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Daycare kids shouldn't have to nap on the floor. Cots are a simple solution, they are comfortable, and the kids will sleep more soundly and regenerate that childlike energy. And they can be put away when not in use. With sizes and plenty of fun colors, your daycare will profit from these cots, and the parents will appreciate you attention to their kid's wellbeing.

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Unassembled Cots (Set of 6)

Unassembled Cots (Set of 6)

A set of six unassembled cots built with superior materials for longer lasting performance. It is eco-friendly. Known as the strongest cot on the market. The mat is made of vinyl mesh. It also weighs around 60 lbs.

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My Cot with Deluxe Sleeping Bag

My Cot with Deluxe Sleeping Bag

Cot with navy blue sleeping bag also featuring removable pillow and travel case. It's great for both, indoor and outdoor use. It can support up to 75 pounds. The cot is intended for children aged 2 and older.

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Sleeping cots for daycare 1

Sleeping cot for children. This daycare product is very safe for small children during their nap time. It is low, so children can’t get hurt if they roll off. Sturdy frame and safe plastic ends with rounded corners are also important for safety.

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Nap time cots

set of 5 toddler cots 7 year guarantee these cots

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Kids sleeping cots

#2D31407 extra long my cot, sleeping/travel cot, ideal for grandma's, daycare, sleepovers, even at the beach and watching sports.

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Preschool sleeping cots

... Cots stack beautifully. More air circulates between cots to help kill

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Deluxe Rest Mats (Set of 4)

Deluxe Rest Mats (Set of 4)

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ECR4Kids Stackable Assembled Kiddie Cot

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Napping cots

Cot Buddy™ is a cot mat specially designed to fitpreschool & daycare ...

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Sleeping cots for daycare

Children grow and become wise during sleep - so you need to deliver it. Like for lunchtime naps, and as we all know, kids love to sit on the floor. To protect them, you can invest in a sleeping cots for daycare, mats in different colors,and soft eco-leather.

Daycare products nap time beds mats

Daycare Products >> Nap Time Beds & Mats

Sleeping cots for daycare

This incredible and inventive piece of furniture is connection of camp bed and hammock. It is take-down and you can insert it in little bag. It can be used for your children as a bed or place to sit and relax.

Sleeping cots for kids

I bought this for Kayla and it awesome!! Perfect for grandma nights!

Childrens Factory Children's Factory Rainbow Rest Mat with Name Tag Pocket

Naptime cots


ECR4KIDS RTA Toddler Kiddie Cots with 6 Sheets - Pack of 6

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Prod code elr 16112 xx

Prod. Code: ELR-16112-XX

Daycare cot

A cozy sleeping bag for your baby. You can put it in the crib instead of a bed sheet. It's extra warm and it features a pleasant feel. The piece also features a lovely green color with the motif of clouds.

Daycare nap cots sleeping cot www daycarefurnit more

Daycare nap cots sleeping cot www.daycarefurnit... More

Kids sleeping cot

$28 Tot Cot Swirls Neat Bedroll For Preschool Naptime Don’t send your toddler off to preschool or daycare with the same raggedy old sheet and pillow! Urban Infant Tot Cots take the place of messy make-do bedding during away-from-home naptime. Pretty pa

Factory assembled cots set of 5 1

Factory Assembled Cots (Set of 5)

Olive Kids Out of this World Nap Mat

Olive Kids Out of this World Nap Mat