Mirror For Kids Room


Kids like to know what they look like in the morning, especially when getting ready for school. So, for your kids room perhaps it's time to install a mirror. These are a fun and useful way to give your kids a sense of vanity and personal reflection. We have plenty to choose from for boys and girls, and we think the one you're looking for will be in this extensive collection.

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Our Picks

Mirror for kids room 4

If you want to give your little girl her own dress-up table and mirror, then this mirror is a must-have. The pink and purple colors of the mirrors and shelves complement each other. The two shelves will serve as storage space and the stickers all over the mirror further liven the room.

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Mariella Jewelry Cheval Mirror

Mariella Jewelry Cheval Mirror

Interesting modern standing mirror with adjustable tilt and a jewellery storage unit in one. It's of brown-finished wood. One can open a mirrored door to access a red felt-lined inetrior with 3 shelves and hooks. A stand has 2 upturned Y-like legs.

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Kid room lighting

Do you remember where the mouse hid when Tom was chasing her? In his little house, in the wall where there was a special hole for a small mouse. This decoration and kids room lighting in the same time is a great solution - combined with light and black doors.

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Fantasy Fields - Bouquet Standing Mirror

Pink themed mirror for children’s room. The mirror stands on two semi-circle legs. It’s fixed between two vertical posts and has a metallic apparatus to help it rotate freely. The mirror is decorated with floral patterns and dark pink stripes.

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Kids room lighting 4

Ceiling lamp in the form of balloons. Lampshade gives warm tone of light. Modern design for kid's room, teenager's room and more.

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Quincy 1 Light Pendent

Quincy 1 Light Pendent

This simple but stylish light pendant is gonna bring you a huge dose of functionality and unique design. If you're looking for practical solutions for your house or office, this item would be a perfect choice!

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Grid 1 Light Pendant

Grid 1 Light Pendant

If you're looking for simple but stylish items for your house of office, check out this awesome light pendant. It will provide you not only the high functionality, but also an amazing and intriguing design.

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Home kids mirrors tropical seas wall mirror

Home › Kids Mirrors › Tropical Seas Wall Mirror

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Mirror for kids room

If your little one is a true performer then they would simply love this ''stage'' that can be assembled and put in the corner of their room, letting them play and have fun whenever they want, feeling like a true star.

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Mirror for kids room 5

This is a perfect girl's mirror with the round shape completing the stunning layout of the room. This mirror is made from very strong glass so it doesn’t crack or break easily.

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Mirror for kids room 7

A simple and minimalistic design. The mirror has the edges tapered with pink. The mirror is themed for a girl's room and complements the ash walls around it. The mirror is made from extra strong glass which doesn’t crack easily.

Kids room lighting

Original lighting for kids rooms. These attractive ceiling lights look like stars. They not only provide appropriate interior illumination, but they also decorate indoors. These lights are stylish and practical items.

Coavas 28 Pcs Sliver Color Acrylic Bubbles DIY Mirror Wall Stickers for Bedroom Decoration

Kids room lighting 7

Do it yourself! These elements of kids room design provide practical and attractive illumination. Rain cloud stylizations are very attractive and they are able to decorate different indoors. They are original and unique.

Barnard Castle Long Wall Mirror

Barnard Castle Long Wall Mirror

Mirror for girls

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Mirror for girls room

If your little ones' are just obsessed with ballet then this amazing mirror might be a great addition to their room to make it easier for them to practise and will still serve its regular purpose with its spacious frame.

Little girls mirror

Can't get enough of this kids bedroom. possibly mirror in the centre to make up for no window

Mirror for kids room 2

Ballerina Mirror and Barre DIY {Kids Room Accessories}

Kids room mirrors

Funhouse Faces Kids Play Wall Mirror-Medium -Waiting Rooms Toys-Doctor's office toys

Wood Lace Wall Mirror

Wood Lace Wall Mirror

Mirror for kids room

Night stand made of wood. Includes open shelf and drawer for storing personal items. Neutral accent for bedroom, kid's room, teenager's room and more.

Mirrors for children

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful in the world? This famous sentences can be reflected with this mirror for kids with pink, fuchsia frame decorated with acrylic colored diamonds. Round little mirror will fit easily in the hand.