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Buy the best stainless steel wall clock selected and recommended by interior designers. By Tara Gosselin.

For your kitchen space, if you are looking for an easy to clean wall clock, then look no further than these stainless steel wall clocks. They are well made of the finest stainless steel and polished to perfection, not to mention they work beautifully. They are a wonderful option if you are sick of the traditional paper wall clocks. See collection for details.

12 Inch Ribbon Style Stainless Wall Clock

12 Inch Ribbon Style Stainless Wall Clock


12 Inch Ribbon Style Stainless Wall Clock




Contemporary with an edge of masculinity, this stainless steel wall clock is uniquely shaped as it showcases gently shaped overlapping ribbons of thin but sturdy steel. This timepiece displays two tapered red markers and runs on a single AA battery. 

Designer Advice

This ultra-modern stainless wall clock would make a lasting impression in any contemporary home. If you’re looking to bring in different textiles alongside various pieces of abstract art or even still photographs, this stainless steel wall clock will add the variety and fresh take you’re looking for. 

Classic Style Stainless Steel Wall Clock

Classic Style Stainless Steel Wall Clock

Classic Style Stainless Steel Wall Clock

FirsTime & Co.


22 inches tall and wide, this traditional style round stainless steel wall clock features a stylish steel frame with a clean white backdrop, glass lens, and a Roman numeral dial in sleek black. This stainless wall clock is battery operated and hanging hardware is not included. 

Designer Advice

Due to the classic design of this stainless steel clock, it could really be utilized anywhere in the kitchen, living room or home office. And since this stainless wall clock happens to be of the silent non-ticking variety, it also makes an inspired choice for any contemporary bedroom. 

Oversized Square Stainless Steel Clock

Oversized Square Stainless Steel Clock

Oversized Square Stainless Steel Clock


More than just a timepiece, this modern oversized square stainless steel clock is battery operated and showcases broad Roman numerals, tapered charcoal markers, and a centre portion panel that’s perfectly distressed with a glass over face. 

Industrial Stainless Steel Kitchen Clock

Industrial Stainless Steel Kitchen Clock

Industrial Stainless Steel Kitchen Clock

17 Stories


Perfect for an industrial-style space, this round and oversized stainless steel clock displays slightly raised Arabic numerals with two delicately designed markers coming from a criss-cross centre portion. This stainless steel clock is also battery-operated and slightly distressed to create a cool informal feel. 

Round Wall Clock Steel

Round Wall Clock Steel

Round Wall Clock Steel

Howard Miller®


This simply designed battery-operated stainless steel clock features a galvanized steel ridged border around a white body with large black numbers and two slightly tapered centre markers. This stainless steel wall clock also works outdoors as it contains a glass cover and rubber seals around the frame. 

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ZACK 60025 PALLA wall clock, Quartz

This stainless steel wall clock with brushed finish looks sleek and elegant, but it's also highly practical - you can easily tell the time thanks to clear black and white design, and the piece is easy to wipe clean.

Stainless wall clock

Stainless steel is an alloy of iron and chromium. These metals connected to each other are resistant to acids and rust - therefore a round stainless steel wall clock is not only decorative but also practical in the kitchen.

Blomus Era Stainless Steel & Black Wall Clock, Metal, 9.5-in.

Sleek, modern design makes this stainless steel wall clock a versatile decor piece. It shows time accurately and its look is attractive in a contemporary fashion, though totally not outrageous or exaggerated.

COBB & Co. Stainless Steel Wall Clock

Elegant, dependable & accurate wall clock, falling on a modern side, but with retro vibe. Thick stainless steel housing has a polished, glossy finish. Classic black and white design of the face makes it easy to tell the time.

Stainless steel clocks contemporary

A clock with words instead of hands! Just

Bai Brushed Stainless Steel Weather Station Wall Clock, White

A wall clock that features a very original and solid construction. It has got a frame made of stainless steel and its face has got a white color. This product shows current time, temperature and humidity.

Steel wall clock 3

Ready to embrace a minimalist contemporary style in your home? Perhaps such a stylish wall clock is a good way to start. Stainless steel round frame houses black fac with straight steel hands, with a peek on cogged wheels and gears interior.

Stainless steel clock hands

Ideal for those, who look for modern accents to their dining or living space, this stainless steel wall clock will catch the attention of everyone entering the space. Its simplistic, cool and clean design shall appeal to all fans of minimalism.

Stainless steel clock stainless steel wall clock

stainless steel clock | Stainless Steel Wall Clock ...

Blomus 63211 Era Wall Clock, 40cm, 15.7" Large, White

Large wall clock in sleek stainless steel case featuring brushed finish. Sane, simple design with clear black digits on white background is characterized by elegance and practicalness. This piece looks good just anywhere.

12" Ribbon Wall Clock

12" Ribbon Wall Clock

Wall clock in the original shape. It is made of stainless steel and equipped with quartz movement powered 1 AA battery. Received a lot of positive recommendations from clients.

12in 24 Hour Wall Clock in Silver

Unique 12-in-24 hour clock - you can be surprised at the first moment of its design, and it takes a short while to get used to telling the time with this clock, but after it's done you'll for sure enjoy its outstanding design and precision.

Modern wall clocks stainless steel

Never be late with meal serving again! This classic wall clock features a round face, black Arabic numerals, stainless steel case, which is chrome plated, and all in all it's characterised by a neat look, great for any decor design.

Stainless steel kitchen clock

Bai Brushed Stainless Steel Wall Clock, Silver

Bai Designer Weather Station Wall Clock, White

Big reliable wall clock in white, with tan frame, having a weather station built in the dial: a hygrometer and a thermometer, all analog. The dial is covered with glass lens, and the clock comes gift-boxed.

Durata Square Quartz Wall Clock Color: White

Modern wall clock with square black face, with brushed stainless steel bezel and silver accents. Nice clean lines creating its design fit in with contemporary decor perfectly. The clock is operated with a single AA battery,

Stainless steel clock

This fabulous butterfly clock is a designer proposition for bold, contemporary interiors. Depicting various butterflies, it is made from stainless steel. Its minimalistic design shall appeal to all, who love modern style.

Blomus Wall Clock, White, 30 centimeters

Sturdy wall clock in metal chrome bezel, with simple standard numerals in black, with hour- and minutemarks boldly accented. Thick black hands plus a thin red second hand make time telling pretty effortless.

Mondaine A995.CLOCK.16SBB Wall Clock Large White Dial

It is a large wall clock that has got a white dial, stainless steel case and contemporary design. This product looks perfect on wall in office space, living room, kitchen, teenage room and other.

Unity Stratford Stainless Steel Silent Sweep Non-ticking 12" Wall Clock

Silent mechanism non-ticking wall clock with big and bold white Arabic numerals printed on charcoal black dial. The hands are straight, thick and white colured, so you can read the time effortlessly even from larger distance.

Asunflower® Frameless Large Wall Clock Style Watches Hours 3D Mirror Sticker Big Watch DIY Room Home Decorations

If you are looking for an impressive decorative detail on a wall in your bedroom or living room, this beautiful stainless steel wall clock will be perfect. Beautiful design, large Arabic numerals and written hours delight.

Sears Roebuck Craftsman Vintage-Style Garage Shop Clock

Vintage-style wall clock inspired by old-school garage shop; the silver face is cut as it was a cogged wheel. It has black hour and minute hand, plus red second hand. The face is accented with some vintage logos and signs.

Stainless steel wall clock w clear face modern wall

Stainless Steel Wall Clock w Clear Face - Modern - Wall ...

Decmode adorable stainless steel wall clock 14w x 19h in

DecMode Adorable Stainless Steel Wall Clock - 14W x 19H in ...

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