Harley-Davidson Wall Clocks

Get your motor running, cause these wall clocks are for anyone who was born to be wild. Harley Davidson is the most well-known name in motorcycles, and if you are a lover of all things Harley, then you will want one of these Harley Davidson wall clocks for your collection. Put it on any wall and show how much you support the HOG nation. See collection for options.

Best Products

Vintage 1940 Harley Davidson Engravings Electric Dealer Wall Clock Works Rare

Vintage 1940 Harley Davidson Engravings Electric Dealer Wall Clock Works Rare
A groovy piece for all motorcycle enthusiasts, especially, for those who love to ride their Harleys. The clock was created in 1940s, and its embedded in a rectangle frame, with Arabic numerals dial, two red hands, and a Harley-Davidson logo.

Harley Davidson Sportster Peanut Gas Tank Wall Clock Parts Emblem Bike Cycle

Harley Davidson Sportster Peanut Gas Tank Wall Clock Parts Emblem Bike Cycle
If you are the motorcycles enthusiast, this gadget will be definitely for you. Black with stainless steel addition. Only the geeks could understand the real beauty of the clock made of original gas tank for the Harley Davidson.

Custom wall clock unique iconic

Custom wall clock unique iconic
If you have a penchant for motorcycles, this custom wall clock with spanners decoration, green hands and cogged wheel dial should effortlessly draw your attention. As for the motorcycle garage, it seems perfect.

Motorcycle wall clocks

Start! Through beautiful sceneries on the Harley Davidson motorbike. When you return home from your trip time will also flow at a motorcycle pace thanks to a Harley-Davidson wall clock in a metal frame, inspired by Harley Davidson, with LED lights.

Harley davidson wall clocks 1

This Harley Davidson neon clock is a delightful combination of attractive wheel-like styling and impressive color scheme. The clear Arabic numerals on the clock face and the illumination of the dial make the whole legible and impressive.

Harley davidson wall clocks 2

This large oval wall clock with a Harley Davidson motif is a real treat for automotive lovers. The whole of silver in black is stylish and very impressive. Ideal for bar, kitchen or another interior.

Harley davidson wall clocks 4

A proposition, which shall delight all fans of the brand and all motorcyclists as well. Embellished with Harley logo, this aluminium wall clock will let you speed smoothly through the highway of time.

Our advice Buying Guide

Put your Harley-Davidson wall clock in whatever room you want to. It’s okay to indicate that you own a motorcycle made by this iconic company or that you want to show your love for bikers and their lifestyle.

What different designs of Harley-Davidson wall clocks are there?

Some of the Harley-Davidson wall clocks have a lot of slash and dash to them, just like the company. Some clocks incorporate neon into their faces to produce bright and colorful effects. Others do the same with LEDs. Another displays a bright and shiny appearance by displaying a silver inner ring and “Harley-Davidson” in white and red.

What's the history of Harley-Davidson company?

The company was founded in Milwaukee in 1903. In 1914, the company put together a competitive motorcycle team so that it could try to grab headlines from a rival company that had such a team. In 1915 and 1916, its Wrecking Crew team posted impressive wins. By 1917, the business had become the third largest motorcycle maker. Competitive racing was suspended in 1917 and 1918 because of the First World War, but by 1920, the company was the world’s largest maker of motorcycles, selling its products in 67 countries.

Some of its best-known models are:

  • Sportster
  • Dyna
  • Softail
  • Revolution
  • Touring

The company’s ability to market itself so well over so many years is almost unmatched. In 1975, Evil Knievel jumped 133 feet over 14 Greyhound buses on an XR 750. In 2008, on the same model, Bubba Blackwell jumped 157 feet, and using a modified XR 1200 in 2010, Seth Enslow jumped 183.7 feet.

The bike’s first appearance in a movie was in “The Wild One,” a 1953 film that starred Marlon Brando. Though Brando did not ride a Harley, his rival did: a Hydra Glide. In the 1969 film “Easy Rider” starring Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper, the Harley made another appearance. The bike Peter Fonda rode became known as “Captain America” because it incorporated the American flag and it had a front end that was sharply angled.

What's the most unusual design of a Harley-Davidson wall clock?

With such a storied history, it’s no surprise that people want to own a piece of Harley-Davidson memorabilia. A very unusual and fun item is a cuckoo clock of wood and metal. The case is a simulated brick garage. Cyclists on bikes come out of the door. This clock is complete with lights and sound effects. There is nothing cuckoo about wanting to own a Harley-Davison wall clock.


Harley davidson motorcycle clock

Go for this amazing spinner clock that offers the neon structure and comes with the well-lit face to add that boost of light for your household as well as the precise option of time telling.

Harley davidson wall clocks 3

Round wall clock with Harley-Davidson theme. Neon shield is fitted with Arabic numeral. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Received many positive recommendations from clients.

Harley davidson bar shield clock with black powder coat finish

harley davidson bar shield clock with black powder coat finish orange ...

Buy cheap harley davidson motorcycle bar shield wall clock sounds

buy cheap harley davidson motorcycle bar shield wall clock sounds

Harley Davidson Neon Clock - Nostalgic Trademark Bar & Shield

It is a fantastic neon wall clock with Harley Davidson motif, round shape and red with black finish. This product has got a high quality and amazing design. It fits to any style and decor.

Harley davidson sculpted skull wall clock 99366 10v

Harley-Davidson Sculpted Skull Wall Clock. 99366-10V

Close up of the harley davidson wheel wall clock

Close up of the Harley Davidson wheel wall clock

Harley davidson legendary sounds genuine motorcycle wall clock w engine


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Harley clock 1

Suitable for game rooms, bachelor pads, and bars, this Harley Davidson wall clock can also be a great give for all motorcycle enthusiast. The dial has Arabic numerals, is embedded in a steel frame, and equipped with a functional neon that generates bright white light.

Harley-Davidson® Bar & Shield Diamond Plate Neon Clock

Wall clock featuring high quality metal housing with two metal tubes, embossed metal plate face and dial featuring Harley Davidson logo. Additionally, the clock has quartz mechanism and requires one AA battery for operation.

Harley davidson neon clock

An amazing wall clock handmade of wood and metal for keen admirers of motorcycles. It features a finely handcrafted case in the form of a brick-built garage. It's equipped a.o. with moving motorcycles, sound effects, lights, piston-like weights.

Harley clocks wall

The tasteful combination of a Harley Davidson wall clock is an interesting way to have a functional and very original interior. Illuminated dial, beautiful motorcycle motif with a woman and beautiful colors captivate.

Motorcycle wall clock

Harley Davidson Neon Clock for Game Room Pool Room Orange Neon Tubes Wall Clock | eBay

Harley davidson clock

Harley Davidson clock

Harley clocks

Old Used Harley Davidson Motorcycles 14.5 Inch Red Neon Wall Clock Light

Vintage 1940 harley davidson engravings electric dealer wall clock

Vintage 1940 Harley Davidson Engravings Electric Dealer Wall Clock ...

3drose jos fauxtographee realistic a yellow and black harley davidson

3dRose - Jos Fauxtographee Realistic - A Yellow and Black Harley-Davidson® Bike Parked Outside in Utahs Dixie - Wall Clocks 1

Enlarge harley davidson r hdl 16613 winged skull neon clock

Enlarge Harley-Davidson® HDL-16613 - Winged Skull Neon Clock

Classic Harley-Davidson® Neon Clock

A round neon clock that has got a Harley-Davidson theme. The product has got a mechanism that works in a very accurate and reliable manner. It has got a round shape and a very solid frame that is resistant to wear and damage.

Motorcycle cuckoo clock

A proposition for motorcycles fans and cuckoo clock lovers. You know that time is it? It's freedom time! This Harley-Davidson clock will remind you, that you are born to be wild!

Harley davidson wall clocks 6

Harley 2011 Bikes with Sounds Wall Clock - 13"

Harley-Davidson® Etched Bar & Shield Shaped Neon Clock

It is an amazing Harley Davidson neon clock that is perfect for your garage, game room and other. It has got black and orange colors and fantastic shape. Everyone will be impressed how great this clock is.

Harley davidson clock 1

Wall clock with round shield. It is finished with Harley-Davidson theme. Stylish accent for teenager's room, bar, restaurant and others interiors according to taste. Excellent gift idea.

Harley-Davidson Repeat Bar & Shield Orange Neon Clock HDL-16629

It is a square wall clock that has got an orange neon finish and Harley-Davidson logo. If you looking for a great gift for your friends, you have to choose this product.

Harley davidson neon wall clock 1

$129.97 Retro Route 66 Bike Lighted Wall Clock

Harley davidson motor cycles logo image aa battery powered wall

Harley-Davidson Motor Cycles Logo Image AA Battery Powered Wall Clock-New

Fa hd1310 harley davidson r clock h d flag 2010

FA-HD1310 - Harley-Davidson® Clock H-D Flag 2010 Bikes 13"

Harley davidson wall clocks

Harley Davidson wall clocks

Clock round clocks harley davidson boys celebrating elegant wall

... Clock » Round Clocks » Harley Davidson Boys Celebrating Elegant Wall

Harley davidson flames clock with sound chip

Harley-Davidson Flames Clock with Sound Chip

Great gift idea or for the man cave harley davidson

Great Gift Idea or for the Man Cave! Harley-Davidson® Bar & Shield Diamond Plate Neon Clock! $170.96

Harley neon clock

Genuine Harley-Davidson clock. Best thing about this clock.......it's always time to ride.

Harley davidson living room

Go for this unique neon clock that sports the wall mounted structure and the amazing, retro look with the American Beauty Betty theme and the Harley Davidson. It will work like a charm in any home bar or man cave.

Harley wall clock

diy gifts for guys (car part for dad, motorcycle part for big brother...)

Harley-Davidson® Essential Bar & Shield Neon Clock

This wall clock is definitely going to satisfy motorcycle enthusiasts, especially Harley-Davidson owners. The clock sits inside of a finished in chrome frame, and with a blue neon running around the face. Also includes Arabic numerals, a red second hand, neon power adapter/transformer, and quartz movement. Requires 1 AA battery.

Harley-Davidson Neon Clock - Customized Cool

Stylish neon clock with Harley-Davidson trademark. Thick elevated chrome rim with molding accentuates the retro vibe that lies underneath the contemporary style. The clock has hand bent red neon ring.

Harley-Davidson® H-D® HDMC Neon Clock. HDL-16624

It is a round retro wall clock that has got a Harley-Davidson design, large size and chrome finish. Everyone will be impressed how amazing it looks on your wall. You need to have it.

Harley-Davidson Screaming Eagle Sound Clock

It is a Harley Davidson round wall clock that has got an eagle design, large size, black finish and red frame. Everyone will be impressed how amazing it looks on your wall. You need to have it.

Harley clock

Harley Clock

Harley davidson wall clock bald eagle custom painted 10 circular

Harley Davidson Wall Clock - Bald Eagle Custom Painted 10" Circular Saw Blade Harley Davidson clock has a custom painted Bald Eagle design on a 10" circular saw blade. Wording of Harley Davidson is painted on the bottom of the clock. This is a one-of-a-ki

Harley davidson 1 racing logo neon clock harley davidson motorcycle

Harley-Davidson #1 Racing Logo Neon Clock Harley-Davidson Motorcycle ...

Eagle living room harley davidson live to ride frameless wall

... Eagle Living Room > Harley Davidson Live to Ride Frameless Wall Clock