Kids Chest Of Drawers

A chest of drawers is always a good purchase as there's never too much of storage space in the house. Browse below and check out the lovely kids' chests of drawers I've found on the web. Cute colours, awesome patterns and knobs which are little pieces of art sometimes - all of this makes these chests super cool. See for yourself.

White childrens chest of drawers

Such a cute, pretty chest of drawers, perfect for a little girl’s bedroom and bound to spice up her room with its beautiful, very colourful finish and make her feel like a princess. Gives off a nice, traditional vibe.

Vw bus dresser furniture chest working headlights

Vw Bus Dresser Furniture Chest Working Headlights
Chest of drawers for kids. It features a VW Bus stylization, so it is suitable especially for boys who love cars. White and red colors look very original. This element is equipped with real vintage California plates.

Kids chest of drawers 8

This beautiful chest of drawers enchants with its multiplicity of colours, providing a vibrant proposition for a child's bedroom. Painted in blue, yellow, green and red, it features 4 drawers to store toys or other accessories.

Steens for kids white 4 drawer baby changing unit chest

Steens for Kids White 4 Drawer Baby Changing Unit/Chest of Drawers

Baby girl chest of drawers

Designed for every single child who just can't help but love horses - this chest of drawers offer three big and two smaller drawers and comes with the nice, horse themed design of its front for a more original look.

Kids chest of drawers 4

Kids room chest of drawers - after some refreshing. Pastel colors are delightfully matched! Shades of pink, blue, yellow and green are so pale and light that they're barely there. But still, +100 to the style as compared to a white chest of drawers!

Chest of drawers childrens

Go for yellow this time when redecorating kid's bedroom: yellow is loved by girls and boys and it brightens the decor up. This 3-drawer dresser is all maple wood; it has cottage style skirt molding and wide top.

Kids chest of drawers 6

Upcycled approach to a modern dresser repurposed to act as toy storage for kids. The toy storage is made out of solid oak wood and has five drawers in a variety of vibrant colors, giving the piece a cozy look.

Kids chest of drawers 23

DIY MALM chest of drawers Nog een leuk idee voor onze kast ! @benedikt laloo

Childrens chest drawers

I don't really think this is good 'upcycling'. Danish modernist style stuff is fine like it is. :P Unless the front was all scratched up or something this was pretty pointless and damaged a perfectly good piece of furniture. There are piles of actually ug

Chest of drawers children

A place for bits and bobs and it's ok for renters as it's not attached to the wall. Inspiration 22.

Kids chest of drawers 1

This wonderful chest of drawers represents a funky approach to children's furniture. Now you can have a house in a house! A great DIY project, which enchants with its multiple details and functionality.

Childrens chest of draws

Original chest made of wood and decorated with map theme. It consists of 5 drawers in various sizes. Suitable for stroing clothes and others needed stuff. Great addition to the kid's room, teenager's room and more.

Childs unisex chest of drawers madeline pottery barn kids

Child's unisex chest of drawers MADELINE Pottery Barn Kids

Childrens solid wood white painted chest of drawers

Children’s Solid Wood White Painted Chest of Drawers

Kids chest of drawers 21

Project blog | Voodoo Molly Vintage | Furniture up-cycling and custom work

Kids chest of drawers 25

25 Upcycled Furniture Ideas - this is really cool...a dresser missing drawers turns into a great bench.

Kids chest of drawers 3

Oak Chest of Drawers / Changer Unit

Kids chest of drawers 12

Simple and classy - this dresser has been turned perfectly into a bench and will make for a nice option for any hallway or even to accentuate your kids room and add some more seating space to it. It offers the antique look with the baby blue finish.

Kids chest of drawers 26

Ombre dresser + vintage look + quilts = love

Great ide for bathroom i like the idea of repurposing

Great ide for bathroom. I like the idea of repurposing old chest of drawers for storage

Kids chest of drawers 13

Cet effet ombré donne à la commode TARVA un nouvel éclat et un vent de fraîcheur.

Kids chest of drawers 2

Splash of color never hurt anyone in the bedroom decor and now you can provide it with the sublime addition of this nightstand. It offers the beautiful, blue accents that work well with the distressed wooden structure.

Newport 3 Drawer Dresser

Newport 3 Drawer Dresser
Neat white dresser with two wide drawers and three smaller ones. Great to organize kids clothes without unnecessary effort. Its surface, though white, is pretty easy to be kept clean. The piece meets ASTM standards.

Bombe chest of drawers 7

A chic antique drawer chest featuring protruding sides and front panels. It has curved legs and corner posts, wavy aprons, a top with wavy edges. Each of 2 large lockable drawers has 2 ornate metal pulls. It's made of wood finished in warm browns.

Kids chest of drawers 4

Upcycled Chest of Drawers with Marvel Comic Decoupage | eBay

Bombe chest of drawers

Bombe chest of drawers - here we go! I truly love its live and accenting color! This wooden painted in aquamarine turquoise color looks simply amazing. Such a cool accent to your casual interior design.

Bombe chest of drawers

A classy antique drawer chest of wood in aged gold. It has curved convex side walls and drawer fronts, curvy corner posts, drawer edges, a top front and aprons, an undertop geometric ornament. Shape-varied drawers have golden metal chain pulls.

Vintage bombe chest 1

That's a charming example of luxury MacKenzie child style in furniture.It is called butterfly bombe chest of drawers-due to the multitude of colors and textures:chessboard,blue-green stripes, floral motifs straight from the meadow. Crazy idea, crazy designer.

Kids chest of drawers 17

handmade baby card ... shaped card ... looks like a baby's chest of drawers ... cut adornments .. pinks ... bunny and teddy bear ... adorable card!!

Monarch Specialties Transitional 3-Drawer Bombay Chest, Golden

Beautiful antique Indian style wooden chest with a golden finish and a floral pattern on a front. It has a convex and curved design of a front and sides. It has moulding both a top and a base with ball feet. Three drawers have small round knobs.

Kids chest of drawers 24

"Floriana" Hand Painted Children's Furniture Collection by Miss Tati and Friends: ...... kids furniture, girls furniture, pretty girls furniture, girls bed, girls chest of drawers, chest, girls bedside table, girls nightstand, girls bookshelf, girls a

Boys chest of drawers

Solid antique restored hardwood chest of drawers finished in navy chalk paint and polished timber. Three drawers provide space for clothes and other items. The whole chest looks attractive in any style.

Childrens white chest of drawers

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Baby boy dresser

Beautiful boys chest of drawers is a stylish combination of solid construction, interesting decorative details, and functionality. The attractive drawers are perfect for storage, and the unusual color combination captivates.

Boys chest of drawers

If you trying to find the classic and elegant chest of drawers, this one will be excellent for you. It featured the graphite chalk board paint on the all wooden construction. The five deep drawers create enough storage spaces for your clothes and lingerie.

Boys chest of drawers 2

Beautiful and very stylish boys chest of drawers is a perfect solution for children's room. Large drawers and beautiful finishes with lovely handles and frame details create an elegant and eye-pleasing look.

Chest of drawers green

With your own idea and creativity you can change the look of your old furniture. Like on this example of boys chest of drawers. Simply wooden furniture with 3 drawers became a modern piece with a white finish on frame, and drawer handles.

Sold convenient chevron patterned

Sold Convenient Chevron Patterned
Emanating with striking patterns and live colors, this chest of drawers is as aesthetic as it is practical. Hand-crafted and hand-painted, the chest is made of sturdy wood, and includes 5 storage drawers with elongated handles.

Bentley 6 Drawer Dresser

Bentley 6 Drawer Dresser
This lovely dresser for children is a simple and versatile piece of furniture in the room. Roomy drawers in the number six accommodate numerous trinkets, clothes or underwear. Tasteful handles complete the whole.

Boys chest of drawers

Colorful and very functional boys chest of drawers is a great way to decorate your children's room. The attractive drawers and slim legs make for a great all-around look. Handy drawer handles complete the whole.

Kids chest of drawers 5

10 Totally Ingenius, Ridiculously Stylish IKEA Hacks

Boys chest of drawers 1

A creative way to refresh the worn-out dressers and put some old-fashioned elegance in your room. Boasting of country design, this chest of drawers is made of sturdy wood, offering 2 small top drawers with metal pulls, and 3 main ones with stylish cutouts for handles.

Old chest of drawers ideas

A boy's room storage idea: extraordinary dresser for travelling afficionados. The multiple drawers (four wide, four smaller ones) have map pattern on their fronts. Old gold hardware brings pirate treasure chest to mind.

Restored chest of drawers

From old furniture you can conjure up a great vintage item. Two tones boys chest of drawers is a good example. The old, dark cherry wood was connected here with a trendy turquoise.Certain shortcomings gives to elegance a cozy style.

This 3 drawer chest in 3 colurs is ideal for

This 3 Drawer Chest in 3 colurs is ideal for use in a small space and ...

Boys drawers

Functional chest with old maps on the surface of drawers. This element of home furniture includes five drawers with practical handles for easy opening and closing. Its durable frame is based on solid wood.

Boys chest of drawers 3

Classic chest with 6 drawers in various sizes. It is completely made of wood. Suitable for storing clothes and others necessities. Perfect solution for saving space in the kid's room, teenager's room, and more.

Kids chest of drawers 3

I'm torn whether I would want a flat file drawers in a studio or sewing space -- or one in each. Possible advantage of storing fabrics and patterns intended to go together until I get to the project.

Chest drawers for kids

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