Natural Wood Baby Crib

For a more classic nursery, might we suggest one of there hand-crafted, absolutely gorgeous, all natural wood baby cribs. Put your little bundle of joy in a lovely place where they can sleep and look at the world above. Can be retrofitted with a mobile, and they have adjustable sides for ease of access, See collection for more details.

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Natural Toddler Bed Montessori Bed Crib

Natural Toddler Bed Montessori Bed Crib
If you want to opt for natural and charming furniture for your nursery then this toddler bed is simply the most wonderful choice with its wooden structure and simple lines that compliment any modern decor.

Baby Covertible Crib

Baby Covertible Crib
Functional and safe baby crib on four-legged base outfitted with plastic casters (locking mechanism ensures full mobility control). The crib is built only of non toxic materials with mainly wooden construction.

Baby Convertible Crib with Mattress

Baby Convertible Crib with Mattress
It's a beautiful convertible crib for the baby is the perfect solution for your baby. Solidly constructed a mattress and practical wheels that perfectly will give him mobility. Everything is very tasteful.

Natural wood cribs

Simplicity has never failed yet and this natural wood crib is no exception - although it looks simple and offers straight lines of the structure there is something really serene and elegant about it, making for a perfect option for your baby's nursery.

Natural wood baby crib

A proposition for all boho enthusiasts, who feel close bond to nature. This natural wood baby crib fits greatly to the interiors, matching well with the wall decor. Made entirely from tree branches.

Natural wood baby crib 1

Made from natural dark wood, this baby crib embodies the best features of a rustic design. A solid wooden construction, which wood serve its role for years, providing a comfortable place to sleep and rest for your baby.

Natural wood baby crib 1

Modern baby crib, all constructed using natural wood, with sleek slats. The nursery was decored with only natural colors: ivory, gray, beige. Gray-painted walls are not too serious due to a large trees wall decal with orange birds.

Our advice Buying Guide

What features does a safe baby crib have?

A natural wood baby crib must include these safety features:

  • No more than 2 ⅜ inches in between the bars
  • Crib sides that are at least 26 inches higher than the mattress support
  • Solid headboards, footboards, and corner posts without decorative cutouts that could result in an injury
  • Firm mattress
  • No drop rails
  • Non-toxic paint

Keep in mind that, since 2011, all crib manufacturers have been strictly required to meet these safety standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Unless you’re planning on choosing an old or second-hand model, you have nothing to worry about, but those are the main points that you can check for extra peace of mind.

What wall colors match a natural wood baby crib?

The beauty of natural wood is that most wall colors coordinate exceptionally well, giving you various shades to choose from. When it comes to a natural wood baby crib, there are specific colors and shades that not only look great but are beneficial to your baby, too.

For example, subtle blues are perfect for your baby’s wall color. Opting for light, medium, and pastel shades is soothing and gentle to your child’s eyes, with these colors being great for the relaxation of the body and mind. Other ideal colors and shades that can help calm and pacify your baby are nurturing greens. These shades add a touch of nature to your baby’s room, providing freshness and the feeling of outdoor play.

As well as these colors being extremely beneficial and stimulating to your baby, they are also timeless and go perfectly with natural wood furniture.


Natural wood baby crib 10

GULLIVER Crib - IKEA. Solid wood with clear lacquer. Need to do more research on the materials.

Natural wood baby crib 13

Natural wood baby crib 2

Stay on point with the most creative takes on the latest nursery trends.

Natural nursery ideas

This lovely wooden crib sports a charming design that will not only prove safe enough for your child but will ensure that your baby gets more than enough of restful sleep and is truly comfortable at all times.

Natural wood crib

Traditional crib made of wood and reinforced with crossed supports. Neutral design for boys and girls. Essential furniture in each baby room.

Natural wood baby crib

rustic. reclaimed wood. oeuf sparrow crib. ikea. gender neutral. white nursery. modern. sheep skin. gray. boy. eames. prada diaper bag. gh hunt and son.

Natural wood baby crib 2

Natural looking crib made out of distressed, reclaimed pallet wood with no coat of paint. While it sure does give the nursery room a rustic, unique look, make sure to smooth out the sides so the baby doesn’t get splinters.

Natural wood baby crib 9

/ Xavier's Nursery

Natural wood baby crib

Rialto Cot/Toddler Bed - Natural Oak - Cot Beds, Cots & Cribs - Mamas & Papas #mamasandpapas #dreamnursery

Natural wood baby cribs

Bertini Pembrooke 4-in-1 Convertible Crib - Natural Rustic/Also comes in Dark Walnut Baby R Us

Natural wood baby crib 5

Hanging globe. Great color ops. This is my current favorite inspiration!

Natural wood baby crib 11

DoDo - the baby bassinet I will get if I ever win a gazillion million dollars... Made from one single piece of wood with hand-finished natural silk bedding.

Natural wood baby crib 2

Natural nursery, breathtakingly lovely. #nursery #decor #estella

Andersen crib maple 1

Andersen Crib (Maple)

Natural wood baby crib 4

Love the quilt. My goal is to sew a quilt for my baby girl/boy one day ;)

Natural wood cribs

Providing a proper environment for a baby in the first months of development is essential. You wouldn't want a baby crib to contain any dangerous, toxic materials. That's why a natural wood crib is always a fine pick.

Natural wood baby crib 10

Love the "windowbox" for books