Kids Ride On Construction Toys

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Kids ride on construction toys are kid friendly replicas of the large construction equipment that make kids eye's light up. From front-end loaders to excavators, your child will play for hours, pretending they are on a real construction site, while never leaving the safety of your yard. WIth working levers and a solid steel construction, it's time for a new type of kid friendly fun.

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Updated 20/10/2022
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Construction Excavator Ride On Toy

Construction Excavator Ride On Toy


What We Like: Lots of digging options

What We Don’t Like: One color available

Perfect For: Beach days

Not So Good For: Carrying over 77 lbs.

If you are struggling to get your kids off the electronics and outside for fresh air, construction ride on toys are a great way to get your children into the world and build unforgettable childhood memories. Geared towards children 3-6 years old, this excavator toy is super easy to use, with six plastic wheels that ensure stable, back-and-forth motion and a detachable excavator and trailer that offers hours of digging fun.

Ride on construction toys like this excavator toy are perfect for the beach. Young children will love the easy-to-rotate handles that control the front excavator, and colorful digging toys are included for building sand castles and digging holes.

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Powered Ride On Tractor

Powered Ride On Tractor


What We Like: Speed and safety control measures

What We Don’t Like: No cab enclosure

Perfect For: Backyard playtime

Not So Good For: Children over 55’’ tall

Large construction toys like this battery-powered ride on tractor offer unlimited opportunities for outdoor adventure. Packed with both entertainment and safety features, this tractor is a great way to introduce your children to the fun of driving while familiarizing them with the protective measures and responsibility that it requires.

Parents always have the final say regarding the toy’s speed to ensure safe, responsible usage. Set to manual mode, your kids can choose between two safe speeds, while remote control mode lets parents control the direction and velocity of the ride. Once aboard, the soft starter ensures gentle acceleration, and your kids can enjoy a full hour of riding on a single charge.  

$344.45 $409.99

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3 In 1 Ride On Excavator Toy Pulling Cart

3 In 1 Ride On Excavator Toy Pulling Cart


What We Like: CPSIA compliant

What We Don’t Like: Limited warranty

Perfect For: Kids aged 2-6

Not Good For: Movement and outdoor activities

Ride on construction trucks are an excellent way to add some movement and interactivity to your toddler’s daily life. This multi-functional toy is a safe, user-friendly option if you’re looking for a ride on excavator for 4-year-old children. Kids can easily control the digger using the excavator’s flexible joints and arms, making clean-up time a breeze. Fabricated using non-toxic plastic, this construction toy is safe, durable, and water-resistant. There’s even a large under-seat storage space for keeping other small toys and games.

This compact toddler excavator is more for entertainment than transportation and requires no batteries or charging. It can be helpful to introduce younger children to this simpler model before progressing to electric ride ons requiring more dexterity and supervision.  

$55.95 $71.02

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3 In 1 Ride On Bulldozer Toy Pulling Car

3 In 1 Ride On Bulldozer Toy Pulling Car


What We Like: Extra storage space

What We Don’t Like: Assembly required

Perfect For: Kids 2-6 years old

Not So Good For: Speed limit 2 mph

The best ride on construction toys give you the opportunity to connect with your children while also teaching kids to enjoy playing independently. This ride on toy will keep your tots entertained safely for hours so you can complete your to-do list with peace of mind.

Your kids will love the gentle movement of the bulldozer, controlling the flexible arms and steering wheel, and digging with the massive movable shovel. You will love the non-toxic, durable plastic material that offers easy cleaning and the large storage space underneath the seat for keeping extra toys or reducing clutter. There’s even a hook in the toy’s tail for safety ropes if you’re worried about security.  

$52.95 $71.23

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Ride On Excavator Construction Equipment Toy

Ride On Excavator Construction Equipment Toy


What We Like: Vibrant colors

What We Don’t Like: No seat belt

Perfect For: Kids 3-6 years

Not So Good For: High speeds

This colorful kids excavator offers young children hours of outdoor fun, whether in the backyard or on a family trip to the beach. In addition to gentle forward and backward movement, this ride on comes with construction tools for digging and building, which can be removed when not in use. Its vibrant red and yellow design is highly visible, making it easy to keep an eye on your kids during play or spot them at a distance.

Though built for one driver at a time, this toy’s building tools can easily entertain multiple kids at once. Choose this ride on excavator for 3-year-old children and up, and prepare to be amazed by all the clever uses for the toy they will discover.  

$120.99 $192.39

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Ride On Battery Powered Tractor

Ride On Battery Powered Tractor


What We Like: Sound and light features

What We Don’t Like: One seat

Perfect For: Outdoor adventures

Not So Good For: Children over 6

Watch your kids cruise in style with this souped-up battery-powered ride on tractor. Its bright LED headlights, built-in music, sound effects, horn, and power display place this stimulating tractor far above the competition in terms of kid-friendly features. With a USB port and Bluetooth hookup, you or your children can customize your adventure playlist.

This ride on toy celebrates both adventure and security, featuring adjustable safety belts and side handles for extra stability. There’s also a plastic storage space in the rear, perfect for transporting goods and supplies. After just an hour of charging, your kids can enjoy the tractor for up to 10 hours.

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Kids Construction Ride On Digging Toy

Kids Construction Ride On Digging Toy


What We Like: Helps with learning to walk

What We Don’t Like: No seat belt

Perfect For: Indoor or outdoor playtime

Not So Good For: Speed

Introduce your tots to the world of creation and construction with this fun, user-friendly ride on digging toy. This interactive ride on comes complete with real working dual action levels and scooping buckets that can help teach your child valuable coordination skills. The toy’s double anti-back safety design prevents your kids from falling backward while learning to walk.

This ride on toy can hold up to 66 lbs., making it a great ride on excavator for 5-year-old children and under. Weighing just over 5 lbs., you can easily store the toy when it's time for homework or chores.  

$44.99 $78.58

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Ride On Battery Powered Tractor and Construction Vehicle

Ride On Battery Powered Tractor and Construction Vehicle


What We Like: Three remote control speeds

What We Don’t Like: Shorter charge duration

Perfect For: Kids 3-8 years old

Not So Good For: Multiple riders

If your child has a need for speed, construction ride on toys are a great way to give them a sense of autonomy and control while ensuring their safety. Your little adventurer can choose between three safe speed modes using a remote control (capped at 3 mph).

Ideal for kids 3-8, this battery-powered tractor is durable and water-resistant, so it can handle the inevitable messes and mishaps. The extra storage space in the rear is great for holding snacks, water, sunscreen, and toys or for giving stuffed animals a guided tour of the backyard. This tractor is made from lightweight plastic and is easy to store when not in use.

$181.69 $226.99

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Kids Ride On Construction Toys

Buying Guide

Construction ride-on toys for kids offer children an engaging and unique playing experience that is extremely difficult to match with any other types of toys. They are electric toys with a construction theme so they’re great for both indoors and outdoors.

As a parent, we know you only want what’s best for your kid. However, each kid is different and what’s appropriate for the child will differ from all other kids out there. To ensure you get your child this extremely popular type of toy that’s both fun and safe for it to play, continue reading.

Ride-on construction toys for kids can go as fast as 6 mph, so it is critical for these toys to come with safety belts. Although it is unlikely for a kid to get thrown off its car, we’re pretty certain your little one would not mind buckling up when it is driving its ride-on toy around as it has used seatbelts before. Also, using a seatbelt when the kid is driving its toy car will send it a consistent message regarding the need for buckling up every single time it is inside a moving vehicle.

The slowest electronic ride-on construction toy for kids can run up to 2 mph, which is your speed when you are brisk walking. The speed may be slow for your aspiring driver. However, a slow speed is important if it is the first car of the child. It will help the kid steer with safety. For preschool kids, however, you can opt for a ride-on with a max speed of 6-8 mph (with all the safety features, of course).

When your kid wants a ride-on that will allow it to control the speed using a pedal, you’d want one that slows to a full stop automatically when the kid lifts its foot. An e-ride-on toy is designed for kids from ages 2 to 7, so the automatic braking will be greatly appreciated by the kid who’s not yet capable of coordinating accelerating and braking.

Bigger kids are more capable of handling two pedals. If your child is 7 or above, automatic braking won’t be necessary.

After some time, a child will get bored with driving indoors so it would want to go outside and test its driving skills outdoors. Because most ride-on toys designed for 2-4-year-old kids run at 6 mph max, they don’t have enough power to be driven outdoors, especially when addressing an uphill pavement. As a parent, you’d want your little one to experience both indoor and outdoor driving. Go for the car that offers two-speed options. That way, the kid will be able to power up when it’s going at an incline.

Take Note: You have to ensure the kid is driving in a safe location outdoors, preferable within residential areas where there’s low vehicular traffic.

If you’ll be choosing the ride-on that offers two speeds, then make sure your child masters the slower speed first before driving at a speed above 6 mph.

Best Ideas

Ride on excavator

This toy for children features a stylization of a CAT backhoe loader. Its yellow and black colors look like in real CAT machines. This loader provides space for sitting. It assures comfortable and safe fun.

Ride on crane

If you have children and spacious garden, you should buy this incredible toy! This tractor ride have a lot of function and it looks so good! It will be ideal birthday's present to your child, especially for son!

Kids ride on construction toys 2

If you looking for interesting kids toys, you have to choose this kids construction ride on toy, which is excellent for your little boys. It features the white color and high quality construction.

Construction Excavator Vehicle Ride On Toy

Construction Excavator Vehicle Ride On Toy

This 4-wheeler ride-on is sure to be a dream come true for your little one. It is realistic looking and comes with a working scoop bucket, accelerator, brake pedal, reverse option, and seatbelt. Your kid will feel like they are on a construction site as they weave and scoop to their heart’s content.

Riding construction toys

Trying to find the perfect construction toy for your kids? We suggest you this one. Excavator ride along, or ride on, many names but a lot of fun!

Kids ride on construction toys 1

This fantastic construction tractor with digger and trailer is going to take many days from your little ones. It features a steering wheel with a horn, a front shovel, and functional back digger. There's also a removable trailer and a stabilization for safe use. Suitable for ages 3 and above.

Construction sand toys

Backhoe loader for children. This riding tool includes solid elements finished in black and yellow colors. The toy is resistant to damage and assures many hours of good and safe fun for the youngest users.

Digger scooter, Ride-on excavator, Pulling cart, Pretend play construction truck (color may vary) by POCO DIVO

Multifunctionality is a favorite feature of all children and their parents. This kids ride on construction toy truck is also excavators and scooter. It has many storage compartments, a revolving cabin and a realistic orange design that is true to reality.

Ride on construction toys 17

Pedal powered, which means no batteries needed with a functional Backhoe Digger with stabilizer foot and safety latch, practical front loader and front lifting hood compartment for engine work, this Caterpillar Backhoe loader will entertain your child for long hours.

Kids ride on construction toys

An amazing micro construction excavator that your kid can ride on. Kids can stand or sit as they move the machine to the construction site, at the same time operating the power shovel, and moving the whole cabin around.

Kids rider excavator car caterpillar toddler construction truck realistic sound

Kids Rider Excavator Car Caterpillar Toddler Construction Truck Realistic Sound

Kids backhoe

This kind of toy is a construction vehicle designed for holding the weight of small kids. It is a toy that features a realistic stylization. It includes control handles for a problem free use. This vehicle is durable.

CAT Front Loader Pedal Construction Vehicle with Backhoe

CAT Front Loader Pedal Construction Vehicle with Backhoe

12V Kids Ride on Tractor

12V Kids Ride on Tractor

This cool, sleek kids tractor will rock your child’s world. Pulling out all the stops, this sweet ride has a 2-speed battery-powered motor, a seatbelt, and is equipped for MP3 player use. The rugged, high-grip tires can navigate various terrains, and the padded seat offers comfort and support for growing bodies.

Hieronder ziet u enkele voorbeelden van onze automaten kiddy rides

hieronder ziet u enkele voorbeelden van onze automaten kiddy rides ...

John Deere 12V Battery Powered Tractor with Trailer

John Deere 12V Battery Powered Tractor with Trailer

Battery powered tractor with trailer resembling genuine John Deer vehicle. It's powered with 12V battery and has weight capacity of 85 lbs. The tractor is designed for children aged 3-7, making it a great source of fun.

Kids Ride On Tractor

Kids Ride On Tractor

Let your child get to work and have a great time doing it with this tractor that comes in two fun color options. Elevated wheels help your child navigate terrain safely, and the digger bucket lets them play in a realistic and fun way. The battery-operated motor provides a full hour of playtime, and the seat belt keeps them safe as they zoom around the yard.

Trax ii offroad mini dune buggy sandrail go kart plans

Trax ii offroad mini dune buggy sandrail go kart plans

Ride on car designed for kids. Suitable for outdoor use. Frame is made of metal and reinforced with solid supports. Includes seatbelts for added safety. Perfect gift idea.

Bruder Toys Caterpillar Excavator

Ride on excavator recommended for older kids. It is made of durable plastic. Excellent gift idea for boys. Received a lot of positive recommendations from customers for high quality and modern design.

Kettler Cat Front Loader and Backhoe

This Fully functional backhoe digger is equipped with stabilizer foot and safety latch while the fully functional front loader can scoop up large piles of dirt, sand or snow. An amazing CAT Construction Pedal Tractor rolly toy.

Kids ride on bulldozer

The construction toys are funny, functional and interesting for every kid! This Hammacher Schlemmer is a colorful option, especially for birthday or other occasions.

Ride on construction toys

If you’re looking for a perfect Christmas gift for your kids, take a look at this large, elaborate Caterpillar riding toy for children, made to resemble a construction vehicle and bound to provide a plenty of fun for kids.

Rc2 john deere pedal powed construction loader ride on toy


6V Ride-on 4-Wheel Bulldozer Battery Powered Construction Vehicle

6V Ride-on 4-Wheel Bulldozer Battery Powered Construction Vehicle