Large Family Collage Picture Frames


Do you have a large family and love to take pictures of group events? Or maybe just love to take pictures of fun moments in your own life? Then you will love these large family collage picture frames. So many frames to fill, you might have to take another trip to snap a few more shots to fill them. See all our collages in this collection.

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Our Picks

Eggerley Collage Hanging Picture Frame

Eggerley Collage Hanging Picture Frame

Create a collage of your favourite images with this irregular black frame that will hold up to 8 pictures of various sizes, with the biggest one in a center. You may arrange it in different ways to obtain a unique end result.

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Clever idea to cover up electrical panel in the basement

Clever idea to cover up electrical panel in the basement - remove current panel door & replace with photo frame large enough to cover up

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Large family collage picture frames 7

Extra-large collage family picture frames designed to cover your entire wall. The frames are built from wood and finished in a dark brown stain. They also come in different sizes to ensure you have just the right frame for all your differently sized photos.

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Large family photo frame

Impeccable wall tree décor fitted with hooks for your family photos. The tree allows you to create the ultimate collage, depicting your family tree with ease. It’s a large piece of wall accent that works great on a background of white or cream.

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White picture frames wall collage

A classy wall photo display rack of bronze finished metal. It has a square frame (over 12 smaller rectangular frames) adorned with a beautiful large scroll inlay with a central square plate with delicate ornaments and stylised lettering in gold.

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Changing up your decor a change in the winds

changing up your decor : a change in the winds

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Berkeley 7-Opening Picture Frame

Berkeley 7-Opening Picture Frame

Create new memories and cherish the old ones with this 7-opening picture frame in the beautiful yet simple design and a versatile, black finish. You can now choose seven perfect pictures of your family or friends and display them at your home.

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Large family collage picture frames

Depict your entire family tree while transforming your wall with this superb family collage picture frame. Constructed from metal, the collage is large enough to hold dozens of pictures. It’s also finished in a nice black coat, making it a brilliant accent for your bare walls.

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Collage frames at kohl s this new view gifts accessories

... collage frames at kohl s this new view gifts accessories collage frame

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Large family collage picture frames 2

Last-minute gifts for the whole family: Maiden Home Profiles Puzzle Collage Picture Frame, $28.99.

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Large Family Collage Picture Frames

Buying Guide

Whether you've just moved into a new family home and you want to add a personal touch, or you're trying to add something new to your living room, family picture frames are a great way to achieve this. Large ones in particular can add a great vibe to your home, and make everybody feel instantly welcome, even if they're not part of your immediate family.

One of the lovely things about family collage frames is that you can treasure all your memories within your home and look at them whenever you're in the house. While keeping stacks of old photographs is great for reminiscing every now and then, not many of us think to get out the old photos on a regular basis. Keeping your favorite memories in a collage frame means you'll never forget the good times.

Wood is a popular material for large collage frames, and even with this material you can get a huge amount of variety. From dark mahogany wood to lighter oak and other shades, your frame can match your furniture, flooring, windows and more. You can get all types of frames online and in shops, so regardless of what you're looking for, you'll definitely be able to find it somewhere.

A small decorative collage typically consists of not more than 10 pictures. A larger family collage frame can provide space for even twenty or more photographs. If you don't know how many photographs you want to have, or you're just not sure yet whether you want to add more in the future, you can start to create your own collage. This involves getting individual frames for your photographs, making sure they are the same framing style and color, and hanging various photos in the same area of your wall. By doing this, you'll create your very own collage of photographs, without having to buy a huge frame. You can often buy frames in collage sets which include a variety of sizes for you to customize your wall.

You can choose to customize your collage frame either by commissioning a framer to add extra detail or shape the frame in a unique way. Alternatively, you can have frames customized with the names of your children and other relatives, or even just with wording that is special to you. If you have a particular idea in mind, speak to a framer who will be able to advise you further.

A great way to design your own collage of family pictures is to buy a large frame and print your photographs to add. This way, you can add pictures to the frame or take them away as you like, and you can choose to swap pictures around to different positions. It's a good way to get the whole family, especially the kids, involved in creating some memories with you to display around the home for all to see.

Best Ideas

Family collage frame

Set of 11 photo frames designed for mounting on the wall. It is made of wood and covered with clear glass. Possibility of vertical or horizontal orientation.

Extra Large Metal Multi Photo Collage Frame

Trying to find the interesting, nicely finished and accomplished accent piece? Try this one! It is an extra large frame with multi photo collage option and metal construction.

Unique large wall clock photo family picture frame art collage

Unique Large Wall Clock Photo Family Picture Frame Art Collage - GREAT ...

13 opening panel collage frame large 1

13 Opening Panel Collage Frame, large

Family very large cream mdf collage multi photo frame 11

Family Very Large Cream MDF Collage Multi Photo Frame 11 x Pictures ...

I like the idea of one large centered and framed

I like the idea of one large, centered and framed picture surrounded by lots of unframed and tiny framed pictures and words.

Love the idea of putting all your black and white

Love the idea of putting all your black and white family photos in one large frame!

Custom painting abstract modern

Custom painting abstract modern

Who said a drawing needs to be limited by its frame? This collage shows a neat and creative way to arrange your drawings in order to, quite literally, exceed the boundaries of art. It also has a very nice, modern look to it.

Pictures of a big family

Make your own collage frame set

Large family collage picture frames

A fantastic, large collage with a collection of family pictures. It covers the most of the wall, but it's not overwhelming due to black and white photographs only. It's a touching wall decoration. Simple to prepare not requiring any frames.

Family frame collage

Picture frames collage in classic form. Includes screw holes for easy assembly. Adds freshness and modernity to each room.

Wall collage frames family photos hung over the bed on

Wall Collage Frames | Family photos hung over the bed on canvas w/ ... | Family Posing Insp ...

Home kitchen home decor picture frames wall table top frames

home kitchen home décor picture frames wall table top frames

Family wall collage picture frames

maybe i could try this instead of having the tv on the living room?