Oversized Decorative Wall Clocks

The concept of the decorative wall clock has become very popular in a lot of homes, more as a throwback than anything else. With advancements in digital clocks, analog clocks have kind of gone the way of the dodo. So, it is terrific to use a functional oversize decorative wall clock to keep the spirit alive.

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Oversized 36" Decorative Wall Clock

Oversized 36" Decorative Wall Clock
It is a very decorative wall clock. Its frame is openwork, decorated with delicate leaves. As a result looks very nice and aesthetically. The clock face is white and has Roman numerals. It is very elegant and stylish.

Chryses Oversized 30" Decorative Wall Clock

Chryses Oversized 30" Decorative Wall Clock
Finished in black and silver, this Oversized 30-Inch Decorative Wall Clock features sturdy, metal construction. The clock has Roman numerals, requires 1 AA battery, and can be wiped clean with a dry cloth.

Extra large distressed white metal roman numeral clock

Extra large distressed white metal roman numeral clock
A stunning numeral clock that will make simply any interior shine with class and charm - this piece offers more than enough of functional use and is more than suitable for your vintage styled household.

Rondo Travel Alarm Clock

Rondo Travel Alarm Clock
This is a small, round, travel alarm clock is a perfect and useful gadget to use both at home and when traveling. It has a metal stand, luminous clock face with big, clear numbers, acrylic len and durable frame.

Oversized decorative wall clocks

Large Decorative Wall Clocks Can Add More Decoration | Roomplanideas ...

Large metal clock 3

Giant wall clock in classic form. Shield is made of metal. It is fitted with Roman numeral and quartz movement. Adds freshness and elegance to each room. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

49 wall clock

Giant wall clock in vintage style. Round shield is made of wood and fitted with Roman numeral. Elegant and functional accent for each place according to taste.

Our advice Buying Guide

How to mount an oversized wall clock?

To mount oversized decorative wall clocks, find the wall stud behind your selected location. This is a supporting piece of wood behind drywall measuring 2” x 4.” This will serve as the main support and keeps the clock from falling. If your clock is extra wide, you may need to look for two studs to secure each end for added security.

Once located, mark with a pencil at the height of the hanger on the back of your clock. Insert a screw, leaving ¼”-½” extending from the wall to hang the clock securely on top and over it.

If you are mounting your clock on brick, plaster, or regular drywall surface, where studs are not available, expect a less secure mounting. Choose your spot and mark with a pencil. Drill a hole matching the size of the screw anchor. Tap the cone-shaped anchor into the drilled hole carefully. For walls of brick or masonry, use metal anchors instead of plastic ones.

Next, insert your screw into the anchor and turn until a snug fit. Hang your clock over the anchored screw. For added security, use more than one anchor for an oversized clock, especially if it is heavy.

How to measure the area for an oversized wall clock?

Oversized decorative wall clocks range drastically in scale, so it is important to take accurate measurements of the chosen location for your clock to ensure it fits well and looks right. To measure the area for the clock, there are a few basic considerations.

Measure the size of the clock, then measure the size of the wall space you want to hang it on. The first consideration is to ensure that your clock fits in this space without touching the ceiling, floor, or adjacent walls. A good rule of thumb for medium to big clocks is that the area surrounding the clock is at 4 times higher than the clock and 6 times wider. However, for an extremely large oversized clock, the surrounding area only needs to be at least 9” below the ceiling and 1 to 2 times wider than the clock.

What styles are oversized decorative wall clocks available in?

Oversized decorative wall clocks are available in plenty of styles, ranging from traditional to contemporary to rustic to eclectic and beyond.

If you’re hoping to infuse your space with vintage charm, an old-fashioned oversized wall clock won’t disappoint. These timepieces include roman numerals, a weathered finish, and spade hands for a classic look.

Large industrial-style wall clocks are a statement piece on their own. Similar to vintage clocks, they have an old-time flair but are much bolder with their exposed wooden/metal parts.

Minimalist, abstract, and sticker designs with tapered hands lie on the modern side of decorative wall clocks. They’re often simple and unfussy in appearance but you may also stumble across unusual shapes, such as a clef note shape or a butterfly form.

If you want your home to be relaxing and full of character, a rustic oversized wall clock is what you may be looking for. Wall clocks in this style boast natural beauty with their wooden faces and metal details.


Oversized Wall Clock

Oversized Wall Clock

Large decorative wall clocks

Interesting combination of massive, large wall clock with Roman numerals and rustic foyer table design impresses. The Beautiful wood design is adorable and brings cozy and warm atmosphere to the decor.

Extra large decorative wall clocks

Oversized wall clock with a stylization of a pocket watch. It features an oval shape with solid red frame. Its distressed aged frame and glass front are attractive and durable. White face includes black Roman numbers and black hands.

Oversized decorative wall clocks 8

love this clock and candlesticks

Wall clock above fireplace

The gorgeous combination of antique styling and the large form of this stylish wall clock makes it all enchanted. Oversize design with beautiful Roman numerals on the clock face creates a unique whole.

Oversized decorative wall clocks

Tell Time Easily with Large Wall Clocks

Large metal clock 5

An impressive giant round wall clock made of metal with a worn finish and well visible traces of rust. It has an analogue dial in off-white. A rim, minute dots and large Roman numerals are black. Decorative hands are heavily rust.

LightMakers 6202900 LightMakers The Paddington Round Wood Clock, 31.5-Inch, Brown

Large round wood clock with two-toned brown and white finish (the brown falls on the side of dark chocolate rather than that of milky coffee). Elegant design is even more unique thanks to axpertly antiqued look.

Oversized decorative wall clocks 5

oversized clock above buffet table

Oversized decorative wall clocks

Roman Numeral Oversized Wall Clock in White

Oversized decorative wall clock 2

Oversized Decorative Wall Clock

Big metal clock

This big rustic clock tells the time while you rejoice your drink with friends. Perhaps its decorous hallmarks are even more welcome than its practical features! It's very large - centering the design to the home bar - and it softens the industrial vibe of this interior.

Large decorative wall clocks 3

Large Decorative Wall Clocks

Howard Miller 625-468 Continental Wall Clock by

Transitional style wall clock with classic gold coloured circular pendulum with brass finished lyre and grid, accompanied by round dial, Roman numerals and black spade hands, all closed in solid colour case made of selected hardwoods.

Oversized decorative wall clocks

Decorative Wall Clock 06 3D model

Office wall clocks

A pretty large round wall clock having a dial crafted of vertically arranged wooden slats with a natural finish. It has screwed Arabic numerals and thin long arrow-style hands of metal. It requires 1 AA battery.