Airplane Ride On Toy

Give your young ones a sense of what it might be to be a pilot, when they tool around on these neat airplane ride-on toys. With wings, wheels, and somewhere to hold on tight, they will "fly" around for hours. Watch their smiles light up as they imagine they are actually the captain of a real airplane. In many models to suit your child's desire, this collection will help their fantasies take flight.

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Airplane ride on toy 3

An airplane riding toy that your kid will just love! It's a solid piece made with great precision and attention to details. It features a grey structure with a silver finish and red accents. It's a toy that a few generations will play with.

Wooden ride on airplane

Fly an airplane without setting off the ground - seems impossible? Not with this wooden model! A great ride-on toy, which will enchant both boys and girls. It's colorful design and attention to details are really marvelous.

Antique horse toys

A wonderful army plane toy that will boost your kid's imagination. It's a solid toy made of sturdy metal that was precisely ornamented with army accents, such as stripes or identification number. No pedals for easier mobility.

Fantasy flyer pink pedal plane retro airplane ride on toy

Fantasy Flyer Pink Pedal Plane, retro airplane, ride-on toy

New in box all metal construction

New in Box - All Metal Construction

Sky king kids pedal plane ride on toy by airflow

Sky King Kids Pedal Plane Ride On Toy by Airflow Collectibles

Ride on plane toy

Airplane ride-on toy. Tech and gadgets for boys and men. Helicopter. Want it? It's super entertaining. You can actually sit inside of it, feel like a pilot and enjoy the ride. Or flight! Now you can have your own toy helicopter.

Our advice Buying Guide

With airplane ride-on toys, it’s easy for young pilots to be on cloud 9 for months! This type of toy for toddlers is not just fun, but it’s also an incredible way to ensure a child develops both personal confidence and physical coordination. Under your supervision, a child will safely experience how it feels riding or maneuvering an airplane and learn the basic life lessons regarding direction, balance, and speed.

Myriads of principles can be learned with the use of airplane ride-on toys. To ensure your child gets all these benefits and more, here are tips on how to select the right airplane ride-on toy:

How to make sure your child's airplane ride on toy is safe?

When it comes to young children, their safety is of utmost importance. After all, they are completely dependent on us. So, when you’re choosing a toy that your child will ride on, conduct due diligence. This means you need to verify whether the toy passed all the safety requirements or not.

Does it have brakes or pedals? Will the child learn how to use them? There are airplane ride-on toy models that include a mechanism which can allow kids to rest both of their feet on pedals while they are in motion. This is great if a parent (you) is in control while pushing the kid forward. Other toys also come with floor panels which keep toddlers from extending both of their feet through the floor or ground. This allows parents to maintain control during the learning stages.

Also, will the ride-on toy need the use of a helmet? Will it come with safety restraints? Know everything that is necessary for the kid to be safe while using its airplane ride-on toy. Always be diligent when it comes to your child’s safety.

How are airplane ride on toys powered?

The two options for the power source of airplane ride-on toys are child and motor.

  • With a child-powered airplane ride-on toy, the kid can burn energy while it’s riding its toy. It makes for the best nap because of the solid playtime it gets from riding the airplane toy. However, it comes with a downside and that’s the fact that it can go faster compared to the battery-powered toy. Take extra precaution when the kid is riding its toy, especially if it has no brakes. Make sure the kid knows its limits. As much as possible, teach the toddler the importance of riding/driving slowly.
  • As for the motor- or battery-operated ride-on toy, it requires the pressing of a pedal to zoom around the driveway or over grass. Of course, it has its own disadvantage and that’s the fact that it has a maximum speed of 5 mph, which is not exactly what your kid might want. Don't worry as there are still models that will reach up to 15 mph. Of course, they may cost you more.

To determine which option is best for your child, know whether your child can do its own braking if it powers its toy on its own. If you are considering the motor-powered option, think whether your child is responsible enough to drive its own battery-operated airplane ride-on.


Disney Planes Dusty Plane Ride On by Kiddieland

Ride on airplane

A lovely vintage style pedal-powered riding toy in the form of a simplified aeroplane. It has a durable fuselage of silvery metal, rubbery wheels, wooden wings and a rudder. It's equipped with a propeller, a steering wheel, a padded seat.

Morgan Cycle Army 44 Airplane Childs Ride-On Scooter, Grey

1038 vintage style metal airplane ride on toy

1038: Vintage Style Metal Airplane Ride On Toy

Airplane ride on toy

airplane ride on toy - More

Airplane ride on toy 2

Made of metal and plastic material, the plane is a great toy and an unusual seat. Good and safe fun is guaranteed. It has a gray color and various colored stickers. Airplane ride on toy has also silver steering wheel and stable wheels.

Radio Flyer Retro Rocket

Great american flying machine rolling ride on airplane toy wooden

... Great American Flying Machine Rolling Ride On Airplane Toy - Wooden

Ride on airplane toy

Childlish tricycle stylised on the nineteen thirties airplane. This toy is made of polished sheet metal. Soft seat provide your child more comfort. This toy vehicle is destined will be amazing for younger children.

Wooden ride em airplane

Wooden ride em airplane

Airplane ride on toy

This is fantastic! Every kid would be more than happy to have this amazing airplane ride-on toy! It's red and white with a small writting on its side. 3 wheels and a front proper airscrew. Ideal for yound airplane lovers.

Airplane ride on toy 4

This riding airplane toy shall delight everyone who misses solid, wooden, vintage toys. Solid Red Oak, Cherry or Walnut construction, which will allow a 300-pound payload. The toy is fully safe for the child, finished with safe, food grade, walnut oil.

Guidecraft airplane rocker ride on toy g51095

GUIDECRAFT Airplane Rocker Ride-on Toy G51095

Airplane ride on

An extraordinary, handmade toy that is a real piece of art. It's a wooden airplane on a rocking horse that was crafted with a great precision and attention to details. It's a type of toy that a few generations of kids will play with it.

Radio Flyer Retro Rocket

Airplane ride on toy 5

Keystone Pressed Steel Ride-on Airplane, 25'' L.

Backhoe loader for kids

Kids Scoot Along Army Airplane Ride on Toy all Steel Construction #morgancycle

Ride on airplane for toddler

This kids scoot airplane is made with love - dedicated to every plane lover. Offers your kiddo an amazing adventure. Cute red wheels, nicesilver paint on the plane and tiny propeller gives the feeling like you're flying on a real plane.

Airplane ride on toy 6

Kids Scoot Along Ace Airplane Ride on Toy all Steel Construction #MorganCycle

Eagle Bi-plane Ride on

Moulin roty classic wooden ride on plane alexandalexa

Moulin Roty Classic Wooden Ride-On Plane | AlexandAlexa

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