visualize where in the room you'll be placing the CD storage cabinet with drawers. After you've taken the measurements, it will just be a matter of looking for the right unit that will fit into your measurements.

When shopping for a CD storage cabinet with drawers, it's easy to fall in love with a unit without considering how it will fit in the room. The worst mistake you could make is buying a unit and when you place it in the room, it hogs too much space making everything feel cramped. At that point, you either go through the hassle of replacing it with a better-sized unit or stick with it and settle for a confined space. Either option is bad.

How much are CD storage cabinets with drawers?

When it comes to prices, CD storage cabinets with drawers can be classified into budget, mid-level, and premium.

Budget CD storage cabinets with drawers are also referred to as "stock." These types of cabinets are very economical, making them an excellent choice if you are tight on the budget. On the downside, most budget cabinets are often crafted from particleboards. Particleboards are the least durable when compared to other cabinetry materials.

As the name suggests, premium CD storage cabinets with drawers are already in the area of "top of the line." These cabinets are a notch below from the "made-to-order," which is the most expensive. Premium cabinets commonly feature solid wood and high-grade hardware, making them very tough and reliable. On the downside, these storage cabinets are costly.

The mid-level CD storage cabinets with drawers are somewhere in between the budget and the premium range. The material of choice is plywood, which is a notch above particleboards and a notch below solid wood. You also have a wider range of style options. The mid-level is an excellent choice if you have some money to work with, and you don't like the particleboard cabinets.

The trick to avoiding costly mistakes when shopping for CD storage cabinets with drawers is knowing how to narrow down your choices. There are plenty of criteria you can use to help filter your options but starting with the right size and the price categorization is always a good place to begin your search.


Rustic & Reclaimed Eva Cabinet

Rustic & Reclaimed Eva Cabinet
A decorative and vintage-looking cabinet that can be excellent for storing your large CD or DVD collection. Crafted of weathered wood, the cabinet features a narrow design, an elongated top, 2 drawers with metal pull-rings, and a main compartment concealed behind 4 colored doors.

Nantucket Storage Cabinet

Nantucket Storage Cabinet
Pretty and capacious storage cabinet with six drawers and six compartments for removable storage baskets made of rattan. The piece is painted turqouise, so it gives a feel of a seaside life that beautifies any interior.

Clean house covington media cabinet in espresso

Clean house covington media cabinet in espresso
Storage cabinet for DVDs and CDs. Crafted of oak wood, stained dark brown. Features lots of cubic filing drawers (perfect to house CDs) and a shelved cabinet behind a glass door - the shelves are tall enough to store DVDs. Ha.

Cabinet cd media 4 drawer cd480 1491

Cabinet CD Media 4 Drawer CD480-1491

Cd storage chest of drawers

Simple, but attractive and functional media storage cabinet that provides space for 612 CDs or 298 DVDs or 148 VHS tapes. This construction provides 18 solid shelves made of oak wood. They also include black metal handles.

Cd storage cabinets with drawers 2

Enchanting with its rich wooden finish, this CD storage cabinet with drawers will create a perfect accent for traditional or classic living room decors. Great for all, who like to have their stuff organized.

Cd storage cabinets with drawers

A splendid idea for smaller interiors such as game rooms, teenagers' rooms, and living rooms. This storage cabinet features 3 vertical, pull-out drawers - each with 5 open shelves, and a large handle for easy usage. Excellent for storing DVDs, CDs and Blu-rays.

Products cabinets infinity media drawer cabinet

Products Cabinets Infinity Media Drawer Cabinet

Cd drawers

Thanks to this storage cabinets, your large CD collection will be properly stored and organized. It's made of oak-finished wood and stands on a powder-coated metal frame, offering number of small drawers with name plaques and metal pulls.

Cd storage cabinets with drawers 1

Simple design and solid construction are the main features of this multimedia storage made of wood with oak finish. It provides ten drawers with metal handles that store CDs, DVDs and other discs with movies or music.

Wooden cd storage drawers

An unusual form of this stylish storage cabinet with drawers makes it a practical piece of furniture for an office or living room in an attractive design. Solid cabinet design is based on wheels so the whole is mobile.

Discsox r 3 drawer cd data storage cabinet

DiscSox ® 3-Drawer CD/Data Storage Cabinet

Storage cabinets 1

Storage Cabinets

Linen cabinet with drawers

The multiplicity of drawers and trolleys guarantee functionality and storage space for all kinds of your clothes and accessories. The traditional style of this construction is visible both in the accents (i.e.knobs), as well as in its plinth.

Dvd holders for drawers

Exchanged CDs in boxes,mess in accessories-we all know it.This CD storage cabinet for discs and movies will bring back a harmony in your media life.2sliding wooden drawers that come from built cabinet, and an additional shelf-allow you to rearrange the discs.

Cd storage cabinets with drawers

A fine mission media cabinet for organizing your DVD and CD collection, that can also be used for storing books, video tapes, etc. Made of solid Oak, the cabinet is able to accommodate up to 400 CDs and 184 DVDs.

Media storage drawers

This CD storage cabinet with drawers enchants with its densely grained, natural wood finish. Standing on the characteristic slanting legs, it reflects well the mid-century style, being a real bargain for the vintage fans.

Home office 7 drawer cd storage cabinets white

Home office 7 drawer CD storage cabinets white

Cd dvd storage furniture

A three-drawer media drawer unit provides just the right storage for your DVDs or CDs. Metal slides help make operating the drawers smooth and easy. The neutral color makes it easy to add to almost any décor or color scheme.

Cd storage cabinets with drawers 4

Classic apothecary style cabinet to store CDs, multiple drawers featuring the ideal shape to house CDs and DVDs collection. Can double as a filing cabinet, but personally I'd keep CDs in it. Wood, cherry red finish.

Venture horizon cd dvd media storage cabinet with drawers 1

Venture Horizon CD DVD Media Storage Cabinet With Drawers

Media storage cabinets with drawers great for organizing dvds blu

Media Storage Cabinets with Drawers; Great for organizing DVDs, Blu ...

Media cabinets with drawers

Although we absolutely associate such a cd storage cabinet with a library and the whole system of finding books - everyone can have it. Made of oak wood in a black finish. It also boasts a hand-rubbed oil finish, and of course many square drawers.

Cd storage cabinets with drawers

This small wooden cabinet will be a nice and smooth proposition for an office, bedroom or living room. Ideal to store CDs and DVDs, can be also used for documents and papers or other bits and pieces. Wheeled base allows easy transport.

Cd storage drawers

The storage cabinet with nine drawers is a great product for storing CDs or DVDs. The Sherwood oak finish is suitable with the classic style around, and the beige or oak furniture.

Dvd storage drawer cabinet

Library-inspired, this stylish media storage cabinet with drawers oozes a classic appeal around the space. Dark-stained wooden construction features 4 columns and 6 rows of drawers, resulting in 24 drawers to store your stuff.

Cd storage cabinets with drawers 5

Bring an eclectic touch of style to your home with this eye-catching design, artfully crafted for lasting appeal. Product: Chest

Media storage cabinet with drawers

Media Storage Cabinet With Drawers

Leslie Dame CD-228 Solid Oak Library File Media Cabinet, Oak

This type of product is a file media cabinet made of durable wood with an attractive oak finish. It has got a file cabinet stylization, but it is designed for the storage of CDs, DVDs and other elements of this type.

Black 3 drawer steel cabinet 3512bk dvd cd storage cabinets

black 3 drawer steel cabinet 3512bk dvd cd storage cabinets are a ...

Cd storage cabinets with drawers

This piece will offer real multifunctional appeal, since it can easily work as a nightstand or just as an extra storage for underneath your desk with its three spacious drawers and a neutral, white finish along with the simple construction.

White cd storage

Old library drawers..would love to have an old card catalog to do this with!

Cd storage cabinet with drawers

Steps with storage | Carina CD Storage Large

Library Style Front Multimedia Cabinet w Doors Dar

This type of product is a very functional cabinet created for the purpose of storage of multimedia. It has got many drawers that are perfect for CDs and DVDs, so this piece of furniture is ideal for owners of large movie and music collections.

Cd chest of drawers

Practical storage cabinet / 8 drawers dresser. I'd store CDs in the top drawers, their size just calls for that. Smooth matte finish in cool navy blue should become a nice accent in a bright interior.

Dvd chest of drawers

A durable storage cabinet for CDs and DVDs. It features a very solid oak wood construction and its cabinets include adjustable shelves. Dark oak finish of this element of furniture looks very good in different indoors.

Dvd storage cabinet with drawers

Library Style CD Storage Cabinet by Leslie Dame. $169.95. This classic library style media storage cabinet is the ideal place to store and organize all those CDs you've been collecting over the years. It features a rich, hand-rubbed finish and vintage sty

Cd cabinet drawers

art/craft supplies storage with repurposed c.d. storage cabinet. drawers can be removed and carried to table for kids to use. easy laminated photos of drawer contents tied with ribbons.

Cd cabinets with drawers

The Record Cabinet Record Cabinet from Atocha Designs For the serious collector with deeper pockets, this option will accomodate a large collection. The configuration shown here includes 6 LP and 4 CD drawers. $5,900 as shown.

Linen cabinet with drawers

The chartreuse wardrobe with glass door. The lower part of it with the inside drawers could play the role of bedding magazine. Above, there is some shelves with sea shells collection - lovely if you plan to have it in your beach home.

Dvd drawer storage

A vintage storage cabinet that will make your home more practical and rustic-looking. The cabinet is made of hardwood bathed in an off-white finish, and includes 12 drawers - each equipped with a decorative metal pull.

Modern audio cabinet

Modern audio cabinet combining unique styling and functionality is the perfect choice for living room or other interiors. Intriguing color combinations, plenty of storage space and solid construction create a contemporary whole.

Cd dvd storage drawers

Media Storage Cabinet | CD DVD Media Storage Cabinet With Drawers Black 2368BL