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Not only a great way to tell time from anywhere in the home, these large metal wall clocks are also a terrific artistic option. They are fully functional, will keep perfect time, and will fit on any wall with enough space. The metal is as high of quality as the internal mechanism. Add one of these to your home and see if you turn your guests' heads.

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Our Picks

Large Metal Wall Clock Office Gameroom Gray Industrial Warehouse Style Two Sizes

Large Metal Wall Clock Office Gameroom Gray Industrial Warehouse Style Two Sizes

Transform your living room or bedroom into an industrial masterpiece, using this uncommon wall clock with a very large dial. It has Roman numerals with no second hand, and is entirely crafted of durable metal.

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Hot Sale Extra Large Vintage Style Statement Metal Wall Clock Country Style Usa

Hot Sale Extra Large Vintage Style Statement Metal Wall Clock Country Style Usa

If you are looking for vintage wall clocks that are quite large and emanate with rustic accents, then, search no more! This metal clock is made in country style, has a dial with Roman numerals and with no second hand. Rough, antique, and easy to hang.

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Contemporary metal wall art large garden clock roman numerals black

Contemporary Metal Wall Art "Large Garden Clock Roman Numerals Black"

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Metal wall clock roman numerals

A nice industrial stylization of a living room with a soft, neutral, white sofa and solid wooden table. This decor also includes two towers with wooden shelves and metal frames. A large, round wall clock is also a very important element of this stylization.

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Wrought iron clocks

A large wall clock that features a stylish round shape. This solid and attractive wooden construction looks like worn metal. Black face includes brown Roman numbers and hands, so the current time is easy to read.

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Oversized metal wall clock 1

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Industrial Design Large Open Back Metal Gear Wall Clock Vintage Reproduction

Industrial Design Large Open Back Metal Gear Wall Clock Vintage Reproduction

Wall clock in industrial style. Metal shield is decorated with gear wheels theme. It is powered by battery and fitted with quartz movement. Stylish addition for any interior according to taste.

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Huge metal iron wall clock distressed shabby chic wall decor

Huge metal iron wall clock distressed shabby chic wall decor

This wall clock is very huge and it features a durable metal construction. Its white hands and Roman numbers are readable. The mechanism of this wall clock works in a very reliable manner and shows an accurate current time.

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Oversized 31" Simona Round Wall Clock

Oversized 31" Simona Round Wall Clock

This stylish and very original wall clock in the shape of a circle has Roman numerals. Beautiful antiqued blade motif gives it a slightly ancient character by what ideally suited to a traditional setting.

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Metal Wall Clocks Large

Buying Guide

Large metal wall clocks can be both decorative and practical. They can be placed in rooms or areas where knowing the correct time is essential. They are made even more practical if they connect digitally with the World Clock, which keeps them in time with all other clocks without effort on the part of the owner. The large numbers are usually easy to read from a distance, and they can be styled decoratively to go with your décor.

Basic wall clocks are often found in public places such as gyms, school hallways, bus stations or other transportation hubs because in these places knowing the correct time can be vital to someone who is traveling. A large wall clock can work well in your home, too, because you and possibly your family are often challenged by the need to stay on schedule. An analog clock with easy-to-see hands and large numbers can take the guesswork out of checking the time for people who wear glasses and can be a handy tool for teaching elementary aged family members how to tell time. Clocks can be decorator themed for your preferred décor and range from steadfastly basic round clocks to an amazing modern clock with a silver art novae background theme.

Large LED word clock for the numerically challenged

For some people, numbers just do not work. You could say that for them numbers just do not compute – ever. Or you could have a literary household member who just thinks better in words than numbers. For them, a large LED word clock that displays the time in words such as, “It is Five Minutes Until Four” can help them join the world of people who are always on time. Or you could use it in conjunction with an analog clock or even a digital clock for people who have trouble telling time, or in a classroom where students are learning to put time into words.

Giant digital wall clock for the analog challenged

In our modern age, there are many people who have simply become accustomed to reading time from a digital clock. They have to stop and think about digital. A giant digital wall clock, complete with month, date and day of the week as well as the current time. This is also an excellent tool for shut-ins and stay-at-homes who might become out of touch with the date and day of the week. Even for people who work a set schedule, it can help track whether it is Wednesday or Thursday or if you’ve finally reached that all-important part of your week: Friday.

Windmill clock for the visually impaired

The hands point to the blades of a classic Old West windmill. Each blade is marked with Roman Numerals. The digits are raised, so if someone in your household not only loves windmills, in whatever capacity but also has trouble seeing the numbers can be “read” by touching them.

Best Ideas

Oversized 28" Ruhard Wall Clock

Oversized 28" Ruhard Wall Clock

Wall clock designed for indoor use. It is equipped with a quartz mechanism powered on 1 AA battery. It is made of durable metal. It has a standard Arabic numeration. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

Large iron clock roman numerals

This oversized wall clock features a rustic stylization. Its metal construction with hand-rubbed Burnished Silver Leaf Patina Finish is solid and aesthetic. Reliable mechanism of this clock works very good for a long time.

Wrought iron clock

One of my favorite types of wall clocks: the product that is handcrafted of metal and wood. It is designed by Grace Feyock. It features Roman numerals, light smoke-gray wash and rust-bronze finish.

Large diameter wall clocks

Large wall clock with a very durable construction based on metal. This round clock includes two large hands and Roman numbers. Attractive gray finish is neutral, so it looks great on different walls in different indoors.

Wrought iron pendulum wall clock

Luxurious, unique wall clock in nautical style. Shape and style of this clock is inspired of boat's compass. It is made of metal and covered with gold. It will play its role the best in sophisticated living room.

Large wall clock with roman numerals

If you’re looking for a unique decorative piece for your living room, take a look at this gorgeous large wall clock made in an industrial fashion with a hollow back, crafted out of wrought iron with Rome numerals on it.

Big metal wall clock

Have you dreamt of a big, wall clock? This DIY one may attract you, if you enjoy the country, cottage style. This large construction is a solid combination of wood planks and metal clock elements.

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