Large Playpen for Toddlers

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Kids love to play, and having a safe place for them to do it is worth its weight in gold. The large toddler playpen offers a huge space for your little ones to explore, grow and have fun in an environment where it is unlikely for them to become injured. Great for families with many small children, or playdates with other young kids from the neighborhood.

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Large playpen with an adorable pastel cow theme

Large playpen with an adorable pastel cow theme

Luna's Elegant Home

Is your at-home aesthetic farmhouse-inspired?

Take that decor to incredible levels of cuteness with a foldable pastel large toddler playpen with farm animals on its side! This playpen is easy to assemble, has a shape that you can form to fit the space in your home, and has easy-on-the-eye colors that won’t distract from the soothing color palettes of your home. Durable plastic construction makes it sturdy enough for even the most curious and industrious of toddlers! 

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Playpen for toddlers with a tiny basketball hoop

Playpen for toddlers with a tiny basketball hoop

Oriufas Studio

Got a future basketball prodigy in the house?

Give your toddler the space to practice their shooting in the comfort and safety of your own home! The tiny red basketball hoop is cute and will keep your child enthralled for hours. This toddler playpen also comes with a pack of pastel balls and a tiny soccer goal zone…so no matter what type of sport your family is into, this playpen has you good to go! 

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Toddler playpen in an attractive, soothing greyscale

Toddler playpen in an attractive, soothing greyscale


Maybe pastels aren’t your thing.

If your decor is more minimal or modern, then you might not want any colors at all distracting from the aesthetic you’ve worked so hard to maintain. Enter: This grey-and-white playpen.

It’s got a subtle ocean theme with beautiful wavy lines—and an included foam floor mat to cushion any of your toddler’s falls. It’s just the thing you need for a modern, safe, and beautiful play place. 

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Large play pen made of natural wood

Large play pen made of natural wood

Sinda Funiture

Trying to stay away from plastics?

Whether you’re going for more of a natural, rustic look or you just prefer wooden fixtures in your home, you’ll love this simple wooden fence structure for your child’s play area.

Made of recycled, reclaimed wood, this beautiful piece is held together with durable brackets, features zero paint for safety, and can be set up in as little as ten minutes. 

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Large outdoor playpen for toddlers with fun yellow accents

Large outdoor playpen for toddlers with fun yellow accents


Need something bright for outdoor use?

We love a natural wooden piece for its lightweight, neutral-looking aesthetic; but the included yellow brackets on this piece make it easy to assemble outside without fear of losing any darker-colored pieces.

With an easy five-step assembly and a convenient, ultra-portable hexagonal shape, this type of playpen is both easy and beautiful for frequent outdoor use. 

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Extra large playpen with fourteen greyscale panels

Extra large playpen with fourteen greyscale panels


If you’re looking for something a little larger than a six-paneled playpen, it’s time to double the panels involved.

With 14 plastic panels, this extra large piece will give your toddler room to roam. The plastic is easy to clean, it’s ready for indoor and outdoor use, and the greyscale color tones juxtaposed with the whimsical decor make this a piece that isn’t an eyesore…but is still adorable. 

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Extra large playpen for babies with netting and a basketball theme

Extra large playpen for babies with netting and a basketball theme

Blue Carve

If neither plastic nor hardwood is what you need—perhaps you’re looking for something lighter and more ventilated—then it’s time to look at soft mesh.

With easy portability, no spaces for tiny fingers or small toys to get caught, and a basketball hoop for endless enjoyment, this mesh playpen offers an easy way to watch your child at all times. 

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Biggest playpen for toddlers is a palace for your children

Biggest playpen for toddlers is a palace for your children


When it’s the biggest playpen you need, you need to think big.

Like, castle big.

This durable plastic set is styled like a cute medieval castle, allowing your tiny prince or princess the room they need for safe, fun play. Available in an array of color ways, this type of castle is both light enough to be portable and durable enough to be a permanent fixture in your home. 

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Large portable play yard that’s more minimalist or industrial

Large portable play yard that’s more minimalist or industrial


If your aesthetic veers more towards industrial or minimalist design, maybe you don’t want anything that’s pastel, puffy, or overly ‘cute’. You want something simple. Streamlined. Subtle.

This black play pen is easy to set up and minimal enough to recede into the background. Instead, your child’s smile will be the first thing that you see!

This is also a great choice if the primary thing you need in a playpen is portability. Since it’s a slim design, it’s lightweight and easy to pack, too. 

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Playpens for toddlers that come with their very own ball pits

Playpens for toddlers that come with their very own ball pits


Do you love taking your child to parties and restaurants that have ball pits for kids—but don’t love the germs that often come with those places?

Here’s a simple solution: Invest in an at-home ball pit that will allow your child the same fun, in a much more safe way. This type of playpen is often big enough for mom or dad to get in on the fun, while the kid has a blast in a personal (and totally easy-to-clean) ball pit for one! 

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Large Playpen for Toddlers

Buying Guide

A large toddler playpen can be used by a baby who's just starting to crawl. This usually happens when the kid reaches 6 to 7 months old. A playpen is a great idea for a baby as it won't just offer freedom to roam in an area that's safe, but it also gives parents the assurance that their kid is kept safe and happy at the same time.

Should you decide to look for a large toddler playpen, there's a need for you to understand how to pick the best design, features, and dimensions of the product. There's a wide selection available, so you'd want our help in narrowing down your choices. Here are the guidelines that will assist you when you're selecting a large playpen for your adorable, cherished baby.

What type of playpen should you choose?

The first thing you need to take into consideration is how often your baby will be using the playpen. It's likely that you'll just need a straightforward playpen without complex features if you'll only be using it every now and then. Generally, a playpen can be a changing station and a sleeping area for the baby, which will prove to be helpful in massive homes as the need to go up and down the stairs is eliminated. If you're a working parent, you will need a playpen that's compact and reasonably priced so it can be taken to a sitter's place.

A bassinet is a good choice if the playpen will only be used occasionally. Remember, there's a 15-lb weight limit for a bassinet.

If you'll be using the playpen constantly, then you definitely need features like a canopy, detachable lid, and floor mat among others, which will handle you and your child's needs and preferences.

Are you going to carry the playpen?

If a playpen will be used as a lightweight crib for a baby, you need to make sure that the folding mechanism of a product is convenient as it will be required to provide a portability feature. You'll be carrying it around with its carry case, which needs to be durable and robust.

What are the requirements for a toddler playpen mattress?

The padding must be snug-fitting and strong without any spaces as your baby might be caught in the padding. As for the cushioning, it shouldn't be 1-inch thick or less. Pick the model that's been equipped with strap holes at the base as straps will secure the floor padding properly to the playpen's underside. Also, the straps shouldn't get to your baby. A ground pad that adheres using Velcro is less dependable. To ensure a unit's safety, check the reviews of a product as you wouldn't want a unit that has been recalled.

These recommendations will aid parents like you in making better choices when selecting a large toddler playpen. A playpen must not only meet the baby's needs but the parents' needs as well. Obviously, your priority is the safety of your child. Remember what you just learned and you'll be successful in picking out the best unit.

Best Ideas

BABYSEATER Portable Playard Play Pen with Carrying Case for Infants and Babies, Pink

BABYSEATER Portable Playard Play Pen with Carrying Case for Infants and Babies, Pink

A safe housing for your child when you need to engage in other activities, this playpen features see-through mesh that permits you to always keep an eye on your little one, thus, ensuring their safety. The playpen folds down flat for easy storage and travel, thanks to its lightweight metal framing.

Baby Playpen Safey Gate

Baby Playpen Safey Gate

Crafted with steel framing and reinforced stitching for longevity, this playpen prevents your kids from harming themselves whenever you’re occupied. The bottom is water resistant, making urine and liquid stains hard to infiltrate your beautiful floors. Has a safety-lock feature included and is ideal for 6-24 months children.

Foldable Playpen Safety Gate

Foldable Playpen Safety Gate

Suitable for kids up to 4years, this gorgeous gray piece’s width is adjustable for convenience. The anti-slip rubber pad at the bottom prevents the playpen from tipping over. The inside of the lockable door has a drawing board, so your kiddo can stay occupied while you keep busy.

YOBEST Baby Playpen, Extra Large Playpen for Toddlers, Indoor & Outdoor Kids Activity Center with Gate, Sturdy Safety Baby Play Yard Fence, Baby Fence Play Area for Babies, Toddler, Infants

YOBEST Baby Playpen, Extra Large Playpen for Toddlers, Indoor & Outdoor Kids Activity Center with Gate, Sturdy Safety Baby Play Yard Fence, Baby Fence Play Area for Babies, Toddler, Infants

Measuring 75''L* 59''W * 27''H, this playpen is large enough for your child to play, nap, or crawl around freely without feeling confined. The rectangular enclosure is made of a strong steel frame and durable oxford material that’s easily washable. Suction cups at the bottom keep this piece in place even during the most vigorous play.

Convertible Indoor/Outdoor Pet Playpen

Convertible Indoor/Outdoor Pet Playpen

This convertible pet playpen can be use both indoor and outdoor and can be use as a pet gate. It's made of durable, solid plastic with some holders for better mobility. It is recommended for a small dogs.

Magic Panel Playpen - Large

A wonderful and large size playpen that will guarantee a safe fun for your toddlers. It consists of plastic panels in vivid colors. You will quickly assemble them on your own in whatever room you want.

Large play yard


Toddler playpen large 1

Folding playpen covered with fabric mesh. Frame is made of metal. It folds flat for easy storage. It is fitted with wheels for easy carrying. Classic form and functional design.

Large playpens for babies


Large baby playpen

Posted by Diana on Wednesday Jun 29, 2011 Under Baby playpens

Large playpens

Large toddler playpen in octagonal shape. This construction is based on solid wood and it is accessible via durable hinged doors. It consists of eight panels that allow for changing the whole shape of a playpen.

Extra large playpen

Are you looking for an old fashioned playpen ? The kind you could put ...

Toddler play pen

Giant Plastic Magicpanel Playpen

Extra large play pen

Grandparenting Gear Essentials: Items that will make taking care of the little ones so much easier!

Large child playpen

baby crib and could take off side for a toddler bed too when they're older. it also seems large enough to be a playpen.

Large play pens

Create your toddler a safety place to play with this wonderful playpen. It has soft walls, which prevent your child from injures with net area, which allows air circulation and child can watch the outside world.

Big baby playpen

Large Heavy Duty Wooden Baby Playpen 8 panels £68.99 – reviews by ...

Large playpen for toddlers

Wooden Hexagonal Jumbo Playpen Extra Large

Kids baby toddler deluxe wooden large 8 panel playpen divider

Kids Baby Toddler Deluxe Wooden Large 8 Panel Playpen Divider - White ...

Large playpen

large playpen

Large playpen for babies

Baby Playpens | Childrens Playpen | Wooden and Plastic Playpens

Baby play yard large playpen pet toddler wide infant portable

Baby Play Yard Large Playpen Pet Toddler Wide Infant Portable Kids Dog ...

Toddler playpen

Kidco Peapod Travel Bed - a great alternative to lugging around those heavy, not so portable playpens. This folds up into a bag the size of a large dinner plate. It has a self-inflating mattress and a bug screen you can zip up if you use it outside. Co

Primo Play Yard, Cabana