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Wall clocks are a necessary item to have in your home. With so many choices on the market today, there is a design, size, or shape of clock for everyone. For those searching for a unique and rustic clock, or one with an outdoorsy or man-cave feel, a clock made from genuine leather is a great style to consider.

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Updated 01/09/2023
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Ambient Home Accent Piece

Ambient Home Accent Piece

East Urban Home

Perfect For: Elevating your home's atmosphere and design

What We Like: Its ability to enhance any living space

This ambient home accent piece is perfect for adding an extra touch of style and sophistication to your life. Its elegant design and exquisite craftsmanship make it a versatile addition to any room, effortlessly complementing a range of home decor styles. Whether utilized as a centerpiece or subtle addition, this product will undoubtedly elevate your home's ambiance while showcasing your unique taste and personality.


Designer Advice:

Incorporate this accent piece into your living room, bedroom, or home office, and pair it with some warm lighting and other decorative elements that reflect your personal style, ultimately creating an inviting and harmonious space.

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Round Wall Clock with Gold Numerals

Round Wall Clock with Gold Numerals


Perfect For: Contemporary or minimalist home settings

What We Like: The blend of sophistication and modern design elements

Lily, a sleek and elegant timepiece, features a black dial with gold numerals framed in a stainless steel enclosure sporting a gold finish. Its clean lines and attention to detail exude an air of precision, making it an ideal addition to any contemporary or minimalist living space. This round wall clock easily enhances the aesthetics of your home's interior and helps you keep track of time in style.


Designer Advice:

Pair the clock with other gold-accented decorative items or bold geometric prints for a harmonious and chic display that adds a touch of luxury to your living area or office.

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Unique Framed Genuine Leather Clock

Unique Framed Genuine Leather Clock

This stylish and unique clock is made from a rectangle strip of thin khaki colored genuine leather. It has then been looped to provide a pocket for the clock’s internal mechanisms. When hanging on the wall, this 10 by 7 inch clock adds a unique aesthetic to the room.

Designer Advice:

This clock would look great in a study, man cave, country kitchen, or rustic bedroom. The genuine leather in light tan provides an outdoorsy feel while not being too obtrusive to other decorative elements already in the room.

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Sleek and Simple Modern Leather Wall Clock

Sleek and Simple Modern Leather Wall Clock

If you love simplicity yet still want a stylish wall clock, this large and simple leather wall clock is the answer. Measuring up to 20 inches in diameter, this clock features no numbers or roman numerals to clash with other decor in the room.

Designer Advice:

This clock is perfect for living rooms, lounge areas, and bedrooms. It is dark in color and fits in with a wide range of different decor styles. While it lacks numbers, it does feature four areas of decorative stitching to give you a visual cue for the 12, 3, 6 and 9 positions.

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Leather Sunburst Design Wall Clock

Leather Sunburst Design Wall Clock

You’ll love this stylish leather clock in any room of your home. Measuring 13 inches in diameter and featuring silent mechanisms, this clock can fit into a rustic bedroom, country kitchen, man cave, or modern living room without being too obtrusive.

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Textured Genuine Leather Clock, Wall Hanging

Textured Genuine Leather Clock, Wall Hanging

This 13 inch square clock is made from genuine leather with a noticeable texture and includes a silent non-ticking internal mechanism. The dark chocolate-red coloration is great for rooms that have a darker aesthetic already, but can fit equally well into lighter colored rooms.  

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Adorable Small Clock Perfect for Wall Shelves

Adorable Small Clock Perfect for Wall Shelves


This small and adorable little clock measures in at just 6 inches by 6 inches. While it is smaller than the others on this list, it is perfect for placement on a wall mounted shelf. It can also be hung from the wall with a leather strap, or placed on a desk for more convenience. 

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Faux Leather Modern Wall Clock

Faux Leather Modern Wall Clock

Classic and modern design, this 13 inch diameter elegant wall clock won’t be out of place in any modern, contemporary, or casual type decor. Suitable for hanging in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, or bathroom, you will love the large and clear numbers when checking the time.

Designer Advice:

We love the simplicity and casual elegance this clock brings to the room. Not only does it provide a sleek and modern design aspect, but it also features large and very easy to read numbers to make telling time at a glance quick and easy.

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Basketball Leather Texture Clock for the Wall

Basketball Leather Texture Clock for the Wall


Measuring just under 10 inches diameter, this clock is a great item for the sports lover in your family. Made to resemble the textured leather of a basketball, this clock can fit into children's rooms, teen’s rooms, or man caves perfectly well.

Designer Advice:

We love the realistic texture on this clock, as well as the almost realistic size it offers. If you are a big basketball fan, this clock is not only a practical timepiece, but can also be used as a piece of artwork on the wall.  

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Eye Catching Leopard Print Leather Wall Clock

Eye Catching Leopard Print Leather Wall Clock


This clock is made to resemble realistic leopard print leather, and features unique stitch patterns along the outside edge. It features an accurate and silent non-ticking mechanism so you can enjoy this clock in your bedroom or other quiet space. Measuring just over 9 inches in diameter, this clock is easy to see from any seat in the room.

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Realistic Lodge Style Leather Wall Clock

Realistic Lodge Style Leather Wall Clock

Fully customizable and great for an anniversary gift, this 12 by 12 inch square leather wall clock resembles hide being stretched for tanning. It’s great for any lodge or cabin type home, and would look amazing in a room that features other outdoor elements such as antler art or nature art.

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Leather wall clocks 11

26" Large Rectangular/Square Wood & Faux Leather Wall Clock

Large 34 round wooden wall clock antique leather look

Large 34" Round Wooden Wall Clock, Antique Leather Look

Leather wall clocks 8

Simple but stylish and elegant wall clock made from bright leather. A unique and unusual design, bound to spice up your living room or study room with its one-of-a-kind design and modern, contemporary look.

Leather wall clocks 17

Large 36" Round Wooden Wall Clock, Genuine Leather New

Leather wall clocks 1

Have to have it. Hanging Decorative 24-in.diam. Wall Clock with Faux Leather strap. Creative way to tell time in a nursery or kids room.

Leather wall clocks 24

Benzara 35017 Wood Leather Wall Clock with Royal Look Benzara

Leather wall clocks 2

Cool leather clock (kirklands) i have this in my kitchen :)

See the small card with the code on it the

See the small card with the code on it? The seller printed that out ...

Leather wall clocks 6

Any clock. Add old belt. This is originally an Ikea-related post from elsewhere, but not hard to do.

Leather tooled flower clock love the lay out of this

. Leather tooled flower clock....love the lay out of this clock. Can see it with other centers. This clock has lots of 4-H project potential!

Black leather texture wall clocks

black leather texture wall clocks

Make this modern clock from a thrifted leather belt and

Make this modern clock from a thrifted leather belt and wooden plate for under $7!

Leather wall clocks 21

The organic faux-leather round wall clock. The letters are printed on it so it is easy to clean. Created just for you on this grunge-style, leather-look, durable wall clock. Ideal for the rustic style living room.

Leather clock 1

Made from pallets, this rustic colourful wooden wall clock hangs direct from a leather strap, offered in 5 different colours giving your wall a

Leather wall clocks 20

Rustic Organic Faux-Leather Wall Clock

Leather wall clocks 3

For Sparky ~ Hand Tooled Leather clock! Thanks LoriAnn... Love it...

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Wall clock with leather strap

Wall Clock with Leather Strap

Contemporary and vintage style wall clocks the farthing

Contemporary and Vintage Style Wall Clocks | The Farthing

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Custom made carved leather wall clock by clair kehrberg

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