Rectangle Wall Clocks

For a different take on a classic theme, choose one of our rectangular wall clocks and add that touch of masculine charm to the room. This item puts a modern twist on the traditional round clock and is easier to add to a collection of other art on your walls.

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Wilco rectangle wall clock

Wilco Rectangle Wall Clock
Add a vintage style into any room in your home, and choose this Wilco rectangular wall clock, with large Arabic numerals and distressed finish. Get it for yourself, or buy it as a gift.

Rectangle wall clocks 1

The beautiful shield of this rectangular wall clock is a perfect combination of rustic style and exceptional artistry. The whole will be an excellent element of the décor of the kitchen or dining room. Large Arabic numbers add style altogether.

Rectangle wall clocks 1

Rectangular wall clock in metal framing, merging traditional hints with contemporary trends. Straight black hands point to black Roman numerals. The clock face was subtly accentuated with a retro sign.

Large rectangular wall clock

A cool novelty wall clock with a rectangular frame of thin black metal rods with flower-like scrolls inside. Its glazed face has a wider metal frame with a textured wattle design. It has a white dial, black Arabic numerals, hour lines, hands.

Large vintage wall clock blue edition 2

Large Vintage Wall Clock Blue Edition
Fitting perfectly well into vintage or retro interiors this unique rectangle wall clock enchants with its large silhouette. Painted in characteristic dark blue, it corresponds well to white hands.

Rectangle wall clocks 4

This metal wall clock offers a bit more unique design with its rectangular shape and the sublime Paris-themed structure. It is beautiful in its vintage, rusty appeal and will easily help you tell the time.

Rectangular wall clocks 7

If you are looking for some unique wall clock, this one will bring an intriguing character to your interiors. Its rectangular face and triangular pendulum are copper with a verdigris patina that ranges from gray-green to aquamarine.

Our advice Buying Guide

We all need to be conscious of the time, may it be to reach the office on time or get up to prepare for school. The right clock won't just make a big difference to your punctuality, but also to your interior living space as well. If you want a device that will allow you to monitor the time and enhance your interiors at the same time, then consider rectangular wall clocks.

Keep on reading as we've listed a few things that you should bear in mind when selecting the wall clock that suits your interior spaces flawlessly.

Are wall clocks resistant to extreme ambient conditions?

Although there are clocks that suit all room types, there are those that can't withstand excessive humidity or the possibility of unusually high temperatures. If you want your rectangular wall clock to do its job for as long as it's expected to, make sure you add it within a suitable environment.

Before you purchase the first rectangular wall clock that you find attractive online, consider first the ambient conditions of the area where you'll be placing the clock. For obvious reasons, there are rooms in our homes that tend to get colder or warmer than others. Some become drier or more humid as well.

How to make sure the clock is not noisy?

Once you find a few pieces that you love online, check customer reviews of each clock. Owners of the clocks you are thinking of getting should tell you how they perform in action.

The operational noise of a clock is something you'd have to take into consideration, most especially if you will add it in a bedroom or living room. After all, you would not want to be bothered by the ticking sound that will soon become excruciating.

What styles of rectangular wall clocks are there?

Generic wall clocks are made to have simple designs to suit all home interiors. Although they are safe options, there are homeowners who don't like the idea of having a rectangular wall clock that's present in almost all other homes in the country.

If you are one of them, then we are certain you prefer the rectangular wall clock that's unique. So, take your time when you make a selection as a fabulous rectangular wall clock can add the same design value an artwork can give your home. Don't be afraid of investing in the time-piece that inspires you.

What are the most common materials used for rectangular wall clocks?

The materials used in creating rectangular wall clocks can vary. Your most common options, however, are glass, metal, plastic, and wood. There are wall clocks that combine several different materials to create the most unique clocks.

As you want the rectangular wall clock that suits your interior decor seamlessly, think of the material that best fits your home. You can also opt for the material that can stand out when it’s added into your space.


Rectangle wall clock 1

More vintage than original antique clocks! This unique rectangular wallclock showcases interesting shabby finish with stylish crackles, fancy Arabic numerals and decorous black hands. Beige and brown color reminds sepia photographs.

Large vintage wall clock blue edition

Large Vintage Wall Clock Blue Edition
Large square wall clock featuring an artistic openwork style frame. Roman numerals are either cut out or filled and painted bronze. The hands are silver and pointy, except for the second hand, which is red.

Rectangle wall clocks 2

This rectangle wall clock will add a cool, vintage vibe to your interiors. Representing the English classicism, it enchants with the characteristic big, rustic Arabic numerals.

Rectangle wall clocks 4

Excellent rectangular wall clock featuring a neatly constructed metal frame and a vintage appeal to it. The clock also offers a nice white background, beautifully accentuated with black arms and roman numbers. You get easy to use mounting hardware as part of the deal.

Interior decor hometime rectangle tin wall clock 25 x 38

... › Interior Decor › Hometime Rectangle Tin Wall Clock 25 x 38 cms

Rectangle wall clocks

This wall clock strongly hints at traditional design, but thanks to rectangular form and metal case it incorporates some modern vibes into its handsome looks as well. Black Roman numerals fall on the traditional side, together with black spade hands.

Rectangle wall clocks 17

A vintage rectangle wall clock can give a characteristic of this style of elegance at home. It appears in a rectangular clock face, with a white dial, contrasting with the black Arabic numerals. Brass tips accurately calculate every wasted second.

Large vintage wall clock rectangle

Large Vintage Wall Clock Rectangle
Unique wall clock mounted on rectangular shield made of wood. It has quartz movement and Roman numeral. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Sophisticated decoration for each room.

Rectangle wall clocks 2


Rectangular shaped wall clock

Rectangular shaped wall clock

Rectangular wall clocks

An antique clock, like this one, is always a good choice to sprinkle some rustic accents in your vintage kitchen. The rectangle dial features Arabic numbers, with black metal hands driven by an accurate mechanism with a pretty loud tic-toc.

Wall Clock

Wall Clock

Long wall clock1

Aleksey Belyalov decided to surprise the whole world and has finished with round wall clocks creating this rectangle wall clock example! Modern and industrial, which is a combination of two classic back and white color components.

NexTime Shell Long Wall Clock

Wall clocks london clock co london clock co traditional square

Wall Clocks › London Clock Co › London Clock Co Traditional Square ...

22" Wall Clock

22" Wall Clock

Large square black metal skeleton wall clock noah this large

large square black metal skeleton wall clock noah this large black ...

Annalise 19.5" Pocket Watch Wall Clock

Annalise 19.5" Pocket Watch Wall Clock

Rectangle wall clocks 12

Large Vintage Wall Clock, Rectangle Shabby Chic Wall Clock, French Style Clock, Unique 18.5 inch Clock

Rectangular wall clocks 10

A beautiful rectangular wall clock with a very modern, contemporary design – bound to fit in perfectly in a mid-century living room. Its unique look is sure to spice up your home and invigorate any room you put it in.

Rectangle wall clocks

Rectangle Clock | Rectangular Clocks | AllModern

Objectify rectangle wall clock

Objectify Rectangle Wall Clock
Boasting of simplicity and natural design, this wood wall clock is also elegant, beautiful, and very accurate. It's made of a piece of hardwood with slightly round edges, with a clean dial that holds only 2 metal hands.

Old style french inspired clocks and elegant time pieces eclectic

Old Style French Inspired Clocks And Elegant Time Pieces Eclectic Clocks Miami
A fabulous piece of industrial clock, designed in an old-fashioned French style. This eclectic timepiece boasts of cogwheel construction with a working pendulum, and a round face with black metal hands and Roman numbers.

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ColorfulHall Rectangle Square circle Modern Stylish Wall Clock Mirror Acrylic mirror wall sticker

It is a stylish and fantastic wall clock that has got a square and circle shape, mirror and acrylic finish and contemporary design. It is perfect for your living room, bedroom and other.

Danish rectangle wall clock mid century

Danish Rectangle Wall Clock Mid Century
A cool, modern interpretation of the mid-century design, this Danish rectangle wall clock enchants with its wooden finish, corresponding surprisingly well with the simplistic clock face design.

Clocks rectangular wall rectangular wall clock with rectangular

... Clocks > Rectangular Wall > Rectangular Wall Clock with Rectangular

Horizontal rectangular wall clock

A large decoration for vintage interiors, that will drown your home in industrial charm. The French wall clock is very accurate, and has a rectangle metal frame with two black hands and Roman numbers.

LightMakers 6203000 LightMakers The Parisienne Rectangle Clock, 23 by 27.5-Inch, White Metal

Small shabby chic wall clock wooden

Small Shabby Chic Wall Clock Wooden

Large vintage wall clock rectangle 2

Large Vintage Wall Clock Rectangle
This original-looking wall clock will add a dash of vintage charm to your household and thanks to its rectangular shape it is even easier to find a place for it in your interior. It will make any space feel more practical.

Pictures of degree black rectangular

pictures of Degree Black Rectangular

Anita Rectangular Wall Clock

Anita Rectangular Wall Clock
A fashionable analog wall clock. Quartz machanism, Roman numerals. Wooden frame in antiqued white. The face of the clock is protected by glass. Great design and stylish look, perfect for any interior.

Rectangle clocks

This amazing wall clock sports a perfect design for gracing your interior with pure style and immense elegance. It offers a classic look with the white face that corresponds really well the the black frame.

Wall Clock

Wall Clock
This fantastically designed wall clock uses interlocking leaf-shaped shafts pattern to produce a gorgeous frame and durable clock face with roman numerals. Utilizes accurate clock movement running on one AA battery.

Giant 8" Numbers LED Wall Clock with Remote Control

Giant 8" Numbers LED Wall Clock with Remote Control
This Giant 8-Inch Numbers LED Wall Clock in Black Finish comes with a remote control for a convenient use. The clock includes an aluminum frame, a glass lens, digital display of time and 110 AC adapter with 6 foot chord.

Distressed black rectangle pocket watch clock

Distressed Black Rectangle Pocket Watch Clock
The rectangular shape of the wall clock is a perfect combination of effective co-ordination and a bright clock face in Roman numerals. The antique frame finish and clock face add all the originality.

Seiko square wall clock medium brown wooden case cream colored

Seiko Square Wall Clock - Medium Brown Wooden Case - Cream Colored ...

Rectangular wall clocks 19

Shabby chic wall clock in rectangular frame, with brown and blue flowers motif on top. Thick frame sports cream and blue staining. Stylized face alludes to vintage findings from the first half of the twentieth century.

Wall Clock

Wall Clock
Modern watch in streamlined design and sophisticated form. Pad consists of decoratively curved strip made of glass. It is dedicated for wall mounting. It provides a mechanism for one AA battery.

Rectangle wall clocks 3

Seiko pendulum wall clock - black rectangular glass

Rectangular wall clocks 8

An antique style battery powered wall clock having a rectangular frame (with a decorative element on a top) with a worn black finish. It has an off-white glazed face with traces of chips, large dark blue Roman numerals, small arrow-like black hands.

General Sentiments Framed Wall Clocks 50th Anniversary 15" W X 18" H

50th anniversary gift: rectangular wall clock with ceremonious text and elegant gold foliage. The clock is protected by durable glass, and it is operated with a single AA battery which is not included in a set.