Ride On Toy Fire Trucks

Buy the best ride on toy fire trucks selected and recommended by interior designers. By Eliza Bush.

Why do kids love firemen? Is it the fact that they are heros? Maybe. But if you really want their honest answer, its because they get to drive a big, red firetruck. Now your little future fireman can drive his or her own truck. We give you firetruck ride on toys that will give your little ones the fantasy of being a hero changing into a situation where they might have to save a life.

Ride On Fire Engine

Ride On Fire Engine

Ride On Fire Engine



What We Like: Two-seater, detachable fire hose

What We Don’t Like: Limited age range

Not So Good For: Older kids

Perfect For: Preschool-aged kids

With this fire engine ride on, two children can share their firefighting experience together with this two-seater truck. The battery-powered truck features a working siren light with sound effects that will bring their firefighter dreams to life.

It also includes a detachable water cannon fire hose to add another exciting and interactive feature. This truck can reach speeds over 3 mph, so it’s excellent for kids ready to speed up and work on their driving skills. It offers security with safety belts and closing doors so kids can ride comfortably. With a 45-hour battery life, you won’t have to spend as much time recharging. 

Fire Truck Ride On

Fire Truck Ride On

Fire Truck Ride On



What We Like: Anti-slip wheels, 35W twin motor

What We Don’t Like: Battery needs frequent charging

Not So Good For: Quick charging

Perfect For: Kids aged 3-8 years old

Toy fire trucks can be a great way to stimulate your child’s imagination, but they need to have the right safety features so you can feel comfortable as your children play. This model’s sports seat comes with a safety belt and doors equipped with a safety lock so that younger kids stay strapped in. The fire truck features anti-slip wheels and an adult remote control override feature so you can keep them away from hazardous locations.

This ride on toy fire truck provides all the features that will delight your firefighter-obsessed kids. The truck features a siren, headlights, horn, water gun, and extinguisher so kids can play a firefighting scenario. 

Fire Truck Toy

Fire Truck Toy

Fire Truck Toy

Blazin' Wheels


What We Like: Working water gun, can drive in reverse

What We Don’t Like: No seat belt

Not So Good For: Toddlers

Perfect For: Kids aged 4-8

This 12-volt battery-operated fire engine reaches speeds over 3 mph, so it’s perfect for children who are ready to switch from freewheeling truck toys to driving on their own.

The truck makes outdoor playtime exciting with a toy fire extinguisher and a working water gun that lets kids put out fires as they wheel around. The truck also features alarm and dash lights, as well as engine and alarm sounds, creating a realistic firefighting experience for children who want to feel like real firefighters. 

Ride On Fire Truck

Ride On Fire Truck

Ride On Fire Truck



What We Like: Realistic features

What We Don’t Like: Charging only lasts 1 hour

Not So Good For: Long playtimes

Perfect For: Up to 66 lb. weight capacity

This ride on firetruck toy has authentic features, including working headlights and taillights, to engage children in playtime and give them a real driving experience. There is also a working steel wheel, horn, and lift ladder that imitates a real fire truck.

While shopping for fire trucks for kids, safety features are crucial. This truck has a safety belt to keep kids from falling out of the truck and a speed limit of 3 km/h. This truck can also be controlled by a remote if kids need some help from their parents to steer. 

Fire Truck for Kids

Fire Truck for Kids

Fire Truck for Kids



What We Like: Weather-resistant materials

What We Don’t Like: Weight capacity of 44 lbs.

Not So Good For: Children ages 6+

Perfect For: Outdoor use

This fire truck is perfect for toddlers and kids up to 6 years old who love to play as firefighters. The wear-resistant wheels and weather-resistant premium PP material are suitable for both indoor and outdoor play. The non-slip pedals offer security and easy control while riding the fire truck to avoid any accidents.

The truck includes a steering wheel, siren, music, headlights, and other sounds to create an immersive role-play experience for kids. The truck can travel 1-2 mph, the ideal speed if you’re shopping for safe fire truck toys for toddlers. The driving experience can help them improve hand-eye coordination and motor function while having fun as firefighters.

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Ride On Toy Fire Trucks

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