Decorative Plates To Hang On Wall


Common in the south, decorative plates are a staple of many southern households. The fine china, painted or etched with a mural or inlayed casting, your home will have a new sense of class when your guest feast their eyes on these gorgeous decorative plates. Peruse our collection and see if there is some decorative plates that strike your fancy.

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Our Picks

Decorative plates for the wall

This 12-piece wall hanging will make your living room look as if you've been collecting for years. It resembles well the antique imagery of hand-painted Faience pottery designs with decoupaged prints.

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Scattered Italian Plates Wall Décor

Scattered Italian Plates Wall Décor

With this Scattered Italian Plates Wall Décor you cannot go wrong. Each plate is beautifully hand-painted and glazed, and is attached to a very durable metal construction. Plates are very easy to mount, and can be placed horizontally or vertically.

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Your house with decorative plates to hang on wall amazing

Your House With Decorative Plates To Hang On Wall : Amazing Wall ...

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Decorative hanging wall plates

Glass art pieces. If you look closely, you wll see how these are hung on the wall. I have always wondered how to hang them securely. You can also visit for various hardware to use in displaying the glass pieces.

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Decorative plates for hanging

Original and attractive wall decorations. These porcelain decorative plates are suitable for wall hanging. They feature different shapes, sizes, decorative accents and all of them are finished in neutral white color.

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Plates for hanging on the wall

Beautiful Plates...reminds me of the Plates given to me when I opened my Cafe in Killeen TX...I had a Plate Party and I hung all 56 of them on one wall...I think that made the news paper!

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Decorative wall plates for hanging

Provide your living room a unique decorative appeal with this set of vibrantly finished plates. Designed in a form of a diamond, this mosaic will help you create a warm, cottage ambience.

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Decorative plates to hang on wall

A wonderful wall decoration created from precious china plates in various sizes. They are neatly arranged with larger pieces in the centre and the smaller ones surrounding them. All of the plates depict skilful images in a blue color.

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Decorative vintage wall plates pastel

Decorative vintage wall plates pastel

Make sure your kitchen is accentuated to perfection and makes for a nice, complete decor with this amazing wall plates collection that sports the ''pastel brunch'' theme with the bright finish to it and lovely design.

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Magnolia Large Platter Wall Décor

Magnolia Large Platter Wall Décor

Beautiful floral wall decor featuring large magnolia-like platters. It is perfect for lightening your interior decor with elegant style. Crafted of solid ceramic, it comes with a hole in the back to accommodate wire for hanging.

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Decorative Plates To Hang On Wall

Buying Guide

A wall is often a space that is challenging to decorate. Of course, you can go with something that is the usual like framed family pictures or painting. But, what if you want something different? Then, you should seriously consider decorative plates to hang on the wall.

Choosing to place a decorative plate on the wall has its own set of challenges. Hence, you should know some of the essential points before purchasing one. This article will cover some of the most crucial ones below.

There are endless ways of using a wall for decorating purposes. Perhaps the most popular is imprinting custom images on the plate. The images can be a photo of your loved one, a special place or just about anything. It's a great alternative to using picture frames.

You can also have a plate that is themed to your favorite interest or hobby. For example, you could have a Red Sox logo on a plate. Or, if you love to golf, then a plate with a golf club and ball at the center is an excellent idea.

You can also make use of multiple plates in different colors, size and/or prints. Also, you can arrange them in your own unique way.

Plates are usually placed on a flat horizontal surface. When setting them on a wall, you will need to be aware of how you should mount them.

Thankfully, decorative plates will often come with a mounting mechanism. The most important factor to consider is what kind of surface is the mounting mechanism designed for. In most cases, it's either for wood or concrete. Before you purchase, make sure you know if you'll be placing it on a concrete or wooden wall and buy accordingly.

Decorative plates also come in many different materials. Below are some of the popular ones.

  • Ceramic - This type of plate is perhaps the most common. It has a good balance between price and durability.
  • Glass - Decorative glass plate is a good choice as it's classier compared to a ceramic plate, while not being too expensive.
  • Melamine - This type of plates technically falls under plastic products. However, it's more durable and classy-looking than everyday plastic. It's also easy to color and place images and patterns so you'll have plenty of choices with this type. It's also a very economical option.

Aside from the primary material, decorative plates may also come in different styles. Here are some of the common ones below.

  • Clear - As the name suggests, this type of glass is colorless or clear. Clear decorative plates come with an elegant appeal, which is why it's popular for many homeowners.
  • Colored - If a colorless decorative plate is not for you, then you can go for the colored ones. However, choose the ones that are actually colored from the inside out, and not the kind that's just been painted on.
  • China - A decorative plate that delicate and comes with plenty of style and classiness. It's one of the most expensive types of decorative plates.

Best Ideas

Wall decorative plates 29

Decorative plates designed for mounting on the wall. It is completely made of rattan and finished with sophisticated pattern. Adds freshness and elegance to all kinds of interiors.

Toscana Six Assorted Plates Wall Décor

Toscana Six Assorted Plates Wall Décor

Collections etc 3d floral decorative hanging plates

Collections Etc – 3D Floral Decorative Hanging Plates

Wall decorative plates 8

Nice plates should be exposed, not only by serving food but hanging them as wall decorative plates. The composition of the ceramic colored plates perfectly fits into the yellow background of the kitchen wall. Some look like fruit crossings.

Hanging wall plates decorative know how to do this....see WALL ART Ahhhhhhs....pic TUTORIAL on how to do this with pictures/wood blocks!!!!! Oh yeah!

Decorative plates hang on wall decor and black wrought iron

... Decorative Plates Hang On Wall Decor And Black Wrought Iron Plate

Decorative plates for wall hanging

Decorative plates for wall hanging. It is made of high quality ceramics and finished with sophisticated ornamentation. Elegant decoration for each room according to taste.

Decorative hanging plates 13

Contrary to appearances crockery can be used not only during meals - they can be beautiful decoration. This porcelain plate with hand-painted pattern is mounted to the wall by artistic metal rack. It will look good in your dining room.

Vintage decorative wall plates

A rich bunch of plates can of course be used for dinner serving purposes, but when set on a wall - the plates get a new decorative feel. A plate wall is not reserved for cottage style interiors. It can variegate contemporary setting as well.

Decorative plates for the wall

An interesting idea of how to use wicker plates. It can be a decorative feature to almost any kind of interior, adding a rustic, boho vibe to the space. Easy to prepare and install DIY project.

Wall decorative plates 27

Pretty traditional decorative plates intended for display on walls or shelves though they can also be used e.g. for serving sweets. Plates are manufactured of rattan and finished in spiral designs in natural brown shades with black accents.

Yellow decorative plates

I may hang some blue plates on my kitchen wall. I want to mix some vintage Blue Willow plates with some whimsical, modern blue plates that I hope to find at Homegoods. It will have a cool sculptural effect and shouldn't cost much to create!

Decorative wall plates for hanging u

decorative wall plates for hanging | Αντίκες, Κεραμικά ...

Handpainted wall hanging plate decorative plate spanish

handpainted wall hanging plate decorative plate spanish