Art Glass Panels For Windows

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Maybe you broke a window panel and need to replace it, or perhaps your window panels are just a little too boring for you and you want more color in your life. Whichever the situation may be, our collection of art glass panels for windows is the answer. These are spectacular, designed very well, and we have plenty of sizes and styles to accommodate your panel window needs. Take a look at this collection for more.

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Updated 13/03/2023
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Best Nature Inspired
Tree Stained Glass Window Art

Tree Stained Glass Window Art

Fleur De Lis Living

Perfect For: Adding a hint of personality to any front window

What We Like: The hanging chain makes it a seamless process to display

Measuring 18 inches across, this stained glass window art is square in shape and features a Tiffany-style brightly colored tree. There are 131 pieces of vibrant metallic-oxide glass in a variety of browns, blues, oranges, and greens. Lead-free copper foiling is used for the soldering.

$128.99 $219.99

Designer Advice:

Allow the light to softly glimmer into your home space through this tranquil tree stained glass window art that weighs approximately 25 pounds and should not be hung using a suction cup device. Due to its fragile nature, it’s recommended for indoor use only. 

What Users Say:

Very attractive piece and a good size for our window. Hangs well and has no issues at all. Quality item. 

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Best Opulent Style
Victorian Style Art Glass Windows

Victorian Style Art Glass Windows

Astoria Grand

Perfect For: A traditionally styled home space that’s in need of a colorful view

What We Like: The two mini top scrolls that the chain secures to adds a certain elegance

Decorated with an early British flair, these square-shaped Victorian-style floral-inspired art glass windows are 25 inches tall and across. They feature over 550 burgundy, green, and blue glass pieces as well as 89 glitzy cabochons. For a classic look, the glass is foiled in copper and contains a bronze metal frame.  

$169.99 $299.03

Designer Advice:

Weighing just under 14 pounds, these radiant art glass windows come with a hanging chain that makes adorning it to your window very easy. It’s recommended that you clean your glass window panel with a dry cloth to keep the integrity of the fused paint and copper foils intact. 

What Users Say:

This piece is beautiful and elegant. I purchased [it] for my kitchen window with a very boring view. Now I have something so lovely to look at and it’s the centre of attention. Highly recommend. 

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Best Ideas

Stained glass leaves in shabby chic

Stained glass leaves in shabby chic

Instead of typical windows, go for stained glass if you want to create a cosy and romantic atmosphere in your house. The one in the picture features a very subtle pattern of green leaves, which will look just fab in the sunlight.

Sycamore and bevels stained glass window

Sycamore and bevels stained glass window

Adding a more refined character to one's kitchen, dining room or living area, this stained glass window panel enchants with its geometric composition. It comprises many tiny squares, variously painted, to create a magical impression.

Crystal glass studio architectural etched glass for windows entry doors

Crystal Glass Studio - Architectural Etched Glass for windows, entry doors

Starshine clear stained glass window panel with faceted bevels 1940

Starshine Clear Stained Glass Window Panel With Faceted Bevels 1940 ...

Radiant stained glass window panel abstract geometric ebsq artist

Radiant Stained Glass Window Panel Abstract Geometric EBSQ Artist

Art glass window panel

A beautiful panel made of stained glass. It can be used as an alternative to a traditional window or you can use it as a garden decoration. It comes in the colors of green, grey, and yellow, which will create a wonderful impression in the sunlight.

Moroccan style window perhaps as an inlaid panel for master

Moroccan style window ~ perhaps as an inlaid panel for master shower separator glass panel

Art coneflower dragonfly hanging flower fused stained glass window

Art Coneflower Dragonfly Hanging Flower Fused Stained Glass Window ...

Art glass panels for windows 31

Ocean themed art glass panel for window. Fish silhouettes swimming among algae, painted green, blue and navy, fused in frost white glass. Another inspiration for stained glass art - for a bathroom window, perhaps?

Antique Stained Glass Window W Distinct Rippled Glass Jewels Flowers Pattern

Antique Stained Glass Window W Distinct Rippled Glass Jewels Flowers Pattern

Stained glass mounted on wooden frame and fitted with chain. It is decorated with floral theme. Elegant accent for each place.

Art glass panels for windows 14

Stained Glass Coffee Cup Mini Panel

Grapes vertical stained art glass panel

Grapes Vertical Stained Art Glass Panel

Custom art glass for new anderson windows

custom art glass for new Anderson windows

Stained glass transom a little old a little new custom

Stained glass transom A little old a little new CUSTOM MADE just for YOU

Art glass panels for windows 1

It's a wonderful original piece to hang in my home! I want this pretty flower panel window, which is made of the stained glass and iron frame, to add it into the entryway or living room.

Poppies are for remembrance and these flowers are framed in

Poppies are for remembrance and these flowers are framed in a window frame from the house I grew up in.  They are stained glass and my original glass design.

Art glass window panel 1

Herons are beautiful, wherever they appear. It explains why many artists choose the motive of this bird for their works. This wonderful stained glass art presents a heron in front of the seacoast.

I really want a stained glass for the window up

I really want a stained glass for the window up the stairwell- Hall: Edwardian stained glass c.1908

Stained glass sidelight panels

The stylish and amazingly made art glass panel for the window is a stained glass design that delights. The beautiful details of the mix of colors and the phenomenal peacock motif show off perfectly adding some nice touch into the interior.

Art glass panels for windows 27

Light-catcher... Striking modern outdoor sculpture that uses metal tubes framework and abstract stained glass mosaic art. My next goal for garden décor remodelling. A stained glass statue like this or similar

Art glass panels for windows 4

Classic modern window can be more stylish, if you substitute simple windshield for this vintage stained glass work inspired by Art Deco style. It is made of clear glass and colorful round and quadrat pieces of glass.

Art glass panels for windows

Window panels with simple geometric shapes. These panels include multi-color finish, so they look very attractive in different indoor and outdoor stylizations. Stained glass construction is resistant to wear.

Art glass panels

Stained glass pattern that looks attractive in the window. These artistic glass panels feature a butterfly appearance. They match different stylizations and provide more privacy for people located in the building.

Fused glass window panels

Opt for those stained glass windows, if you simply need a boost of class and visual appeal. It offers tons of welcoming aura and warmth and will simply elevate your household decor to the maximum beautifully.