Large Kitchen Wall Clocks


Huge, elaborate, and an odd but seemingly useful decorative item, these large kitchen wall clocks are just that...large. So large in fact they may dwarf yor dining table. But that's ok. They are very attractive, many made with distressed wood to give them a lived-in feel, and the analog hands can help you keep an eye on that dish that might take a while. See collection for details.

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Our Picks

Vintage themed kitchen clock

Vintage themed kitchen clock

August Grove®

Large and boxy, this wall clock will infuse your interior with an old-school character. It is characterized by a distressed dial, oversized white hour markers, and vintage French typography right in the center. A sleek black wooden case encloses the clock.


Designer Advice:

This wall clock is the perfect accessory for any cozy kitchen, be it classic, farmhouse, or cottage-style. What’s more, it’s square in shape, which makes a nice change from the usual round clock. This adds a distinctive element to the room, all the while being functional—therefore, a win-win for both you and your space!

Modern kitchen wall clock

Modern kitchen wall clock

Orren Ellis

Best described as innovative and unique, this accent piece features a diamond-shaped face surrounded by differently-sized numbers, with the number 6 serving as a pendulum at the bottom. Snazzy appearance aside, it is crafted from aluminum for long-lasting durability and resistance to fading. 

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Oversized mid century modern wall clock

Oversized mid century modern wall clock

Wade Logan®

This head-turner catches the eye with its metal rays, mimicking the shape of an eclectic sunburst. It also has a non-ticking quartz movement, spade-style hands, and gold details all around, ideal for adding a lively touch to a plain and boring setting.


Designer Advice:

Funky large wall clocks are the way to go if your kitchen lacks personality. You can either set yours above your countertops, mounted shelves, door, or anywhere with enough wall space, given that they typically measure between 24” to 32”. Just keep in mind that large wall clocks tend to look too overpowering in small spaces, so make sure you take scale into account.

Farmhouse style oversized wall clock

Farmhouse style oversized wall clock

Kelly Clarkson Home

This wall clock is charming, artfully detailed, and pleasing to the eye thanks to its white metal frame and wooden open-design dial with roman numerals. Noticeable distressing, wood knots, and sharp hands complete its farmhouse look. Plus, it’s quiet!

$88.99 $130

Minimalist large wall clock

Minimalist large wall clock

Wrought Studio™

Combining an oversized design and clean-looking aesthetic, this timepiece is sure to make a subtle statement on the wall. It includes detachable dots instead of numbers as well as massive hands, all finished in a bold black hue.

Designer Advice:

This one beautifully complements kitchen areas with more modern, contemporary, and Nordic-style decor—and also great for when you have a large wall space to fill. It is made of plastic and lightweight, making it super easy to put together. All you’ll need to do is stick it to the wall with the supplied adhesive tape or use double-sided tape and you’re good to go!

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Coastal inspired large kitchen clock

Coastal inspired large kitchen clock

Sand & Stable™

This large kitchen clock is guaranteed to ground any light and airy kitchen space with a beachy focal point. Lengths of ropes and wooden accents encircle its open numberless face, bringing a natural element to the area while black spade hands add contrast.

$149.99 $161

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Large Kitchen Wall Clocks

Buying Guide

The best place to hang a large kitchen wall clock is on whichever wall you can easily look at when you’re facing your main countertop: that’s where you’ll mostly be busy doing your food prep, which is exactly when checking the time is most important.

Alternatively, if you have an open-plan kitchen, you could consider placing your large kitchen clock on a wall that you can easily gaze at from the living area, too.

Typically, large kitchen wall clocks require one or two AA batteries. As even larger clocks don’t draw much energy for their mechanisms, this should last your clock a long time. If you decide to use a Lithium battery, you won’t have to change your batteries very frequently at all. However, make sure that you’re following manufacturer instructions when you’re making these choices.

Best Ideas

Large kitchen clock

A charming wallclock that will work wonders in your living room or kitchen. The large, wooden antique style goes along with the "Chateau Canet" inscription, while the numbers on the clock are surplanted on rectangular wooden blocks.

Large wall clock 18in antique style big

Large wall clock 18in antique style big

This oversized wall clock constitutes a good proposition for your kitchen or dining room. Its distressed look shall appeal to all fans of rustic, retro style. Equipped with Roman numerals, it will bring elegant, antique character to the interior.

Vintage starburst clock mid century

Vintage starburst clock mid century

A perfect and very creative vintage starburst clock constructed from teak and brass. Nice and subtle hands of the clock look almost invisible. I really like its goldish reflection on its face of the clock.

Large kitchen wall clocks

Large wall clock. This simply timepiece is made of blanched wood and has painted Roman numerals. In spite of its simplicity, this clock is elegant and chic. It will be fit to the kitchen or spacious lobby.

Coffee kitchen wall clocks 12

Coffee Kitchen Wall Clocks

Large kitchen clocks

A classy wall clock in a large size, perfect for your kitchen. It features a round shape and a simple, white frame with a slightly distressed finish. The dial presents original labels of the producer and large numerals.

Mid Century Modern Seth Thomas Sunburst Starburst Atomic Wall Clock Works

Mid Century Modern Seth Thomas Sunburst Starburst Atomic Wall Clock Works

A magnificent, atomic wall clock in a large size. It features the shape of a starburst with golden rays. The dial is characterized by a futuristic design with slightly blurred numerals and black hands.

Large decorative wall clock 2

Large Decorative Wall Clock

Big kitchen wall clocks


Ashton Sutton Large Wall Clock

Large open face wall clack, crafted by hand to showcase beautiful classic style. It has big Arabic numerals in black, exquisitely easy to read. Metal fittings embellishing the frame are applied by hand.

15" Kitchen Wall Clock

15" Kitchen Wall Clock

What suits better for kitchen than the cutlery? You may type food or pots alternatively, but this quaint clock is embellished with forks, spoons and sieves that comprise its frame. Silvery finish adds a modern vibe to its looks.

Brookwood Apple Shaped Wall Clock

This apple-shaped wall clock can be a lovely enhancement for your kitchen. Characterized by polypropylene construction, the clock features an aged white face with black numerals, black second hand, and checkered border. Requires 1 AA battery.

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15" Tile Wall Clock

15" Tile Wall Clock

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use – this 15-Inch Tile Wall Clock measures not only time but also humidity and temperature. The clock has a large round face with Roman numerals surrounded by small tiles for more beautiful appearance.

Large cream clock

Large kitchen wall clock, made from stainless steel, with huuuuge clock face and rustic, old fashion hand of time and clock numbers. I really like this tine coffee table underneath made from dark wood.

Kitchen wall clocks 3

Kitchen wall clocks

Atomic wall clock large

A retro style wall clock with a starburst inspired frame of size-varied rectangularish orange tiles fixed to length-varied metal rods. A round black dial has metallic both a rim, a centre and Arabic numerals. Pointy hands are black and white.

Extra large kitchen wall clocks

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Usmile 12" Vintage Sweet Rose sing for love style Wooden Wall Clocks Decorative wall clocks Retro wall clocks large wall clocks

Round wall clock with frameless design and weathered retro print, featuring roses, leaves and butterflies pattern. Outfitted with stylized black hands (second hand is red) and having black Arabic numerals.

Black antiqued wall clock big wall clocks oversized

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Large grey skeleton wall clock shabby chic vintage style

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33 personalized wall clock large wall clock oversized

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Large grey wall clock classic french vintage style kitchen

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