Small Wooden Chest Of Drawers

What would be your choice if you had to pick something from these rich variety of small chests of drawers. Check if this is the right style, colour and size for your house – all you need to do is browse through the photos down here and make the right choice.

Small wooden chest of drawers

A cool though simple modern drawer chest of wood with a natural finish. It has a rectilinear cuboidal body and long low recessed legs along side walls. Colour-varied drawers have semi-oval pulls cutout in top edges.

Chest of drawers small

This would be perfect for organizing my ridiculous collections of pens, pencils, inks, x-acto blades, etc. etc.

Small wooden chest of drawers

An antique apothecary table from the 19th century that is a real piece of art. It was made from mixed types of wood and it features three larger drawers at the bottom and twelve small drawers at the top. It has a cool, rustic character.

Small wooden cabinet with drawers

An attractive cottage style drawer chest of wood finished in light browns. It has a rectangular moulding top and a protruding base with low feet and curved aprons. Nine drawers (in 3 tiers) of ceramic feature designs and round knobs in vivid colours.

Antique japanese 2 section kannon biraki tansu tansu chest for

Antique Japanese 2-section kannon biraki tansu (tansu chest for clothing with hinged doors), kiri (paulownia) wood front and sides with sugi (cryptomeria) wood top, top section has opening doors with 5 hinges on each panel, opening to 2 large drawers. The

Small chest of drawers wood

this blog has great pictures for decorating ideas...white...girly...shabby-chic

Small chester drawers

I love furniture that's made to look old and worn out like this =) tiny drawers in white

American tiger maple miniature chest of drawers

American Tiger Maple Miniature Chest of Drawers

Small decorative chests

An unfinished project for a DIY, homemade storage chest with a freezer inside of it. The outer panels of the freezer are made out of maple parts, and the chest itself is spacious enough to provide a lot of storage.


It is a chest that has got a contemporary design, solid wood construction, floral pattern, three drawers for storing your clothes and other, and it fits to any style and décor. It is a great addition to your bedroom.

Small decorative chests

A pretty DIY-created casing for a chest freezer and a kind of table in one. It's made of vertically arranged wooden planks with a natural finish and a disused countertop. A hinged front panel has a shell pull, a countertop a handle, of metal.

Small wooden box with drawers

Small kitchen storage idea: put baskets above the cabinets to store lesser used items.

Eight Drawer Wood Tool Chest

Decoupage wooden small chest fo drawers

Decoupage Wooden Small Chest Fo Drawers
Stylish chest in vintage style. It is completely made of wood and finished with floral theme. It consists of 3 drawers for storing personal items. It can be used as nightstand.

Majestic Chest of 8 Drawers Cabinet Hand Crafted Multi-purpose Wooden Jewelry Organizer

Tea chest drawers

Illusorio Cabinet...I love this old/new cabinet that reminds me of the old California job box cases! So useful!

Small wooden drawers

Love the Blue...mix 1/2 Aubusson Blue and 1/2 Old White Chalk Paint™ By Annie Sloan to get this colour.

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Small chest of drawers

This small wooden chest of drawers shall be a must-have for all, who enjoy rustic design. Embellished with the vintage etiquettes of old cigarettes, it intensifies the rustic vibe.

Vintage chest of drawers handmade from

Vintage Chest Of Drawers Handmade From
Vintage small chest of drawers. This old-fashioned element is made of old gnarled wood. It has two rows, every with sever miniature drawers. You can use it as jewel case - it will help you keep order in your jewellery.

Antique mini dresser handcrafted small

Antique Mini Dresser Handcrafted Small
An antique chest of drawers in a small size. It features an old-fashioned type of wood in a warm, honey shade and two drawers with traditional knobs. The chest can serve as a rustic bedside table too.

Small wooden trunk

English Chippendale Spice Chest HEIGHT: 12.5 in. (32 cm) WIDTH: 9.75 in. (25 cm) DEPTH: 5.75 in. (15 cm) DEALER LOCATION: Westport, CT NUMBER OF ITEMS: 1 REFERENCE NUMBER:| From a unique collection of antique and modern decorative boxes at https://www.1s

Wooden drawers small

I really like this. Contemplating now if I have a place for it. I know I could use it.

Vintage wooden chest of drawers

Capacious chest dresser wil numerous drawers - if you currently fish for multiple storage option. Dark walnut wood provides a plain finish of this dresser. Each of the ten equally sized drawers has a rapper style metal handle.

Nantucket 4 Drawer Weathered Wood Chest

Nantucket 4 Drawer Weathered Wood Chest

Wooden Chest with 3 Drawers

Wooden Chest with 3 Drawers
This is made of solid wood chest with three drawers is a beautiful piece of furniture for any type of decor. It looks ancient by which it is impossible not to notice her and appreciate her style.

3 Drawer Wood Pastel Storage Box 15-3/4 x 9-5/8 x 3-1/8 inches

White solid wood dresser 1

If you don't have much space in your entryway or bedroom, this white chest can help. It's narrow, but tall, and it has five drawers of varying size for storage, so it really expands the storing options of a room.

Small chests of drawers

BEAUTIFUL!! would be great to hold all my bits and pieces for crafting

South Shore Step One Collection 6 Drawer Chest, Pure black

This simple and very practical cabinet with six drawers, made of particle board. It is durable and strong. Finished in black, has contrasting steel handles. Perfect for storing small items.

Small set of wooden drawers

Boxes - 37943

Tiny chest of drawers

Secret Compartment Drawer in Furniture

Glacier Country 4 Drawer Chest

Glacier Country 4 Drawer Chest
Inspired by country styles, this eye-catching 4-Drawer Chest in Natural Finish is crafted of solid hardwood. The chest offers 4 storage drawers with large pull handles, and easy glide drawer slides.

Diy chest of drawers makeover

Practical chest for girls. It includes four spacious storage drawers with multi-color and multi-pattern faces. Durable wooden construction of this piece of furniture is finished in neutral white color.

Small wooden storage boxes with drawers

Small Wood Chest of Drawers (11" x 8") $29 - DEF. sand it down- yuck on the design, yay on the bare bones- great for tiered product display

Hardwood chest

Primitive 64 Drawer Apothecary Cupboard......I think this would be great for spices and many more things!

Girls chest of drawers 2

This vintage piece of furniture will play its role the best in the girl bedroom. This chest of drawers has simple wooden desktop and carved legs made of blanched wood. Drawers are decorated by decoupage technique.

Mini wooden chest of drawers

Design*Sponge Sneak Peek This vintage dresser is too small for all my clothes, but it helps me to try to stay minimal. I swapped out the knobs for these milk glass ones and I love the white against the dark wood. I drew the two bat drawings on either side

Girls chest of drawers 3

A fantastic chest of drawers in an extraordinary style. It features an ordinary design with three drawers, but what makes it a truly exceptional piece is the unusual color scheme as it's fully covered with flowery patterns in bright colors.

Vibrant Chest of 2 Drawers Hand Painted Wooden Jewelry Trinket Storage Organizer Multi-purpose Holder

Recycled timber cupboards beautiful

Recycled timber cupboards! Beautiful.

Girls chest of drawers 13

Something for crazy retro style lovers - girls chest of drawers inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Made of maple wood, full of asymetrical little drawers, ractengular or square ones, with black&white stripes or green tops, white frames and gold handles.

Under the sea the little mermaid

Under The Sea The Little Mermaid
It looks like an unbelievable haversack. Inspired by the bottom of the ocean, the story of a little mermaid and seafood. The wooden small decorative chest has a blue hue, matte paint. It is decorated with pearls and starfish.

Girls drawers

All black chest of drawers with contoured front, bun feet and classically moulded bottom rim. The layout was variegated with subtle light pink colored lotus flowers, hand painted. This accent makes the dresser more feminine or even girlish.

Drawers small white chest of drawers small wooden chest of

... drawers , small white chest of drawers , small wooden chest of drawers

Small decorative chests 5

Chest in vintage style. Construction is made of wood with antique finish. Includes 3 lockable drawers for storing needed items. Neutral and functional design for each home.

Small decorative chests 25

A pretty stylish drawer chest of wooden materials finished in green. It features curved lines of a top (with a round metal cooler box) and front panels adorned with ledges, low angle legs. Cabinets doors have silvery knobs, drawers - rope C-pulls.

Traditional 2 Drawer Wood Chest

Traditional 2 Drawer Wood Chest

Custom painted vintage french provincial

Custom Painted Vintage French Provincial
Incredible tall chest of drawers with sweet carved details and curvaceous silhouette. Perfect for girls, because of its sweet, charming colors and patterns - like blue dots, pink ornamental elements or stripes.

Centuries 3 Drawer Wood Chest

Centuries 3 Drawer Wood Chest