Outdoor Retractable Gate

Outdoor retractable gates and fences can solve many of the privacy and safety concerns you might have in your backyard, garden, patio, or balcony. Do you need a safe place for your pet to play in the backyard? Are the neighbors a little bit too close and in view? Retractable fencing solves these issues at a cost-effective price while being portable and relatively easy to install.

There are many styles of outdoor retractable gates and fences. Consider the look of the product and if it will match your home’s exterior and outdoor furniture. Even though retractable fencing is not permanent, that does not mean you have to sacrifice style or safety.

Get started by deciding the main purpose of your retractable fence, and then check out these ten options to see which one meets your needs. 

XtremepowerUS Outdoor Safety Mesh Fencing

XtremepowerUS Outdoor Safety Mesh Fencing

What we like: The clear see-through mesh

What we don’t like: Not as stable as anchored fencing

This retractable fencing is ideal for an outdoor pool due to the see-through mesh, which allows for full visibility of anyone inside the pool from outside the gate. There are two designs for this outdoor retractable fence: a sleek black metal-framed design and a beige design.

This fence is easy to install and comes with all the tools required to put it together. However, the surface mount installation style may be unsuitable for keeping out large, energetic pets.

The Xtremepower fence can be removed easily at the end of the swimming season, and it comes with plastic covers to insert into the post holes, ensuring they are ready for the next year. 

$112.49 $399.95

MYOYAY Expandable Garden Fence

MYOYAY Expandable Garden Fence

What we like: That it’s handmade

What we don’t like: The higher than average price tag

This attractive handmade wooden fence is the perfect outdoor accessory. What’s great about this retractable fence is the design. The traditional criss-cross pattern and brown finish help it blend in with the natural surroundings, and the accordion-style collapsing mechanism allows for easy opening and closing.

The high-quality corrosion-resistant paint means this product will remain in great condition for years, regardless of your location's climate or the irrigation system.

What makes this fence unique for gardening is that it perfectly suits ivy, vines, roses, and other climbing plants, allowing you to transform it into a chic natural decorative feature. 


Bindaboo Retractable Pet Gate

Bindaboo Retractable Pet Gate

What we like: That it’s highly portable for either indoor or outdoor use

What we don’t like: There is a gap at the bottom where smaller pets may be able to escape

If you’re looking for just the gate to keep a dog contained within a patio and are also looking for something that can be used in an indoor setting, then this is the perfect retractable dog fence for you.

While this is a great retractable fence for dogs, this can also be useful to keep small children in a safe enclosed area.

The design features two sturdy brackets that are mounted to the wall, and the panel is white mesh for easy visibility. Since it is retractable, it will fit almost any entryway size. 

SONGMICS Retractable Side Screen

SONGMICS Retractable Side Screen

What we like: The height of the screen

What we don’t like: Not suitable for windy locations

No need to worry about onlooking neighbors with this 63” tall retractable side screen. This is perfect for hosting private outdoor parties on a patio or for your daily privacy needs. The UV-resistant breathable polyester material is ideal for blocking your patio from the sun without trapping in heat.

The fence comes in black and beige and is long enough to cover one side of a patio at 118” long. It comes with screws to attach it to a patio or anchor it into the grass. Due to its height and fabric construction, you may need to take the screen down on windy days. 


Kidkusion Retractable Driveway Guard

Kidkusion Retractable Driveway Guard

What we like: That it comes in a visible orange color

What we don’t like: Block of wood and a hammer are needed to install

Give your kids the freedom to play games anywhere in your yard, including the driveway. A guard between your children and neighborhood traffic is crucial for independent outdoor play, and you can keep your kids safe with a retractable fence for the driveway. 

This product is made in the USA, comes in bright orange and black. It stands at 36” high, the ideal height to keep your children inside the gate and to stop a car from accidentally coming into the driveway. The product in orange is the perfect color for visibility and safety. Choose black for a more muted appearance.

The product is easy to install, set up, and take down. The only downside is that you must have your own hammer and wooden piece to install this retractable fence.


Retractable Ivy Screen

Retractable Ivy Screen

What we like: That it’s multipurpose

What we don’t like: The higher price point

This ivy screen is great for privacy on a balcony or patio because of the non-see-through vines, which have 90% high-density blockage.

Not only is this retractable outdoor fence great for privacy, but it is also very attractive. The vines look natural, and no one would guess they are made out of polyethylene. The vines have a UV stabilization coating so that they will stay green forever. The greatest thing about this is that no trimming is necessary!

This fence could also be used as a backdrop for parties because the fence can be displayed horizontally and vertically. The only downside is the price point which is higher than similar products.

Sunnyglade Privacy Screen

Sunnyglade Privacy Screen

What we like: It serves as a privacy screen to put on top of a fence

What we don’t like: Cannot function without a fence for support

This 6’ x 50’ privacy screen can be wrapped around your outdoor fence or patio. It is highly durable, has fine stitching, and reinforced brass grommets on each side. It is made of sun-protected fabric, so the color won’t fade. The screen comes with 80 straps to hold the screen in place.

You can assemble the screen in three easy steps. The assembly is easier than with other retractable fences because there is no need to screw holes in the ground. The first step in assembly is to measure the size of the fence, next attach the panel to the fence surface with zip ties, and finally adjust and tighten the zip ties.

This privacy screen is an economical way to add privacy and to block wind gusts. The only downside is that you must already have a fence for support.


EasyBaby Retractable Pet and Baby Gate

EasyBaby Retractable Pet and Baby Gate

What we like: The sturdy design

What we don’t like: Requires measuring and a screwdriver

This retractable gate for pets and babies can be installed indoors and outdoors. It can be installed at the top or bottom of a staircase, too, to ensure that your home is safe for all members of your family.

It comes in three shades: black, white, and grey. The mesh can be completely retracted when not in use, so it won’t disrupt the visual flow of the space. As the mesh is partially see-through, babies and pets won't feel as though they are separated from the rest of the family.

The only downside to this product is that it must be drilled into your wall or patio. This makes it impractical for renters. 

$45.83 $69.97

Corner Retractable Folding Screen

Corner Retractable Folding Screen

What we like: The muted colors

What we don’t like: Does not come with instructions

This double-sided outdoor retractable fence is perfect for shade, wind-blocking, and privacy. Unlike a conventional retractable side screen, this offers coverage on two sides.

This fence easily retracts and pulls out manually using an ergonomic handle. The retracting mechanism provides good flexibility for smooth operation. The retractable fence can be rolled back into the house or apartment when not in use. This expandable outdoor gate can extend up to 6’ x 20’, fitting perfectly alongside an average to tall fence.

This is perfect for any outdoor area such as a patio or balcony. The installation is easy, although it does not come with instructions.


Retractable Pet Pen

Retractable Pet Pen

What we like: The safety features

What we don’t like: Multiple panels means it is less sturdy than many other models and only suitable for smaller pets

This retractable fence gate for pets is portable, opens to 50-144” wide, and stands at 36” tall. It also features a convenient 9” x 8” door for small pets to pass through. This retractable dog gate can convert from a super wide gate to a 6-panel play yard. 

Each panel on this retractable gate can be adjusted to fit almost any opening. The gate works well in wide spaces, angled openings, hallways, and doorways. In addition, the gate folds flat for storage.

This retractable dog gate for outdoor use also comes with safety features, such as a locking mechanism and a wall mount for added security and protection.

$137.91 $169.99

Our advice Buying Guide

Babies of all kinds, human, canine or feline, can move quickly and put themselves in danger before an adult human can catch them. An outdoor retractable gate is what comes particularly handy in keeping your children, puppies or kittens safe.

What are the benefits of an outdoor retractable gate?

An outdoor retractable gate can help convert a patio or backyard into a play space that is sufficiently protected that you can have time to do a little handwork or prune the roses without being afraid that you’ll need to capture a young companion from a nearby busy street or from investigating some other hazard.

An outdoor retractable gate can also be used indoors. It can be installed at the top of a set of stairs or in the doorway between the kitchen and living room. Although it is difficult to completely baby-proof any room, a physical barrier can keep young beings out from underfoot in truly hazardous areas, such as kitchens. While a gate is never the complete answer it can buy precious seconds needed to snatch a little one from harm.

Outdoor retractable gates can also be used as security barriers. These gates, similar to the ones seen in malls after-hours, are usually made of telescoping metal mesh designed to discourage intruders.

What's the best type of gate for small children and puppies?

One excellent choice for young puppies and for human children is the Dreambaby retractable mesh gate. The hinge side is attached to one wall, and the latch mechanism to the other. The fine mesh precludes any possibility of an infant getting caught in the scissor action of older styles of a retractable gate. Mesh gates can also be used as a protective barrier to protect young beings from falling out of second story windows.

What's the best type of gate for older children and dogs?

As children and puppies grow, they can become determined and clever about getting over, around or through gates. When selecting gates, consider the mesh or grating sizes. Look for gates that have openings that are too small for your child or pet to poke their head through the opening. Outdoor retractable gates can vary in size or type, from small garden gates to driveway gates or even pull-down mesh protectors for your garage. Gates should be capable of being placed sufficiently securely that it is unlikely to be knocked down by an infant in a walker or a knot of tumbling puppies.

What's the best type of gate for kittens?

Small kittens – less than six weeks old might be restrained by a mesh gate, like those used for human babies or puppies. But as your tiny feline grows, he or she will climb. As soon as your tiny scrap of mischief is steady on all four paws, “Up” will become a favorite direction. For this reason, a kitten “gate” will need to be more like a full-sized door to prevent bold adventurers from making it over the top. For outdoor adventures, city cats need a cat enclosure to allow them to explore grass and sunshine safely.


Retractable Gate

Retractable Gate
Keep your pets or kids safe with this easy-to-use retractable gate. Suitable for openings up to 55”, this is a childproof mesh gate that retracts quickly and efficiently. It can be placed at the top of stairs, wall-mounted, and should only be cleaned with a warm, damp cloth or sponge to preserve its color.

Baby Gate Magic Gate for Dogs, Indoor Outdoor Baby Gate, Portable Folding Mesh Dog Gate, Extra Wide Baby Safety Gate and Pet Gate for Stairs, Doors, Extends up to 40.4'' X 29.5'' (Black)

Baby Gate Magic Gate for Dogs, Indoor Outdoor Baby Gate, Portable Folding Mesh Dog Gate, Extra Wide Baby Safety Gate and Pet Gate for Stairs, Doors, Extends up to 40.4'' X 29.5'' (Black)
This baby gate can be installed at the top or bottom of the deck steps. The 40.4” x 29.5” gate is mounted to the wall using adhesive hooks, so it is easy to move around or retract if someone needs to get by. It can also be folded and stored away when not in use.

Dreambaby Retractable Gate, Black

Dreambaby Retractable Gate, Black
The Dreambaby retractable gate comes with two sets of hardware for mounting in two different locations and is made of a lightweight, durable mesh. Capable of blocking openings up to 55”, this baby gate is modern in color and design. Its one-handed opening mechanism makes it simple to enter or exit when your hands are full.

Kidkusion kidsafe driveway guard

Kidkusion kidsafe driveway guard
A sturdy and useful addition to every house that lacks a proper fence. This retractable gate for outdoors is long-lasting and well-balanced, using material that is elastic enough to effectively absorb the impact.

Retractable Gate

Retractable Gate
Retractable gate, which can be retracted out of way when its not used, which makes it great for pets as well as small children. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. The gate also features hardware mounting and its width can be adjusted.

Retractable Gate Spacers

Retractable Gate Spacers
The retractable gate installed in an area where there is a molding, this spacer will help the gate to be in parallel with the wall. As this gate is made from high-quality materials, it is sure to be a part of your home for years to come.

Odl 36 x 80 retractable screen door white

Odl 36 x 80 retractable screen door white
You bored the idea of ​​a glass door - and you want to add the necessary privy. This panel will allow it thanks to durable materials with a structural pattern that will cover what you need. Outdoor retractable gate/door panel in with a variety of decor.

Flexi Pet Gate

Flexi Pet Gate
Functional pet gate made of metal in beige finish, featuring customizable construction with easy to install and remove mechanism, modular design for added versatility, and solid child-proof safety handle.

Retractable Safety Gate

Retractable Safety Gate
This product was created for use in houses with children and pets. It is a retractable safety gate that is made of polyethylene and stainless steel. It fits to openings up to 55 inches and it is good for indoor and outdoor use.

Outdoor retractable gate 4

The simple and highly inventive outdoor retractable gate is an excellent way to secure space for your child. The smart solution is robust and safe, so the little ones will not go out of the allowed area.

Screen baby gate

This outdoor retractable gate features a lattice design. It prevents any undesired entries. A solid, weather-resistant metal construction, which will be durable for years.

Retractable deck gate

A retractable gate doesn't keep your child (or pet) away from some areas at home, but it also give you the chance to keep calm and don't frick out! These gates are in few colors -beige,white and black. Are easy to mount and change the position.

Pet gate for garage door opening

The characteristic oriental style of this gate embodies well the Indian design. Coming from Arumbakkam in Chennai province, this retractable is a smooth, clever idea that can be smoothly used worldwide.

Outdoor retractable gate 2

The retractable outdoor gate it's a product for the porch or patio, which help you to create the safety zone. If you looking for high quality gate, you should choose this one.

Retract a gate amazon

Hide-away retractable garage electric roll-up screen, half transparent, made of dark gray mesh keeping bugs away but still letting fresh air in. Fitting also as a gate for porches and patios to make them ani insect-free area.

Dog gates for house retractable

This outdoor rectractable gate is designed For Driveways With Restricted Access. Available in 3 folding options. The one here folds like an accordion. Solid metal, yet lightweight construction will serve its role for years.

Retract a gate users guide for pet and child safety

Retract-a-Gate user's guide for pet and child safety gates.

Indoor outdoor retractable safety gate for kids pets

Indoor/Outdoor Retractable Safety Gate For Kids & Pets

Expandable Swing Gate

Expandable Swing Gate

Details about extendable driveway fence retractable kid or dog gate

Details about Extendable Driveway Fence | Retractable Kid or Dog Gate

Kid Safe Driveway Guard 25ft/Black

Retractable driveway guard, bright orange or black net, weighing only 8 pounds, to be mounted on either side of the driveway. Helps establish boundries for your children and neighborhood traffic. Mounted into the ground with two sleeves.

Kidkusion retractable driveway guard 3


Pretty great keeps the kids from going out in the

This outdoor retractable gate is an easy way to keep your kids from going out in the street. It features a retractable polypropylene net that's weather-proof. The 36" high net extends up to 25' across your driveway.

Extra wide retractable gate

Retractable Gate Black Retracting Gate Bindaboo B1136 Retracting Gate ...

Outdoor retractable gate 3

Thanks to this retractable gate, you will be able to easily keep your pup away from the unwanted areas in your home. The gate is stabile, functional, and works like a charm. And it doesn't require too much time during installation.

Retractable dog barrier

Being an ideal way to feel safe about your newborns, this outdoor retractable gate will be a smooth decor solution. Designed by Lascal, the Kiddy guard model is a solid, metal piece of buffers.

Retractable dog gates

Outdoor gate with a retractable mechanism. It is suitable for the front porch. Plastic construction is durable and paired with two sets of hardware that allow for mounting in two locations. This gate is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Garage door pet gate


Kid Safe Deck Guard

Kid Safe Deck Guard

Garage door dog gate

Retractable cat gate, made of overview-providing mesh resistant to scratching, UV rays, mildew and buckling, coming in two lengths, washable, no need to open it entirely when one wants to pace through.

Retractable mesh pet gate

Centor retractable insect screens

Retractable garden gate

Folded retractable outdoor gate is an excellent combination of impressive form and stylish details. It protects the entrance and is finished with solid materials in a pleasing gray tint. Beautiful design impresses.

Kid Safe Driveway Guard

Retractable driveway fence for dogs

Recessed retractable screen

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Pet retractable gate

The great convenience of dog gate stairs is an excellent way to secure a stairwell before entering it with dogs. The retractable gate is a smart solution that works well with your toddlers. Simple form and neutral color scheme.

Retractable door gate

... retract a gate retractagate or retract a gate are registered

Retractable dog gate

How to protect your crazy kid from potentialy dangerous part of your house,like kitchen?With retractable gate, it can be much easier.A grey gate can be unclipped from one set of brackets and relocated to the other one and is made of sturdy durable mesh.

Retractable mesh gate

Retractable deck gate with UV-protected mesh that makes the gate suitable for outdoor use. Very utilitarian when one wants to keep small guests (such as pets) away from the porch, or, conversely, keep them inside.

Dreambaby retractable indoor outdoor security gate white

Dreambaby Retractable Indoor/Outdoor Security Gate- White

33 in h outdoor retractable gate extra wide gray 2741

33 in. H Outdoor Retractable Gate, Extra Wide, Gray-2741 ...

39 4 in h extra tall and wide ultimate outdoor

39.4 in. H Extra Tall and Wide Ultimate Outdoor ...

Outdoor retractable baby gate perma child safety tm

Outdoor Retractable Baby Gate - Perma Child Safety™

Perma child safety outdoor retractable baby gate extr

Perma Child Safety Outdoor Retractable Baby Gate, Extr

Retract a gate_is great for boats decks and rvs dog

Retract-A-Gate_is-great-for-boats-decks-and-RVs | Dog ...

Indoor outdoor retractable gate

Indoor Outdoor Retractable Gate

Dreambaby indoor outdoor retractable gate black babies

Dreambaby Indoor/Outdoor Retractable Gate - Black | Babies ...

Dreambaby indoor outdoor retractable gate reviews wayfair

Dreambaby Indoor/Outdoor Retractable Gate & Reviews | Wayfair

Dreambaby r indoor outdoor retractable gate grey

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Perma child safety outdoor retractable gate bunnings

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