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A large wall Clock is a very useful thing they have especially if you have poor eyesight or we need a decorative piece that also has a function. But most large wall clocks are pretty mundane. Instead, perhaps consider a unique wall clock. they are clever and many of them are attractive and they will match with your unique concept of decor very well.

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Large scale wrought iron clock face

Large scale wrought iron clock face
This unique wrought iron clock face constitutes a perfect example of an antique design. Large-sized will be a perfect eye-catching accent in your living room decor. Golden Roman numerals emhpasize the refined character.

Large Diy Home Decoration Big Mirrorred Wall Clock Modern Design Unique Gift

Large Diy Home Decoration Big Mirrorred Wall Clock Modern Design Unique Gift
Such wall clocks - are a synonym of modernity. It resigns from the standard clock dial, to your own wall, which can be a dial from now on. Modern large wall clock in art deco style, is made in silver high-glossy tone. Numbers are also playing a mirror role.

Woodland imports metal elegant design wall clock

Woodland imports metal elegant design wall clock
You can stop looking - the perfect wall clock was found.Elegant,black with ethnic large display for clear visibility.It has the shape of a beautiful key,opens all the temporary spaces and doors of every room,because its design is suitable for the whole house.

Large Rectangle Clock

Large Rectangle Clock
This stylish, made in ancient style large rectangular clock is the perfect solution for any decor. It is impressive and looks very unconventional on each thinned home. It gives charm to any decor.

Unique wall clocks large wooden clock

Unique wall clocks large wooden clock
The unique wooden wall clock. The whole made of wood, but the decoration ring bases on the crosswise-cut twigs, which creates this incredible pattern altogether. This kind of clock fits the rustic kitchen.

Dizayner wall clocks very large wall

Dizayner wall clocks very large wall
This unique designer wall clock will be a funky example of the contemporary design. Its uniqueness lies in its reversed proportions, where the indicators are way bigger than the clock face.

Large wall clock black and white wall

Large wall clock black and white wall
Would you like to travel in time?There is a high probability that this round white wall wooden clock can help you.It is decorated in crazy, mysterious clocks on its shield. Inspired by newspaper clippings.Two black clock hands will show you the time you live.

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Large, unique wall clocks can do more than connect you with the time of day or with the correct calendar setting. They can make a lifestyle statement, match your décor, or set a mood. Of course, it is quite handy if these large wall clocks are also easy to read, even for someone who is visually challenged. Regardless of your primary purpose for the clocks, you are sure to be able to find unique walls clocks, large size, that will be perfect for the room you are decorating.

What are some examples of large unique wall clocks?

The American Lifetime extra large digital clock

The American Lifetime extra large digital clock for the visually impaired is an excellent example of a serviceable and somewhat unique large wall clock. The brown wood colored clock is eight inches high, and clearly displays the time, day of the week and date. The day and month are spelled out in full, not abbreviated. The clock has the option for five different alarms, making it easy to set an alarm for things such as taking medicine. It comes with a battery backup so that in the event of a power failure, it will still display the correct time and date when the power comes back on.

A Circle of Fifths

This is the perfect clock for a music classroom, although you might want to back it up with a regular clock. There are several different circles because music has a movable selection of scales and keys, but a favorite is the major circle of fifths, with C at the 12:00 position, and BƄ/F# at the 6:00 position. The fifths for C Major mark out the morning hours, while those for the key of F hold down the afternoon hours. It is a clever way to help your music students arrive in class on time and to remember their circle of fifths. It gives new meaning to the old nursery rhyme that starts out, “A diller, a dollar…you could change it to “You BƄ scholar. You used to arrive at BƄ, but now you arrive at C.” For those of you who missed out on nursery rhymes, the original goes, “You used to arrive at 10:00, but now you arrive at Noon.”

Magical Motion Gear Clock

The intricate gears in clocks and watches have long added to their ability to fascinate. This clock does not require winding since it runs on two “D” batteries (included to maintain quartz precision) which last for 18 to 22 months. It is recommended that you change batteries yearly on the purchase anniversary for continuity. A light sensor keeps the clock from chiming in a dark room so it will not wake you up at night. The magical motion gear clock from Rhythm Clocks displays a set of gears that will have any Steampunk fan in seventh heaven. At the top of the hour, it plays a selection from one of three music lists (you can set it for A, B, or C – C being a Christmas holiday selection). As the music plays, the crystals flash, the small gears turn, and the entire board with the hours rotates.


Decorative shatterproof mirror wall

Decorative shatterproof mirror wall
Add this amazing mirror wall clock to your interior and enjoy a boost of contemporary visual appeal that it has to offer with its huge hour numbers, making for a unique and charming addition to any space, especially with the gold tone of the glass finish.

Rustic and Stately Design Wall Clock

Rustic and Stately Design Wall Clock
Rustic clock with integrated frames for photos. It has 2 hooks to hang on the wall. It contains Roman numbering, and space for 6 photos. Tasteful accent wall for any interior.

Funny wall clock

The unique and colossal wall clock is a way for a very stylish interior design. The clock face of the clock with Roman numerals creates a very impressive whole, which becomes an integral part of the decor.

Unique wall clocks large 6

The uniqueness of this fantastic wall clock lays in its small moving gears that rotate the large outer sprocket, which indicates the time. Finished in stylish white, it shall fit into most of the interiors, providing the space a distinguishable character.

Unique wall clocks large 1

A phenomenal wall clock in a large size. It's a simple metal construction in the shape of the sun. At the top of the each ray there is a frame where you can put your favourite photos, which makes the clock a fantastic display area.

Unique wall clocks

A gorgeous accessory for living rooms, bedrooms, and sun rooms. This exquisite arm chair rests on stylishly-curved wood legs that support quality off-white fabric upholstery, along with a medium-firm seat, a rolled back and long arms.

Unique wall clocks large

A huge wall clock in a vintage design. It's been distressed to get a more natural and old-fashioned look. The dial features large Roman numerals and Big Ben and London writing. It can be hung outdoors or indoors.

Large unique wall clock large wooden reproduction of a

Large Unique Wall Clock Large wooden reproduction of a

Large foyer lighting fixtures 6

The unique large metal wall clock. The base was made using the old flywheel from the windmill. The other details decorating this room suggest fascination of milling industry. Using such a accessories is cheap and also looks impressive.


A unique, large wall clock that is characterized by a blue dial and huge, white numerals visible even from the distance. It's accompanied by a colorful hand-made ottoman with a knitted, decorative upholstery.

Wall clock decor ideas

Who doesn't like big things? Well, this huge wall clock is something way bigger than that! This unique oversized piece of art is fully made from light wood and iron elements. The clock numbers are made in Roman style.

Homemade wall clock

Happy people do not count the time? Why not! With such a unique kitchen wall clock! This oversized clock has a huge dial in beige tinted shades, and black Roman numbers and black clockwises. It brings a bit rustic character.

Black wrought iron clock

Decorative vintage wall clock, pretty unique due to its style: the designer wished apparently to lend a hint of times past by to this large distressed clock. Metal frame looks as if it was heavily rusted.

Large unique wall clocks

It looks like someone took a mechanism under the magnifying glass in an old watch and turned it into one big clock dial. This unique large wall clock is made of wrought iron. It is inspired by the great huge clock from the Paris station.

Retro 50S 50'S Contemporary Beige/Cream Designer Kitchen Wall Clock Diner Decor

Contemporary retro wall clock with a round shape. It features a black metal body that provides solidity and resistance to wear. Black hands and Arabic numbers are readable. Mechanism of this clock works in a silent and reliable way.

Billy Jacobs 6 Inch Designer Wooden Wall Clock - Flag Barn

Interesting, wooden wall clock featuring original artwork by Billy Jacobs. Durable and functional, this classic American item provides aesthetic appeal as well as unique way to replace and ordinary clock in your house.

Unique wall clocks ellipse unique wall clocks

Unique Wall Clocks - Ellipse Unique Wall Clocks

Very large wall clocks for sale

A pretty, unique and extra large wall clock perfect for interiors in a rustic style. It's a round construction with a black frame and an elegant dial with Roman numerals well visible even from the distance.

Bai Designer Wall Clock, Landmark

Not only does this piece excel when it comes to durability, it is also truly functional and offers a stylish yet modern looking and simplistic design that will fit almost any decor beautifully, while accentuating it perfectly.

Unique wall clocks large 1

greige: interior design ideas and inspiration for the transitional home : Tic Tock and some time to reflect..

Antique white wall clock

Gorgous sitting living room set, made from grey cotton, with extra ottoman. Additionaly big, old-school whitish wall clack with huge hands of time makes it look fantastic. Cool, rustic wooden table is a perfect spot to keep your favourite deco at.

Unique wall clocks large 10

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Giant modern wall clock

A minimalist clock in a large scale stands out against the warmth of the suede walls.

Antique dutch wall clocks

This is a remarkable piece of clockwork, Mahogany wall clock with Roman numbers,slanted side arms and an unusual pediment. The injection molding allowed the glass to be enriched. The lower tablet represents the battle between USS Constitution and Querriere.

Normann Copenhagen Watch Me Wall Clock - 11 Inches

Stylish wall clock with awesome design featuring powder coated steel stripes in different shades. Very cheerful and colorful item boasting unique form enclosed in durable frame, offering functionality and visual flair.

Giant wall clocks

This large wall clock might become a finishing touch in a decor where unique chronometer is what lacks to complete it. This aged bronze one sports openwork design, enormous Roman numerals and classic spade hands.

Edwardian wall clock

This time Victorian style wall clock. Imagine yourself entering huge, dark castle... and something truly magnificent catches your attention. Yup, it's look trully amazing how this sculptured horse is standing at the top of it's mohagony beauty.

Aspire Pocket Watch Style Large Wall Clock

Aspire Pocket Watch Style Large Wall Clock

Unique wall clocks large 1

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Mahogany Classic DayClock

This Classic Day Clock in Mahogany or Oak Finish can be an excellent choice for improving your den, living room or bedroom with functionality and stylish looks. The clock includes a white round face that indicates each of the 7 days of the week.

Mahogany Mantle Clock - Grapes w/Ben Franklin Wine Quote - Beautifully done in full color

A magnificent piece for placing in your living room, den, or bedroom. This Mantle Clock with Ben Franklin Wine Quote & Mahogany Finish features a square face with Arabic numerals, and a durable wood case. The clock can either be mounted on a wall or placed on a shelf. Requires 1 AA battery.

Square wall clocks large

Could easily DIY this pallet clock. Make it an even easier project by keeping it square

Designer wall clocks

This amazing wall clock sports a fun design with hands pointing in the direction of the precise hours instead of just the normal hands of the clock and sports the all-black finish to ensure a much easier fit with your decor.

Decor clocks geekcook 24 hour unique large wooden wall clocks

decor clocks geekcook 24 hour unique large wooden wall clocks

SEWING Wall Clock fabric machine seamstress room quilt

This wall clock sports the precision quartz movement and will prove to be an ideal gift for your friends or family. The design is unique and original with its rich graphics and will surely last a lifetime, since its durable and strong.

River City Clocks Square White Glass Wall Clock with Cracked Glass Design

This designer wall clock will enhance every living room space with its raw, minimalistic form, embodying modernism best features. White with black cracks design, is made in Hungary by artisan glass designers.

Kitchen wall clock this sleek looking affordable safe will discreetly

Kitchen Wall Clock. This sleek looking affordable safe will discreetly conceal gun case keys, the face opens to reveal a shelved interior, clock back is pre-drilled and ready to be hung, you can hide medicine, jewelry, credit cards, passports, sunglasses,

New luxury diy 3d wall clock art deco mirrors face

New Luxury DIY 3D Wall Clock Art Deco Mirrors Face Large Watches Clocks Gifts #MAX3 #Modern

Unique wall clocks large 6

Wandering Laser Cut Wood Clock | Home Decor | Sarah Mimo Clocks | Scoutmob Shoppe | Product Detail

Bai Designer Wall Clock, Velocity

Big wall clock with white dial, bold black numerals and black metal hands, accompanied by thin red second hand. The dial is protected with glass lens and enclosed in a white round frame, which comprises a classic design.

Unique wall clocks large 7

Clocks wall Wall designer watches Wall Clock by GlamourClocks, $68.88

Unique wall clocks large 14

Grand mur mur bois patiné horloge 12 pouces avec numéros blancs mur Chic minable horloge, horloge de mur Unique tendance No 1226 sur Etsy, $62.28 CAD

Bai Designer Wall Clock, Cyber

It is a wall clock that has got a contemporary design, mega silver finish and glass lens. It fits perfectly to your modern office space, living room, bedroom and other. You need to have it.