Large Collage Picture Frames For Wall

Anyone who loves pictures and has a big photo album wants to display the greatest hits. And what better way to do that than in a large collage picture frame array for the wall. Show your trip the Europe, your adventures with friends, or maybe just a collage of wedding photos from your special day. Whatever you display, do so in this large collage picture frame for walls.

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Thanks to those large picture frames, you can create an amazing collage inside your own home, turning it into an art gallery. Each frame is made of quality material, with an embedded glass panel in the front.

Eggerley Collage Hanging Picture Frame

Eggerley Collage Hanging Picture Frame
Create a collage of your favourite images with this irregular black frame that will hold up to 8 pictures of various sizes, with the biggest one in a center. You may arrange it in different ways to obtain a unique end result.

26 Opening Decorative Wood Folding Floor-Standing Photo Collage Picture Frame

26 Opening Decorative Wood Folding Floor-Standing Photo Collage Picture Frame
This beautifully made opening a decorative folding floor standing at the pictures, this lovely touch interior. Made of wood and plexiglass reliable and well presented favorite photos. Modern design can fit it in any interior.

Large collage picture frames for wall

This massive photo frame is a great and very original way to expose your favorite memories. Beautiful and robust design in a dark frame beautifully captures the captivating moments immersed in the pictures.

Large picture collage frame

Collages are very popular – but to make one, you need a proper frame. Look at this big, elegant frame here. We're sure you'll be able to accommodate all of your treasured photos here, while the frame itself is minimalistic and elegant.

Large multi picture frames wall

The large collage picture frame for the wall is not only an element of decoration but also a safe haven for memories. Watch closely if a set of black horizontal and vertical black frames - joined together, will be suitable for your interior.

Large collage picture frames for wall

This picture from the pictures commemorating the year of the child's life or another celebration is a great way to make a beautiful remembrance and decoration of the interior. Fascinating canvas is beautifully presented in every decor.

Our advice Buying Guide

Large collage picture frames can be a way to display your personal interests, to keep the faces of your family near to you, or to experiment with simply creating an interesting display. There are all kinds of ways to do this. You can use coordinated picture frames – ranging from thin metal that doesn’t draw attention to itself to broadly ornamental frames, frames attached to a unit that creates a theme in and of itself, or you can display a collage frame that has a word statement such as “Family” or “Home is Where the Heart Is.” Collage picture frames help bring disparate picture topics together or they can be used to display various aspects of a theme.

What are the most popular wall collage themes?

The Family Portrait Wall

Perhaps one of the easiest picture display themes is portraits of family members. By using coordinated or matching photo frames you can pull together clusters of different generations or you can display baby pictures of everyone, developing an egalitarian theme for all age groups. You can even group your pictures by event which gives an opportunity to see changes year by year as the family meets for reunions, graduations, weddings and more. A wall collage is a felicitous way to keep your memories in front of you, preventing them from slipping away as the years pass.

Project Themes

If you have worked on a project or if you have a photo shoot of which you are especially proud, you can easily display it as a wall collage. Different views of a famous place, of a project on which you worked or an event in which you participated can lend itself to the creation of a collage. Students might want to display achievements such as sporting events in which they have participated, or a sport or art to which they devote a lot of time.

Portraits and Time

A clock that incorporates picture frames as part of its display can be a place to show progress of time or of achievement – or just a nice place to keep family portraits. By coordinating your pictures and your time clock, you can make excellent and tasteful use of wall space.

Word Art and Pictures

Word art is a lovely way to title a wall collage and pull it together. It can be a simple theme using a single word, such as “Excell!” or “Love.” Or it can be something more complex – a verse or a quotation that exemplifies the theme of your wall collage picture display.

What are the rules for selecting frame styles?

For black and white pictures, you can use the frames as part of the display, or you can use simple frames that minimize drawing attention to themselves if you want the main focus to be on the pictures themselves. The picture frames can share a decorative theme or they can be physically connected in some way – all are good choices from which you can select. The crazy eclectic approach is also trending when it comes to collages, but it may not be the best fit for contemporary spaces.


Family wall collage

A photo collage of your favourite photos will be almost a charming accent in your decor, wherever appearing. Especially if you combine it with some glamorous framing, like in the case of this pale blue one.

Large collage picture frames for wall 1

Photo frame made of wood. Designed for mounting on the wall. Possibility of horizontal and vertical orientation. Neutral accent for each place.

Metal designs for walls 17

Decorative and practical at once: this metal panelling protects walls and provides visual interest with its pretty pressed tin pattern full of swirls and weaves. It sports plain color: neutral sandy beige.

Large picture frame collages for wall

Wall mounted collage picture frames suitable for different indoors. This large element of design brings memories and decorates rooms. The frame is finished in white color and it features a classic rectangular shape.

Unique large wall clock photo family picture frame art collage

Unique Large Wall Clock Photo Family Picture Frame Art Collage - GREAT ...

Picture layout ideas for walls

Wall picture collage consisting of colorful photos. Modern design for any interior according to taste.

Photo frames for wall display

An interesting wall-mounted photo display frame DIY-created from a disused wooden door with a distressed white finish. Parts of a simple rectangular latticework inlay serve as smaller frames for individual photos.

Big frame photo

It only takes a bit of creativity and good organization of the wall space to create a beautiful personal photo gallery.Variety of large multi picture black frames, with white background - make a great decoration for black and white photos.

Thinking Gifts Picture Pockets Photo Hanging Display, 80 photos in 40 pockets, Mega, Clear, 1 unit (PPMG )

Large black 4 piece multi aperture photo holder collage picture

Large Black 4 Piece Multi Aperture Photo Holder Collage Picture Frame ...

Large collage photo frames

A lovely decoration for family homes, which allows you to make a wall collage, using pictures of your family members. Pictures have different sizes and give you a great chance to compose the whole collage as you please.

Photo frames on wall layout

Avant-garde arrangement of furniture in a contemporary living room, furnished with a tufted sofa couch upholstered in a dark, deep blue cotton fabric with an aluminum floor lamp next to it and a collection of pictures behind it.

Wall with different picture frames

Have you visited a lot of places,do you love traveling and dream about one form of artistic expression that will capture the soul of all travel photos?Create rectangular large collage picture for the wall in a black frame he will be a great personal decoration.

Lots of frames on wall

Writing desk made of wood and finished with pastel colors. Base is decorated with carefully made carvings. Rectangular top has large usable surface. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Large photo collage frame

Large collage picture frames are great for decorating whole walls with beautiful family pictures. If you feel that the wall behind you is a bit too empty, then such a solution will work wonders.

Its not perfect but i like it

It’s not perfect, but I like it!

Picture frame collage wall

I pinned this for the large black and white pic of a bouquet. I'd love to print large pic of my bouquet in black and white.

Metal designs for walls

This metal panels for walls create a lasting beauty that will embellish every contemporary house. If you want to add your walls a modern, sophisticated character, these shall appeal to you.

Big photo frames

If your dorm room wall needs a bit of pampering, you can always decide on this lovely collage. Made of multiple small photos, the collage can be a nice way to spice up your interior with one of the best memories of your life.

Large wall multi photo frames

picture frames

Collage of family photos on wall

Looking GOOD!! "This first idea take traditional, small frames but adheres them together to make one big statement. No DIY instructions from the original source, but I'd think some wood glue and clamps would get the job done."

Large collage picture frames for wall

Large collage picture frames designed for mounting on the wall. It is made of wood and fitted with strings for photos. Tasteful addition to the living room, teenager's room and others interiors according to taste.

Collage frames large

Dining table with rectangular top. It is made of wood and mounted on carefully carving legs. It has 6 seating capacity. Elegant design for each home.

Photo frames layout on the wall

cool-cut up a large print into a bunch of small frames and arrange to create the picture again

Large photo frames

An amazing decoration not only for homes, but also offices, dorm rooms, and bachelor pads. This large collage picture frame is drowning in a black finish and stylish design, allowing you to put your happy memories all in one place.

Large photo display frames

Easy Trick for Hanging a Large Photo Gallery Wall - Mad in Crafts - My friend Gareth showed this to me. It is great - I use newspaper

Giant picture frames

If you don't have much free space on your walls, and you'd like to place pictures with your family members and friends, you can always use this pretty collage. Pictures are miniaturized and attached to the white background that is embedded in a black, steel frame.

Wall collage

Extra large and deep square frame in which you can place a favourite decoration art motif of your choice. Acid-free mat finish makes the chosen motif decently exposed. I see this set as a fine adornment of my hallway!

Photo frames that hold lots of photos

Another idea for an old window frame.... can use as baby's first year. Put a picture for each month.

Largepictureframes large picture frames how to display your photos

largepictureframes Large Picture Frames How To Display Your Photos

Black bear metal wall art

Black walls can be wonderful background for decoration. Silver, metal wall art will add to itl some classic colors. Looking great connected with light wooden cabinet, gives a touch of style, making the room more light.

Ideas for picture frame collage on wall

A great idea to decorate walls in your home or office, using all of your happy memories. This collection of photos is embedded in a black wooden frame with a glass panel. Easy to mount, easy to clean, and fragile.

Wall frame collage

Sets of contemporary wall mounted photo frames. Each set consists of several identical square frames. Frames on the left has black edges and a white background. The ones on the right are frameless. Frames can be arranged in lots of ways.

500Collage 13 Photograph Picture Frame

500Collage 13 Photograph Picture Frame

Large photo frames

Now, you can decorate your walls with canvas pictures of your family members. Each picture is made in high quality and on high quality material. Available in different sizes, you can easily make a composition you are opting for.

Metal wainscoting ideas

Create a surrounding of true originality and creativity with this galvanized metal design for your bathroom walls. It will keep your interior looking beautiful and fully complete, while adding a vintage vibe to it.

Picture frame displays on walls

Luxurious fabrics and subtle patterns add style to this living room. See more inspiration for decorating in gray:

Picture frame collage layout

Create a personal gallery by displaying frames of varying shape and size. Plan the layout of your frames before hanging, either with Kraft paper on the wall or by arranging them on a workspace or floor. Ensure your frame arrangement is horizontally center

Adeco White Wood 21 Openings Wall Collage Picture Frame, 4 x 6-Inch

Gridart Photo Display, Natural

Metal designs for walls 5

Not sure whether this metal design for wall could be executed at home, but why not give it a try... Nice, contemporary, geometric form of 3D figures, finished gray. Could borrow my living room remodel inspiration from it...

Picture collage arrangement idea but maybe with the i love

Picture collage arrangement idea, but maybe with the 'i love you with my whole heart for my whole life' quote

Metal designs for walls 1

A fantastic shower unit in a modern and minimalist design. It features an open space with galvanised walls with a glossy trim. The shower panel in a similar color gives it a cool, industrial look. Plus, it's easy to clean.