Southwestern Wall Clocks

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Southwestern wall clocks combine desert earth tones with bright hues and enrich the quality of a Southwestern-styled home. Vibrant and attractive, these western clocks offer a lively ambiance to the space that surrounds them. Center these charming clocks above warm-toned entryway tables, living room sofas, and dining room tables. With limitless shapes and materials to choose from, you can match these southwest clocks to the exact wall location and the colors in your home.

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Updated 26/01/2022
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Pendulum Style Southwest Wall Clock

Pendulum Style Southwest Wall Clock

August Grove®

Chime less and non-ticking, this southwestern wall clock keeps a room quiet. It is handmade, fadeproof, and made entirely of MDF wood. This rectangular pendulum-style clock is designed specifically for kitchens and dining rooms and offers a bit of humor.


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Southwestern Wall Clock without Numbers

Southwestern Wall Clock without Numbers

Ivy Bronx

This vivid orange round-shaped aluminum metal southwest wall clock is designed to look like sand found in the desert. Offered in medium, large, and oversized, it includes a triple-A battery and features black metal tapered minute and hour clock hands.

$108.99 $180

Designer Advice:

Numberless wall clocks give a minimalistic appeal and are wonderful for Southwest designers searching for a simple color boost in their living room, dining room, or office. The drawback to this type of wall clocks is that it may be difficult to tell the exact time. Thus, detail-oriented perfectionists needing to see exact numbers should steer clear of this clock.

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Desert themed Southwestern Wall Clock

Desert themed Southwestern Wall Clock


Textured like an oil painting is this southwest wall clock that delivers a wild-wild west vibe with its green cactuses, Yuka plants, and tall orange mountain background. Made of PVC, it is fashioned with Arabic black numbers.

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Outdoor Suitable Southwest Clock

Outdoor Suitable Southwest Clock

Dakota Fields

This bronze and copper metal southwestern wall clock is shaped like a sun and exhibits a Fahrenheit temperature gauge. Its clear glass cover protects the clock’s black inked numbers and metal clock hands from extreme heat, cold, and rain. 

$56.99 $76.99

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Sunburst Style Southwestern Clock

Sunburst Style Southwestern Clock

This environment-friendly Southwestern wall clock is made of highly reflective galvanized metal and iron frame details. It features a second, minute, and hour hand, with four numbers and black dots to represent the other numbers.

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Western Clock with Rope Outline

Western Clock with Rope Outline

Sand & Stable™

This oversized analog western wall clock with roman numerals is wrapped with three ropes and is made of medium-density fiberboard. It is non-chiming, and operates on double-A batteries and a quartz crystal mechanism.

$119.99 $173.8

Designer Advice:

Southwest design is filled with bright colors but too many colors can make a room look too busy. To prevent this, choose a southwestern wall clock with neutral colors and a theme instead. Place neutral-toned clocks on bright orange, yellow, red, and turquoise textured Southwestern-style walls or on neutral walls next to brightly striped tapestries or paintings.

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Oversized Southwest Clock with Open Design

Oversized Southwest Clock with Open Design

August Grove®

This windmill-shaped extra-large southwestern wall clock has vintage distressed paint that blends beautifully into a western style. It is outlined with a round iron metal frame with an open concept and is excellent for solid light-colored walls. 

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Square shaped Southwest Wall Clock

Square shaped Southwest Wall Clock

UV coated, and scratch-resistant, this southwestern clock is made of natural rust-orange sandstone. Etched into the stone are ancient Indian petroglyphs. Its 3D design and rock texture are terrific elements used in Southwest-style homes.

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Multi paneled Western Style Wall Clock

Multi paneled Western Style Wall Clock

This unique Western wall clock comes in three panels with black numerals, dashes for minutes, and black hour and minute hands. The back is painted with a beige and beautiful stallion and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Designer Advice:

Paneled clocks are distinctive pieces that hang neatly above long sofas or entryway tables. Their three-piece compilation can be spaced a couple of inches to make your clock appear larger or placed side-by-side for an easier read. The indoor-outdoor feature lets you hang them on balconies or inside living rooms.

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Colorful Metal Southwestern Clock

Colorful Metal Southwestern Clock

Williston Forge

Rounded and wavy, this lightweight metal analog southwest clock brandishes bright blue, red, green, yellow, and brown playful strips of color. It is non-alarming and non-charming with a vintage texture and includes one hanging hook for easy installation.

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Southwestern Wall Clocks

Buying Guide

Activity trackers, smart watches, and cell phones have eliminated our dependence on clocks in telling us the time. However, why do we still find Southwestern wall clocks on homes across the country? Well, it’s for a good reason!

Decorative wall clocks aren’t disappearing from home interiors as they’re incredible design elements that can easily and quickly let homeowners add texture, art, style, and color to rooms. If you’re on the lookout for a stunning Southwestern wall clock to boost your home’s aesthetics, then read on as we’ve listed a few things that you need to consider when making a selection.

Some of the most important factors that you should consider when shopping for a Southwestern wall clock are:

Room decor

If your room is quite colorful, then a plain or neutral Southwestern wall clock will work best. Inside a neutral room that has lots of wall space, it can benefit from an eye-catching, oversized wall clock with a unique design as it offers depth and texture. It’s also a great way of introducing a new color to the room.

Wall size and weight capacity

Take out your tape measure, get your wall’s measurements and check if your wall is capable of supporting a heavy clock. What you want to avoid is making the room feel crowded or cluttered by getting a clock with the wrong size. Wall clocks are rare décor elements that are almost never overlooked. They get attention as they also have the function of telling the time. So, it’s crucial that you consider how the clock’s placement and size will affect your home’s existing design scheme.


If your purchase will serve as a functioning timepiece, then you’d want the clock to be readable even from afar. Choose the wall clock that has large numbers. You may only want one to be a decorative statement. If so, then your priority is its design. Choose the one that fits your room’s theme.

Don’t spend several hours matching colors exactly. Your wall clock is a new design element in your space so it shouldn’t have the same color as your walls. If you’re trying too hard to match your clock’s color to the existing decorative items in the room, then you will end up with a look that’s artificial.

The trick designers use is to pick the color/s that will complement the existing color palette of a certain space. If you are afraid of opting for a bold color, then consider getting a less striking version of that bold color you should be using. It would still be better than shade matching.

Remember that dark colors make a wall clock appear smaller when it’s mounted. A light color does the opposite as it makes objects appear larger.

The cardinal rule interior designers always suggest is to trust your sense of style. You’ll know what looks beautiful and appropriate for your space so trust your intuitive power.

Best Ideas

29 Antiqued Ivory And Red Round Wall Clock Rustic Southwestern Vintage Cabin

29 Antiqued Ivory And Red Round Wall Clock Rustic Southwestern Vintage Cabin

This beautiful antique wall clock is a wonderful combination of solid construction, rustic design, and functionality. The elegant Arabic numerals on the round dial of the watch and subtle decorations create a harmonious whole.

Southwestern wall clocks 6

Choose a fun alternative for a clock with this amazing kokopelli piece that sports the design from the southwestern tradition. It combines pure beauty of tradition with a bit of fun and a fresh look.

Southwest lizard wall clock

Southwest Lizard Wall Clock

Boots and spurs wall clock

Boots and Spurs Wall Clock

Southwestern wall clock 1

Create the extraordinary and unique wall in your home with this Southwestern wall clock. It is made of leather, suede, cotton and wood. Get it for yourself, or buy it as a gift!

In a southwestern tradition with this firstime kokopelli wall clock

in a southwestern tradition with this firstime kokopelli wall clock ...

Southwestern wall clocks 13

Embodying the hot, Mexican style, this Southwestern wall clock will be an ideal gift for all muchachos and amigos. If you are a fan of westerns, it shall appear in your bedroom.

Kokopelli in desert rustic southwestern steel wall clock 3 sizes

Kokopelli in Desert Rustic Southwestern Steel Wall Clock 3 Sizes

Southwest wall decor

A pretty contemporary wall clock with a square black frame of metal. Its dial features Native American pottery motifs in prevalent browns with blue accents against a white background. Hands and stylised Arabic numerals are black.

Southwestern wall clocks 1

A YeiBiChi 'Yei' Navajo southwestern wall clock is made of solid steel and is available in three sizes to choose: 12, 18 and 24 inches. The details and large numerals are cut by the laser.

Cantina chili peppers 12 inch decorative wood wall clock by

Cantina Chili Peppers 12-inch Decorative Wood Wall Clock by Highland Graphics

Collections Etc - Southwest Scene Hanging Wall Clock

Decorous wall clock with unique bezel: it features a sculpted, 3-dimensional Southwest scene, with cactuses, howling coyote, and mountains! It is made from sustainable resin, with bright, colourful finish.

Southwestern wall clocks 2

A cool modern 1AA battery-powered wall clock of acrylic. Its round face features 2 colourful profiles of people dancing and playing the wind instruments. Black Arabic numerals and hands are against a background in greys with a wavy pattern.

Wall clock cactus coyote design

Wall Clock - Cactus Coyote Design

Southwestern motif

Clock Wall clock Southwestern Clock

Rearing horse burnished wall clock

Rearing Horse Burnished Wall Clock

Native american clocks

Could go nicely in my new Southern living room?

The meeting place wall clock a native american design

The Meeting Place wall clock. A native American design.

Wood wall clock from our southwestern clocks category this clock

Wood Wall Clock - From our Southwestern Clocks category, this clock ...

Rodeo cowboy western barn star wall clock home decor

Rodeo Cowboy Western Barn Star Wall Clock Home Decor

Southwestern wall clocks 7

Southwestern Pattern Fun Wall clock

Kokopelli light wall clock

Kokopelli Light Wall Clock

Wall clock southwestern style decorative wall decor functional art

wall clock southwestern style decorative wall decor functional art ...

Painted turtle round acrylic wall clock from our southwestern clocks

Painted Turtle Round Acrylic Wall Clock - From our Southwestern Clocks category, this clock features the turtle symbol which is often associated with longevity. $38.00