Modern Baby Bassinet


The classic bassinet is fine for the average household, but if you are a fan of more modern styles and refinements, why shouldn't your bassinet also mirror the rest of the decor? Modern baby bassinets are an attractive and contemporary way to give your baby a comfortable way to sleep that won't throw off the look of your home. See collection for more.

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Bassinet modern

A charming baby bassinet that will prove extremely suitable for those smaller interiors, while being packed with functionality as well. It sports the wooden structure and adds a slightly vintage feel to the decor.

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Modern baby bassinet 2

That is the start of new life, and new begining - it would be perfect to have a modern baby bassinet, to celebrate this time. White contemporary base, presents on the top a wooden, oval cot in which the newborn will safely spend the first days of his life.

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Modern bassinets

I want this so bad and maybe the matching pet bed if I have a dog by then I'd love to get one! But wait, I can have one for my baby girl as well! Cool modern baby bassinet with nice iron and wooden finish.

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Modern bassinet for baby

The modern bohemian boy's nursery made of the rattan and wooden elements. The stylization suggests that it is a raw and tradition inspirad piece of furniture. For sure looks good with the forest style details, but the mattress is still very comfortable for a child.

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Modern baby bassinet 1

This baby cradle is surely like no other, designed by an occupational therapist and offering the sleek curved base with handles to carry it from room to room and unlike most it was designed for natural front-to-back rocking.

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Modern baby bassinet 19

This makes me want another! :/ So modern and beautiful!

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Modern baby cradle

Clean, natural lines characterize this bassinette modeled on Swedish designs. The basket appears to be a length of thin wood bowed around an oval base forming a natural place to place a baby. The ensemble is supported with white legs.

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Modern bassinet

A cosy modern carrycot of wooden materials in light browns. Each of its 2 trapezium-shaped supports is built of 2 slanted angular legs joined by a curved stretcher-rocker at the bottom. Shorter sides have full panels, longer ones are upright slatted.

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Fubu bed habitatkid blog felt sided bed i am loving

Fubu bed - HabitatKid blog Felt sided bed. I am loving the idea of a felt bassinet, and to be able to upgrade to a felt cot would be awesome. Felt is natural and breathable, and when lanolised is wee/ accident proof

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Inspired by vintage cradles our olin bassinet has a clean

Inspired by vintage cradles, our Olin Bassinet has a clean, modern design and solid teak construction. Plus it features a rounded base, allowing it to gently rock. And, while we don't recommend putting it in the tree tops, we do recommend keeping one in

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Modern Baby Bassinet

Buying Guide

A modern baby bassinet doubles as a bed and as a way to move your infant from one place to another when he or she is not in a crib. While a number of styles are available, the safety of your baby should override the look and color of the bassinet.

Safety experts suggest that when buying a bassinet or a cradle, which is a bed that rocks a baby, you should try to purchase a product that bears a certification sticker from the Juvenile Products Manufacturer’s Association or the American Society for Testing and Materials. Federal safety guidelines for baby bassinets went into effect in April 2014.

Know the manufacturer’s size and weight limitations for the infant. A product with sides made of wood slats or a mesh-like pattern aids good air circulation. Also, always follow these rules:

  • Always put your infant to sleep on his or her back.
  • For warmth, let your child sleep in a footed sleeper or a wearable blanket.
  • Avoid bassinets that have fabric over the sides because they pose a strangulation hazard.
  • Do not add blankets, pillows or stuffed animals to bassinets. They come with a thin mattress or pad. It’s firm so babies cannot bury their faces in them.

By the time they are about four months old, most babies have outgrown a bassinet. (They outgrow cradles sooner.) The most accurate guideline for when your baby should stop being placed in a bassinet is his or her development. When your babe can roll over, push up on his or her hands or sit up unaided, put the modern baby bassinet away.

A modern baby bassinet in a white, strong and mesh-like material sits on legs of wood that are stabilized by extended metal feet. Another product is oval-shaped and charcoal-colored. White staves accent it and it sits on white, rocker-like legs. This plain bassinet that boasts neutral colors pairs well with modern decor.

A one-piece, concave-shaped bassinet in a black mesh pattern has a truncated, hooded top. It sits on four thin metal legs with stretchers. This bassinet presents a simple, clean and elegant look.

When considering a bassinet, think about how much you will move it. If you will be taking it from room-to-room a lot or outside the home often, then get one that’s lightweight.

Getting one on wheels helps portability. One white piece on wheels is circular with a low profile. Its vertical white slats promote good airflow. Another available item is a mahogany-colored cradle with a curved base for it to rest on the floor. Two handholds are cut into the frame so it can be gripped securely.

Maybe you want to keep an eye on your baby as you do chores around the house. Perhaps you have homebound relatives and friends who you want to see your precious little bundle. Whatever the reason, a modern baby bassinet helps get the job done.

Best Ideas

Modern baby bassinet 2

Enchanting with its smooth, lightweight appeal this modern nursery crib constitutes a perfect proposition for all, who cherish simplistic, Scandinavian-inspired design. White bassinet corresponds smoothly to natural wooden legs.

Wood cradles

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Beautiful baby bassinets

baby cradle transforms into a sailing ship rocker toy for toddlers. design by gerhard wollnitz

Mid century modern baby moses basket love so me a

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Wicker baby bassinet 1

This cute nursery corner is a beautiful way to decorate a baby's original room or place in a parent's bedroom. The lovely baby bed with a beautiful carousel creates a cozy place for a toddler's sleep. Pleasant colors captivate.

Modern baby bassinet 3

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Modern baby bassinet

E-Book of Baby Rooms & Nurseries features over 200 beautiful photographs, inspiration and practical ideas on how create the perfect space for baby.

Modern baby bassinet 10

Child's bed by KamKam #kids #room

Wooden cradle

Simple contemporary cradle for your baby. If you belong to those who are not fond of traditional opulent design, ruffles and all that stuff, you are likely to pay attention to this updated wooden bassinet.

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