Vintage Ride On Toys


Ride on toys are lots of fun for smaller kids. Let's teach them something about the past, too. Maybe instead of a firetruck, they can drive around in the batmobile form the iconic 80s show. Or bound on a old-style rocking horse. And have you seen the old fashioned pedal car. So many fun options, so little time before they grow up. Get yours quickly.

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Our Picks

Steering Ride On Toy

Steering Ride On Toy


A classic piece inspired by vintage ride-on toys. It is made of non-toxic polypropylene and metal and features smooth corners and edges for the safety of your kids. The streamlined design is taken from the aesthetics of the 1930s. 

Designer Advice:

Available in blue and pink. This is a great gift for kids one to three years old. It’s easy to assemble and can accommodate up to 66lbs. We recommend getting this to help your kids develop their balance and control. Lightweight and portable, which allows you to easily stow this push bike when not in use.

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Rolling Horse

Rolling Horse

Giddy-up! These vintage riding toys will bring back childhood memories. Taken from the 1950s, this rocking horse’s seat and frame are crafted from solid wood. On top is a plastic horse head and at the bottom is a set of rubber wheels.

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Smooth Ride On

Smooth Ride On

Crafted in metal, these 1970s riding toys are perfect for a single rider. It features a streamlined body with a seat and wheel. Fully-customizable and can be personalized with durable vinyl. Suitable for kids one-year and up.

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1930s Car

1930s Car

Crafted in metal and wood, this vintage ride-on car is reminiscent of those historical movies we’ve seen in films. It has a charming tufted seat in leather, large front lights and wheels, and an angular hood. Sold in vintage condition.

Designer Advice:

Complete your set of pedal car collections to create a nostalgic display of vintage cars in your living room or game room. While it can be a play item, we can also see this as a decorative element in your foyer or hallway. Place bright-colored flowers inside to achieve a charming farmhouse set-up or you can also use it to hold rolls of paper in the den.

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Top Down Ride On

Top Down Ride On


These vintage electric ride-on cars offer multiple operational methods. They can be controlled by parents or operated by children during battery mode. They have integrated modern functions such as built-in audio, lights, and more.


Horse from the 30s

Horse from the 30s

Rare and unique, these 1930s ride-on toys were surely a big hit before and still are now. It is designed as a stuffed horse and features four wheels and a metal handlebar. Made by an expert toy company, it is definitely a collector’s item.

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Vintage Bike

Vintage Bike

Straight from the 1950s, this tricycle vintage ride-on toy was produced in Switzerland. It has a unique silhouette with its long handlebars, angular seat, and curved frame. Restored to a good condition with a touch of retro-pop.

Designer Advice:

A quirky item that will definitely find a home in eclectic interiors. Even if you don’t have a kid at home, you can still be one at heart with this unique find. We recommend parking it against a wall and installing a vintage fashion or midcentury modern art on top for a cool vignette.

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Pluto on Wheels

Pluto on Wheels

Crafted in molded and blown plastic, which was introduced during its time, this 1970s Disney toy ride features the beloved Pluto character. With its bright yellow color, red handlebars, and large wheels, this piece is a definite showstopper.

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Vintage Ride On Toys

Buying Guide

Vintage ride on toys belong to a special breed of trinkets. At one part, they are cool-looking. valuable toys that any kid would want to have. But, they are also toys that toddlers can ride on. It's no wonder why children and adults alike fantasize about owning at least one of them.

If you are thinking of getting vintage ride-on toys for your youngsters, then here are a few things that you need to consider:

The first thing to consider is the type of vintage ride on toy you are planning to get. Ride-on toys are often classified into rocking toys, pull toys, push toys, centrifugal toys, pedal toys, and powered ride-on toys.

  • A rocking ride-on toy is one that can rock back and forth. Since the movements are limited to a rocking motion, it's safer compared to other ride-on toys. Hence, it's the type of ride-on toy that's best used by toddlers.
  • The classic red wagon is an example of the pull toy. It's the type in which one user is able to ride on the toy, and another pulls it to move forward. Other forms of this particular type may come in choo-choo trains, planes, cars, and trucks.
  • A push ride-on toy is the opposite of pull toys. With this type of ride-on toy, the user can do the pushing to move forward. The toy scooter is an excellent example of this type. This type of ride-on toy is very enjoyable for most kids. On the downside, the user must have good motor coordination. Hence, it's a toy recommended for older kids.
  • Centrifugal ride-on toys make use of centrifugal force to move the toys forward. They are very fun to play with, they don’t need pedals, and they stand on a low profile. Hence, they are good toys for kids.
  • As the name suggests, pedal toys come with pedals. This specific type of ride-on toy comes with varying number of wheels, typically from two to four. Like push toys, this type of toy needs higher levels of motor coordination. Hence, it's usually advisable for older kids.
  • Powered ride-on toys are for the older kids. These toys are relatively powerful because they have motors in them. Although they are extremely enjoyable for most kids, they are also a bit more hazardous.

How to select the right size ride on toy for your kid?

Choosing the right size is very critical. The only way to know the right size is to allow the child to sit on the toy. Make sure that your kid's knees are free to move. Also, make sure that the user would be able to reach the floor comfortably while on the toy.

Vintage ride-on toys are designed for a specific age range. Hence, make sure that you check the age range of the toy to see if it's appropriate for the user. If the toy's recommended age is above your child's age, then it's better to shop for something else. When it comes to the safety of your child, being safe is a lot better than being sorry.

Best Ideas

Vintage Marx Wild Rider 6 Wheel Atv Ride On Toy Rare

Vintage Marx Wild Rider 6 Wheel Atv Ride On Toy Rare

Hand-made riding toy dedicated for younger children and toddlers. It is made of plastic sledge and six wheels. It will play its role good in the garden or playground, but it is intended especially to riding on sidewalk.

Inchworm riding toy vintage

A cool authentic retro pedal-powered cabriolet batmobile for 1 kid ages 3 and up. It has a sturdy steel frame, a black-painted body, lots of details. It has a pedal drive adjustable to kid's height, rubber tyres, an easy-controlled steering wheel.

Vintage pedal car refurbished original steelcraft pedal car

Vintage pedal car refurbished original steelcraft pedal car

This remake of an original pedal car is going to put a wide smile on your kid's face. The car is 18'' wide and 36'' long, with adjustable seat upholstered in RECARO cloth, a honky horn, chrome wing mirror, a steering wheel with an electric horn push, and working lights.

Vintage 1971 playskool tyke bike

Vintage 1971 playskool tyke bike

Straight from the vault of vintage vehicles, this 1970s tyke bike can be a nice change for your little ones. It's made of wood, plastic, and metal, along with chromed handlebars, classic wheels, and an oval seat.

Vintage toy horses

A fine piece of vintage pedal car for children, who are interested in more old-fashion rides. Crafted of quality metal and finished in red, the car features large wheels, a working steering wheel, and a comfy seat upholstered in a white leather.

Vintage ride on toys 13

Everyone dreams one day about exotic trips and riding on an elephant. Now your children can has this adventure at his or her fingertips, without leaving the house. Made around 1900, this perfect vintage elephant pull toy will be a gorgeous kind of entertainment.

Amloid Krazy Kar Ride-On

If you’re looking for a fun and entertaining toy for a kid, take a look at this vintage, old-fashioned Krazy Kar ride-on, which provides a lot of fun to kids of all ages and helps toddlers learn how to walk with ease.

Vintage antique rare mobo ride on toy

Vintage antique rare mobo ride on toy

Improve your kids' room with this beautiful and vintage toy horse. Handcrafted from sturdy wood and hand-painted, the horse has a comfy saddle and movable legs, spicing your home with its truly antique appearance.

Vintage riding toys

sweet ride:) OMG! This is WAY cuter than those plastic battery powered cars the kids have today!

Antique ride on toys

With this old-fashion pedal car from 1950s, you can be sure you are getting a genuine vintage piece of weathered vehicle for your children. It has metal construction with a red steering wheel, light blue paint job, and large, classic wheels.

InStep Fire Truck Pedal Car

80s riding toys

Ride on car in Vintage style. Frame is made of metal. Neutral design for boys and girls. Excellent gift idea. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Kids childrens boy girl ride on toy classic vintage electric

Kids-Childrens-Boy-Girl-Ride-On-Toy-Classic-Vintage-Electric-Car-Age-3 ...

Vintage kids car

A fine piece of vintage ride-on car for children, who are interested in more old-fashion rides. Crafted of quality metal and finished in silver, the car features large wheels, a working steering wheel, and a comfy seat upholstered in a brown leather.

Vintage ride on toys 3

Builder: Ken Fenical, Posies Special Interest Vehicles, Hummelstown, Pennsylvania

80s ride on toys

Straight from the 1960s, this vintage toy is going to bring your little ones many smiles. The toy was manufactured by Marx Toys, and now, it can be a nice change from all the regular toys available on today's market.

Vintage marx child ride on train pioneer engine 49 toy

Vintage-Marx-Child-RIDE-ON-Train-Pioneer-Engine-49-Toy-Locomotive ...

Vintage ride on toys 8

Skateboards from the 70's. I had the yellow one. Walked all the way to Community with my BFF to buy it.

Vintage wonder horse toy also came on the rack with

Vintage Wonder Horse Toy also came on the rack with springs for rocking and parents actually have the large Wonder too! Springs on that thing had a tendency to detach from the frame on me though... Love the dangerous old toys!

Vintage ride on toys 5

They can be associated with horror when it will be like garden gnomes. The vintage ride on toys boy will make the child carefree. It was made in Spain, it can function as an ornament in a child's room - or a garden. Made partly from ceramics and hand-painted.

Vintage 1960s ride on rocking horse

Vintage 1960's ride on rocking horse

Antique horse toys

A wonderful army plane toy that will boost your kid's imagination. It's a solid toy made of sturdy metal that was precisely ornamented with army accents, such as stripes or identification number. No pedals for easier mobility.

Classic ride on toys

With this old-fashion pedal car from the 1950s, you can be sure you are getting a genuine vintage piece of weathered vehicle for your children. It has metal construction with a working steering wheel, a pair of side mirrors, green paint job, and large, classic wheels.

Playskool ride on worm

With this vintage car, your little one will have a stunning work of an old-fashion piece of art, on which he/she will be able to ride like Fred Flintstone. The car has large wheels with slim black tires, leather seat, and a "No.1" sticker on each side.