Mid Century Modern Wall Decor

It seems like a misnomer to say mid-century and modern in the same collection title until you actually look at the collection itself. This wall decor embodies the spirit of both the past and the present in style and class, and we think once you stroll through the aisles of this collection you will appreciate why they called this collection such an interesting title. Take a look and see what we mean.

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Sputnik Mid-Century Modern Wall Décor

Sputnik Mid-Century Modern Wall Décor
A magnificent wall decor which has a contemporary design that meets the sparkling space age. These silvered metal orbs pay homage to Sputnik, the first artificial satellite to ever orbit the Earth.

Mid century modern wall decor

A modern design of a living room with an extraordinary divider. You can easily hide the storage unit and the media cabinet by sliding wooden panels. Tohether with a unique coffee table the room has the spirit of the 1950's.

Mid century modern wall decor

The interesting composition of these mid-century modern wall decor shelf makes the interior of the room more attractive. Beautiful design is modern and exceptionally stylish, beautifully displaying trinkets on the shelves.

Painted room divider 17

Incredibly creative solution!~Wooden hanging room divider in crazy shapes keeps the room spacy but makes it divided. Doesn't disturb air flow and looks extremely cool. Ideal for modern style apartments!

Mid century modern wall shelves

This clock is a perfect idea to show your guests how much you're happy that they visit you. The bumerang symbol suggests that you want them to come back once again :) The decor suits to the entrance hall and the happy and colourful design really brighten the interior.

Vintage collectible mid century modern wall decor sconces wall art

Vintage Collectible mid-century modern Wall Decor, sconces, wall art

Mid century metal wall art

Ingenious and eye-catching though rather simple wall-mounted decorations composed of lots of wooden skewers attached to styrofoam balls. They are sprayed in shiny golden, matte white and black tones.

Our advice Buying Guide

The online market has a massive collection of mid-century modern wall décor that consists of various products like wall clocks, wall hangings, decorative stickers, mirrors, shelving, letters, murals, and many more. With the dizzying array of choices you have, you’ll soon realize you’re not yet ready to make the right selection!

That's exactly what we can help you with. Read on as we have essential tips on how to choose the mid-century modern wall décor that doesn’t just suit your living spaces, but your budget and aesthetic goals as well.

How to coordinate mid century modern wall decor with the room's color palette?

There are strategies that you need to keep in mind to ensure you perfectly coordinate the colors of your wall décor to the color palette used by the room you’re decorating.

One thing to remember when choosing mid-century modern wall decor is to stick with one color scheme. Take a good look at your living spaces right now. Determine the colors that are predominantly used. Wall décor that synchronizes with your room’s prevalent color scheme will never fail to appeal. As a matter of fact, it will always be pleasant to look at.

However, matching colors may not be what you’re after. It's perfectly OK to opt for wall décor that’s in contrast with the room’s existing color scheme. Instead of having mid-century modern wall décor that blends in with its surroundings, get the one that stands out to give it more visibility and prominence.

How to enhance a modern room with mid century wall decor?

Opting for conventional wall hangings such as paintings, posters, and photographs continue to give you a room that’s rather ordinary. The chances of such wall décor in complementing your furniture’s modernity and sleekness are bleak as well. So, make sure you stick with your decision of getting mid-century modern wall décor. Consider hanging metal wall art as it comes in various designs, sizes, and shapes. It can be in a 3-D sculptural form or completely flat. Pick the one that will give you the character you need to enhance your room’s style.

Mid-century modern wall décor is available online in every conceivable shape and size, so it often makes sense to adorn a wall with small pieces. When small-sized mid-century modern wall decor is amalgamated and hung in a wall together, they will make for a stunning ensemble. If you’ll go for smaller pieces, you’d have to ensure that all of them have a common thread like their creativity, design or color.

Where to hang mid century modern wall decor?

Where you hang the mid-century modern wall décor you’ve chosen is just as crucial as what you will be hanging. Always keep in mind that the space around your wall décor will become the piece’s extension.

This means the empty space that surrounds it, as well as the lighting, and the distance of the furniture that is in the same room as the piece must be measured and taken into consideration before you make the purchase.

Essentially, you will not achieve your aesthetic goals if you get a massive, expensive wall décor and place it inside a room that’s already cluttered with limited floor space. In this specific situation, a smaller piece is much more suitable.


Mid century wall

This DIY wall decoration distinguishes itself with the multiplicity of colors and dimensions. It is an enchanting example of upcycling, using the cheap wood scraps, that can truly enhancing your walls, adding them light and vividness.

Mid century modern wall decor

Put your geometry and your carpentry skills together to create an eye-catching arrangement of rectangles. Lightly stain and then seal ordinary lumber, or paint in primary colors for a child’s room. Perfect for those small things that need a home.

Mid century modern wall decor

Sparkling with its geometric pattern and hollowed inside; this mid-century modern divider is suitable only for indoors. Crafted of sturdy wood in oak finish, the piece is well-balanced and durable, with a ceiling-to-floor design.

Sensational mid century modern decorating ideas for decorative living

Sensational Mid-Century Modern decorating ideas for Decorative Living ...

Mid century modern wall decor 2

This wall décor will give your living room or dining room that antiquated and beautiful look. The décor is made from polished hardwood, and its feline-themed design is perfect, especially if you're a cat lover. A worthy addition to your house.

El gato gomez mid century modern art would make some

El Gato Gomez mid-century modern art Would make some cool designs for tattoos

Mid century modern wall decor 1

Teal Geometric Wallpaper and Mustard Hall Chairs | "How to Capture Midcentury Modern Design in Your Home"

Wall decals retro geometric mod mid century modern pattern abstract

Wall Decals Retro Geometric Mod Mid Century Modern Pattern Abstract ...

Mid century modern wall decor

La Canada Mid Century Patio

A nostalgic 50s wallpaper available in 4 different color variations

A nostalgic 50's wallpaper available in 4 different color variations.

Mid century modern wall decor

Great tips for decorating your apartment! Glad I found this now so I can get ready for my place.

Modern metal wall art sculpture mid century wall art contemporary

Modern-Metal-Wall-Art-Sculpture-Mid-Century-wall-art-contemporary-wall ...

Mid century modern wall decor 3

Mid-Century Modern Wall Art Divider with Large Hand Carved Elliptical ...

Mid century modern wall decor 4

Poppytalk: 10 Rooms With a Summer View

Driftwood wall shelves

Thanks to this creative set of open shelves, you can now display your knick-knacks in style. Made of wood, the set itself is a beautiful decoration, boasting of intricate design, drowned in multiple colors.

Decorative screen

Lampshades wall screens are an excellent way to add lightness and freshness to the interior. Subtle enhancement and functionality allow you to create a working space in your home in an easy and fun way.

Mid century modern wall decor 1

A beautiful cabinet for spicing up contemporary living rooms, guest rooms, and bedrooms. Crafted of wood in a maple finish, it features a spacious inside hidden behind a pair of stylish doors with decorative metal pull-handles.

Mid century modern wall decor 2

Midcentury living room with navy sofa and sputnik chandelier.

Ashton Sutton Wall Mirror, Silver Rays And Discs

It is a very nice and very interesting wall mirror. The pane is round. Around it spread up the rays. The rays are dotted with small, silver discs. The whole makes a very good impression. Perfect for the livingroom.

Oenophilia Mid Century Wall Mount Wine Rack - 10 Bottle

Mid century modern wall decor

Wooden flower clock, mid-century modern feel, Christina Diane

Modern bedroom vanities

Scandinavian minimalism & Mid century apartment . More photos on the website Trendland.

Mid century wall decor

25 Original Mid-Century Modern Bookcases You’ll Like | DigsDigs

Mid century modern wall decor

A bookcase that looks very good in modern indoors. Its wooden construction can support different types and sizes of books, decorations or other items. This solid wooden bookcase features functional and decorative roles.

Mid century modern wall decor 4

specializes in Mid century furniture, design books, vintage home decor ...

Retro chair 16

retro chair

Corner vanity table bedroom

Simple, but decorative dressing table with a durable wooden frame and solid rectangular top in neutral white finish. This element of home design includes three storage drawers and it is paired with a solid chair that provides back support.

Mid century modern wall decor 1

Mid Century Modern Furniture Large Geometric by HaaseHandcraft

Mid century modern wall decor 2

Mid century modern kitchen | flax & twine

Midwest-CBK Distressed Linear Wall Shelf, Black

Mid century modern wall decor

Mid Century Modern Danish Multi Colored Triangles Modern Minimalist Cube Modernist Eames Abstract

Mid century modern wall decor 8

Mid Century / Danish Modern Atomic WITCO Styled Wall Art on Etsy, $350.00

Mid century modern wall decor 5


Mid century modern wall decor

When you would like to have your wall shining like a star, use the glittery stickers. In cooperation with the pastel colours, you can reach a princess style in your daughter's bedroom. If she gets boring, use water, it is fully washable.

Teak bedroom furniture

Made of teak wood bedroom furniture is a perfect combination of attractive and very simple forms and stylish, functional details. Mid-century modern design delights and brings very practical details to the interior.

Mid century wall hanging

This painting is an icon of modern mid-centrury style. Simple, big piece of art but not overwhelming. You can hang it alone or compose with furniture, which will optically lift your room. Perfect for modern apartments.

Mid century modern wall decor

Mint, gold, bold prints with mid century modern accents. via The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose "Girl Nursery."

Verichron Atomic Ball Wall Clock, Multi/Silver

Baxton Studio Miri Plastic Mid-Century Modern Rocking Chair, Taupe

It is a contemporary and very comfortable rocking chair that has got a taupe finish and plastic seat and back. Everyone will be impressed how beautiful this product is.

Modern minimalist mid century house inspiration and renovation 1

Modern Minimalist Mid-Century House Inspiration and Renovation

Mid century modern hutch and wall decor

Mid Century Modern Hutch and Wall Decor

Gold wall clocks

The intriguing gold-framed wall clock in the mid-century style is an exceptionally original interior design element. The beautiful shield perfectly matches the decor of the contemporary interior.

Wall art mid century modern art abstract landscape green wall

... Wall Art, Mid Century Modern Art, Abstract Landscape, Green Wall Decor