Large Wall Mirrors


Large wall mirrors provide a focal element for any room, bouncing light from wall to wall. Large mirrors bring a sense of space to smaller rooms, and each mirror shape boasts a beautiful design element. From circular wall mirrors to large rectangular designs, you can find a style that works for you. 

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Our Picks

Simple Brushed Silver Rectangular Wall Mirror

Simple Brushed Silver Rectangular Wall Mirror

With a brushed silver finish, this large wall mirror is ideal for a living room. It is sleek and shiny, and thick-framed, which looks modern and stylish. It is crafted from MDF wood, and is 30'' long.

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Large Gold Windowpane Design Mirror
Kaylie Modern & Contemporary Accent Mirror
Kaylie Modern & Contemporary Accent Mirror
Kaylie Modern & Contemporary Accent Mirror
Kaylie Modern & Contemporary Accent Mirror
Kaylie Modern & Contemporary Accent Mirror

Large Gold Windowpane Design Mirror

Kelly Clarkson Home

Contemporary and clean-lined, this gold rimmed round mirror has a large windowpane design and looks ultra chic. Ideal for a hallway, this piece is crafted from steel. It is 41.75'' wide and has a fine classic framed design. 

$171.61 $225

Designer Advice:

Gold is always a superb choice for the home. It is classy and chic, and this mirror would be perfectly matched with some pink azaleas to complement the delicate gold tones. Also, a white sideboard below with gold ornaments will set the tone for this mirror.

Black Framed Industrial Style Accent Mirror

Black Framed Industrial Style Accent Mirror

Etta Avenue™

This large wall mirror has a simple thin black frame, crafted from metal in a jet black finish. It can also be hung horizontally or vertically on your wall and is ideal for a monochromatic bedroom or bathroom. It is 22'' long.

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Thick Wooden Framed Wall Mirror
Aristarchus Vintage Wall Mounted Bulletin Board
Niko Rustic Wall Mirror
Niko Rustic Wall Mirror

Thick Wooden Framed Wall Mirror


Rustic and large, this wooden mirror is ideal for a farmhouse family home. The thick frame is crafted from MDF with a natural wood grain finish. 30'' in width, it is simple and stylish, making it a great winner.

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Barn Style White And Black Large Mirror
Modern & Contemporary Mirror
Neace Schlosser Horizontal Barn Accent/ Bathroom / Vanity Mirror
Neace Schlosser Horizontal Barn Accent/ Bathroom / Vanity Mirror
Neace Schlosser Horizontal Barn Accent/ Bathroom / Vanity Mirror
Neace Schlosser Horizontal Barn Accent/ Bathroom / Vanity Mirror

Barn Style White And Black Large Mirror

Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse®

Monochromatic and barn-style, this mirror is an ideal bathroom accompaniment. With a large thick black wooden bar and hooks, the mirror’s frame is finished in satin white. It is crafted entirely from MDF. It is 45'' in length.

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Black Wide Arched Mirror

Black Wide Arched Mirror

Gracie Oaks

This large wall mirror has an arched top, and has a 24- window-pane design. It is made from Aspen wood and iron and is ideal for a dining room. At 48'' long, it is thick-framed, sturdy and a great statement piece. 

Designer Advice:

This mirror is large, and bold. The window-framed design is a popular and modern choice, therefore, you can accentuate this style with a colored accent wall. This will play with the light more and help bounce the color. Furthermore, we would highly recommend pairing this with a black or chrome sideboard and adding extra color with some staggered ceramic candle holders in powder blue or jade green.

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Large Wall Mirrors

Buying Guide

Wall mirrors are accessories that can complement our furnishings in a big way. Large ones can really be attention getters. Ones with no frame are unobtrusive. Those with showy frames can add sparkle to a room. Select one today to revive your living space.

Large wall mirrors do more than help you arrange your hair and clothing. They add interest and pizzazz to rooms as well as make them look larger and brighter. Place them in or on:

  • Hallways
  • Entranceways
  • Stairways
  • Living rooms
  • Dining rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Garden walls
  • Porches

Placed opposite works of art, large wall mirrors reflect the art and draw attention to the wall. Much of the decorative value of mirrors comes from the fact that they reflect light. If you want to capture natural morning light, hang the mirror on the adjacent wall, and if seizing afternoon light is your goal, hang it on the opposite wall. If the area where you want to place the mirror has no natural light, add lighting. In rooms with a tall ceiling, vertical mirrors are best, and if your room is long, horizontal mirrors are more appropriate.

One way to use large wall mirrors is to make a gallery wall display by surrounding them with framed artwork. Even in the presence of multiple smaller objects, these mirrors still catch the eye. Using them helps to bring the elements on a wall together into a cohesive whole while showing off the framed pieces that interest and inspire you.

Of course, the mirror frame is usually very important in decorating. Some are gilt and ornate and suitable for a formal living room or dining room furnished with antiques or in a bold, brash eclectic style. But if you have a contemporary room in a formal style, you could choose a mirror with a frame of pieces of mirrored glass with some metal elements. This mirror adds style and grace to a room.

Some frames are versatile enough to be hung either vertically or horizontally. Such is the case for one in a silver-colored, rectangular frame in wood. For safety’s sake, before hanging any mirror over your bed, make sure you know how to safely anchor it. When in doubt, let a professional do the job.

If you have a room in a country, Western or eclectic style, consider a rectangular frame in dark wood that shouts its weathered look with splits and gouges. Another unique selection from among the choices of large wall mirrors is an unframed mirror consisting of vertical panels of mirrored glass of different widths. Hang it in a room with spare or edgy decor.

Best Ideas

Large wall mirrors 2

The large wall mirror makes the interior a unique mood. Beautiful frame from the raw wood beautifully highlights the mirror pane and makes the whole look very stylish and brings a note of rustic atmosphere.

Decorative wall mirrors decorative

Decorative wall mirrors decorative

This 41'' x 29'' shabby chic vanity mirror represents captivating hand-carvings and durable construction. The wood-made frame is beautifully bathed in a distressed finish, ensuring good stability and holding a large rectangle mirror.



The large mirror with the partial metal frame. Having a mirror in the living room always enlarges the room optically and adds it the light. This big one, except of the list of pros is a wonderful idea for decorating the living room.

Hobby lobby mirrors

Large-sized and practical wall mirror in rectangular shape. Its solid wooden frame is finished in neutral white color and it features old stylization. The whole mirror is practical and decorates indoors.

Large wall mirrors decorating your room with mirror design

Large Wall Mirrors – Decorating Your Room with Mirror Design

Large rectangular wall mirrors 1

This rectangular wall mirrors with leather straps constitute a marvelous example of modern design. Stylish and elegant, yet preserving the simple form, will embellish every modern interior.

Mirrors large gilt italian wall mirror

Mirrors » Large Gilt Italian Wall Mirror

Large rectangular wall mirrors 5

Wonderful with its lavish and beautiful design, this wall mirror sports the silver crested look and ornate finishes of the frame, making it truly look like the piece suited for any elegant decor with its class.

Large black vintage mirror

Love, love this mirror!!!

Large rectangular wall mirrors

A breathtaking collection of wall mirrors in different sizes. Each of them features a highly decorative frame with beautiful, curved accents. The frames come in a pure black, matte ivory, and glossy silver shade.

Mirrors can add architectural interest especially when they feature

Mirrors can add architectural interest, especially when they feature ...

Mirrors hobby lobby

Rectangular mirror designed for mounting on the wall. Richly decorated frame is made of wood. Possibility of horizontal and vertical orientation. Elegant accent for hallway, lobby, living room, bedroom and more.

Hobby lobby mirror

Improve your home or enclosed outdoor area with this vintage wall-mounting reflection. The mirror features a durable metal frame covered in weathered finish, topped with a stylish arch and embedded with 20 mirror panels.

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