Round Mirror Frames

If you have a round mirror that doesn't have it's own frame, and you want to punch it up and make it an accent piece in your home decor, we give you round mirror frames for all your round mirror needs. So many beautiful styles to compliment your mirror, this collection has a vast array of wonderful options to suit every taste, and every aesthetic need.

Best Products

Round Mirror

Round Mirror
Contemporary style round wall mirror in metal frame with textured surface. It offers sturdiness thanks to high quality materials of its make, plus neat style that blends in well with most decors. It is quite small.

Frameless Liam Wall Mirror

Frameless Liam Wall Mirror
A round mirror never becomes passe, because it is beyond the ever changing consideration such as style. This makes it a versatile looking glass with a mysterious timelessness to it. This unique mirror has a double coat of silver so that it does not fade or wear off.

Frame Round Mirror

Frame Round Mirror
It is beautifully made this unusual mirror ornament, almost a work of art. Beautiful frame made of wood and painted in golden tones, which adds to its class and elegance. Perfect for all types of interior.

Round framed mirror

Interesting composition with mirrors in impressive frames is an excellent way to original interior design. Beautiful round frames in different sizes can be freely set up to create a unique wall composition.

Round mirror frames

The large round mirror with wooden rustic frame will be a beautiful accent in the entryway or bathroom. It works with the stone or marble table. If you need the nicely finished accent piece, you have to choose this product.

Round mirror frame diy

Transform an ordinary round mirror into a designer's piece: just a few pieces of wooden logs are enough to recreate a mirror frame to a whole new form. Wood pattern resembles bubbles - ideal for rustic interiors.

How to frame a round mirror

This is a round mirror - it can boast something special. That its frame is made of smaller mirrors. Round, gold-framed mirrors, frame a round basic mirror in the middle, creating a very aesthetic glamor furniture.

Our advice Buying Guide

Most people hang round mirror frames in order to fill empty spaces in their homes like a plain, boring wall. This may be your goal as well. In that case, don’t fret as you have incredible options to choose from.

In reality, all round mirror frames will work as they all have the ability to instantly change a room’s ambiance and create a high-end style.

What frame style pairs well with a round mirror?

There are mirrors that lack frames. For these types of wall additions, their unique sizes create a presence. However, if you’re shopping for one that’s framed, the style that’s best is one that can create a statement on its own. Choose a metal, plastic or wooden frame for a more streamlined look. For a more formal and dramatic look, select an ornate or gilded frame to give a room a strong, eye-catching focal point. A mosaic frame with color tile patterns can catch your eye as you enter a room.

How to determine the right size for a round mirror?

The best size for you is influenced by certain factors like the actual wall’s size as well as the impact you require from the mirror. If you want a mirror that’s large enough to fill a dining room, bedroom or living room wall that can also make a great impact, choose a mirror that’s at least 37 inches in diameter. If you want a mirror that can give an accent to a small area like an entryway, then your best options are smaller sized round mirrors. The key is to determine the space available so you know how large or small your mirror should be.

What color frame should I choose for a round mirror?

For mirrors with decorative framing, pick the color that coordinates with the room’s décor perfectly. A basic black, white or wooden frame will complement any design. If you want to add luxury and panache to a room, rich gilded metals like gold and silver are favorable for modern and formal-styled homes. Also, if your round mirror has a colorful frame, check if the color enhances every color that exists in the room where it will be added.

Essentially, choose the frame that highlights the room’s elements to achieve a finished look. Do you still have a hard time choosing? Consider natural wooden frames as they work in any room.

What types of glass are used in mirrors?

The glass used in making a mirror can be clear or distressed. If you want a mirror that’s unique, consider distressed or antique glass as the mottled effect will offer you with depth and richness compared to clear glass. It also brings character to your space regardless of whether your home is old or modern. A good option that you should really check out is champagne glass as it has subtle speckles which will give a round mirror more depth.

For mirrors that aren’t just for decoration, choose clear glass as it ensures the mirror fulfills its basic function.


Diy wall mirror ideas

This large mirror frame is suitable for wall mounting. It looks very good in different home or commercial indoors. Large size of this product is suitable for very big mirrors in a round shape. Any mirror of this type is functional and decorative.

Diy mirror frame ideas

Give a designer's vibe to a round mirror frame using simple and almost cost-free accessories and tools: a leather belt or strap, belt buckle, stud rivets and some glue. When ready, the modern style mirror can be hanged on a rack.

Round mirror frames

Made in a circle-shaped mirror frame in a shade copper delights. The whole will bring to the decor an interesting character and elegance. Beautiful form, satisfying finish, and universality enchant.

Round mirror frames 1

Impeccable vintage-inspired rounded mirror frame constructed from solid walnut and finished in a stunning distressed dark brown. The frame is also quite large, making it a great option above the bathroom vanity or a vintage accent piece for your living room walls.

Fairfax round metal framed wall mirror

Fairfax Round Metal Framed Wall Mirror

Creative mirror frames

Decorative and elegant, this round mirror can be a nice way to enhance bedrooms and bathrooms with natural accents. It's made of horizontally assembled wood planks, ensuring sturdy and stylish home accessory.

Round mirror frames 7

The deep, burnished frame makes this oval mirror special. Perfect for use as a hall mirror, feng shui, or even to hang in your bathroom. The even glass finish reflects beautifully, creating a “second window” effect that can be quite charming.

Round mirror frames 1

A beautiful mirror with decorative frame, that is going to work well in contemporary bedrooms. Its round shape is surrounded by three circles of multiple, silver, turquoise and navy blue bottle caps, forming a unique and striking design.

How to decorate a round mirror

The Romans have discovered the technology of making glass mirrors. For a long time forgotten technique accompanies us to this day. In this case, we deal with a round mirror in a decorative round iron frame, forming a kind of flower in black.

Mirror diy ideas

This pair or round-framed mirrors embodies well the glamour style in design. Placed one above another, can serve as a fabulous wall decoration in one's living room, adding a refined character to the space.

Sylvia Wall Mount Mirror

Sylvia Wall Mount Mirror

Round mirror frames 11

Rope Mirror - Large - Driftwood

Round mirror frames 3

An enchanting example of upcycling. This round mirror is crafted from Waste Magazine Paper coil. It shall delight all, who feel closely attached to nature and its fate.

Round mirror frames

DIY Restoration Hardware Hacks! (part 1) • Tutorials, including, from 'Store Front Life', this DIY iron and rope mirror inspired by a Restoration Hardware piece!

Wood framed round mirror

Wood framed round mirror.

Diy mirror frames

Round mirror mounted on string for mounting on the wall. Frame is made of metal with gold finish. Classic form and elegant design for each room according to taste.

Framed round mirror

This sublime mirror offers the charming design of the frame that is just a given to catch everyone's attention. It sports the round shape and a significant size, making it useful and functional for when you're getting ready to go for the day.

Huge mirror diyd using wood shims only forty dollars 4

Huge Mirror DIY'd using wood shims. Only forty dollars! 4 feet wide. Check it out at

Diy wall mirror frame

How to Gild a Wall Mirror {Thrift Store Mirror Makeover}

Diy mirror ideas

Round wall mirror in traditional form. It is mounted on metal frame. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Application in each room according to taste and need.

Diy round mirror

Round mirror for bathroom, living room and others interiors according to taste and need. Designed for mounting on the wall. Frame is made of metal with an antique finish.

Round mirror frames 8

Design Chic: Things We Love: Concrete Sinks

Round mirror frames 2

Miroir rond « Jelly Bean »

Lulu Decor, Daisy Decorative Metal Wall Mirror, Frame Diameter 25", Perfect for Housewarming Gift.

Round mirror frames 9

OMG, I have a piece of PVC and a round mirror and I love this!!!!

Round mirror frames 5

Finished in dark wood, the small vanity table and impressive round wall mirror constitute together a stylish corner, adding also a considerable functional value and helping you with your daily makeup.

Painting a mirror frame ideas

Now you can embellish your modern room with this exquisite round mirror that can be easily mounted on a wall. The main element sits tightly in a steel frame that is surronded with multiple tiles of mirrored glass, creating a truly gorgeous structure.

An ikea hack perhaps with the round mirror some paint

An IKEA hack perhaps? With the round mirror, some paint and a leather strap...

Restoration hardware round mirror

Pretty round mirror displayed in the center of geometric starburst frame - a mirror combined successfully with a wall art. Apparently it's a DIY project. The round mirror was sticked onto a crafty composition made of rope.

Round mirror frames 6

Rope Mirror DIY from via Decor Hacks (this Apt Therapy post just had a bigger image than either of those). I really like the knotted hanger.

Mirror frame diy ideas

DIY Sunburst Mirror for $10. Made out of wood shims from the hardware store!

Circle mirror frame

An exquisite piece of decoration for making your home decor much more appealing. This round mirror is embedded in a gorgeous, rope frame that makes it a perfect fit for an old western interior design.

Daura Round Multi-Color Mango Wood Mirror - 25 in. diam.

Home round silver layered circle frame mirror 76cm

Home » Round Silver Layered Circle Frame Mirror 76cm

Lucys clock mirror an old clock is made into a

Lucy's Clock Mirror: An old clock is made into a Captain's Mirror.

Round mirror frame

If you are looking for some creative ways to embellish your decor, check out this awesome mirror framing. A great way to create a charming, nautical ambiance in your bedroom or living room.

Jaw dropping shell mirror made with hand collected shells and

Jaw dropping shell mirror made with hand collected shells and Ikea mirror frame.

Diy mirror decorating ideas

Spiral shapes and even more spiral shapes. The biggest surprise is that it can be made from a paper towel or toilet paper roll!

Contains in the middle - a small, neat, round mirror. Enough even for demanding girls.

Round mirror ideas

Wall mounted mirror with an attractive sunburst stylization. It features a small round mirrored space with attractive metal frame made of spoons. This original element of design is able to decorate different indoors.

Rectangle bathroom mirror 7

diy driftwood mirror tutorial "I need to add this to my lists of projects

Diy round mirror frame

Nautical Rope Mirrors - The Lilypad Cottage Made from Hobby Lobby Plate Chargers...

Round mirror frame

round mirror frame

Round mirror frames 1

Hallway decorating ideas and tips for decorating a long narrow hallway.