Extra Large Collage Picture Frames

One great tool for keeping memories alive, is taking lots of pictures. Be it an adventure by yourself or a trip with the family, extra large collage picture frames can display all the best moments, and some of the more embarrassing ones, in an attractive, framed medium. From individual pictures on a tree of frames to one big collage, the options for showcasing your endeavors is limitless.

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Barcenas 10 Opening Wood Photo Collage Wall Hanging Picture Frame

Barcenas 10 Opening Wood Photo Collage Wall Hanging Picture Frame
Display precious family memories in style with this 10-opening collage photo frame. The unit measures 36.8'' H x 27.4'' W x 0.5'' D and makes a beautiful addition to an entryway or mantlepiece. Clustered to create a cascading effect, each frame is constructed from wood and plexiglass and is finished in matte black to highlight the vibrant colors in your photos.

Georgea 26 Opening Decorative Wood Folding Floor-Standing Photo Collage Picture Frame

Georgea 26 Opening Decorative Wood Folding Floor-Standing Photo Collage Picture Frame
Perfect for a birthday or retirement gift, this book-style folding collage frame lets you tell a story with photos. Featuring 26 openings for different sized images, the black wooden frame allows for simple picture installation with a removable pack panel with sliding pins. As this piece cannot be mounted or laid flat, place it on a console table or buffet to share your photos with the family.

Westbury 24 Opening Collage Picture Frame

Westbury 24 Opening Collage Picture Frame
Create a gallery feature wall with ease with this geometric 24 opening collage photo frame. The dynamic combination of landscape and portrait openings complements the slim black frames clustered in a starburst arrangement. The frame comes with attached hooks on the back for simple installation on your wall.

Nymphodora 32 Opening Wood Hinged Folding Screen-Style Photo Collage Picture Frame

Nymphodora 32 Opening Wood Hinged Folding Screen-Style Photo Collage Picture Frame
This 43.3'' H x 27.2'' W x 2'' D book-style collage frame is ideal for weddings, baptisms, and other special events. It features 32 openings of various sizes and orientations set in the wood and plexiglass frame. Use as a dramatic room divider or place in the corner of your room.

Photo collage wood letter large 13 with

Photo collage wood letter large 13 with
Original and large element of home decor. This wooden letter features pictures on its surface. It is suitable for containing private pictures of owners, so it will be a very unique decoration of an individual character.

With Love Noir Folding Picture Frame

With Love Noir Folding Picture Frame
Grace your home with highly fashionable project of Vera Wang! This classy folding picture frame will be also perfect as a gift for someone to hold their most precious photos. It is made from sturdy metal and has a capacity for two photos.

Large Jewelry Frame

Large Jewelry Frame
This large frame in premium white finish is characterized by signature linen lining and 7 metal necklace hooks. The frame is hand-crafted and beaded, offering you a lovely decoration for your home or office.

Our advice Buying Guide

Extra large collage picture frames are exactly what you think of them; they're frames that have several openings or spaces for not just one picture, but multiple pictures. They're flying off the shelves right now because they provide us with tidy displays for all our personal photos.

When you're choosing an extra large collage picture frame, there are many finishes and styles you can choose from. It is, therefore, essential that you seek help on how to select the best one! If you're ready, then so are we! Here are the things you need to know when buying extra large collage picture frames.

What style of collage picture frames should I choose?

We'll start off with simple wood finishes for extra large collage picture frames. They're the ones that are best used if you're looking for the traditional look. For a more modern aesthetic, go with metal finishes.

If you've decorated your home with simple yet modern furniture as well as accent pieces, you would want black picture frames as they are neutral and classic. If you're also after a modern look, there are extra large collage picture frames that feature an extra glass for the "floating look." Another good option for you would be thin-rimmed collage picture frames.

To complement a traditional home, wooden collage picture frames that match the furniture pieces present are best. Light wood frames that are made of maple or ash look incredible with vintage décor. Cherry and mahogany wood frames look sophisticated and elegant, which means they can complement classic designs and décor.

How to determine the right size for a collage picture frame?

There are extra large collage picture frames that'll only provide three large openings in each picture frame. But, there are also ones that will allow you to display up to 20 pictures in different shapes and sizes. Before you buy a picture frame, gather all your photos first and see how many you'd want to display. The frame that's best for you is one that will allow you to put up all the pictures you want to showcase.

Where to display extra large collage picture frames?

If you have lots of side tables and bookshelves, then you'd be better off with tabletop extra large collage picture frames. They can dress up your existing furniture pieces. If what you want, however, is to make your collage one of the focal points in your home, then hang a wall collage picture frame on a wall that's open. For a contemporary and simple collage, you can opt for a wall picture frame that's of the same color as your wall. But, if you want a funky centerpiece, display black and white pics on a bright-colored extra large collage picture frame.

You already know all the considerations you need to take into account when buying extra large collage picture frames. You may think the buying process is simple, but you'll need to keep in mind all the things you just learned if you want to successfully incorporate your new collage picture frame to a room.


Extra large collage picture frames 1

An enormous frame with a self-made photo collage fills the blank wall space from floor to ceiling. This extra large collection of photos gathered in a black frame and displayed on white background is sufficient for long contemplation.

Large wall multi photo frames

A great present for your grandparents on their anniversary. They are those, who love the family the most. The extra large collage could help them to bring back the memories about all their grandchildren.

Extra large collage picture frames 2

Huge, pop-art style collage of dozen of small images flawlessly decorates the room and adds touches of colour and texture to your space. Perfectly fits smaller spaces as much as huge, loft-style interiors.

Extra Large Metal Multi Photo Collage Frame

Trying to find the interesting, nicely finished and accomplished accent piece? Try this one! It is an extra large frame with multi photo collage option and metal construction.

Large collage picture frames

A large rectangular contemporary wall picture frame of lightweight black foam. It can be arranged vertically, horizontally or aslant. Black finely highlights photos or pictures. The frame can be attached to walls with a double-sided tape.

Extra large collage picture frames

This large, wonderfully crafted set of metal photo frames in a beautiful composition is a perfect combination of stylish elements. The effect will be impressively made highlight the favorite memories, creating an excellent decoration from their extraordinary history.

Large frame collage 1

Lots of family photos are a fantastic souvenir - worth the exposure in the wall of our house. Personal small square pictures are set in a large, elegant collage and decorated with a white background, and a white simply frame.

Large picture frames for multiple pictures

This extra large collage picture frames will add a traditional, classic appeal to any space, embodying warm and cosiness. Available in different colour finishes, you can choose from white, antique grey, gold and black ones.

Picture collage frame

Picture Collage Frame

Giant picture frames

Trying to find the perfect, nicely finished and a high quality picture frames? We suggest you to choose this extra large collage picture frame with the simple construction and beige finish.

Large photo collage frame 4

If you're looking for a way to display your favorite photos taken with your best friends in a photobooth then this amazing collage frame will make for the most suitable and sublime choice, letting you bask in those memories again.

Collage photo frames 1

Collage Photo Frames

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White picture frames wall collage

A classy wall photo display rack of bronze finished metal. It has a square frame (over 12 smaller rectangular frames) adorned with a beautiful large scroll inlay with a central square plate with delicate ornaments and stylised lettering in gold.

Largepictureframes large picture frames how to display your photos

largepictureframes Large Picture Frames How To Display Your Photos

Big heart photo frame

Large photo collage frame to put your favorite photos in one place and hang it on the wall. Perfect way to decorate your wall with your memories. You can hang it everywhere you want in kitchen, living room or in bedroom.

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Large picture frame collages for wall

Large Rectangular Multi Aperture Frame 6 x 4 (116cm x 50cm)

Large photo collage frame

This idea will enchant all vintage enthusiasts. Bring a bit of retro climate to your house, by introducing a large photo collage frame, filled in with old family photographies. Leaving a plenty of white space around creates an interesting concept.

Wall collage

Extra large and deep square frame in which you can place a favourite decoration art motif of your choice. Acid-free mat finish makes the chosen motif decently exposed. I see this set as a fine adornment of my hallway!

Large collage frame

This great frame for photo collage is a great way to decorate the interior. Different size options of images are an exciting form of expression and allow you to expose memories or favorite places. Black background beautifully highlights images.

Large heart shaped photo frame

You like when your decorations hava a sentimental value? Then you will love this idea for a collage. It's a large photo frame that features the most important moments of a person's life. A wonderful and personal idea for a gift.

Large wall multi photo frames

picture frames

Large frame collage 8

Cool aesthetic traditional wall mounted frames for displaying e.g. photos. A rectangular frame is made of thin profiled wooden slats finished in dark. It has a back of stiff white paper. Frames can be glazed and arranged vertically or horizontally.

Large photo frames for multiple photos

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3d relief metal wall art modern grid photo collage nmd13465

... 3D Relief Metal Wall Art - Modern Grid Photo Collage [NMD13465

Large photo collage frame

Photo frame collage made of wood with heart theme. Includes screw holes for easy mounting on the wall. Perfect for display wedding or holiday photos. Adds freshness and modernity to the living room, bedroom and more.

Folding picture frames 1

Fold out table in the form of picture frame. It is made of wood and covered with clear glass. It folds flat for space saving. Simple form and functional design for each room as needed.

Large photo frames

An amazing decoration not only for homes, but also offices, dorm rooms, and bachelor pads. This large collage picture frame is drowning in a black finish and stylish design, allowing you to put your happy memories all in one place.

Waterfront Wall-Hanging Picture Frame

Waterfront Wall-Hanging Picture Frame

Large photo collage frame 1

Create a collage of your favourite photos depicting the most precious family moments: it's possible with this large set of black photo frames coming in various sizes. A boon for those who value tradition and contemporary accessories at the same time.

Photo picture frames large collage photo frame cream or silver

... Photo & Picture Frames - Large Collage Photo Frame - Cream or Silver

Folding photo frames

An interesting traditional vintage room divider made of wood finished in black. It's composed of 3 tall narrow hinged panels with short angular canted feet. Each panel is divided in 5 rectangular framed vertical photo-frames.

Large collage picture frames for wall

Fill the Space. High ceiling and tall windows require at least one other tall object in the room to achieve balance.

Folding photo frame

Small, but attractive folding photo frames. They are finished in nice white, blue and gray colors. They hold some pictures and information about them. These folding frames are nice decorations and souvenirs.

Folding photo frames 2

Folding photo frames can create a very creative decorative composition. It will let you create a unique display for your favorite photos and pictures, truly embellishing your bedroom's surface.

Metal collage picture frames

Love these oversized wood gallery frames from Potterbarn

Large wooden collage photo frames

I've been coveting this photo collection for awhile...Paris...pink subway chairs...so, so, so good...

Large frame collage 3

A gorgeous wall decoration made out of a collage of different mirrors. The mirrors come in all shapes and sizes and even differ in color, with most of them being in a traditional, beige color with a one contrasting, turquoise mirror.

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Extra large multi opening wooden wedding photo collage

Extra Large Multi opening wooden wedding photo collage ...

Extra large photo collage wall frame set

- Extra Large Photo Collage Wall Frame Set

Extra large oregon multi photo collage frame australia

Extra Large Oregon Multi Photo Collage Frame Australia ...