Oak Gliders


Everyone can appreciate oak furniture, and if you are looking for that final piece to finish your seating area, an oak glider is a good way to go. These are made of the finest oak, crafted with care, and upholstered to suit the owner, ensuring you will enjoy these practical and fetching oak gliders for a very long time. See collection for details.

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Oak gliders

Every household should possess a classic glider rocker... It just brings soul to the house. I prefer traditional designs, so this solid oak rocking chair perfectly meets my taste. I'd change the black patterned upholstery to sth different, though.

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Oak glider

If you are nostalgic person and you remember your grandma's glider, you should buy this unique piece of furniture. This rocking chairs is made of carved, oak wood and has very comfortable cushion on the seat.

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Storkcraft hoop glider and ottoman in oak sage

Storkcraft hoop glider and ottoman in oak sage

Beautiful oak wood design in this comfortable glider makes the whole look perfect. The beautiful finish of the seat is pleasing to the eye and very cozy, which guarantees an exceptionally pleasant rest.

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Oak gliders 3

A set of furniture that is sure to provide a winter cabin-like vibe in any surroundings. The set consists of a comfy glider armchair with an upholstered seat and back, which comes with a dedicated footstool made in a similar style.

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Oak gliders 1

Relaxation on the highest possible level. This kit includes a comfortable glider with an ottoman. Wooden frames are solid and provide good stability level. Soft seats and back are upholstered with decorative fabric.

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Oak rocker glider

Made of the oak wood glider is an excellent combination of beautiful appearance with solid construction. The whole has a comfortable backrest and armrests, and the soft cushion of the seat and backrest adds coziness.

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Newport bow back solid oak glider rocker 550

Newport Bow Back Solid Oak Glider Rocker 550

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Vintage glider rocker

A traditional oak glider. Brown, calm upholstery is great for elder people. The interesting base makes it not only a practical but also an aesthetical addition to any house. Construction is stable, ensuring it’s safe to use.

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Oak gliders 5

Glider & Rocker 040

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Antique oak glider rocker circa 1878 3

Antique Oak Glider Rocker Circa 1878

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Oak Gliders

Buying Guide

No matter if you're shopping for oak gliders for a nursery or another room in your home, their back and forth motion are soothing and comfortable for anyone deciding to sit and rock. They're also an optimal sleep-inducing place for feeding, reading to, and cuddling with babies and young children. With a myriad of styles and options available today, we've put together this buying guide to help inspire your decisions.

Because you're going to be making a significant investment, there are several factors to look for regarding oak gliders. The material is high-quality, which will last you for years. Therefore, it will drive up the price tag. So, look for the following options to ensure a lifetime of satisfaction:

  • Comfort and Support: in addition to supporting the back, the glider should also offer head support. Changing positions should be natural, and the size should be right for your body. For example, you should be able to reach the floor comfortably and, if you're holding a baby, the arms shouldn't be too narrow.
  • Padding on Armrests: while this may not seem too significant initially, you'll be glad you took this into consideration in the long run especially if you need to support a child later on or want to lean while reading a book. Try sitting on several oak gliders in the store to see how the armrests feel before making a selection.
  • Solid Frame: be sure the frame doesn't have any parts that are glued together because, over time, they'll fall apart. The structure should feature sturdy construction that is screwed together and has wooden caps over each screw head. These details ensure no scraps or pinches occur.
  • Safety: if you’re adding this piece into décor where there are small children present, be sure there aren’t moving parts that can pinch fingers. It’s possible to find construction featuring wooden enclosures on both sides of the glider.

Oak gliders are available in dark or light finishes. Therefore, matching them to the existing wood finishes in your room isn't an issue. Their woodcut details offer versatility, as well. So, they'll work in traditional, vintage, rustic, and transitional style rooms seamlessly. One of the best things about oak gliders is their padding. The use of this option allows you to coordinate fabrics with carpeting, drapes, and the upholstery of your existing furniture.

While oak gliders are available in several sizes, the standard measurements for a glider rocker are 26 inches long by 25 inches wide by 40 inches high. The inside seat dimensions are typically 20 inches wide by eighteen inches deep. So, when you're looking for oak gliders, be sure to take these measurements into consideration. If you need something more substantial, don't forget the wood construction will make the glider heavier. Because gliders take up less space due to their lack of padding in comparison to a standard rocker recliner, they’re easier to work into living room and bedroom designs.

Best Ideas

Dutailier 985 maple bow back glider 985 maple

Dutailier 985 Maple Bow Back Glider - 985 Maple

Newport gliders oak four post glider 150x

Newport Gliders Oak Four Post Glider - 150X

Oak gliders 3

Newport Solid Oak Glider Rocker 160

Oak swivel glider and ottoman a best seller

Oak swivel glider and ottoman - a best seller!

Oak gliders 16

Rustic Bent Oak Swivel Glider - All Oak - Amish Made -



Oak glider chairs

oak glider chairs

Glider rocker recliner brooks glider rockers recliner glider recliners

... glider rocker recliner,brooks glider rockers recliner,glider recliners

Amish heritage colonial acorn country lane glider rocking chair shown

Amish Heritage Colonial Acorn Country Lane Glider Rocking Chair (Shown ...

Oak gliders 14

Beautiful and quality glider made from a strong wooden frame. The piece also comes with an equally matching footrest, designed to provide extra storage compartments below. It’s finished in a light wood stain and neutral fabric-based upholstery for that beautiful touch of elegance.

Oak gliders 4

Newport Gliders Oak Glider Reclining Glider - 196X

Oak gliders 1


Oak gliders 2

This four post glider will add the charm and warmth characteristic for vintage constructions. Its bright oak construction creates a down-home appeal, while at the same time being solid and stable.

Oak gliders 3

Being a treat for all fans of vintage or rustic decors, this oak glider registers an inimitable retro vibe. A solid Amish construction, designed to serve its role for many years.